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You remember Chris from this post..and this post. You know…he’s the gorgeous singer competing on The Voice, who specializes in classical music but can sing anything under the sun.

Well, the finale is tonight, readers. Chris Mann has supported The Dose of Reality by reading and commenting here, and this website is all about supporting its readers! Even if you are not a regular viewer of The Voice (but really, if you aren’t, you should be) you can tune in tonight and enjoy his beautiful singing…or just go to the website and vote for a fellow The Dose of Reality reader.

It is up to you. The time is now. Here is how you do it. Let’s make Chris proud. Rock the vote my readers! (This is the show’s website for easy voting). You can’t start voting until 10:00 p.m. EST tonight (when the show is over on the East Coast), but voting does not close until 10:00 a.m. EST tomorrow morning, so you can vote even if you are not a night owl!

Chris himself emailed me these helpful tips, which include links for easy voting!

Here are the 5 Ways to Vote for Chris Mann

Call 10 times from your home AND cell phoneWatch the show to get the number! (Mondays 8pm eastern/7pm central and Tuesdays 9pm eastern/8pm central)

Vote 10 times on NBC.comClick Here

Vote 10 times on The Voice Facebook PageClick Here:

Text 10 times on your Sprint phoneWatch the show to get the number!

Purchase the May 7th performance song & gift 9 times to others on iTunes | Click here (Make sure you do not purchase the song until after 10:00 EST)

And finally, some parting words from Abby, who by the way had just come from having her face painted, something I have no doubt Christina Aguilera will greatly appreciate.


Vote For Chris Mann — 11 Comments

  1. Monday is a fun day? However, your column and Abby’s video do make it better, thank you for this. She’s so funny.

  2. I can’t wait for tonight! I’m ready to vote all the votes! I will PAY Abby to say “Christina Aguilera” for me the next time I see her! Adorable!!

  3. I have liked him since day one. I love even more that he used to work for the guy who hosts the voice. I love that show period lol. Maybe cause i have a slight thing for Blake Shelton ahem. Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog today. Since I moved to WP my numbers went down and I am missing having company..

  4. I have to admit, I had to google Chris Mann when I read this post and your last one. If I were a watcher, I’d be voting, but I love how you are rallying the troops for your guy!! I hope he wins and mentions you personally in his thank you speech for getting him all of these votes!! 🙂

  5. Thank you ALL so much for your help in voting for Chris! Even though he did not win The Voice, I know he won over all a lot of new fans, and I like to think this blog was a little part of that! 🙂 He is a certainly a winner to me!

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