Best of the 1980’s Fads

Seems totally appropriate to close out 2012 with a Monday Listicles topic, since we always love hanging out over there! Thanks to Kate and her completely rad topic suggestion, we were all set! I mean, except for the fact that like, our totally tubular post about the ’80’s from October wasn’t, like, in list form. And then we cried a little, because, like, we love that post and it is, like, PERFECT for this topic. (Okay, no more Valley Girl from here on out. We promise!) We didn’t want to miss out on this Listicle, because, DUH, everyone LOVES talking about the ’80’s and how totally straight up awesome they were. So, we compromised a little. We are re-posting our 80s post and we’re giving it a Listicles feel, too! In no particular order, here are 10 things we will talk about in this  post (see, that is a list!)…


  1. Magic 8 Balls
  2. Rubik’s Cube
  3. Swatch Watches
  4. Plastic Charm Bracelets
  5. Swatch Guards
  6. Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers
  7. Teddy Ruxpin
  8. Jelly Shoes
  9. Chia Pets
  10. Jean Naté body splash

Okay…hit it!

Given that we talk on the phone multiple times each day, we tend to cover a wide variety of topics. We might start out talking about what happened on The Voice last night (Adam practically cried after De’Borah sang! Our hearts melted!), but by the end of the conversation we could be lamenting the lack of drive-thru Starbucks in our general area. (Only two…and neither of them are even that close *sob*)

Earlier this week we found ourselves taking a trip down memory lane–’80s style. Hold on to your neon leg warmers (over pegged jeans of course). It went something like this…

Lisa: What should we write about on Friday? I feel like we need something fun for the weekend.

Ashley: Totally. Nothing’s coming to mind. I’ll ask my Magic 8 Ball.

Lisa: OMG….MAGIC 8 BALL!! “Signs point to yes” that I’ll be getting Lucy one for Christmas! They were so much fun. I could get Bobby a Rubik’s Cube, too.

Ashley: Dude, I spent hours not solving the Rubik’s Cube. My sister, on the other hand, could do it in an hour. No, I’m not bitter or anything.

Lisa: Hate to break it to you, but I was a Rubik’s Cube master. I could solve it in minutes. I used to time myself to try to beat my own records.

Ashley: Of course you did.

Lisa: I was on a quest to make the Guinness Book of World Records in Rubik’s Cubing. I timed myself with my Swatch watch collection. That made it much cooler.

Ashley: If you say so. Although I did have a Swatch and loved it, it was really the plastic charm bracelet that defined ’80s accessorizing for me.

Lisa: What? Plastic charm bracelets? Was this a gumball machine prize or something? My mom would never, ever give me a nickel to get stuff out of those.

Ashley: NOOOOOOOOOOO! They were the bracelets with the clips and all the charms that were awesome. There was a phone, a lipstick, animals, and of course my favorite…the whistle!

Lisa: No, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ashley: Oh, please. You do, too. Hold on. I’ll send you a picture. The second you see it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Lisa: Oh, hmmmm. Yeah, I guess that looks familiar. I’ve certainly seen that tennis racket before. Wait, weren’t those the bracelets that would get stuck in your big hair when you tried to pick it (not comb…you cannot comb through Aqua Net) in the girls’ bathroom between classes?

Ashley: HA! I knew you’d know what they were. Remember how the clips would break and you’d lose your best hairdryer charm? That was the worst! For birthdays, I used to go to “Gifts N’ Decor” because they had the biggest selection of charms. They also wrapped for free, which my mom loved.

Lisa: My friends and I always gave each other Swatch Guards. Remember those twisty pieces of rubber that you’d put on the face of your Swatch to color coordinate with your outfit?

Ashley: Did they serve any actual purpose?

Lisa: You mean other than to make your watch totally awesome? No, I guess not.  We used to stack up two or three Swatches on our wrists at a time. I loved my plaid Swatch. I’d totally wear it now if I still had it.

Ashley: I don’t think I was ever able to stack, because I think I only had one Swatch.

Lisa: Oh, you poor thing! I thought your parents loved you.

Ashley: They might have had more money for Swatches if they had gone with a drug store Halloween costume and didn’t have to keep replacing all of my lost charms.

