Pinterest Nightmare #129: Tron Inspired Watch

Now that Lucy and Emma have started middle school, they have both decided they *must* have a watch so that they are not late to their classes. We thought about just running over to Target and getting them something simple, but then we remembered this gem. Welcome to Middle School girls…where time is of the essence…good luck figuring out when you need to be in Social Studies!

We adore Pinterest. We really do.

Where else can you find a quick tutorial for making biscuits that look like bunnies, a photo of a hedgehog wearing a sombrero, and a flow chart that diagrams all the dance moves in the Thriller video… all in the space of 5 minutes?!

But sometimes, Pinterest, you leave us wondering what went wrong.

Those are the times you give us: Pinterest Nightmares.


Pinterest Nightmare #129: The Tron Inspired Watch

Original pin from

Original pin from









Okay, I’ve never seen the movie Tron. It may be a masterpiece that dynamically melds the worlds of science fiction, action, and drama.

It may be the best Jeff Bridges vehicle filmed in 1982. I don’t know.

But, I do know this: Everyone needs a Tron inspired watch.

Oh sure, scientists may have determined that glow in the dark material is hazardous to your health. Scientists are buzz kills. Maybe I don’t care if radiation causes a 3rd nipple to grow on my wrist. That’s my business.

And really, who needs to be bothered with pesky minute and hour hands on a watch? For crying out loud, are we in the Stone Age here? As long as I leave by semi-circle o’clock, I won’t be late for carpool!

Or you could just fasten on a watch you can actually tell time on so you are not late for your Comic Con Game of Thrones panel. It’s a tough call.

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.


The Dose Of Reality Does The #IceBucketChallenge

Things here at The Dose of Reality have been really crazy the past few weeks, but that did not stop us from stepping up and accepting the #IceBucketChallenge to raise awareness for ALS. And by stepping up, we don’t just mean watching the video of Benedict Cumberbatch do the challenge on an endless loop (although, if we are being honest, we have done that, too!).

Every now and then we will get an email from the Dose children themselves random, anonymous blog fans who tell us that they would like to see more of our kids in blog posts!

What a better opportunity than this one to give the people what they want!***

***And also protect our very fancy yoga pants and our split ends from getting soaked***

It all started with Lucy being challenged by a fellow classmate.

Was Emma up to the task?

Looks like it is now Abby’s turn.

It should be noted that one of the Dose children is missing from this challenge (despite the call out from his sister). Bobby was not able to participate due to a broken leg (post coming soon). Don’t worry though, we all made donations on his behalf!

It was so much fun to participate in this challenge, albeit from the sidelines…hey, someone had to hold the camera!

As of the writing of this post, the ALS Association has raised more than $50 million dollars since this challenge began. During the same time period last year, it raised $2 million dollars.


We end today with this video. It is without a doubt the most heartfelt, genuine reason why this campaign is so important. And it is why at the end of the day, this challenge is about so much more than dumping ice water on your head.

Would You Rather: Clean Sheets Or Dirty Sheets?

I know that this title is probably somewhat misleading and might have instantly made everyone go, “Duh. Clean sheets. How can this even be a real question? Ashley clearly needs to get some more sleep before attempting to blog!”

Which, yes, I do, actually. Now that we are back into full-blown early alarm clock, school morning mode I do find myself a bit more tired than usual. Couple that with the fact that I discovered last week that I had been drinking DECAF coffee unwittingly for three straight days, and I think you can deduce that my brain is mush.

However, fortunately for all of you this would you rather scenario was crafted over the summer thanks to a conversation with my stepmother.

Her grandson is headed off to college, and we were discussing his dorm room bedding. She said that she bought him five sets of sheets, in the hopes that he will actually change them every few days.

This got me thinking. Was I supposed to be changing *my* sheets every few days, too?

So, of course, I reached out to Lisa to see what she thought. A little known fact about Lisa, by the way. She uses a different clean towel EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Apparently, this dates back to an unfortunate water roach, early morning, no contacts in yet incident from Aught 92. She didn’t want to explain any further lest she relive the horror all over again.

Knowing her towel issue, I figured she would be a frequent sheet changer and thus would leave me feeling even worse about my newly discovered slovenly ways. She assured me though, that sheets were a different matter than towels, and she is a once a week or sometimes even every other week sheet changer.


