Top 10 Ways We Will NOT Be Changing In 2013

You know what, everyone is all over the interwebs declaring their new found goals for the coming year. Something about the flip of the calendar makes any thing seem possible.  Maybe this year will be different!

We get it. We got in on the action with our Friday Feasts Pinterest Challenge. Clearly, we are on the road to a new year, new you philosophy ourselves. Well, until we decide it is too much work and go back to ordering pizza four times a week!

Thanks to Monday Listicles we were asked to think of ten things we had no intention of changing in 2013. Not a problem. We could have thought of twenty.

But the rule is ten. So, we stuck with that. We are, after all, rule followers by nature.

1.  Starbucks– You know what, between Starbucks and Target, we are in our happy place. Imagine our delight when we find the Targets that contain Starbucks. Yeah, that is called heaven. Reading a fantastically awesome blog post the other day by our friend Britton, we found ourselves horrified at how many calories our favorite drinks contained. It’s like we’re drinking a whole meal… if your meal has a LOT of calories. *sob* Naturally, it left us questioning whether we should continue to indulge. Are the massive calories really worth it? Duh. Yes.

2.  Participating in Monday Listicles as often as possible– The topics are fun, and we always enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to this fun meme. Plus, it is fun to read what other bloggers add to their lists!

3.  Our addiction to reality TV– After all, if not for shows like The Bachelor (now with Hot Sean! Yay!) how would we ever figure out exactly what a luxury brand consultant does for a living? And obviously, we will not be giving up The Voice, even if we can no longer look forward to what satin pajamas Cee-Lo will be wearing until the new season starts in March. We know it’s not cool or high-brow to watch these shows, but they make us too happy to care.

Cee Lo and Christina Duet

4.  Tackling current events– We are both news junkies. We talk about politics and current events nonstop with each other. Sometimes, they must be discussed here on the blog. And dissected. And analyzed. Even though, we are not journalists, we are mothers, we are wives, we are women, we have a voice, and we plan to keep using it.

5.  Keeping it real– If we can’t be honest about our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly, then we really aren’t living up to our blog motto at all, are we? So, we promise you all that 2013 will be spent exposing more of the deep, dark realities of our lives! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

6.  Giving back– We feel really strongly about using whatever platform we have for good whenever possible. It seems like there is just so much need. If we all get together and chip away at it little by little, we can make a difference. One of our very favorite bloggers (and people) Chrysula Winegar says it best: When you wake up a mother, you wake up the world. Absolutely.


7.  Our number of pet peeves– As we get older, we seem to be getting crankier when it comes to the things that irritate us. Parents who ignore carpool rules. Ugh. Your time is not more valuable than ours! When someone describes a dad watching his own children as “babysitting”. GAH! We know they have the Y chromosome to contend with and all,  but they are still parenting like the rest of us. We guess we’re just gearing up for our cantankerous, little old lady phase that will hit in a decade or two (give or take).

8.  Our fashion sense– Fortunately this blogging gig doesn’t require fancy work duds because we’d cry and cry. On any given day, at least one of us has on clogs and/or  yoga pants most likely with a shirt that has a hole in it. It is just our way. They used to call this “giving up”. Nah. That’s not it. We are just being true to ourselves…and ourselves want to be comfortable.

9.  Our screen time– We’ve heard several people make resolutions to spend less time in front of the computer and more time just being in the moment. You know, less time pinning and status updating and more time being unplugged. Well, not us! We love the unnatural glow of the screen. If we didn’t check out Facebook several times a day we’d laugh a lot less and without Pinterest we’d never know 50 ways to tie a scarf or know that there is an apparatus to make a hamburger into a hot dog shape. Plus, it’s really hard to type a blog post if you don’t turn the computer on.

10.  Agreeing on one of the most important questions of our time– Sometimes when it comes to the really important stuff, you’ve just got to agree to disagree. No matter how many times we revisit this topic, we just can’t come to the same conclusion. We can go back and forth for hours. We’ve each decided that, although the other is completely deluded, we will look past it and remain friends. (Until the other one finally comes to her senses!)



