Have You Ever Been To A Twitter Party?

If you have never attended a Twitter party, you really are missing out.

It is totally the only party where you can show up in your jammies and no one is the wiser. In fact, chances are good that everyone attending will be wearing lounge wear!

We are inviting you to join us in a very fun Twitter party tomorrow.

Here are all the details for the #BlickARA Twitter party:

What: Do you believe art is an essential part of your child’s education? Then you already know how important art education is — and how schools are struggling to keep their art programs alive. That’s where Art Room Aid can help! A program of Blick Art Materials, Art Room Aid is helping teachers across the country enlist the aid of parents, families, friends, and other art advocates to fund their art projects and keep creative learning going.Want to learn more? Join this Twitter Party to find out how you can support art education, make sure art continues to play a role in your children’s lives, and spread the word about Art Room Aid in your community. We’ll be discussing projects you can do with your own kids, and sharing sources of inspiration.

When: Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2 p.m. ET

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #BlickARA hashtag to track the conversation. See this Twtvite for more info and to RSVP: http://twtvite.com/BlickARA

Hashtag: #BlickARA

Prizes: We will give away five total prizes – two $25 Blick gift coupons, two $50 Blick gift coupons, and one $75 Blick gift coupon.

Hosts: @theMotherhood, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann

Check out Art Room Aid here: http://www.dickblick.com/ara

Blick Art Materials website: http://www.dickblick.com/
Hope to “see” you all there!
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Have You Ever Been To A Twitter Party? — 7 Comments

  1. Not on Twitter, never going to be on Twitter, not going to tweet, twirp, or anything like that…..I’ll just read everyone else’s tweets! 🙂

  2. We’re very fortunate to live in a community that appreciates the arts. We even completed a whole new art wing at the high school which even has it’s own shop area sepaerate from automotive etc. This sounds like a zreally great resourse for areas where they don’t have funding for the arts.

  3. So sorry I missed it! I have never been to a twitter party and this one would have been a good one. Both my girls love “the arts”. Gia, drawing on everything she can get her little hands on but still.

  4. Well I have never been to a twitter party and apparently missed this one! I am a twitter virgin….just fumbling around the outskirts and not having a clue what to do with it!!! HELP! Hope it all went GREAT ladies!!! 🙂

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