Oh, Honey…No! (aka The 10 Dumbest Purchases Ever Found On Pinterest)

We absolutely love Pinterest.

We can drool over recipes we would burn if we ever tried them, dream of furniture our kids would destroy if we bought it, and covet outfits we wouldn’t know how to accessorize even if they were in our closets. But for those 10 minutes 2 hours a day when we are on Pinterest, anything seems possible!

Along the way we’ve also found things that make us laugh out loud–and not on purpose. These are things that are so bizarre, even we cannot get behind them–and we cherish weirdness. We even made a board solely dedicated to them: our Oh, Honey…No! Board.

So when we saw the Monday Listicles topic from Kerry this week, we knew just what to do.

Here are the 10 Dumbest Purchases We Found On Pinterest:

1.  The Glass River Landscape Feature




If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a real moat on your property, this will add such beauty and majesty to your shrubbery! Who *doesn’t* need more glass shards in their yard, amiright? Don’t forget to stock up on bandages and make sure your tetanus shot is up to date prior to installation!




2. Toilet Shaped Mug




Touted as “hilarious” on the website, we were thinking “repulsive” was the better descriptor. Perhaps drinking out of the toilet is best be left to dogs-especially when the water is brown. Someone needs a trip to the gastroenterologist! *shiver*



3. Voice Activated Shopping List Generator



We all know how great voice activated technology works. It ranks slightly below a toddler randomly hitting your keyboard and just above the auto-correct feature on your iPhone. What could be less frustrating or more time saving than speaking into a box and having it generate your grocery list for you? We mean, besides writing what you need on a piece of paper.


4. Crafting With Cat Hair



For less that $10, you too can learn how to craft unique items with your cat’s own hairballs! Why settle on creating things FOR your cat, when you can create things FROM your cat!! And to think, all this time I’ve been trying to *minimize* my cat’s production of hairballs. What was I thinking? Well, besides I am a normal person who dislikes handling hairballs.


5. Fleece Lined Tights



What woman doesn’t crave a layer of lumpy fleece between her skin and her tights? How else would we know what our cellulite would look like if it went all the way down to our ankles? But if it’s so cold regular tights won’t provide enough warmth, what else can you possibly do? Oh…wear pants.



6. The Nest Chair



Just picture it. You’ve had a totally exhausting day working and running errands. You’re really looking forward to getting home, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into a cozy chair for a little “me” time. Nothing says comfort like slabs of wood at odd angles digging into your back. You’re feeling relaxed just looking at the picture, aren’t you?!



7. Live Moss Bath Mat

feb6ec2cf242c5949a45266bd35cae7cThis moss bath mat supposedly thrives from the drops of water that fall off your body as you exit the shower. I don’t know about you, but when I see stuff that looks like that in my bathroom, I reach for the Tilex. Also, won’t I have to climb back in the tub again to wash the smelly dirt and moss from my feet?


8. Handcrafted Rope Bracelet In Red




This lovely piece of jewelry will set you back $85. It will also make people rush to your side, apply direct pressure, and call 911…because we’ve got a bleeder on our hands!!



9. The Bosom Sleep Supporter



I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had because my giant breasts touch each other while I’m asleep. Oh, wait…yes I can. That number is zero. Do you know what *would* disturb my sleep? A giant piece of foam on my chest, that’s what.



10. The Pet Friendly Shower Curtain

dog shower

Who doesn’t want to re-enact scenes from John Travolta’s epic Movie of the Week, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, every time they wash their dog? “This poor doggy! He just wants to live a normal life! But we can only touch him through the plastic. He cannot survive human contact!” *sob* I’m sure it is not at all disturbing to have a shower curtain with two empty gloves just hanging there when you aren’t bathing the dog.


So, come follow us over on Pinterest to join in the fun! If they keep making these dumb things, we’ll keep pinning them!!

What is the dumbest purchase you’ve ever been enticed to make? Have you seen any pins worthy of our Oh, Honey…No! Board? Let us know in the comments below!







