And the Oscar Goes To….

I love Hollywood. Everything about it. I honestly believe there are famous people I could be friends with in real life. Put me at a table with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Tori Spelling, or Angie Harmon (who, by the way, lives in Charlotte now, so this could actually happen!) and I assure you before the night is over we’d planning our next Moms’ Night Out! So naturally, I am a fan of awards show season, from the Golden Globe nominations in December to the Academy Awards in March.

Nothing beats Oscar night for entertainment though. It is my pinnacle of all things Hollywood-love related. My favorite part of the show is watching the stars come down the red carpet. You just know the celebrities (or their stylists) will “bring it” – that otherworldly glamour that us common folk never get to experience – but at least as a commoner I get to watch and critique the fashion choices.

This year I decided it was time to introduce Emma to a twenty-plus-year tradition of putting on cozy jammies and lounging on the couch to watch the parade of arrivals. Naturally, Abby, or “Me, too” as my dad calls her, wanted to join us.

In a twist on tradition, Emma decided to up the stakes, unbeknownst to the stars, by creating two columns on a piece of paper – one side labeled Not Good, the other Good. Pencil in hand, she was ready to tally mark her way through the red carpet.

Not Good - Good

Here is where I discovered some interesting things about my children. Emma and Abby have very different opinions when it comes to glamour and fashion. We would discuss the relative merits of each dress as it made its way down the carpet; and then, as a group, we’d decide whether it warranted a tally mark in the Good or Not Good column. Emma’s philosophy seemed to be that if you were wearing a dress, of just about any kind or color, you were getting two thumbs up from her. She even commented on dresses that the celebrity handlers were wearing, oblivious to the adult rule that you should only notice the actually famous. At one point while I was watching Colin Firth (who was dressed in a tuxedo) being interviewed, Emma asked me, “What do you think of that dress mom? Should we give it a good mark?” HUH? I asked for some clarification from her and she pointed to a random woman way off in the corner of the screen, and I realized that my seven-year-old is much more democratic about fashion than me. She was eager and willing to give anyone a shot at making our Best Dressed list.

And then there was Abby, who might be the future Mr. Blackwell. One look at Mila Kunis and the only word out of Abby’s mouth was “Gross.” Then came Jennifer Hudson and Abby was at it again. “Oh no,” she said. It was hilarious! She really pretty much had nothing nice to say about anyone all night, except Hilary Swank. And even then, she could only really muster up a half-hearted “Yeah, I like it” when I asked her what she thought of that ethereally gorgeous ostrich-feather creation.

The best part for me, though, is that every single day since the Oscars, Abby has asked me if we can watch the show with the fancy ladies again. It makes my heart smile because she totally got it AND loved it, even at three. Needless to say, I am already counting down until next year when we can all do it again together. I am thinking that I will invite my new BFF Angie and her girls to join us… So, does anyone have her number?


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    • Thanks! 🙂 My hubby does not partake in this particular tradition, although he will walk through the room at times and pretend like he is totally not staring at the TV hoping to catch a glance of Jessica Alba! 😉

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