Really 2012? Blaming the Victim? Really?

I remember back in 1988 when The Accused came out that there was a lot of controversy because the victim of the crime of gang rape in the film was most definitely not the picture of innocence. Had she somehow invited what happened to her based on her behavior? Were her cries of no and stop not loud enough to overcome the image of her short skirt and heavy drinking?

If a woman is raped, even in a short skirt, even if she has in the past possibly behaved in a less than upstanding manner, is she any less a victim of the crime of rape than a nun wearing a full habit?

I guess I ask because I hear Sybrina Fulton, the incredibly articulate, dignified and graceful mother of Trayvon Martin speaking of attempts by law enforcement to paint her son as some sort of reckless youth, who practically invited a man to pursue him with a loaded, deadly weapon. She said, “They killed my son and now they’re trying to kill his reputation.”

Here are the indisputable facts in this case:

A man called 911 to report what he believed to be a suspicious person in his neighborhood.

911 took a description from the man and then asked him if he was following the person.

The man said yes.

The 911 dispatcher said unequivocally, “We don’t need you to do that.”

The man, who was armed with a 9mm handgun strapped in a holster to his waist ignored the police order and pursued the person anyway.

At some point, the man got out of his car to confront the person he considered suspicious and at some point an altercation resulted.

The person he considered suspicious turned out to be a child armed only with iced tea and Skittles, and he was shot in the chest by the man.

These facts, which are not in dispute by anyone, suggest that the man who pursued, shot and killed an unarmed child (one who was doing nothing wrong at all) should be arrested.

You are not allowed to go around shooting people, much less children, right?

Now, you may say, there may be mitigating circumstances. Maybe there are additional facts we do not know. You may very well be right, but all of that is what occurs when there is a trial.

That is the entire purpose of a trial.

Each side presents their case, and a jury weighs the evidence (all of the evidence) and renders a verdict based on that information.

But that is not the standard for arresting someone.

The person who threw flour on Kim Kardashian’s fur coat was immediately arrested, and the person who shot and killed a child is free, with no charges filed, still in possession of his weapon, as if nothing happened at all.

In and of itself, this is mind-boggling, but unfortunately this story gets worse.

On top of these facts, now, the police are actively trying to sully the reputation of this dead child. They have leaked that the dead victim was caught with pot and suspended from school the month before he was killed. This is the sort of thing I would expect a defense attorney to do. It makes me personally uncomfortable, but during the course of a trial, it is expected that a defense attorney has to present some sort of defense. Often that includes painting the victim in the worst light possible. The police, however, smearing the reputation of a minor child to the press is despicable. I can only conclude they are part of this “blame the victim” campaign to make their own inaction seem more palatable.

Honestly, whether or not Trayvon Martin was caught with pot a month before he died has nothing to do with the TRAGIC events of February 26th. Whether or not he was wearing a hoodie, whether or not he looked like a fresh-faced youth or a sullen teenager, whether or not he walking or running down the street to get home to watch basketball with his dad, the facts remain the same. He was a child carrying Skittles and iced tea, in the rain, who by all accounts was doing nothing wrong, and was pursued and gunned down by a man told by the police to stand down. A man who was never even arrested and still has his gun.

As a mom, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Sybrina Fulton, and I ask for all mothers to remember who the real victim is here.







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  1. Ashley Excellent blog!! about a horrendous situation,I too stand side by side with Sybrina.

    Much love to you and yours.


    • Thank you so much Kopita for reading and commenting. I hope that we can all continue to support Trayvon’s family until justice prevails.

  2. I am so glad to see Trayvon’s parents speak pubicly about this. As his parents, they are the ONLY ones justified to voice their sound bites. I’m so tired of the media circus surrounding these events. It’s the PR nightmare that causes the ridiculous delays in the system like this. Nothing is happening because everyone is so afraid of making mistakes that will get magnified and crucified by the media. This is not a case about anything other than Trayvon Martin getting shot by an ignorant bigot. The media need to step back and allow justice to be done.

