Like Mother, Like Daughter

There are many aspects to making a blog post go from an idea in our heads to the finished product you see on the screen. The words are where it’s at, of course, but the images often bring the whole thing to life!

One of my favorite parts of working on the blog happens to be the picture part. I love finding just the right photo to match the post, and writing the perfect caption for it. I especially love when I can photoshop our heads onto various bodies doing ridiculous things (as you may have noticed).

So, the other day when I was busy trying to decide whether Ashley’s head would look better on Cupid or a giant Valentine (check out our FB page next week for the big reveal!), Lucy was sitting across from me tapping around on the iPod.

She said, “Hey Mom, I emailed you some pictures. Tell me if you like them.”

Oh, no!

You see, Lucy ADORES taking candid pictures of me with her iPod touch. She doesn’t really like posed pictures. Oh, no. She prefers photos where my eyes are half closed, my mouth is hanging open, or I just look particularly haggard. You know–the photos where I look the most true to life.

But that’s not what I found in my inbox at all!

Instead, Lucy had emailed me some pictures from her iPod she’d altered with a graffiti app all by herself. You have to understand, she has absolutely NO IDEA that I spend a significant time doing this exact kind of thing for the blog. She doesn’t read the blog at all.Β Obviously.Β She just decided, completely on her own, that messing with pictures would be fun!

Here’s what she sent me :

Picture #1

On a photo of herself from a beach trip…Lucy gets punny!


Atta girl!! Exactly the caption I would have written!!


Picture #2

On a photo from the Justin Bieber concert…Lucy gets her Tigerbeat on!

Justin Bieber

Β Totes adorbs! Β Love the hearts. Yellow font was the perfect choice!


Picture #3

On a picture of herself…Lucy discovers the full wonders of PicMonkey!

The law

Never underestimate the comedic potential of putting yourself in a mustache. I can’t believe you already know this at age 9.

My heart swelled with maternal pride.

Clearly, genetics are at work here!

Like Mother, Like Daughter



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Like Mother, Like Daughter — 85 Comments

  1. Great work, Lucy! I need to get my girls on this. They make a lot of collages, but I don’t think they ever edit their pictures. Time to go snooping on their computer/iTouches/phones.

    • This was the first time I’d ever seen Lucy write on pictures to add her two cents. She’s totally on board with PicMonkey now and has other apps for her iThings. So much fun!!

    • Hahaha. I think she did well with to accessorize with the ‘stache. It matches the color of her glasses perfectly.

  2. I need to learn how to a) Take better pictures, b) Learn how to photoshop, c) Come up with the perfect caption. Teach me, oh wise ones. Let me know the joy of putting my head on different bodies. It seriously makes me smile every time I see your heads in different scenes. I love that Lucy takes after you. The Sheriff one is “totes hilar”!

    • I warn you AnnMarie…putting your head on different bodies is addicting. Once you do it, you look for opportunities to do it in every post. There is no going back! Proceed with caution!! πŸ™‚

  3. That is so wonderful! I, too, love the photoshop magic scenes that you create with your faces – it is clear where Lucy gets her talent! Those photos were adorable! Er, I mean, “totes adorbs.” πŸ™‚

    • Hahahaha! She will be so glad to know her photos were deemed “totes adorbs” by someone other than me! πŸ™‚ That is the highest possible compliment in her mind! πŸ™‚

  4. She has great photo editing skills already!

    my daughter loves to play with PicMonkey. Usually I end up looking extremely silly, and have rainbow highlights in my hair (rainbow highlights are actually kind of awesome, and not part of the silly) by the time she is done with a picture of me.

    • Hahaha!! YES! I have seen the rainbow highlights, too! And the sunglasses. They are applied to many photos around here now!

  5. If that would have happened at my house, I would have cried the proud tears of a joyful mother. Tell Lucy, “One of my friends on the internet really likes your pictures I shared.” Wait…maybe don’t tell her that.

    • When I saw what she’d done I laughed and laughed. I am glad she is picking up on all the most mandatory life skills: reading, balancing school work and social life, manners, and how to manipulate photos. πŸ™‚

  6. Tell Lucy she did a great job. Also, I am glad she is doing puns so early in age. Tell her to be sure to share any puns with Ashley because she enjoys them sooo much.

  7. AWWW! Such a sweet post! πŸ™‚ I love it when my kids do something that is a total me thing that I can’t attribute to anyone but me…if it’s a good thing, of course, which of couse it totally has to be if it’s a me thing, right? Right! πŸ˜‰ She’s just adorable, and I love her pic editing skills! Totally like her mom! πŸ˜€ You all rock!

