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Obviously, if you have ever read my blog you know that I am pretty much the opposite of crafty. Like, honestly, it would be hard to tell the difference between Abby drawing a flower and me drawing a flower. And I am pretty sure I *just* outed myself the other day when I told you that my desire to do crafts with my children is somewhere between “trip to the dentist” and “getting my car inspected” on the scale of fun.

So, when I was offered the chance to review art kits for the Creativity For Kids blog tour, it seemed like a no-brainer. I mean, clearly, why would I say no? Except for all the reasons above, of course.

But here is the thing, my goal for the summer was to be a better mom, to be more fun, more exciting, more adventurous, more “present” with my children. And my children LOVE art kits. We frequently receive them as gifts, so I knew that saying yes would be living up to my summer goal.

We received three amazing kits in the mail, and I decided to pace myself and only break out two at once. Martha Stewart, I am not, so if I am going to be crafty, I have to do it slowly.

I surprised my girls last week with a Gnome Garden and a Glitter Art set. I know, right? Glitter. Purposefully. But, I knew they would LOVE it, so I threw caution to the wind and covered the table with my Olympic TV tarp newspaper and away we went. Both of my children looked at me with eyes of wonder and glee when I showed them what we were about to do for the afternoon and then declared me the best mother ever. Who cares that the crevices of my kitchen table are now permanently filled with pink sparkles when you get a reaction like that? 

So, we will start with the Gnome Garden, as that was the first project we completed.

My Pros:

  • It is adorable and totally fun for the kids.
  • Because it involves multiple steps (painting, spacing the rocks, etc. plus planting the grass) you will get a good hour to two hours of quality time with your children while they do it.
  • All of the pieces can be easily placed in the garden in various patterns, so there is a lot of room for creativity.
  • The instructions (key for a savvy novice crafter like myself) are very easy to follow, thus ensuring a fool-proof garden upon completion.

My Cons:

  • The little toadstools are made of styrofoam, so if your children are not careful, it is easy to break one, which is what happened to Emma. I wish they had been more like the little wooden house that came with it, which was much sturdier.

Next we moved on to the Glitter Art Kit, which for my children was like hitting the jackpot of crafting luck! They were in heaven with all the choices in the kit.

My Pros:

  • There are tons of supplies in this kit, thus creating multiple opportunities for crafting. We only made two little trinket boxes, so we have plenty of stuff to do this again and again.
  • There is no child on the planet who does not love glitter. And honestly, seeing a child so happy with something so simple can’t help but make you smile.
  • I love that there are glitter pens and actual glitter, as smaller kids do better with the pens, while older kids can handle a container of glitter. It is a great product if you have a wide age range.

My Cons:

  • Besides it being glitter, you mean?
  • You have to be careful opening the containers of glitter as they have a tendency to spill, so I definitely recommend making sure that only the adult opens the containers.

WOULD I PAY MONEY FOR THESE? Yes, I would. In fact, I regularly do, because I know that the Faber-Castell/Creativity For Kids products are always a sure thing for a birthday gift. And seeing how excited my girls were to use these kits, I realized that I will actually purchase more of these products for our own personal use, too.

My girls have no idea, but I still have a Feather Fashion kit to break out on the next rainy day, so I will be sure and update you all on that fun project!

Now, here is where it gets exciting for you all! I have been authorized to do a GIVEAWAY just for my readers! The winning reader will receive the same Glitter Art kit I described above, plus the Beach Buddies Shell Crafts kit, which would make a perfect way to create some fun, final summer memories!

Here are the two easy steps to enter…

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  • Leave me a comment in the comment section telling me that you shared the post so I can enter you in the contest. (Make sure you use a valid email address when you comment. It is visible only to me, but it is how I will contact you if you win!)

This contest is closed for new entries at 10:00 a.m. EST on Friday, August 17th, 2012. The winner will be drawn using random.org and will be notified by email no later than Monday, August 20th, 2012. The winner will have until Friday, August 24th, 2012 to claim the prize. You must live in the United States or Canada to win.

BSM Media on behalf of Faber-Castell/Creativity For Kids provided me with products to try for this review, but all of the opinions, photos and references to glitter are my own.

This drawing is officially closed to entries.



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  1. Well we are all glitter freaks around here and would love one of these kits! I have shared!

    ps.. Katie loved the pictures of the girls, win or no win, we will be breaking out the glitter!

  2. This is a great column, and I don’t just mean the pictures. You are funny. Plus its a good review.
    So, they created masterpieces. Did they cry buckets when you threw them away?
    Speaking of which, how did yes day go?

  3. Getting stuff for free makes you pretty crafty.
    I’m glad Emma is wearing her protective helmet to avoid glitter injuries. Abby looks sooo happy. Good for you for finding something fun for them that you got a kick out of also. But, I’m pretty sure you will be finding glitter on stuff for years. Good reminder of the fun, though.

  4. These are my “go to” gifts for birthday gifts, too. I don’t know if I’ve ever bought them for my kids (you know with the glitter and paint and all) but you know what? They would LOVE them so I am hoping I win so I can be the “best mom ever!”

  5. {Melinda} Oh my goodness … glitter. You have my eternal respect. I wouldn’t even get out the Easy Bake Oven when my girl was little because it was too messy. Sheesh. I’d gladly pull that off the shelf now. We don’t realize how fleeting that time of them wanting to be with us all the time really is.

    You’re making such awesome memories with your girls … I applaud your efforts to be “present.” I know how hard that can be.

  6. I can just see Jonathon trying to EAT the glitter. **shudder** However, I do think it’d be a fun activity we could do out on the porch to minimize the mess. Ooh, now I kinda want to do that!

    The gnome kit, however, I would LOVE to do with them. I’m sure they’d dig it, too.

    I’m sharing on FB, BTW.

  7. Thank you for inspiring me to purchase a craft kit for my boys. They would love to do a fun project together! Also great idea or gifts!

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