    • I think the media is allowing voices (and quite frankly giving them far more credit and respect than I believe they deserve) to drown out the real, core issues here and the facts are being blurred. It is very sad. I hope that justice prevails, but I do actually also hope that people keep talking about this case, only so that it will.

    • How do justify calling George an ignorant bigot? Do you have any facts to support that? Other than listening to what is being hyped and incorrectly reported by the media. Before you answer go to the website and look up the Treyvon case. You will find all the 911 calls unedited except for peoples names and addresses being removed. There are the police reports and the reports from recent burglaries that cause Zimmerman to be more vigilant in who is coming and going in the neighborhood in an effort to prevent more burglaries. Also the 911 calls he has made to the police. Everything is there you should check it out then make your observations. Just because this is a tragedy doesn’t mean that the shooter was anything more than just trying to protect his neighborhood.

      • Zimmerman apologists truly make me sad. There is no excuse for shooting an unarmed teenager, especially when YOU pursued HIM. Stand Your Ground would be applicable only for Trayvon, who was being stalked by an unknown stranger. And citing the 40+ phone calls made to police in the past year-and-a-quarter REALLY doesn’t help your case – it instead paints a picture of a hyped-up, paranoid person who sees boogeymen in every corner. Race comes in because Zimmerman saw a young black male walking through the neighborhood (which IS a mixed neighborhood) and instantly fingered him as “suspicious” even though he was only “walking and looking about” (Zimmerman’s own words). When I walk, I tend to look about as well – does that make ME suspicious as well? Or could it possibly be that ACTIONS, but COLOR, made Trayvon “suspicious” to this yahoo? I, for one, am HAPPY … HAPPY I say, that Zimmerman’s life is going down the toilet right now due to this – at least he still HAS a life to be ruined. I know I’m just wasting my breath here with someone who, like Zimmerman, probably sees all black males as suspicious, but I had to at least try.

        • Thank you Julie for taking this reply! Perfectly said. I think for anyone to attempt to deny that race is involved here, especially given the record of phone calls to the police by GZ in the past is naive at best.

        • Ignorant people really make me sad. They state what they think are facts and don’t check into what they are saying which makes them seem ignorant. They want to believe anything as long as it goes with their ideas of what happened. I am not a Zimmerman apologist. I am not a supporter of Zimmerman. I am not for my neighbors being wackos that call the cops every time they see behavior that doesn’t jive with what they like.
          I am a fact finder and I am looking for the facts in this case, I want to know what happened and how to prevent it from happening to my son. You have already decided this as an open and shut case, he’s guilty let the Black Panthers hunt him down and kill him!
          So let’s try to get some things straight.
          Fact Zimmerman was on the neighborhood watch in this gated community. He knew his neighbors and he knew Treyvon was not one of them (TM had been visiting his dad and been there less than a week). There were recent burglaries in the neighborhood so Zimmerman was more vigilant to who was coming and going and says so on the 911 call. He did not call cause he had seen a black kid, he called because he saw a kid he did not know who happened to be black. It was raining and even though its not illegal it is strange to just be walking in the rain now days! By your logic anyone calling the police to report a suspicious person that is not of their own race would be racist!
          Okay fact Zimmerman has called the police a total number of 45 times SINCE 2004!! And only 13 times in the last “year-and-a-quarter”. I don’t know where you get your facts but these records I have used are available on the website you should do your own investigating and not let anyone else tell you what they “think”.
          Fact Zimmerman was in his vehicle when he called the police. He left his vehicle when Treyvon ran to where Zimmerman could not follow in the truck because he went in a cut through between the townhouses, that’s why he followed Treyvon so he could continue to watch him until the cops came. Yes the dispatch said “Ok we don’t need you to do that” they did not tell him to stop! Zimmerman did respond with “Ok” but didn’t say he was continuing to follow him, (I suspect he did due to where the alleged altercation happened address wise). From this point Zimmerman informs dispatch who he is and says “He ran” he then tells the police where to find him he doesn’t want to give his address to the police due to he doesn’t know where Treyvon went. The call ends after Zimmerman tells the dispatch that he will be there and to call him so he can let the police know where he is. At this point we don’t know anything else other than there was an altercation that caused someone to be screaming help but nobody knows who was screaming both sides claim they were.
          At this point everything is jumbled because you have several 911 calls but nobody has seen the altercation from start to the end result. Everyone claims to see bits but not all of it and no one says they had seen the shot everyone heard. One caller on 911 “call4” says she could see “a man on top of the other man and he had a white t-shirt on” (Treyvon had a grey hoodie on) but this caller could not identify the guy on the bottom. There is word of one mother on the news who says her son was walking the dog and had seen the fight, the son was questioned and said the man on the ground had red on (Zimmerman had red on) now the mother does not like how they questioned her son cause they said what did the man on the ground have on and then gave him help by saying “Black? Green? Red?” but I don’t believe this story cause that sounds similar to call8 on the Sanford site and he states that he did not see the shot.
          So in the future do you think you could just quit calling people names or saying they are racists because they want to know the truth and seek out the facts, not just because you don’t like there comments?

