Oh Yeah, We Did The Oprah Ugly Cry

You know how your children see you cry so infrequently that when they do, it worries them and they totally freak out?

Well, our kids aren’t like that.

It’s not that they’re callous, it’s just that they’ve lived with us their whole lives. They figure we’ve just seen the latest touching Progresso Soup commercial or something. They’re probably right, too. You see, we are both criers by nature. It’s just how we’re put together. We cry at movies, reading books, watching tv shows–you name it. We’ve cried.

Generally we dab at the corner of our eyes a bit or maybe a tear will escape down our cheek, but it’s a pretty dignified affair otherwise. I mean, we have to hit carpool and the grocery store and we can’t always look like a hot mess. We basically have it under control from years of experience.

But every now and then something will move us and it’s so unexpected that it’s overwhelming. When it happens, it tends to leave both of us sobbing in our hands Oprah ugly cry style. (and calling each other immediately so the other one can start crying, too)

Just such a thing happened when we recently read a fantastic post by our friend Julie at Fibro, Fit and Fab. We go there every day because we love it, and it’s on our personal blog roll. (Oh, you don’t have a blog roll–a list of blogs you read every day? You mean except for our blog, right?). It just so encapsulated everything about the holiday season that we felt compelled to share it even though we’ve never done this sort of thing here. It is a real-life look at what genuine kindness and caring can do for someone.

Julie is married to her college sweetheart and is a stay-at-home mom to three adorable kids. When we asked how she got started blogging 4 years ago, she told us she “feels that all people long for is understanding, for someone who will listen and who knows what something is like firsthand. If I can be of service, in any way, I will do my best to share honestly, to listen, to help, to be there for you and for others. That is my greatest joy in life and gives me purpose, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” (See! Isn’t she just the greatest?!  You can see why we love her!)

Totally awesome Julie and her absolutely beautiful family!

It was when we read the words below, we knew that we had to share it with everyone ….

This year, my kids knew Mommy and Daddy were tight on cash.  They knew Christmas would be bleak present-wise.  Hubby and I have been wondering about how we’re going to purchase things like toilet paper and paper towels at times – Yes, it’s been that interesting! – let alone presents.  We were able to get presents for those on our list last weekend thanks to a gift card from my hubby’s aunt and a check from my Granny (the gift card and the check are yearly things) for just those reasons.  We even bought some much needed paper products, but knew they would only go so far.  I knew in the back of my mind that God would provide like He always did, but I never dreamed of how that would happen.


Okay…we’re not going to lie. We’re both sitting here as we type crying all over again because we already know what comes next and how wonderful it is.

Seriously, y’all. You have to read this post. You will thank us because it will absolutely make your day (and if you are anything like us, it will make your mascara run, too).

CLICK RIGHT HERE to read the rest of Julie’s story: “Unexpected Blessings”

Thank you for letting us share your beautiful words with our readers, Julie! Comments are closed on this post, because we want you all to go over and share your thoughts on Julie’s site.

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