Oh, Honey…No! (aka The 10 Dumbest Purchases Ever Found On Pinterest) — 160 Comments

  1. The mug hilarious. I think that speaker grocery list thingy is funny what if it doesn’t understand my voice. and messes my list up I will be very upset.

  2. OMG, I could not stop laughing and had to call Leo over to see the boob thing. Your description seriously made it so much funnier. And I gagged a little at the cat hair thing. Now I want to go on Pinterest and find dumb products. I’m going to go make sure I am following you. 🙂

  3. Ok as a big breasted woman I can tell you that sleeping on my side does require some form of support. But that is why I have 2 pillows. I pull one down and it literally goes under my head and stretches between my boobs. Trust me when I don’t do that my breast bone will literally ache. The rest of them… ummm yeah I am good. Oh and I wouldn’t get that boob support but I can understand it completely

    • My boobs are pretty big and the only time I needed sleep support was when I was breastfeeding, but I hear you! I think your pillow idea sounds much more comfy than that hard, foam tube.

  4. I’m picturing the toilet shaped mug with green tea in it. Not that I like green tea, but some do. They wouldn’t if it was served in a toilet. Plus that tank sticking up higher than the rim looks like a guaranteed spill to me. I can wear my coffee without help thank you.

    • Late to the game here, but when I was in Honolulu their art museum actually had a piece on display that was made from all the artist’s cat’s whiskers collected over a period of something like 15 years. I couldn’t get past thinking why anyone would even start collecting the whiskers, much less eventually get them into an art museum!

  5. This was SO funny! And thanks for your link to Pinterest – I thought I was following you, but that just shows what I know.

    My question for you, as I sit here and pick glass shards out of my feet, is about the tights. Namely, is there any way that poor girl is a size in the positive digits if those are her legs *wrapped in fleece*???

    • You know, I thought the same thing. HOW does that girl have a layer of fleece on her legs? That’s just not normal! My legs look like they are perpetually double wrapped in fleece.

    • Bwahahahaha. OMG. That made me laugh out loud. I hope to never be the recipient of cat hair crafts. We have a lot of cat hair around here, now I’m nervous.

  6. The toilet mug is straight nasty! I about hollered at this breast foam thig a ma jig! This is why I’m not on Pinterest, lol! You all found some crazy items. I however, like the voice activated grocery list/it would turn into a to do list for me. As for the dumbest purchase question…I slick kinda want these fleece lined tights :)!

    • Crazy stuff over on Pinterest, Joi! Crazy!
      But…NOOOOO! Not the tights!! Can I interest you in some glass for your yard instead?

  7. That boob pillow is ridiculous, but then again, I used to think bolster pillows were useless and just for looking fancy or something. Now I can hardly sleep without one. Better not try that boob one just in case- wouldn’t want to become addicted to something so silly!

  8. OMG OMG OMG…i had to spit out my coffee, why was I drinking while reading. This is a great list. I don’t know which is worse…the toilet bowl mug, breast upporter, pet friendly shower curtain or the rope bracelet.

    You made my Monday, have a great day babe.

  9. The boob thing could work … but I doubt I’d buy me one. Pillows exist and are surely cheaper.

    I feel, as a cat owner, I should clarify that the cat hair items are not made from hairballs (which I define as those lovely puked up balls of hair our cats leave for us in special places) BUT the hair that is left everywhere and anywhere via the process of shedding. Now, when you collect THAT hair – THAT is when you want to throw up before you make it into a TOY for GAWDSSAKE!!! 😛 Which means yes, I agree with you, but your use of the word hairballs kind of made it even more nauseating in my mind. Blech.

    Toilet mug is cute, as a JOKE. For a friend. And I would then turn it into a planter. snort.

    • Oh, if you’re going to split (cat) hairs!
      Okay, MAYBE they mean shed cat hair…maybe. I still think they COULD mean regurgitated cat hair.
      Either way, it’s pretty nauseating.

  10. The bosom sleep supporter though, I can go so many ways with that but I won’t.

    I would never remember to tell the machine about the groceries, like ever. This is why I wander around the grocery store until something registers that I need 🙂

  11. 1. My kids already drink out of the toilet so I don’t need the mug…don’t judge.
    2. I have no boobs, but that might work between my large butt cheeks, no?
    3. I wonder if the cat fur was hawked up from the throat of the cats???
    4. I am looking at the wrong things on Pinterest!!