          • Wayne, I appreciate the fact that you want the truth to come out. I have no doubt that Julie wants that as well. I definitely know that I do.
            My entire point in writing this piece was to say that in order for that to happen we need to get this case in the courts.
            I must tell you, though, that you are 100% factually incorrect in stating that George Zimmerman was a part of the neighborhood watch. That has been stated quite clearly by the neighborhood watch group many times. He had no official capacity in that role AT ALL. He was not serving in that role and was not authorized to serve in that role.

          • Fact: Zimmerman was NOT on the official Neighborhood Watch; they didn’t want him.
            He was a self-appointed “neighborhood watchman”.
            HERE are some of his 911 calls:
            At 9:02 p.m. on September 21, 2005, he called 911 about a stray dog on Skyline Drive. At 7:22 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day, 2005, he called 911 about a “pothole that is blocking [the] road.” Then there was the pile of trash in the road near the local Kohl’s, which he reported on Nov. 8, 2010. “[Complainant] states it appears recently dumped and appears to contain glass,” the dispatcher dutifully reported.
            He especially had concerns about kids in the neighborhood. On June 16, 2009, shortly after school had let out for the summer, he called to complain about six to eight youths playing basketball near his development’s clubhouse, “jumping over the fence going into pool area and trashing the bathroom,” according to the dispatcher’s notes. This past January, he called to report five or six children, ages 4 to 11, playing in the neighborhood. The kids, he told a dispatcher, “play in the street and like to run out [in front of] cars.”

            But when there weren’t kids or garbage to report, he’d spend his evenings looking for would-be burglars. At 2:38 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2006, he called about a late-model Red Toyota pickup “driving real slow looking at all the [vehicles] in the complex and blasting music from his [vehicle].” It’s not clear if Zimmerman feared the driver was a car thief, though car thieves tend not to blast music through the neighborhood while practicing their craft.

            But even more than cars, he was concerned about black men on foot in the neighborhood. In August 2011, he called to report a black male in a tank top and shorts acting suspicious near the development’s back entrance. “[Complainant] believes [subject] is involved in recent S-21s”—break-ins—”in the neighborhood,” the call log states. The suspect, Zimmerman told the dispatcher, fit a recent description given out by law enforcement officers.

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            Three days later, he called to report two black teens in the same area, for the same reason. “[Juveniles] are the subjs who have been [burglarizing] in this area,” he told the dispatcher.

            And last month, on Feb. 2, Zimmerman called to report a suspicious black man in a leather jacket near one of the development’s units. The resident of that townhouse, Zimmerman told dispatch, was a white male. Police stopped by to investigate, but no one was there, and the residence was secure.

            Source: City of Sanford

            Fact: 911 is for EMERGENCIES; NOT for reporting potholes – sounds pretty zany to me; I don’t know about you.

            Fact: I often walk in the rain..what of it?

