The Part of Oprah Today Will Be Played By Me

Well, okay, so not the part of Oprah, exactly.

More like the part of guest at my friend (she totally told me I could call her that, by the way, even though she is famous!) Rene Syler’s site Good Enough Mother.

She asked me to answer her series of Life Lessons questions, which I have to say was much harder than I thought it would be and now I totally see why celebrities cry when Barbara Walters interviews them.

Special thanks to Lisa for helping me come up with the ten words to describe myself…head on over and read my list, then leave me a comment and tell me what words you would use to describe yourself…it is harder than you think! 😉


The Part of Oprah Today Will Be Played By Me — 17 Comments

  1. Two things…1. Great post, covering so many different aspects of yourself.
    2. Thanks for bringing me over to “Good Enough Mother!” It’s a great blog!

    Ten words, huh? Here goes…Mom, Woman, Writer, Introspective, Loyal, Grounded, Cautious, Honest, Loving, Human

    That is harder than it looks. I think it’s much easier to come up with 10 words about someone else than it is for yourself. Here are my 10 for you, Ashley:
    Outgoing, Fun, Friend, Mother, Planner, Snarky, Real, Driven, Social, Star-Struck, Generous….The list could go on, but I’m stopping at 11 since I can’t pare it down even by one more. Fun post!

      • Those are great words for you Stace! 🙂 It is hard, though, isn’t it!! The first list I showed to my girlfriend Lisa included the word Virgo, and she was like, “Uhhh, yeah, let’s actually describe you.”
        Good Enough Mother is a fantastic site…they are always looking for guest bloggers so you should submit something! 🙂

  2. If I did not already know you, I would feel like I REALLY knew you! This is so honest and poignant. I, too, regret not insisting to your dad that he join you and Laura when your mom died…I will always regret that moment as well…..and while it changes relationships, hopefully, the relationships can still be good and healthy and move forward. Good job on the answers!

    For my 10 words: Mother, Lover (soon-to-be wife!), Daughter, Sister, Honest, Loyal, Energetic, Trustworthy, Fun, Intuitive.

    My 10 for you? Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Funny, Articulate, Loyal, Honest, Social, and REAL

    Love you!

    • Love your 10 words…for yourself and for me! 🙂
      Thank you for this comment, I really appreciate it so much! It is okay, honestly, our relationship is fine, just different.

  3. This was interesting, I’m glad I went to it. I like reading about you. (fortunately it was easy to get to.)
    One thing – what about exercising more without cutting back on the amount of candy? Worth a try.

    • Or even maybe just exercising at all. Aside from going to the mailbox and up and down the stairs. It is on my goal list! 😉

  4. Very insightful. I can see how it was tough to write. It’s always hard to write about yourself, isn’t it?

    Great writing, as always! 🙂

  5. I love the insight and honesty in your answers. I think it would be interesting to compare the differences between a list of 10 words by gender. I bet it would be really clear on paper some of the different “roles” men/women identify themselves with. Not good/bad … just different.
    I have been asking people through interviewing lately what some of their “strengths” are and this is another one that can trip you up after 2/3 words. Hmm … something to think further on.

    • I should totally make Robert do this list…maybe that is what I will tell him to give me for our anniversary! 😉
      Oh yeah, the whole strengths question in interviewing is always hard…I am too committed to my work, I am just won’t stop until something is perfect, blah, blah, blah. That one is tricky!

  6. I commend you on reflecting/ answering these questions! It would take me a long time to get my mind focused enough on how I’m feeling. I’m sure it was exciting to connect with Rene too! I read her about me page on her blog.

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