    • Hahahahaha! If you have not seen these beauties on Pinterest, it sounds like you are looking at all the *right* stuff there!!

  12. Your post is hysterical! I can’t decide which is my favorite…crafting with cat hair, the toilet shaped mug, or wait…the bosom sleep supporter. Who thinks of this stuff?! I could not stop laughing! I think I need to share this!

  13. I.am.disturbed. *shivers* That mug seriously made me gag. That is for either a White Elephant gift or someone you hate or has one unique sense of humor! YIKES! People will buy anything if you spin it right…*shakes in revulsion*

    • I couldn’t agree more, Julie. I think the toilet mug is for people with a very interesting sense of humor…or at least a stronger stomach than I have!

    • Hahaha. That boob thing is hysterical. I’d rather have boobs smaller than that thing, than boobs large enough to require it!

  14. Ok, definitely laughing out loud here! It’s all so creepy and wondrous. I can’t…imagine…buying any of it. Not even as a joke. Although your description of the foam – boob supporter – or whatever that is called is pure comedy. Congrats!

    • Thanks, Tamara. I can’t imagine buying any of these either–under any circumstances!! Creepy and wondrous. That is the perfect way to describe our entire Oh, Honey….No! Board. Hahahaha!

  15. These are a really funny! I can’t believe people actually buy them. Although, I saw Paul Rudd drinking out of a toilet mug in Wanderlust, so maybe it will be a trend. I can get you some cat hair if you need it for a project. Do you need to buy glass shards for your yard? Can’t you just smash some bottles? I also enjoyed the obscene photo of the boob pillow, thank you.

    • Hahahaha. This does not surprise me. Paul Rudd has always been on the cutting edge. I’ve got cat hair for the taking all over…and dog hair to add to that as well. If I were a crafter, I could really go to town!

    • What a positive way to look at it!! If people could get these hideous things made, there is hope for anyone who has a good idea! 🙂

  16. You had me at Bosom Sleep Supporter! Oh my gosh – not that I would EVER need that thing (I WISH I needed that thing) but that is hilarious! I have a pinterest account that is all but inactive. I may have to re-interest myself in pinterest just to follow your Oh Honey No board!

    • They can’t have kids…or weather…or an outside yard…there’s just no way!!

      We have a buyer for the tights!! Awesome!! 🙂

  17. Oh my, these are hilarious! That bosom sleep supporter looks super comfy and useful. To no one. Who comes up with this stuff?

    Though I would like to have the fleece lined tights to wear under pants on super cold days. That kinda sounds comfy…as long as they weren’t constantly falling down.

    • That’s a good point. Would the fleece mess with the properties of the Lycra? It just might. I bet those puppies would be ridding down all day.

  18. $85 for a piece of rope? Who would be that stupid? They’re all dumb of course but $85 for a 50 cent piece of rope?
    I like your comment about the voice activated thing too. I never even try with them anymore, I just push the numbers.

    • Trying to use voice activated things is a recipe for frustration. I think that ‘artist’ is a genius for buying rope, dying it, and charging $85. I wish I’d thought of it first!!

  19. Wow…purposefully putting glass in the yard. Poor neighborhood animals.
    The toilet shaped mug is completely disgusting…lol.
    Crafting with Cat Hair…gross.

    Great list!

    • Who on earth would sprinkle glass shards in their yard? The other stuff is stupid and/or gross, but that is just dangerous!!

  20. When I saw your comment luv on Mothering From Scratch I couldn’t click fast enough!

    Oh my word, I can’t imagine anyone actually thinking these are good idea. It’s hard to pick which one is most disturbing, but I’m leaning towards #9. Giggle.

    • It will mess up your lists, Nikki! You’d say “milk” and it would record “murk”. I just know it would end with the thing being ripped from the wall and flung across the room (in my house)!