            Fact: You’re right; later documents than those I had already read clear up the time period of his 46+ 911 calls (2004-2011)

            I live in a CITY, and I’ve probably called 911 maybe 10 times in my entire life.

            The dude’s whacko; make any excuse you’d like.

            It’s too bad that someone with THREE separate incidents of violence (resisting arrest/assault on a police officer and two domestic violence charges) could even get a CCW in the good ole state of Florida (charges eventually dropped – maybe because his father’s an ex-judge?? Don’t know.. just sayin’…).

            It wouldn’t matter if the person he ended up shooting was white; the shooter was in the wrong. You CAN’T follow someone and then try to say self-defense; if you were in fear of your life, you wouldn’t follow the person in the first place, right?

            Common sense rules should apply; but apparently, for you, they don’t.

          • @julie I’m sorry I misspoke about the Neighborhood watch he was “Self” appointed neighborhood watch captain. That neighborhood watch is unregistered, but I could not find anything about any actual members saying he was not a member. You must know that you are only seeing George’s 911 calls because he is the one under investigation not anyone else. You may see other neighborhood watch members with just as many or more calls. The comment on his reporting black male suspects is what it is and this video may show why
            , but to say he is racist because of it does not show he is racist, it just shows what you feel about black males by your thinking not his. Nobody can say what another person is feeling or whether they are racist. However if you are talking about his 911 calls he is reporting what he sees. In the Treyvon case He doesn’t immediately say it’s a black male, the dispatcher asks him if “this guy is he white, black or hispanic?”. I suspect that is common with the other calls too. His other calls do seem trivial to me too, but if nobody cared to report things then crime get worse kids may get run over, parties get out of control. And nobody would call police when a fight and shooting happen outside their homes. Watch the video link I posted, their were 8 burglaries in 15 months most done by young black males. Yes it is unfortunate that he had a CCW but from what I heard he didn’t have convictions (probably because of his dad I am sure as well).
            As for you calling someone names I was referring to you implying that I was racist like Zimmerman.
            As for your comment about common sense, well if you stick around this planet long enough you’ll know that common sense rarely gets a fair shake. And if your saying I have no common sense because I see a law and how it works instead of just crying murder well I guess the mirror is where you should look to find no common sense. As a matter of fact common sense doesn’t go with this case at all.

          • I know this is a few months too late but I just wanted to HAD to reply to one of the statements in this post;

            “It was raining and even though its not illegal it is strange to just be walking in the rain now days!”

            Are you serious? Have you ever even BEEN to Florida? I guess not because if you had you would notice that Florida is a TROPICAL enviroment, which means it rains fairly regularly. For it to rain several times a day even when it is sunny isn’t unusual and may explain why he was wearing a hoddie. It is also not unusual for a teenager to be walking especially in Florida where there isn’t much mass transit systems (at least where I lived) and is too young to drive.

            Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

  3. I could write pages about this, and I agree with all you said. I don’t understand, at the very least, why George Zimmerman was not arrested for disobeying a direct order from the police – isn’t that against the law, too, ESPECIALLY when the disobedient act results in the murder of a human being?!!? And a child at that?!! I really don’t feel like we have removed ourselves very far from the freedom marches back in the 60’s – and I am disgusted that anyone in this country still feels any prejudice against another. This should not be a racist event – this is a murderous event, and George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and held accountable for disobeying the law. Trayvon Martin was not doing anything but walking home to his father’s house, chatting with a friend on his phone, and not bothering a single living soul. May he rest in peace, and may justice eventually be served in this case.

    • You and I think a lot alike about these kinds of cases, in this case it is LITERALLY black and white, so I am not surprised you could write more. I could more write, too. In fact, I probably will. This is too important to attempt to brush aside or to God forbid, try to make a side issue by discussing how the victim of a murder could have been at fault. It is sickening.