I feel like I am definitely more in the every other week to three category, but I can live with that.

It got me thinking, though.

What if I had to change my sheets every single day? As in, strip the bed, wash and dry the sheets and then re-make the bed with the same set of sheets every day for three straight months.


What if I had to sleep on the same set of sheets for three straight months? As in, no matter what has happened, I am sleeping on dirty sheets for 90 days.


Pretty sure you all know my answer on this conundrum!

Naturally, I am now asking the Dose Peeps to weigh in on this tricky Would You Rather scenario. Would you rather have to change your sheets every single day (and then re-make your bed with that same set of sheets once they had been washed and dried) for three months or sleep on the same sheets without ever washing them for three months?



Pinterest Nightmare: Back To School College Style!

Back to School Madness Button

We have arrived at the end of Back to School week here at The Dose of Reality (hope everyone survived)! We realized that we were leaving out an entire section of our readership by focusing so much on carpool and head lice. What about the moms who are sending their babies off to college? Shouldn’t they have a post, too? With fraternity rush taking place all over the country this seemed a fitting post to cap off the week. Comments are closed, but feel free to come hang out with us on Facebook where we can share all our best tips for survival together!

It’s a brand new year!

Like 98% of the population, the Dose Girls have decided to make some changes!

In addition to our perpetual action items that automatically roll over to the next year’s list because we never actually do them (“do a monthly date night” and “stop yelling so much”), our 2014 New Year’s resolutions are all about getting healthy! Here are a few from our actual lists:

  • We vow to find one semi-edible recipe using those grains we can barely pronounce like freekeh, bulgur, and/or quinoa.
  • We will never buy Rainbow Goldfish in bulk if Costco also has the Whole Grain Rainbow Goldfish in stock.
  • We will consider possibly starting to think about doing real, regular exercise several weeks this year.

I know. We are starting to get really hard core now.

What do we do when we need ideas on how to get healthy? Why, consult Pinterest of course!!

Luckily, we found this awesome outdoor activity that’s fun for the whole family. We can already feel the Weight Watchers Activity Points adding up…

Pinterest Nightmare #648: The Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot
as pinned from

Thanks to The Human Slingshot, Lawn Darts now have some serious competition as the backyard activity most likely to end with a trip to the Emergency Room! And, unlike Lawn Darts, it’s not banned from being sold in the United States! (yet)

Our friends at Skymall have really hit a home run with this one! According to their website, “The Human Slingshot is a fresh new game, unlike anything you’ve seen and is guaranteed to be a big hit”. So true! I never *have* seen anything like this before (when I was sober) and it will be a big hit (to someone’s head especially if they don’t wear a helmet)!

But I don’t want to take the word of some Skymall marketing guru on the quality of this game. I want to know what real people think about it! Well, it just so happens that The Human Slingshot possesses a firm Skymall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars! WOW!

Reviewer “Kimbojoe” bought this for her 15 year old and stated “The Pros: Fun and good exercise! The Cons: Could be dangerous” She goes on to report they had only “one shoulder injury and one bloody nose” after their first use. She’s right. That *does* sound like fun!

Skymaller “ACamper” gives The Human Slingshot 4 stars and passes along the very helpful tip that it “works much better when all participants are tall. The little ones kept getting tossed out under the band.” Good to know! I’ll be sure to consult my old physics text books to devise better trajectory angles so the little ones can really get some decent hang time in the air!

Of course not everyone on Skymall was in love with The Human Slingshot. “KingOfTheJungle” was a little annoyed that “there was no motion sickness mentioned on the warning label”. I guess we know what happened with KingOfTheJungle had his turn!

Despite KingOfTheJungle’s weak stomach, we think The Human Slingshot still looks like a winner. Just take another peek at the picture! You can tell it’s really fun by the festive dispositions of the drunk college kids spurring on the fraternity pledge who’s about to hurl through the air! (and nobody has to worry because they are all on their parents’ health plans until they are 26 now! Whoo Hoo!)

And really, how can you resist this backyard game when you realize there is a video on YouTube video entitled “Human Slingshot Best Crashes”! My kids love YouTube! Sold!

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.