Top 10 Firsts…Just the Way We Remember Them

Do you remember your first time? Wasn’t it exciting, yet scary? Was it everything you thought it would be?

Wait, what do you think we’re talking about? Ugh…get your mind out of the gutters, people. What are you, twelve years old? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

We *are* talking about first times. But we’re not talking about THAT first time (that was 25 seconds not worth mentioning again)…we’re talking about our OTHER firsts…

First Concert

1.  “Weird Al” Yankovic (Lisa) –I know that it seems impossible someone with such fine musical taste begged to see Weird Al in concert, but it’s true! Oh, don’t make that face. You KNOW you liked him, too!!

2.  Eddie Rabbit (Ashley)– In the round, no less! He was totally singing “I Love a Rainy Night” straight to me!! I know it!

First Occupation You Ever Wanted to Have

3.  Solid Gold Dancer (Lisa)– Was there EVER anything more glamorous or womanly (not to mention flexible) than a Solid Gold Dancer? No, I didn’t think so either. The hair, the gold lamé leotards, the poses at the end of the songs… I wanted it all.

4.  The Price Is Right Stagehand (Ashley)– You know they totally got to play all the games. Given that I even built my own Plinko board in the garage out of plywood, I was perfect for the job. Quite frankly, I still am!

First You Tube Video That Made Parenting Seem Fun

5.  Charlie Bit My Finger (Lisa)– The first time I saw this I emailed it to everyone…and attempted to talk in a British accent all day.

6.  David After The Dentist (Ashley)– I feel like it’s really the greatest example of parenting to ever hit the internet.

First Music Video You Waited Up All Night To Watch

7.  Tears For Fears’ Shout (Lisa)– I cannot tell you how much I *loved* this video. I saw this recently watching old “I Love the 80s” episodes on YouTube, and I still remember every single word they sang so earnestly.

8.  Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Ashley)– Despite the fact that I am pretty sure it probably gave me nightmares, I could not get enough of this video. It’s a shame I’d never dance in public, because in my head I *kill* this choreography!

First ‘Just Say No’ PSA We Saw After School 

9.  I Learned It From Watching YOU (Lisa)– This was a classic. I was so upset neither of my parents did drugs, because I yearned to yell this at them like the boy.

10. This Is Your Brain…ON DRUGS (Ashley)– Not only was this a sobering thought, it also started my quest to crack an egg without breaking the yolk.

So there you have it. These are a few of our favorite “firsts”. Thank you Monday Listicles for the trip down memory lane!


Top 10 Firsts…Just the Way We Remember Them — 58 Comments

  1. I love this! My first concert was Reo Speedwagon and Survivor. I’m not sure who was the opening act or who was the “star” because they were both pretty big at the time. The first YouTube video that made me think parenting was fun was the dancing baby to “Single Ladies”. Thriller was probably mine too. Or Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” because there was so much controversy.

  2. SO many great videos. I’m going to have Shout in my head all morning. In fact, I do believe I shall wake up Lil Duck with my own rendition of it. I’ll be sure to send her your way so she can properly thank you 😉

    • Thanks, Erin! That “Charlie Bit Me” video gets us every time!! It’s virtually impossible not to try to do the accent. Charlie’s brother is just SO cute…and patient! He is an angel for not biting back!

  3. Oh what a fun post!!!! Is it really bad that I can’t remember what my first concert was? Or any firsts for that matter… I am officially experiencing dimentia. 😉 Oh wait! I DO remember my first time… yes, I WENT there!

    • Well….some firsts are more memorable than others, Chris! 😉
      We *would* have gone there…if it had been warranted!

  4. I was just blaring “Love A Rainy Night” last night while the rains were coming down! love that song.
    I remember the The More You Know PSA’s….that was when celebrities started doing them. I clearly remember River Phoenix’s say no to drugs one. sad.
    My kids must watch that Charlie Bit my Finger at least once a week. then the re-enact it and someone always gets the finger bit too hard. Irony, I love your little peeps into my life.

    • It was an awesome song then…and it’s an awesome song now!
      We KNOW if our kids tried to re-enact the “Charlie Bit m Finger video, it would definitely end with tears and recriminations!

  5. I loved Tears For Fears, but the first videos I waited up all night to see were by Duran Duran. (And then I used to record them on my VCR.) I found Thriller too scary – especially the narration at the end by Vincent Price. His laugh always freaked me out! 🙂

    • Oh, Duran Duran was the BEST. Seriously, they were the masters of the music video. (and they were so beautiful)

      We totally agree about the Vincent Price part on Thriller—totally creepy!!!

  6. This is a good column, fun to read. Also one you could do again. Like first time you drove a car, first day by yourself at college. I think your numerous readers will give you some ideas.

  7. Weird Al! OMG! Hilarious. I didn’t even realize he did concerts. The most memorable Weird Al song for me is “Eat It!”

    And I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer more than anything in the entire world! I never, ever missed that show.

    • Oh, he does INDEED do concerts (or at least he did back in the day!)

      I am *so* gratified to find another kindred Solid Gold Dancer spirit. They were mesmerizing!!

  8. My kids really like Weird Al, to the point where they like his versions better than the real songs! I love “I Love a Rainy Night.” My first concert was Foreigner with Billy Squier opening. It was followed by years of trying to go to every rock concert I could. I saw better concerts since then, but you never forget your first time. (LOL about your “25 seconds” comment!)

    • Foreigner with BILLY SQUIER!!!!!! Wow, that must have been awesome! Seriously, at the time it just didn’t get any better than that!!!

      (We totally agree with your kids, too. The Weird Al versions of some of those songs far eclipses the originals!! )

  9. I find it amusing that my 16-year-old loves Weird Al–now! I’m thinking, “That guy has been around forever!”

    I have never seen the “Charlie bit me” video before, and I loved it! It is exactly what my two youngest sons would be like if we lived in the UK (my husband is British). I will have to show it to them!

    • Weird Al has been around forever! He gets better with age!!
      I hope your sons like the video. It’s just the best and the cute little guy’s accent just makes the video!

  10. This list is the best.
    I couldn’t stop laughing at the 25 seconds . . . you caught me, guess my mind was in the gutter!
    My first concert was New Kids on the Block. I was in 3rd grade. My mom took me . . . bless her heart!

    • Can you imagine the gold mine that is out there of the Afterschool Specials?!! They MUST be somewhere! We NEED them to be released!!

  11. Yes, I am a child of the 80s and remember these well. I’m pretty sure I’ll be singing “I Love a Rainy Night” all day now.

    Fun trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from SITS.

  12. Great list to start the day with! I didn’t even have to read the caption to recognize those drug commercials. What on earth were they supposed to be teaching us?! How many parents were doing coke in front of their kids? (other than Drew Barrymore and hollywood types).

    • MILLI VANILLI!!! That is just too good to be true! You are SO lucky!
      Oh, poor Milli Vanilli to be disgraced later for lip synching. *sniff*

  13. The PSA answers both made me LOL. It’s funny that I can’t read the first one without hearing that kid’s voice in my head.

    My first concert was New Kids on the Block. My second was The Black Crowes. How’s that for varying musical taste??

  14. The Solid Gold Dancer memory kills me!!! I loved watching my first R rated movies and MTV – don’t even stop me – how I would just watch it for hours and hours.

    • I still regret never even coming CLOSE to being a Solid Gold dancer. Heartbreaking. *sob*

      When the video you really wanted to see finally came on after you had been waiting and watching MTV for hours on end—it was such a feeling of triumph!! Our kids will never have that as they just demand view everything. Poor things.

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