  21. I’ve seen books on how to knit with dog hair. It’s kinda gross. That boob thing looks like it’s made of plastic. Maybe it’s not just a support thing for your boobs after all…hmmmm….

    Ain’t Pinterest wonderful?

    • Knitting with dog hair? That’s repulsive. Who knew there were all these animal bi-product crafters out there. Yuck!

      Ahem…I have NO idea what you mean about the boob supporter! None at all!! Hahahahaha!

  22. Hahah these are so stupid!! Love this list.

    And also? My husband wants to have a grass bathroom floor. I mean what the #$*&%(#@$*#$^(?!?!?!? I just don’t even know what to say to that besides no fucking way in hell.

    • I can’t stop laughing! Grass on the bathroom floor? You know, after seeing this stuff on Pinterest, it doesn’t sounds that crazy. There are worse things out there! Maybe you can buy him the moss bath mat and call it a day!!!

    • Between my long haired cat and my short haired dog, we are full up over here with pet hair. Some crafter out there would be in heaven!

    • Hahahahahahahaha!! Regretsy was one of my favorite sites EVER. It was one I visited every day! Pinterest is ripe for the picking!

  23. The glass shards in the yard might keep the neighbor cats away . . . hmmm . . . not a bad idea! The dog shower curtain is just scary, though. I mean really, how would you ever feel comfortable showering with those arm holes hanging there?! LOL

    • Just think..you are showering and someone sneaks up and thinks it would be funny to grab you through the curtain/gloves. TERROR. No, I’d never be comfortable showering with those things hanging there either!

  24. Oh my gosh, I love reading your lists, because just when I think I’ve picked my favorite hilarious thing, the next one is even funnier! My favorites were the cat hair thing and the boob cushion. Of course, your commentary is what makes it really perfect! You guys always brighten my day!

    • You’re the sweetest, Stephanie!! I am particularly fond of the Crafting with Cat Hair myself…and by particularly fond I mean repulsed beyond belief!!

    • I think that should be the formal title of that book:
      “Cat Hair Book-Gag”
      That is really more descriptive and purrfect (see what I did there?!) than the actual title!! Well done, Hannah!

  25. So wait – are you guys saying I can tie rope in a knot and then sell it on the internet for $85? That’s awesome. I’ll have the money to pay for a custom blog design in no time! 🙂

    • Oh, you are so right!! Those mugs could be marketed to people trying to reduce their caffeine intake. Genius! Use it’s disgusting nature to its advantage!!

  26. Oh my goodness! You sure started that one off with a bang – the broken glass in your yard! Those are all terrible, terrible ideas, haha. I didn’t do a list today so I told everyone to check out yours! 🙂

  27. This is a great list!! I love it!
    I actually kinda like the glass river thingy, and I might wear the fleece lined leggings. They look so comfortable I even looked it up 😀
    But WTF with the moss bath mat?? It’s so gross I would never step on it. And wouldn’t it smell? I have to show that boob thingy to my husband…he might want me to buy one…or not. I’m essentially boobless 🙁
    Also, cat hair creations + toilet mug = BARF!! I would totally gift those to my worst enemy though 😉

    • That bath mat would TOTALLY smell, Xae!! P-U!!!!

      I will keep my fingers crossed I stay on your good list! I wouldn’t want to be the recipient of any of these hideous gems!

  28. Ahahahahahahaha! That mug? Definitely not hilarious. But the boob supporter…I had to work not to snort water. Can you imagine your spouse’s reaction when he reaches over to initiate some nookie, and finds that?

    • OMG..that would be so awful, Leslie. Can you imagine? NOT sexy.
      Of course if you had that thing nestled in your cleavage, I doubt nookie would be on a spouse’s mind. RUNAWAY would probably be the only thing they could think of.

  29. Well done! I was laughing all the way through & nearly lost it with the breast supporter thing. That HAS to be a joke! Could they have made it look much more like a penis?!?

    • You know…now that you mention it… I noticed she has a satisfied, smug little smile on her face as she’s “sleeping” Something fishy might be going on here….

