Look Out, Clark W. Griswold!

The Dose Girls are getting their Griswold ON!

That’s right! We’re breaking our streak of never doing anything fun, and we are hitting the holiday road! Plans have been made, bags have been packed, and we are out of here for the next two weeks. Ashley is on her way to the mountains, and Lisa is headed straight to the beach.

It’s a summer vacation!! Whoo Hoo!!

happy dance 1

Now, we aren’t amateurs. We fully realize we’ll be lucky if we make it out of the neighborhood before the whining begins. And we know it’s highly unlikely the first vacation hour will pass before we have to hand out a, “WE WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND, MISTER!”. But for now, we are pumped.

We hope you guys have a great two weeks while we are relaxing (i.e. yelling at our kids in places that aren’t our homes). Enjoy yourselves!

We will be back and raring to go on Monday, July 28th!

We’ll see you then!



Pinterest Nightmare #735: Solafeet Portable Foot Tanner

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer!

When summer rolls around, we here at The Dose of Reality always try to kick it up a notch in the beauty department.

  • We switch out all of our regular yoga pants for capri length yoga pants, and we only pair them with t-shirts bearing pastel stains.
  • We try to remember to shave our legs at least twice a month.
  • We alternate our hairdo between a sassy, high ponytail secured with a scrunchie and its more sophisticated counterpart: hair held up in a banana clip.
  • We’ve even considered getting a PedEgg to file down our thickest heel calluses.


Yes, we are extremely dedicated to summertime beauty.

You know where the Dose Girls look when we need something to help us achieve our ultimate summer beauty potential– PINTEREST!

We were delighted by what we found this week…

Pinterest Nightmare #735: Solafeet Portable Foot Tanner

Solafeet Portable Foot Tanner

As pinned by solafeet.com

No, that’s not Superman stuck in a box of kryptonite. You are seeing the miracle of foot tanning underway thanks to the Solafeet Portable Foot Tanner!

You know how you always spend your summer fretting that your feet aren’t quite tan enough? Me, too!

Well, thanks to the Solafeet Portable Tanner, no longer will we have to hide our hideous pale feet in shame! Now we can bake them to crispy perfection in their own little portable box of UV bombardment!

Look out cankles! Your days of unsightly tan lines are over!

I know, I know. Scaredy cat dermatologists are always harping that “sun exposure is bad” and “UV rays are dangerous”. Blah Blah Blah. What are we supposed to do…apply sunscreen, wear sensible clothes, and stay out of the sun during the peak hours of 10 am and 4 pm? Pffft. What’s a little squamous cell carcinoma when you are going after a perfectly bronzed instep?!

Would you rather be tumor free or have the confidence that only perfectly pigmented paws can provide?

Louise P. from Fort Worth, Texas answers that question on the Solafeet website.

“I love hearing my friends talk about my tan feet.”

Who doesn’t, Louise? Who doesn’t?

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.



Aaaahhhh, The Good Old Days, Remember Those?

The good old days, remember those?

Is the world more dangerous now, or have we built it up that way in our minds?

We found ourselves pondering this question recently after reading an amazing blog post by our friend Robin at Subtracting Additives.

After discussing it for an hour over the phone, we both realized that we needed to share this entry with our readers. It was not enough to simply tweet out the link or post it on Facebook, because we felt like it was so well written and so thought-provoking that we wanted all of you to read it, too.

No doubt, we have all found ourselves thinking about the world *we* grew up in versus the world in which we are raising our children. In our minds, we think back to the safety of our childhood days and wish for that same sort of innocence for our children. Or do we? Is our instinct to problem solve and care for our child’s every need stifling their ability to become self-reliant?

Here is a snippet of Robin’s take on this topic as she read the classic book Henry Huggins to her son. It will whet your appetites to click over and read her entire entry. We assure you that it will give you pause and make you think.

In the opening chapter, Henry is coming home from the Y, where he goes once a week for swimming lessons. He’s waiting at the bus stop, eating an ice cream cone, when he finds the homeless dog and has his first adventure trying to get him home on the bus.

Hmm.. there are some obvious snags to making this story 2013-friendly. Third grader riding city bus alone.  Third grader simply walking out the door after swimming lessons and heading home, without being “picked up” by a designated adult.  Child having only one after school commitment per week.

2013 version: Henry’s mom picks him up from school and drives him to the Y.  She walks inside with him and sits on a plastic chair next to the pool for his whole lesson.  She walks out with him afterward.  As they are walking toward the minivan, they see Ribsy sitting in the parking lot and decide to take him home.  Ice cream cone sadly omitted or possibly gluten-free cone?


Click here to read the rest of Robin’s post.


Thank you Robin for allowing us to share this amazing piece here at The Dose of Reality. Comments are closed here today, so you can share your love of Robin’s piece with her directly.



Robin and her adorable son!




Would You Rather: Give Up TV Or Books?

Today’s would you rather question is courtesy of the lovely Lisa of The Golden Spoons so don’t blame me when you rock in the corner and cry trying to answer it.

I mean, that is what I did when I really thought about it.

I kept saying to myself, “But this is too hard. It is like asking me which of my children I love more (p.s. the answer is always the one who is not whining at that particular moment, duh). I can’t give up TV OR books. That wouldn’t be fair!!!” (said in my best whiny voice…yes, I see the irony).

This question seems to be especially good for the summer, because there is something so fantastic about binge-watching a TV show or curling up for hours with a great book. Even as an adult, you feel kind of justified to use the summer to enjoy what you love.

netflixDoesn’t everyone?

Here at The Dose of Reality, it is a well known fact that we enjoy ourselves some TV. Whether it be viewing the reality shows or more high-brow shows like Game of Thrones or House of Cards, we are not strangers to having back-up remote controls for our back-up remote controls.

You may not realize, though, that we feel the same way about reading. Neither Dose Girl is ever without a book. We read EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. no matter what is happening. We LOVE reading. So much so that when we go for a while not loving a book (still always reading, though), we feel less happy.


This book isn’t going to read itself, you know.

So, when push came to shove on this question, we both chose reading.

We would give up TV before we would give up books.

Even as I type the words, I feel myself get a little shaky. Because, hello, TV. But, I know in my heart of my hearts we chose wisely.

I think.

I mean I am pretty sure.


This is too much. I have to stop thinking about it now. The question is turned over to you Dose Peeps. Would you rather give up TV or books? And this is forever, by the way. FOREVER.