      • “try to make a side issue by discussing how the victim of a murder could have been at fault.” hmm yes unless that victim was attacking his follower who had been watching him because he was suspicious and then followed where he was going until the police arrived.
        Unless the “murderer” started the altercation and there is proof of that then there would be no reason for the police to believe that things didn’t happen the way the caller/shooter said. Oh and before you say Treyvon had a right to defend himself because he was being followed, nowhere in the law does it say you can attack someone for following you, that is not Stand Your Ground that is Assault and Battery. So the police are going to believe the shooter especially if they had seen evidence of a fight on the shooter and especially if the man was very cooperative and forthright with the details of what happened. Especially when the police received many calls that night including a call from call4 which stated a man with a white t-shirt was on top of a person but they couldn’t see anything else. Then a call from call6 says the black guy was standing over him.
        And there was a report of a kid walking his dog that had seen the man with the red jacket on the ground during the altercation (although this is not verifiable by myself cause it is not on audio). So all these things backed up the shooters story of what happened, and even though they did the cops still handcuffed the man and took him to the station for questioning/arrest. Now the only police report released at this time does state that the offense on the report is Homicide-Negligent Manslaughter-Unnecessary killing to prevent unlawful act. So when everything that was said by the shooter has checked out at every point in the investigation they tend to believe the guy. At that point someone in the police department or the Prosecutors office made the decision to not press charges as he was justified in the shooting by the Stand Your Ground law.
        Now they do have this under investigation by the Florida State Special Investigator. But what is going to happen if that investigator finds the same information and concludes the same findings (that the shooter was acting in self-defense)?
        Well the President says that the Justice Department will be looking into the case, then what happens if they find the same findings?
        Will people then quit demonizing George Zimmerman or will they continue to say he got away with murder cause they know better than all the facts that have been collected in the investigation? Just a question and will you be able to live with that decision. Cause I personally don’t have a stake in this, so if they find facts to prove otherwise then yeah! Treyvon’s parents get the justice they wanted for their son and I’ll be happy that the system works.

        • I think that the reason why so many people are up in arms about this is because the shooter pegged Trayvon Martin as suspicious simply because he was a black guy walking down the sidewalk. That’s racial profiling; no ifs and or buts about it. No matter what happens, there will be a sort of justice, because now the shooter won’t be able to go anywhere without being pegged as suspicious himself. And the facts actually seem to support that the shooter continued to follow Trayvon Martin even after being advised by the 911 dispatcher that he didn’t have to. The picture that this paints in most minds is one of a paranoid, gun-toting guy. Is that the kind of guy you want running around YOUR neighborhood?

          • Where does everyone get the idea that he was not allowed to follow or that he was ordered to stop following Treyvon? What in the phrase “Okay we don’t NEED you to do that” says “Okay stop following him now”? A lawyer will have a field day with that. He had to get out of his truck when Treyvon went between the houses where George could not observe him anymore.
            And like before you keep saying he racially profiled Treyvon! How do you know that? because of the description he gave? Come on! that has more to do with how you perceive black males and your own racial profiling! George describes the situation right off the bat, “we have had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s this real suspicious guy” after giving the address he says “this guy is up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about” to which the dispatcher says “Okay this guy is he white, black or hispanic?” and George reply’s “he looks black”! Oh my god I get it, he looks black so George is racially profiling because of his profound bigotry and hatred of blacks!!
            You people are freaking me out! They have had 8 burglaries in a gated community in 15 months with most of those committed by young black males why would he not be suspicious of someone he doesn’t know, wandering and looking around in the rain? That is suspicious!! Normal people don’t do that! Oh I’m sorry you said you do that.
            But your not normal cause you convict a guy for being racist because he calls the police on a black guy. Geez why don’t you call him a child hater too, cause he sure likes to call the police on kids as well!
            Anyway it is my belief that George is not racists or racially profiling Treyvon, he simply looked at his actions and thought that it was suspicious and called the cops!
            I’m sure it is your belief that George is a gun toting racists wacko! And that’s your prerogative. But George would be welcome in my neighborhood cause I happen to think the more people pay attention to what is going on the less chance of crime happening. If someone is yelling help out back of my house I grab the spot light and go out there. Most of these people called 911 and coward in their homes. We have a lot of people who are gun toters up here! Almost every household in my area has guns and the crime here is very low! Hmm I wonder why?

