Head To Head: The ’80’s Edition

Let’s have some fun on this Friday, shall we? Summer is winding down, back-to-shopping is beginning to commence, and the luster of the Olympics is starting to wear off (even with my super, amazing, “fancy” big screen).

What better way to kick-off the weekend than a battle between two of the most iconic ’80’s movie heartthrob characters of all time?

Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Oh John Hughes, we miss you so. No one was able to capture the angst of being a teenager better than you (and Molly Ringwald, of course).

Let’s go head to head on this one, shall we? Jake Ryan vs. John Bender in the battle for your teenage heart. Who shall be crowned the ultimate ’80’s heartthrob of these two choices? This won’t be easy.

Jake Ryan vs. John Bender

First we have Jake Ryan. Oh Jake, you had it all, didn’t you? The perfect hair, the best preppy clothes, the sensitive soul, and of course those eyes, that smile, I am practically swooning while I write this. You didn’t need that Barbie doll girlfriend Caroline when you had Samantha waiting for you, just hoping that you would for once notice her. And notice her you did. When you leaned against your red Porsche waiting outside the wedding, my teenage heart almost burst.

But this is no cakewalk for you Jake. You have a worthy opponent in John Bender.

Bender, I can see you now with your smoldering, half-smile, half-sneer as you pretended to be so above it all. Your slightly dirty, but somehow still perfectly arranged bad boy hair, wearing your combat boots acting as if nothing mattered to you. Except for Claire, of course, because there was no denying the connection when you looked at her. Could a bad boy and a prom queen actually make it work? My teenage heart certainly wanted to think so.

So which one made your high school pulse race? Were you someone who went after the strait-laced, jock type or did you have a bit of an edge and look for the guy who would help you break some rules?

Not to leave out the many few men who read this blog (most of them related to me), what type of guy were you in high school (or which type did you wish to be)? Would we have found you hanging out with the cool crowd or in detention on Saturdays?

Tell me your choice in the comments and if you have a picture of yourself from high school, head on over to my Facebook page and share it. Think of that as your “extra credit” assignment!


Head To Head: The ’80’s Edition — 20 Comments

  1. So much fun! The high school me would have gone for Jake – hands down. The 35 year old me would probably lean toward Bender. However, The Breakfast Club is one of the best movies, not teen movies, just movies of all time.

  2. I have to agree with Sosha. the high school Tricia would have loved/stalked Jake. The grown up me would like to get a piece of John.

    Every time I hear “Don’t You Forget About Me,” I think about how much I love that movie.

  3. Hands down, Jake Ryan. Always unless you put him up against Tim Riggins and then Tim will win every single time! I even liked Jake when he was the wrestler with the mohawk in Vision Quest and again when he was in Mermaids.

  4. Back in high school, now, or any time it’s Jake Ryan without hesitation. John Bender wasn’t even my favorite male in The Breakfast Club, so there is no way he can compete with Jake. I haven’t thought about Jake Ryan for so long. Great way to start the weekend! *sigh* Jake Ryan. 🙂

  5. Thanks for giving me another option on this one. I was a brain/freak in high school, way before the Hughes movies. I was not hanging out with the cool crowd, we called them jocks.
    I admit it, Sixteen Candles is a funny movie, lots of good parts.,

  6. Easy ! John Bender was the perfect bad boy who had a touch of crazy. Since I’ve got a touch of crazy myself, he’s the one for me! 🙂

  7. First of all, you’d totally get a kick out of this episode of “Psych”:

    It is SO funny and references pretty much every John Hughes movie of the 80s.

    Secondly, I actually choose neither. I always thought Jake Ryan was ridiculously handsome. And John Bender was awesomely cool. But I think I was actually more smitten with Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”.

  8. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This is a NO brainer for me. But then, sister, you probably already knew that. I am a fan of The Breakfast Club, and yeah, Bender’s angst was a bit sigh-worthy, but all I really have to say is Jake Ryan & the scene where he is waiting for her next to his car in front of the church. Every girl’s fantsasy that the guy she likes actually makes the BIG gesture. Swoon. And he had angst too! He wanted to be liked for who he was, and not just for the gorgeous, hunky, hot, popular guy that people thought he was.

    Though, if we are really going to explore 80’s heartthrobs, for me it is still Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing, “No one puts Baby in a corner”. He’s like Jake Ryan, John Bender, plus an incredible dancer ALL IN ONE. He might not have a red sports car like Jake, but he’s got an old pickup and he will smash the passenger side window for you JUST so he can open the door for a lady. Say no more.

  9. My heart started beating faster when I started reading this post. I LOVE both movies and both Jake and John. But I’d have to say, my heart will always be with Jake. He waited for her. He brought her a cake and sat on the dining table with her. Swoon.

  10. Seems like Jake is winning, and I can certainly see why, but as far as the actual movie goes, y’all are all about The Breakfast Club. Interesting! 🙂

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