“The Voice” Is In My Head

You may remember that we here at The Dose of Reality love TV. We love all kinds of TV, but there is a special place in our hearts for reality TV. We realize it’s not socially acceptable to admit you watch so many TV shows that you have to create an Excel spreadsheet to program your DVR in order to avoid a dreaded recording conflict. It’s obviously supposed to be *more* embarrassing if 2 or 3 (or 6) of your favorite shows are reality TV based, because everyone knows that is the lowest form of TV programming. Yes, we do watch other “respected” shows like Game of Thrones or Homeland—you know shows that are cool and don’t make people wrinkle their noses at you.

Lest you worry about the state of our brains turning to mush, we do actually do things other than watch TV. Hey, we also love to read—along the line of a book or two a week as a matter of fact. It’s just that we *love* our TV. We fully realize that a love of this kind is supposed to be a guilty pleasure. Well, we don’t care. We’re about keeping it real here. And besides, we’re too happy watching our wonderful shows to feel guilty. All we feel is the pleasure!

It will be no surprise to anyone that this is an exciting week because Season 3 of The Voice premieres. If you have never watched The Voice then you might not know that it is the best talent based competitive reality show around.

There are three distinct phases to this singing contest.

First, we have the Blind Audition phase. The four coaches have their backs turned to the contestants. The contestants then sing and if the coach likes what he or she hears, they turn around indicating they’d like that singer on their team. If more than one coach turns around, the contestant gets to pick which coach they want.

Once all the teams are set with 16 contestants each, the second round involves team members battling each other in duels (No swords, I’m afraid. They sing duets so it’s more of a “West Side Story” type of battle) to whittle the teams down to 8-ish.

In the third phase, teams battle other coach’s teams each until one contestant, and thus one coach, is named the ultimate grand winner supreme. If the last two phases sound a bit fuzzy, they are. The Voice always switches it up the exact rules each season, and they haven’t seen fit to explain them yet. It’s probably on the website. (I don’t know, I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m just a gal with a DVR). But our host Carson Daly (yes THAT one from MTV when you were younger) is keeping us on a need to know basis, and that’s okay with me.

As the blind auditions started last night, I had numerous questions swirling in my head about the glorious coaches I have come to know and love over the past 2 seasons: Will Cee Lo Green wear his all red pajama outfit replete with matching sunglasses? (He did not. He went with an all white satiny outfit but did put a cockatoo on his shoulder periodically to make up for it). Will Blake Shelton wear a vest and almost charm all of the contestants into picking him?  (That was an easy one…of course). What color t-shirt will Adam Levine wear? (It was white with an American flag making him look like the hottest dad at the 4th of July picnic). Will Christina remember to wear actual pants with her bedazzled top? (Nope, but she’s Christina-effing-Aguilera. Pants are irrelevant).

In the end, though, the best thing about the show is the music. They feature and respect all types of music on this show including pop, soul, rock, reggae, country, opera, and rap. There is literally a contestant to fill all your musical tastes, whatever they may be. This is heaven for someone like me who really does like just about every kind of music. (My middle schooler has even turned me on to dubstep which proves you are never too old to listen to what sounds like machines screaming).

So, which contestant will capture the hearts and minds of The Voice audience this year?  Will it be Terry on Team Blake, the Scottish rocker who looks like he hopped out of the Bay City Rollers poster I had hanging on my wall when I was 8? His voice was powerful yet so smooth I would have thought he was not singing live if I didn’t know better. I already have a semi-crush on him because he dressed his tiny son in a double breasted suit for the show and also…Scottish accent.

But, maybe it will be the awesome De’borah on Team Christina who seems to look to Steve Urkel as her style mentor and actually made me cry with her story of how hearing Christina’s songs changed her life. Her voice has a deep and unique tone that’s beautiful. Both of her parents are pastors, and the church sort of shunned her when she came out. Her parents are having none of that because they love and support her more than anything, and so do I. She’s quirky and authentic and there is nothing more attractive and compelling than someone who is authentically themself.