          • I’m black, my ex-husband is black, and my son is black, so where do YOU get off saying that’s how “I perceive black males”? Really?
            Oh, and he DOES like to call the police on children as well; check out the transcripts of his previous 911 calls.
            And, yes, when I walk about, I look around too. I suppose that makes me suspicious.
            Guess what? I even walk at dusk sometimes.
            Does THAT make me suspicious?
            Your own words coming back to bite you:
            “They have had 8 burglaries in a gated community in 15 months with most of those committed by young black males why would he not be suspicious of someone he doesn’t know, wandering and looking around in the rain? ”
            Doesn’t that make it sound as though you THINK as though all young black males SHOULD be profiled?
            My son is 11; he is tall and skinny. When he is 17 and college-bound (like Trayvon was), he’ll be taller and just as skinny. Should HE be afraid to walk down the street in a “safe” community?
            My older daughters are college graduates – good, contributing members of society. My youngest daughter is a freshman at a private college, in the National Honor Society (already), on the dean’s list and going to the Far East to intern this summer. My own children (all younger than the shooter) have contributed more to society than Zimmerman ever has. Stop thinking that brown skin equals a reason to be suspicious. We’re not all like that.

  4. It sounds like the guy with the gun flat-out murdered the kid, unprovoked, but since only he (and the victim who is gone forever) know the details, I can really only say this… He should be arrested and a trial date should be set so this can proceed like it’s supposed to and justice will be served either way.

    • Quite a shame that the person who probably could actually claim he was standing his ground is dead. I agree with you TB, this case should result in an arrest and a trial, because only then is it even possible for justice to be served.

      • He could not claim that if he was beating the man who was following him as several witnesses have said. The only way it could be the other way around would be if George Zimmerman grabbed him and tried to detain him. But nobody has seen that and so unfortunately if that is the way it happened, George will go free. Will you be so ready to say justice was served if there is a trial and it still comes out the George was defending himself and they find him not guilty?

  5. I am sick about it all and how it is unfolding. Every time I see that man who killed- MURDERED that poor boy….I feel rage. If this man obeyed the COMMAND of the police, this boy’s precious life would not have been touched at all. Sick. So sickening. Horrific. Disgusted. CANNOT believe he is not in jail. Period.

    • Yep, you echoed my sentiments exactly Chris! It is just so clear to me and yet I feel like there are people trying to make it seem unclear. Very sad.

  6. I can’t think about this case without being filled with rage. I just can’t believe that an adult who pursued and shot a child –a child who was doing nothing but walking down the street with some snacks–remains uncharged and free. It’s unfathomable to me. I can’t believe that the police leaked this information to smear the victim. I can’t believe the police did not immediately notify his parents. The list of things I can’t believe about this case just goes on and on. Just when I think I can’t be more upset by the facts surrounding this case, new facts are brought to light and yes, I am more horrified than before.

    • The list goes on and on. Being horrified gets worse. It is unfathomable and yet it is happening. Sadly, right in front of our eyes. Everything about it makes me sick. This poor boy, his poor family, to imagine that his death could be in vain is just wrong.

  7. Great post Ashley and well said. I can not believe the police brought up the pot issue with Trayvon…you’re right, that has NOTHING to do with what has happened here. And interestingly enough, it seems very few people are bringing up the fact that Zimmerman had at least a little bit of a criminal history 1) assault on an police officer 2) a history of domestic violence with a former girlfriend…so we clearly have a man who murdered Trayvon who obviously has a history of violence and aggression. The one thing though I really do not like is hearing people calling this a racial issue. It may not be racial. It may be racial. That part we do not know for certain, along with many other facts unfortunately. I hope all the facts come out soon.