Lisa: …or buy all the Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. Did you love the 7 Up or watermelon the best?

Ashley: I’m from Texas. It was Dr. Pepper all the way for me.

We could have gone on and on all day about our love for the ’80s (we hadn’t even touched on Teddy Ruxpin, Chia Pets, or the California Raisins after all), but we still needed time for cleaning our houses grocery shopping watching hours of Hal Sparks on “I Love the ’80s”.

So slip on your jelly shoes, spritz on some Jean Naté body splash, pop that collar, and let the memories sweep you away. Weigh in with your favorite 1980’s fads in the comments!




Best of the 1980’s Fads — 41 Comments

    • It’s good you found a book, Kim! I had a friend who got so frustrated with hers that she actually attempted to peal the square colored decals off her cube and place them all on one side to “solve” it. Her mother was not pleased.

    • No jellies!!!! Oh, Stephanie! That *is* a tragedy! The 80s would not have been the same for us without our feet sweating in those plastic shoes.

    • You are so lucky!! I’d give anything for my plaid Swatch. *sigh* I guess you’re right about the Swatch guard. Adults just can’t pull them off (and probably shouldn’t even try!) 🙂

    • Oh, Robbie! Say it isn’t so!!
      Was it the sweaty feet or the total lack of cushioning and support that turned you off? 😉

  1. Aaaahhh! There was a book to tell you how to solve the Rubik’s cube???? I was a sticker rearranger. And it was completely obvious. The stickers never restuck well.
    I completely forgot about the Swatch gaurds! Totally upped the cool factor. Sadly, I never had one. Pegged those jeans, though! That was free fashion I could get behind.

    • YOU CAN STILL GET LIP SMACKERS???!!!!! Why am I only hearing about this right now???!!!

      I’m on a quest because I must have them…NOW!!!!

      This is like a New Year’s miracle!!!

  2. Although I never stacked the Swatches…. I had several Swatch Guards to mix and match with my various Izod Polos… they were like totally bangin!

  3. Were the leather bomber jackets cool with anyone in the 80’s??? Oh how I longed to have one….but not sure if I am thinking in the right era!! I did finally buy one with my own hard earned money…then the fad was long over. Go figure!! Always behind a decade…that’s how I roll. 😉

    • I feel like they were definitely cool in the 80’s…I am pretty sure after Top Gun, every teenage boy wanted one! 😉
      I had the same thing happen with the denim jackets…by the time I got mine they were out of style!

  4. Yes yes yes!!! This is the 80’s I remember!! The charm necklaces and bracelets. I wish I still had those. We were hip before the invention of Pandora bracelets. And the swatch watches….oh man. I’d wear it now if I had it!

    • Ducky! If we had only known about the future of Pandora bracelets we could have invented them ourselves! 😉 I was too busy running my own Babysitter’s Club, though! 😉

    • I definitely think there were necklaces, too now that you say that. I was completely hung up on the break apart Best Friends Forever necklace myself.

  5. This brings back memories, mostly of the fact that I’m really getting old.
    But I loved the 80’s – there, I said it!
    Also, anytime Adam Levine cries I want to cry as well (and maybe comfort him just a little… ;))

    • Totally, right? I mean when he cries, he just needs a hug…from me! 😉
      I loved the 80’s, too, and I am not afraid to say so! 🙂

  6. Aw, damn. I went away for New Year’s and I miss this totally awesome post! I was a Reebok high top wearing, miniskirt, hair so high, I gained about 4 inches on my 5’2 self hair band lovin 80’s girl! Before that, I loved my Cabbage Patch Kid (though I was technically too old to be playing with it). Fun post!

    • Girl, I was totally a Cabbage Patch Kid, too!! And was also probably too old for them. At one point, I believe I had 6 of them (also the number of children I thought I wanted, BWAH!). My favorite was Ollie Jay, from the Preemie collection.
      And yes, I did enjoy my Reebok high tops with miniskirts as well! 😉

  7. I KNEW I loved you girls! I’d forgotten about those charm bracelets. Gonna be adding them to my GenX pinterest board -
    Check it out. Any lover of swatch watches (+swatch guards) will surely find some nostalgia there! Viva la 80’s (and 70’s…!)

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