I am currently giving the side eye to Bryan on Team Adam who tried to impresses us that he wants to make it on his own and not use his dad’s connections. (His dad is Grammy winning musician Ray De La Paz). His voice was just so-so to my ear. I don’t know. See, unlike the judges I can see the people as they sing and his pork pie hat and chin pube beard made my douche warning system go on high alert. His personal style is a big problem for me. I wished I had a chair to turn around so I didn’t have to look at him. When he said backstage he figured all 4 judges would turn around for him, I knew I would be rooting for the day he gets sent home. Sorry, Bryan, maybe you can win me back eventually.

I think the winner could possibly be the amazing Trevin on Team Cee Lo, who has a voice so beautiful I feel like I could start crying just thinking about how his voice soared toward the end of his audition. I can’t believe he just turned 18 because he doesn’t just hit beautiful notes, he has real feeling behind what he sings. Despite sounding like a young Luther Vandross, he has confidence issues because a teacher once refuse to give him a recommendation for a performing arts high school. She thought he’d never make it. Well, since I’ve already bought his audition song on iTunes, my money says she’s wrong.

So, what do you think? Is The Voice calling to you this season?


“The Voice” Is In My Head — 23 Comments

  1. I was so hoping that CeeLo would go with the Big Bird outfit from the Grammy Awards. Although his Darth Vader costume is probably better suited for this show.

    I think “no pants, no problem” should be my new motto…

    • Oh, wow, honey. I don’t think the world is ready for that. May I suggest “I’ll always do the dishes” as an alternative motto?

    • I thought the first two episodes were a blast. There was so much talent it was hard to have a favorite! I haven’t seen the third episode of the week yet, but I can’t wait! I’m just so glad this show is back!

  2. You had me at the Excel Spreadsheet comment! Too funny! Agree with all your comments above – Love, Love, Love The Voice – probably one of the best reality singing shows on tv. Loved Trevin and am hoping that horrid teacher saw his performance – for any teacher to squash a person’s dream in that way is unspeakable. They should never be allowed to teach, mentor, etc. Looking forward to your fun, fun comments about this show!

    • I’m so glad you are a Voice fan, too! (and I totally agree with you about Trevin’s teacher. Terrible!) Was just so impressed with the sheer talent of the contestants on the premiere…and then again on the second night. I now have so many “favorites” I don’t know how I’ll keep track! This season is fantastic!

    • I promise, you will not be disappointed. I think it’s the best season they’ve ever had, talent-wise.

      I love the battle round, too. In the first episode Carson alluded to some “coach’s steal” that can happen during the battles this season. (They were short on details, but it sounds like it could lead to some coach drama) It’s sure to be a fun!

  3. LOL! IF I watch any episodes of The Voice, it’s usually because I want to look at Adam Levine. 😉 But I looove TV, too. The fall is my favorite season for two reasons: 1. I get to cover up my body with clothes again and 2. FALL TV LINE UP!!! I am living for all the new shows this season!

    • Fall is my favorite season for exactly the reasons you mentioned! I get to wear my beloved sweaters again and there are new TV shows. Then when you add in pumpkin flavored everything… yep, I am in heaven!

  4. I usually watch the Voice but have not seen it yet this season. I need to get my fall shows scheduled. I watched the X Factor this week and enjoyed some of the contestants. I am so awed by people that can sing well! Happy Weekend Ashley!

  5. Well, as you know…I am a reality TV junkie and LOVE, LOVE The Voice. I get so caught up when someone turns their chair around. And, Blake, Blake, Blake…I don’t even notice pantless Christina because I am too busy staring at Blake. He’s tall, gorgeous and funny and I often tell the hubby, if Blake were to show up at my doorstep, I’d be out of here (I don’t think he’s that worried. 🙂 ). Love that we will be watching “together”.

    • Blake is so charming and wonderful (and his Twitter feed is hysterical). I didn’t know him at all before the first season, but I instantly fell in love with him (and Miranda, too!) I’d love for them to adopt me like they seem to have done with RaeLynn from last season.

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