    • Thank you Emily for reading and commenting. It is interested to note Zimmerman’s past history, given that he is quite clearly prone to violence has seemed to have been glossed over quite a bit. As a I write this, though, the tide might be turning for Mr. Zimmerman. At least I hope it is.
      I must disagree somewhat about the race issue, though, Zimmerman has shown in the past with his repeated phone calls to police for suspicious people and then his comments on the 911 call that this most definitely was about race. 🙁

  8. You are quite right. Emotions aside, the facts point to a need for arrest that very night. If Trayvon’s parents hadn’t had the strength to swallow their grief and go on the offensive, Trayvon would still be “just another dead black boy”. While the Sanford PD tries to cover their butts, and Zimmerman tries to skew his story to fit some sort of self-defense scheme, the fact remains that HE pursued someone who was doing NOTHING. That right there shoots any notion of self-defense out of the water. I also did a blog post here about the talk I felt that I needed to have with my own brown-skinned son:

    • Thank you Julie. Very insightful comment. And you are so right about Trayvon’s parents, who I truly could not have more respect or admiration for, as they are the picture of grace under pressure. I certainly don’t believe I could be so poised.
      Am off to read your blog post right now.

  9. Well-written blog. Every point made eloquently and were relevant. It’s sad Sanford PD didn’t see these points as salient cause for detaining and charging Trayvon Martin’s murderer. I’ve made these same points, deriving at the same conclusions as did you, and most all agreed with two or three electing to defend Zimmerman and the “Stand Your Ground” law. In the end, this injustice and, subsequent ploy to ruin the image of the deceased and innocent minor, is to try and save that law while covering the behinds of the Sanford PD investigator who was not a homicide detective, but a narcotics detective; police chief, Bill Lee; and whoever allowed 2 prior charges removed from Zimmerman’s adult record, allowing him to possess a license to carry a gun. I further agree that in 2012, blaming the victim should be a thing of the past, and that Sybrina Fulton should not have had to bury her 17 year old son, mourn his loss while his killer and those who are supposed to be assisting her in seeking the justice due her besmirch his memory. I join you in asking all who instinctively know who the victim in this horrendous murder of innocence and youth was to remember who that real victim was, but to make sure all upstanding, good American citizens continue to demand justice for Treyvon Martin and closure for his parents and family.

    • Thank you for this incredibly eloquent and insightful comment. So well put. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment. I certainly will continue to talk about this case because it is so important.

  10. Really excellent, Ashley. The police botched this case at first, which is pathetic, but to compound their errors by blaming the victim is really beyond belief. It was good to see the police video of Zimmerman, who said he had been beaten and bloodied, looking just fine, thank you, no marks, walking ok. Unfortunately he will probably get off even if they do finally arrest him. Likely to have a jury who thinks if the police didn’t even arrest him at the scene he can’t be guilty. I hope thye have more sense than that, though.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, the video is just UNBELIEVABLE. You can count on this…if that man is not arrested by Monday, I will write about this AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until he is, especially now that we have seen the video.

  11. I totally agree. After reading a few things on this, I really believe this coward felt invincible because of who his father is. He’s probably gotten away with so much and heard so much from his dad’s court days n has so much build up of hate that he feels vindicated. But now he’s hiding… why? As he boldly approached the young man, and wasn’t trying to hide at all so why hide now? He even still has the same gun so why hide when you continue to protect yourself as you so proclaim you were doing then. Sad. Sad….

    • I totally agree with you Deshay. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I definitely think there is no question that his father’s power and influence played a major role here. Disgusting.
      And the fact that he is in hiding now is just pathetic.

  12. you delte my post becuase it doesnt jive woth your own opinion? your worse than the martin family for letting there child run the steets.. my post was objective and to the point of the facts.. nothing to do with emotional heartstrings that you and the media are trying to pull on.. arrest the martin family now!!!

    • Actually Stephen I did not delete your post at all. You commented on another blog post I wrote about the Trayvon Martin case, not this one. If you check over there (it is called “And Justice for All”) you will see that I printed your entire comment.
      Your post, however, was not what I would call objective and not to the facts, but we can agree to disagree.

  13. i live in florida and hokme burglary is a serious problem.. i commend george zimmerman for defending his community. we need more citizens like him.

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