This Dog’s Life: Meet Rincon

Who wouldn’t trade places with their dog?! Their time is spent sleeping, eating, and generally being adored by every member of the family. What a life!

But now the Dose Girls have amended this. We’ve decided want the life of one particular dog: Rincon.

Meet Rincon:


Isn’t he just the cutest?!

This adorable little fella had a hard start in life. He was a stray on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He had to beg strangers for food, and he slept wherever he could find shelter. His life was so sad.

(You might be wondering right about now why we especially want his life…just wait.  You’ll see.)

One day a man who was visiting Puerto Rico for work saw Rincon and decided to adopt him. He took him back to his house in Brooklyn to live with him and his 3 roommates. YAY!

It just so happens that Rincon’s new dad is named Julian Schratter. Here he is….


Oh right! I forgot to mention that Jules is a male model. He’s been in ad campaigns for Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, and Details magazine. You can see why.

Jules’ roommates and Rincon’s 3 new uncles (Nick Bateman, Brendon Beck, and Landon Falgoust) are also male models. Yep, all of them…male models.


Well hello there, uncles.

So let’s recap.

There was once a small, stray puppy growing up rough in Puerto Rico. He was swept away to a trendy hipster apartment in NYC by 4 male models who, if their Instagram accounts are accurate, are shirtless the vast majority of their waking hours. This is the plot for the next Zoolander movie, amiright?

Now you can understand why my dog, Daisy, has been giving me the stink eye. She feels totally cheated that she was rescued only to live in *our* dumpy home with nary a male model in sight. I’m fairly sure I saw her on Expedia researching fights to Puerto Rico. (Get in line, Daisy!)

By the way, you can follow Rincon’s exploits on his personal Instagram account. There you will find many adorable photos of him snuggling up to various six pack abs. You won’t be the only one, of course. He already has over 25,000 followers.

We’ll leave you with this family portrait of everyone giving their best blue steel…even Rincon! When you are raised by male models, you pick up a thing or two.

Family Portrait

The family that blue steels together, stays together!

To My Teen: It’s (Mostly) All Good

We wrote this post on behalf of Stop Med but all of the opinions expressed here are our own.

Between the two of us, we have one full-fledged teenager, two angsty tweens, and a six year-old (who thinks she is sixteen), so our houses are filled with a lot of hormones these days.

We think back to the early days of babyhood and toddlerdom and remember how hard it all seemed then. You know the old saying… Continue reading

Ebola…More Like NObola

Lisa and I decided recently that we wanted to do a post about Ebola. We talked about it extensively on the phone during a very important blog meeting. We even realized that we have actually talked about Ebola on the blog before (we think we might be psychic now). We figured out exactly what we wanted to say (but didn’t actually type it out as we talked) and then before we knew it, it was time to leave for carpool.

By the time we got back home and monitored homework, oversaw dinner and negotiated bedtime it was too late. After all, The Voice battle rounds weren’t going to watch themselves.

We briefly considered trying again the next day during another very important blog meeting, but then we got sidetracked by how much we love Pharrell Williams (SO SO MUCH) and whether or not Blake really has a cocktail in his cup (we totes think yes).

It doesn’t even matter anymore, though, because our friend Tara at You Know it Happens at Your House Too totally did it for us. And she did it far better and far funnier than we could have ever hoped to! We read it together in our third very important blog meeting of the day, and we were both crying with laughter. We knew immediately we had to share it here and sent her messages on every form of social media as quickly as we could type! It is possible that we might have used words like “stalking” and “please don’t get a restraining order against us” when we begged her to let us share it with our beloved Dose Peeps.

She graciously agreed, probably mostly to get us to stop tweeting her every five seconds!

So, without further ado, we present to you just a tiny snippet of her post…


It’s everywhere. On the news, in the newspaper, Facebook news feed everywhere, the Twitter.


We were laughing already, but when we got to this part we honestly had tears streaming down our faces…

Things that scare me more than Ebola:

  • Head lice

  • Twelve-year-old girls

We won’t give anymore away, because y’all need to go read the rest of the post yourselves…and we promise you will be CRACKING up, too!

Ebola, You Don’t Scare Me

We are closing comments here today, so that you can all share the Dose love with Tara directly.





Dirty Dancing: The Next Generation

Last week I was having a conversation with my sister about our favorite 80′s movies. I should note that this is a conversation we probably have at least once every few weeks. We take a little trip down memory lane to when we used to visit the local video store and rush toward the “New Release” section just hoping our favorites hadn’t already been checked out.

We found ourselves reminiscing about Dirty Dancing, which is one of THE movies from our childhood. We saw it in the movie theater on a Sunday with our parents, and we all loved the movie so much that my dad (for the first and only time ever) suggested we go and buy tickets for the very next showing. Yep. We watched Dirty Dancing two times in a row that day. And then, of course, we watched it about a million more times on our VCR.

When we would visit my grandmother in Colorado, we would spend hours practicing “the lift” in her front yard. Thankfully her grass was really soft, so when we would inevitably fail to perfect it, we didn’t injure ourselves. As Laura reminded me in our conversation last week, “the lift” is really best practiced in the water…too bad my grandmother didn’t have a swimming pool, because then we would have totally nailed it…obviously.

Needless to say, when I saw this video earlier this week, I couldn’t even begin to wipe the grin from my face. If I am being totally honest, I cried a little, too. It is just SO perfect in every way.

I can definitely say that while watching this little boy I had the time of my life!

Nobody puts baby in a corner.