Katy Perry: Part of Me

To say that we my girls were a little excited to see the new Katy Perry movie would be like saying that they only kind of like summer or think cupcakes are just okay.

They were pumped and pretty much woke up Friday morning asking what time we would be seeing the show, which is how we found ourselves in the first showing of the movie at our theater that day. Needless to say, they were not the only Katy Perry fans excited to see all the film had to offer!


I won’t spoil you mom moviegoers out there with the surprise waiting for you before the movie even starts, but let me just tell you that it will instantly transport you back to your childhood, in the very best way!

As a fan of Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber movie, I knew there was a good chance I would like this movie, simply because it was directed by the same producing team from that movie.

I was not wrong. To say that I only just liked this movie would be like saying that I mildly tolerate having a TiVo or find candy an okay snack. I loved this movie, y’all. I pretty much found myself crying off and on throughout for many reasons, in many moments. Could it have been hormones? Possibly, but I like to really think it was the impact of watching someone live out their dream on a big stage night after night. I like to believe it was about recalling the feelings of being a teenager and knowing the desperation her fans feel when they hear her music, when they stand in those arenas, when they simply breath in her air space. It’s that desperation of simply wanting, needing, to believe that this icon in front of them, is singing only to them, that she must somehow know how they actually feel inside, because they feel so connected to her. I could feel that quiet need coming from two seats away as I watched Emma watch the screen. I could feel her remembering what it was like to stand in that arena mere months ago and have Taylor Swift change her life.

For Abby, of course, the emotion was much more obvious. She mouthed the words, she danced in her seat, she gasped in delight each time Katy appeared on the screen in a new, more amazing than before costume. She became quiet and sad during the part of the movie that dealt with the end of Katy’s marriage, not because she truly understood what was happening, but because if Katy was sad, well then, by God, Abby was sad, too. She declared the moment the movie was over that she will be Katy Perry for Halloween and that she will wear the “chocolate” costume that Katy wears to greet her fans. She seems fairly confident that pulling this off should be no problem for me! Johnny Wujek, if you are reading this, let me know if you will be designing 5T costumes any time soon! 😉

I think the film is a fantastic treat for mothers and daughters, honestly for anyone who loves music. Behind the scenes concert films just add that layer of “reality” (since I know they are also edited, thank you very much) to the life of a musician that I don’t think simply attending a concert or watching an interview can provide. You truly get an inside look at everyone involved with the process and in the case of this movie, you especially get to know Katy Perry’s inner circle. Her sister is quite simply delightful and fantastic, and I found myself tearing up not just thinking of my own sister, but thinking of my girls and that sister relationship, which is truly a bond like no other.

The movie melds together so well the pressure, the pain, the glory and the love of performing at the highest level and all that it takes to get there.


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  1. Thanks so much for the movie review!!! It sounds like I need to set a Mommy/daughter date for us to see it soon!

  2. I can honestly say that I was not interested in the movie until I read this. I love your girls’ reactions to the movie. Abby is just adorable with her enthusiasm. Emma is so sweet, thoughtful, and well spoken. Such a couple of lovely little girls you have there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for the well-written review Ashley. Not a movie I will wait in line to see, but still fun to read about it. I’m glad to know Emma won’t be marrying Russell Brand. The best part, of course, is seeing the video of thi girls, they are the cutest kids ever. Abby is getting to be such a big girl now, she is so composed and knows just what she wants to say, that’s for sure!

    • Yes, Abby is never at a loss for words! 😉 You would probably appreciate this movie simply as a music fan…it is really interesting to see all that goes into making a concert. I am glad you liked the video! 🙂

  4. So, I had to confiscate the latest Katy Perry CD from the girls’ room for questionable lyrics infractions. Never mind that she’s naked except for clouds on the CD jacket. And that dad loves to youtube Katy’s Sesame Street appearance now and then, or that he has to sing over certain lyrics in certain songs that come on during car rides.

    I’m wondering if I should watch this movie with the girls, or just get a pizza and rent Raiders of the Lost Ark. Thoughts?

    • You probably made the right call taking the CD away. Better safe than sorry. Just to be absolutely sure, though, you should probably take the girls to see the movie…you wouldn’t want them to see it alone and be left with questions! 😉

  5. Thanks for the review! This movie was not on my radar at all – now I’m considering taking my daughter to see it.

    I love Emma’s PSA!!

  6. Allright, video of Emma and Abby, way to go. Thank you for doing this, they are so cute and Emma is so nice and patient. The way she talks and smiles reminds me of you. Both of them are the best.

  7. That is such a delightful video of my nieces. I love them. Abby is bursting out of her skin, and Emma is, as Debbie said, so thoughtful and well-spoken. Killer. Now I want a red napkin dress too!

  8. One of the many things I love about reading your blog is that you talk about things I would never have even considered which makes me want to run out and see it or get it as quick as I can. I now want to see both Justin beiber and Katy Perry’s movie.

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