Top 10 Ways We Will NOT Be Changing In 2013 — 83 Comments

  1. And THAT’S why we all love you girls so much!!! You target going, starbucks drinking, yoga pants wearing, reality star watching, news reading, debating, supporting, loving, hilarious, REAL women YOU!!! Keep on doing EXACTLY what you do…cause you do it BEST!!! 🙂

    • Awww, thanks Chris! We really like to believe that we do the Starbucks drinking and yoga pant wearing the best, so it is great to be validated! 🙂

  2. I am right there with you on the no-changing-of-the-fashion-sense. I’ll put on jeans if I am going out, because I have shrunk most of my yoga pants to the point where they are yoga capris. (And I live in Canada, where there is no capri weather until at least May.) And most of my shirts have suffered some sort of trauma. Comfort is the only way – anything else will just get shrunk or spilled on, anyway.

    • See, exactly, Kim! What is the point of having nice clothes when they will be ruined anyway?! 😉 Great philosophy!

  3. I WILL. NOT. EVER. let go of my reality TV shows or my love for social media! LOL…and you shouldn’t either! LOL! You ladies can’t change…I look forward to your realities too much!

  4. I have tried to break up with Starbucks many many times but we always find a way to get back together. Cee-Lo and his satin PJs (and cockatoo) are really a sight to behold and it compels me to tune in every week. Loved your list. Happy New Year and yay for non-resolutions!

    • I feel like our attempts to break-up with Starbucks are completely futile, so we are just embracing our addictive fate! 😉

  5. I cannot stand when people refer to their husbands as “babysitting” his kids. Drives me BONKERS! I am right there with you on not quitting screen time both with the computer and my reality TV. They both keep me sane. Love this list and it’s made me think of the things I won’t be giving up as well (which is pretty much every single thing here). I did swap out my Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a regular one after I found out how many calories the salted one is.

    • Oh girl, you have more willpower than me on your Starbucks switch up! See, look at you being all healthy in 2013! 🙂

      • Ha! I could lie and say health is why but really, I have 4 sisters and no one wants to be the fat sister. Plus I have to see my ex in about a week and even if it was 100 years ago, no one wants to be the bullet he was glad he dodged. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

  6. I’m really sorry to break this to you…. Cee-Lo won’t be on the next season of The Voice. Neither will Christina. You’re getting Shakira and Usher in their places. It just will not be the same.

    • It is like we knew that, I think, but just refused to accept it. A season of The Voice without Christina and Cee-Lo??!! Say it isn’t so Hollywood! 😉

  7. I love Chrysula’s quote about the passion of a mother. So beautiful! And less screen time? Not for this girl! Mmm…Starbucks. Maybe I’ll resolve to drink more delicious high-calorie caffeinated beverages.

    • Isn’t it the greatest quote? We were so glad we could share it. I think your resolution sounds perfect. May I suggest starting the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. 🙂

  8. My addiction to social media is REAL. Everyone keeps saying how they are going to LIVE LIFE more and stop tweeting, blogging and facebooking as much. Um we all LIVE life, but tweeting pinning and blogging makes me HAPPY so I will do a LOT of it, ALL the Time. ESPECIALLY while the children are sleeping. (That is actually when I do the MOST lol) I am in the same boat!

    Also, me+reality tv are besties. Like BFFs with a million forevers.

  9. Awesomeness! I like this list a lot! I think in January we only focus on the “how can I improve” instead of the “let’s see what I got right”. It’s good to look on the positive side and say, “You know what? I like this about me, and I’m keeping it that way! Like it or lump it, look out world! Here I come in all my imperfect wonderfulness!” 🙂 I’m glad you gals aren’t changing in these ways (and so many others, too); I rather like them! 🙂

    Happy Monday, ladies, and best of luck on your resolution to NOT change! 😀

    • Thanks Julie! We like to pat ourselves on the back (i.e. cut ourselves slack for all the ways we are lacking) in the New Year! 🙂

      • Hey, I hear ya! It should be “New Year’s Cut-Yourself-Some-Slack-Because-You-Tried-And-That’s-What-Matters-Instead-Of-Making-Resolutions-That-Will-Just-Make-You-Feel-Bad-When-You-Give-Up-On-Them-After-A-Month-tions”. Yah…I like the sound of that over-abundant mouthful! 😀

    • Thanks Christie…honestly, if we did not give up our pet peeves what would we have to complain about! 😉

  10. This is a good one! Don’t go changing if you are already cool. “Cantankerous” is a good word, and your level of it does increase with age. You may need an intervention on reality TV. Admitting you have a problem with it is the first step. Oh wait, you didn’t say it was a problem.