  30. That foam in the breasts is hilarious!!! That’s SO ridiculous. I couldn’t drink out of that mug. I would totally buy that as a gag gift, but the thought of drinking out of it…no.

  31. Thanks for the laugh this morning!! I’ve still not succumbed to Pinterest, and reading some of these posts I vacillate between thinking it’s a complete waste of time and maybe it’s good for a laugh, if nothing else!!

    • Oh, there’s always something over there to look at, Marie, but beware! It is a time sucker. You look up, pin a few things, look up again…and it’s an hour later. EVERY.

  32. Oh, my. That toilet shaped mug and the cat hair craft kit are going to keep me up at night. I once knew a woman who saved all of her dog’s shed hair and used it to stuff throw pillows. “It’s so soft!” she said, as I puked in my mouth.

    • O.M.G!!!! That is revolting! Hahahaha. I lint roll all the dog hair off of me before I leave the house. Who knew I could have been plumping up my throw pillows all this time?! YIKES!!

    • Sadly, Kerstin, the boob thing is totally real!

      I stand corrected!! For a plumber, that mug would be a hysterical gift! (especially if filled with chocolate milk!) 🙂

  33. Oh wow, #9 just kills me (and does anyone else think it looks like a misplaced sex toy?) I once was the proud winner at a secret santa of a set of fingerless gloves that looked like men’s boxers, I think they were called handerpants, that I promptly regifted at my next secret santa. Those would fit great on this board!

    • #9 does look like that! Hahahahaha

      You will never guess what, Bev….we actually have the handerpants pinned on the Oh, Honey…No! Board!!! We really do!!! Hahahahahah!!

      This is why we were meant to be friends! 🙂

  34. I would so buy #10!!! There is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog – all over you, all over the bathroom! Stinky water everywhere! And this would work with our 16-month-old, too!!! Except she doesn’t stink. LOL

  35. I have to admit I’ve never bought anything off of Pinterest but this list is hilarious. The crafting with cat hair book made me sneeze as soon as I read the title. The plastic shower curtain for dogs is a terrible idea too. Washing your dog’s fur with plastic gloves on will hurt him 🙁 BTW Happy Sharefest!!!

    • There are a lot of questionable pins based around pets running around Pinterest. People are willing to do crazy things for their pets!

  36. Ladies, some time ago, I wrote a post about 10 weirdest things you can buy on the Internet and I included the boob support thing too!!! Like what the??

    The toilet mug and moss rug? Why?

    Great post!

  37. Ok, I am doing my bi-monthly catch up over here and what a morning I am having! This was undoubtedly FANTASTIC. I am crying here…

    However, my two boys CANNOT take a bath without flooding the bathroom. Every time I pull the shower curtain on them to try and contain the water (note to self, if I ever build a house again, the boys will get a wet room) they scream and cry b/c they can’t see me…

    I NEED that shower curtain!

    • Is it even possible to contain the water with shower curtains? I have tried and tried and NEVER had luck!

      Now if they marketed that shower curtain to moms, they might have something there!! 🙂

  38. I am closing my computer immediately so that I might put on my cat-buying shoes and head out to purchase the hairiest feline I can find in North America. Crafts I can make with cat hair? Ummm…. yes!

    • Bwahahahaha! I just laughed 5 straight minutes after reading this comment. So glad we could do our part to make the hairy feline population popular!

  39. Pretty sure you could get a splinter where the sun don’t shine if you sat in that chair. I like the concept of the moss bathmat, but if you have a pet it would quickly become their own personal indoor toilet :/

    • I had never thought about what would happen with a pet and the moss bathmat…you are SO right!! GAH!!! That’s even worse!! Hahahahahaha!

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  41. I have clearly been doing Pinterest all wrong!!!! With stuff like this out there, I need to spend more time looking around!!

    “what else can you possibly do? Oh…wear pants.” Dying laughing, ladies!! Your comments were perfectly hysterical!!!

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  43. I actually own a pair of fleece lined tights. the fleece isn’t that bulky at all. they’re very warm and toasty especially for up in the Pacific Northwest. you can wear them
    underneath pants and they keep you nice and toasty. But the rest of this list? Um no.

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