We’re Going to Give It Up Mommyland—The Dose of Reality Style!

One of the very first blogs that we ever followed—and we mean waaaaay back in the day before we even really knew the word blog—was Rants From Mommyland. It was started by friends, Lydia and Kate, who are two of the funniest, most real, and honest moms to ever type about cozy clogs and the necessity of having plenty of boxed wine on hand. Before long, their friend Guru Louise joined in on the fun, too. Since then, these Three Musketeers of Awesomeness have been making us laugh so hard that we run the risk of peeing in our pajama jeans!

But their awesomeness doesn’t stop there. They want to help moms. Moms who are doing their best every single day to keep it all together and provide for their families under difficult circumstances.

So when they asked The Dose of Reality to join them in their Give It Up Mommyland project sponsored by Sweet Relish, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

For those of you who don’t know about this site, sit back because we are about to change your life by giving you some sweet Sweet Relish. It’s everything you love about Pinterest with the added bonus of actual shopping. Sweet Relish lets you make lists of products from any site anywhere on the interwebs. It can be stuff you love, stuff you want to buy, stuff you want people to buy you, stuff you think is funny…anything! And it’s all kept in one central location! Did we mention that you can actually buy things? BECAUSE YOU CAN! You can also follow people and they can follow you. It’s genius. (And more than a little bit addictive, we won’t lie)

Because the ladies of Rants From Mommyland are wise beyond their “29 years”, they figured out a way that we all can help moms in need around the holidays even if we don’t have any money or time to spend.  Huh? We can help even if we don’t have money??? Or time??? Whuck??

YES!!! See we told you they were awesome! It’s easy thanks to the fabulous folks at Sweet Relish!

Here is what you do: (Right now…no, not later when the kids are quiet….right now)

  1. CLICK HERE to go to Sweet Relish and join. (It takes 20 seconds. Less time than you spent filling out the form for the Quiznos Monthly newsletter. Come on, just do it. We’ll wait here.)
  2. Go to the search box on Sweet Relish.
  3. Click on Search Members and type in Rants From Mommyland.
  4. Follow Lydia B.
That’s it. By doing that you have just helped a mom in need make the holiday a little bit brighter for her family. No really, you did! For every person who follows Lydia on Sweet Relish, they will donate $1 to the Give It Up Mommyland project up to $5000. See, we told you it was easy!! You’re a rock star!
But it gets even better! Give It Up Mommyland is also hosting events to help local charities in three cities:
  • one in Northern Virginia/DC (where Kate & Lydia live),
  • one in Boston (where Guru Louise lives)
  • one in Charlotte, NC (Hey, that’s ours!)

If you live in or near one of these three cities and you’d like to help out by donating items or your time, email us at: giveitupevents@yahoo.com and you can be part of the fun, too.

In the end, it’s just math:

 We received no compensation from Sweet Relish or Rants From Mommyland for this post. We just love to be a part of giving and hope you will join us! All hot dog Photoshopped photos and opinions are strictly ours!


We’re Going to Give It Up Mommyland—The Dose of Reality Style! — 11 Comments

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing this with us! You are so special and beautiful and there are also elements of ninja in there. We’re really lucky to have you working with us!
    xoxo, Lydia

    • We are thrilled to be helping with such a worthwhile cause…and of course, getting to support one of our VERY favorite blogs is like the cherry on top of our awesome sundae! 🙂

    • Hey Rebecca! Thank you so much! When you are on the main page of Sweet Relish, look for the search tab. Click on that and type in Rants From Mommyland. Lydia B. will pop up and you can click to follow her! 🙂 We would love it if you would do that!
      Also, if you will email giveitupevents@yahoo.com and say that you would like to help in Charlotte that would be great! 🙂
      Thank you so much!!

  2. I came back to make sure the site was up and running! I tried to comment earlier today and couldn’t. It was probably something I did when I joined Sweet Relish! Who knows what buttons I clicked on! I do know that this is an awesome idea with an incredible combo!

    • Oh, no! We didn’t know we were having a commenting glitch earlier today! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

      Thank you for taking the time to coming back and comment (and join Sweet Relish), Chris! You are the greatest as usual!! MWAH!

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