Merry Christmas from The Dose of Reality!

We’re coming to you from our winter chalet in Gstaad today…in our minds. Really we are trying to open childproof packaging in our living rooms surrounded by wrapping paper, bows, and children crying because Santa didn’t bring them a puppy. Ho Ho Ho.

We hope you have a beautiful holiday surrounded by family, friends, and love!



MERRY CHRISTMAS! — 19 Comments

    • Merry Christmas, John! We had the picture taken when we all went to the Santa brunch a few weeks back, but it looked so posh we thought it could pass for Gstaad…if you squint…and close one eye!
      Hope you are having a happy, happy day!!!

  1. I found you!!

    What a surprise to be clicking around and find people I know. Came to you from the Bloggess. So fun reading your blog.

    Love ya. Kirsten

    • Kirsten!!!! Helloooooooooo!
      Boy, it’s a small world! So glad you have you here!! 🙂

      Merry Christmas!!! We love you!

    • Who wanted the puppy?
      Speaking of the packaging, I don’t even screw with regular scissors anymore, I just go out the garage and get my big ones that cut through metal.

      • Emma was the one who wanted the puppy. She was forced to drown her sorrows in her other, non-living gifts! 😉
        Seriously, we were hacking away with a screwdriver at one point yesterday!

  2. Merry Christmas to two of my favorite people! I love seeing both families together. You both are blessed with the beautiful genes and have passed them on down to your kids!

  3. I love this group picture!!! Getting my own family pic right is nothing short of a miracle so the great combo family pic is amazing!

    • We were pretty excited when we realized that everyone was in the same place at the same time, looking as good as it was going to get for us! 😉

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