    • Ha, ha, ha! I have no doubt we will totally be the “crazy kids get off my lawn” kind of old people!
      And yes, our addiction to reality TV has not yet reached rock bottom. We don’t watch Honey, Boo, Boo for God’s sake! 😉

    • Our kids do, too! My girls are all like, “What? You’re going to a movie with Miss Lisa?! Who is going to babysit us?”…that would be your father, girls! 😉

      • My kids sometime refer to their father as the “break boss”…as in— he is the boss when I am on break. (whenever that is!) 🙂 –Lisa

    • You know what: Changing the world, one pin at a time should really be Pinterest’s catch phrase. And I am so getting that on a t-shirt! Love it! 🙂

  11. Coffee, regardless of the calorie sacrifice, is ALWAYS worth it. I’ve also heard that if no one sees you eat/drink it, it does not count. Fair warning, police officers will not accept this theory when it comes to driving and martinis.

    • So weird, Ducky, but I have heard that, too. Obviously if we have both heard it, then it must be true! 😉

  12. Confessions: I’ve only had Starbucks twice in my life (that I can recall), andI never watch the news (sorry!). However, I’ve been known to sleep with my tablet (you never know when a good Tweet will happen) and not only do I wear yoga pants all the time when not at this job that forces me to put on “real” clothes but I’ve been seen at the local walmart in PJs. Don’t turn me in to What Not to Wear.

    Have fun with your non-resolutions!

    • WHAT?? Carli, say it isn’t so!! How can we help you find your way to the nearest Starbucks??!! 😉
      Doesn’t everyone wear their jammies to Wal-Mart??

  13. I love this list. My Target also has a Starbucks in it. I don’t care for coffee but I get cream frappuccinos a lot. So good. Fatty yes, but I do ask for the non fat milk at least.

  14. I’ve thought that about my cranky level too. I’d like to blame it on my kids. Maybe when my nerves aren’t already frayed to breaking all the time (I’m assuming this shall pass), I’ll be more tolerant of all the other stupidity in the world. Or not.

  15. ha ha! Love it. As I was reading, I found that most of these things I shall not be changing either. I should do this list as well. Much easier to stick to than resolutions. 😉 Happy New year!

    • We are really hoping anti-resolutions are easier to stick to than actual resolutions. It will really boost our confidence to have stuck to some sort of a list by the end of the year. 😉

  16. I can totally sing off on this list, love it!
    My biggest problem is finding time (and sometimes inspiration) for the Listicles…
    Target and Starbucks? Yes please. 2013 will be a great year, just because Target is coming to Canada and it’ll have Starbucks in it!

    • THIS IS CAUSE FOR HUGE CELEBRATION!!!! Starbucks in Target is just happiness in exponential form. We are so happy for you, Kerstin!!

  17. I always order a half-sweet mocha (only because I find it a little too sweet otherwise). For some reason they feel the need to ask if I want it non-fat and with whipped cream. Uhhh NO to non-fat and duhhhh to the whipped cream. Why else would one order a mocha if not for the whipped cream?!?!?

  18. I’m not sure I could love this post more than I do….especially your pet peeves. The whole dad watching his own kids as “babysitting” is ridiculous…as is the new preview for the latest Big Bang Theory, saying women going into a comic store is women “going where no woman has gone before”…stereotypes suck.

    • We are so glad Kristin! That commercial for the Big Bang Theory is ridiculous. Could not agree more with you about stereotypes!

  19. I refuse to click that link and will remain in ignorant bliss regarding the calories in my Starbucks! thankfully (sorta) my little home town does not have one (yes – the horror!!!) and I can only indulge on rare occasions. So I can go big, right? right?
    I find as I get older the pet peeves list gets longer too. I mean really, I see stupid people……they’re everywhere 🙂

    • Cannot even begin to tell you how hard your comment made us laugh! Oh my Lord, it is just awesome! You can totally go big…and stupid people are everywhere! 😉

  20. Screen time is tricky. I was called out by my daughters yesterday for looking at my phone instead of them when they were talking. So, I do need to be aware. But if I’m not in front of my laptop screen, I’m on the couch in front of reality TV. Much healthier here than there.
    Great list! Happy New Year.

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