  8. Fun! Photoshop is great bonding. Also great for annoying your friends after you’ve photoshopped something ridiculous with them in it and the you post it on their Facebook page and then tag them in it so all their friends can see it too. Not that, um, I’ve ever done that before.

    • OMG, Tracy! That is the funniest thing ever!! Thank you for giving me that idea…that you’ve never done before, of course! πŸ˜€

    • I’ve never been so proud! (except for when she learned to give her dad one raised eyebrow. That was a big day, too.)

  9. Hahahah oh my god those are awesome!!!! She is definitely brilliant like you. I love the mustache. And who doesn’t love a pun? Those are awesome photos.

    And even better that it wasn’t a picture of you with your eyes half closed. NOT that I wouldn’t want to see that…..just, you know…these are fun too….

    • Hahaha…believe me, Tara. She has so many photos of me with one eye open and making a weird face. She has them on some sort of shuffle feature on her alarm clock app. I can’t even get her tucked into bed without seeing some heinous image of myself on her nightstand. I don’t know how they don’t give her nightmares.

  10. Be proud, mama! Those are solid footsteps for her to follow in! Her work is really impressive- seriously! I have a post forthcoming about the night my daughter announced she was “writing a blog about Mommy.” Yikes! Pretty cool to see them mirroring our most awesome traits, right?

    • Thanks, Stephanie!!

      I absolutely can’t wait to read that future blog post!! If Lucy uttered those words to me, I’d be terrified. You are obviously made from sturdier stock than I ! πŸ™‚

  11. I have photoshop but its so hard to learn I have looked at numerous videos and stuff but Picmonkey is so much easier. Love the pictures I have to start learning how to use more on the blog it helps with blog posts.

    • I find photoshop difficult, too! We use PicMonkey for EVERYTHING on the site. LOVE IT!

      I think a good photo helps connect people to the writing. It really enhances the whole thing!

    • I do not fear the Biebs, Amber. His does his concert in pseudo-modified harem like pants. I think he’s got to be harmless..but the masses of screaming girls at his concerts, they are another matter. TERRIFYING!! πŸ™‚

  12. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! That is both so freaking ADORABLE and so AMAZING that your Lucy girl would TOTALLY ditto her mom…unsuspectingly and yet, not surprisingly!! SO funny!!! And um, btw- can I hire her please? She knows much much more than I do…and I can totally go with her wit. πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha! Lucy is definitely up for a job assignment. It’s perfect because she will work for iTunes songs or cookies.

    • I’ll have to give her a shot if I get in a bind!! All I have to do is promise her she can stay up 15 minutes later, and she’d slave away for hours.

  13. I am so impressed that Lucy can alter the photos like that – I don’t know if I could figure out how to do that as easily – but then again, I am from the original “Tiger Beat” generation and the tech does not come so easily to me still (getting the pics from my phone to the blog is enough of a hassle). And I am glad your daughter appreciates the value of the mustache pic. Priceless.

    • It’s crazy kids can do nowadays! Technology is just second nature to them. I had to have my 12 year old set up Skype on my computer and teach me how to use it. Lawd.

    • AW! You’re so right! I never thought of that!! Stock photos are your only option in these cases, and they can be expensive!!

    • That would be helpful for the days when I’m tired and it’s my turn to put something up. I might have to get her trained up in that department!!

  14. Too funny. Like mother, like daughter also goes for this house…and its with photos as well! I am always amazed at the things my daughter does with pictures…she’s discovered all sorts of great editing apps. Last year for Christmas, she made me a cool video slide show with pictures of our family over the years, and this year she made her closest friends a photo book of all their goofy photos. πŸ™‚

  15. The crab picture is absolutely adorable! I have just discovered PicMonkey and I LOVE it! I need to block off a couple hours of my weekend, to really see what it has to offer, but from what I’ve seen so far…I LOVE it!

    • Britton, we use PicMonkey on every.single.picture in this blog. We could not function without it. It’s the BEST!!!! Enjoy getting to know it. You will be using it every day for everything before you know it!

  16. Am totally getting the app and loved reading about how you both do this without even knowing! If she has an ounce of your sense of humor it will serve her well;)

  17. Dude, *I* just discovered picmonkey. So she’s totally advanced.

    Which is what I’m going with over my being totally out of it. πŸ˜€

    And my youngest always takes pictures of my butt, when I’m bending over, in yoga pants. Shudder.

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