A Spoonful Of Frustration

As parents, we all have moments where we look at our children and think, “Really? That seemed like a good idea? What were you thinking?” and wonder for a minute how they could possibly have come from us.

At The Dose of Reality, we appreciate hearing about other people and the moments they have with their own children because we often find ourselves nodding along so hard our neck hurts. We’ll call each other and read a blog post back and forth saying, “Oh thank God. Someone else gets it. Our kids would TOTALLY do that, too.”

Isn’t it a great moment when you know you’re not alone?!

Today, we are honored to share one such story with you from one of our very favorite blogs, Good Girl Gone Redneck. Andrea is one of the most supportive, kind, and fun friends you could hope to have. She’s just…wonderful. Andrea is generous with her readers, too. She writes about her life in a way that is so honest and open. We are constantly moved by what she shares.

When we read the following post, we both knew that our readers must see it…

So easy to overreact.

Child comes home from school and goes to finish the rest of the lunch I sent in with her.

I did the stupidest thing.

I trusted my five-year-old with a spoon.

Not just a plastic one – we were out of them. So I sent her in with a real spoon for her yogurt. And a kid-friendly spoon, but those are so-so.

Comes home. Opens her lunch bag.

Where the hell are the spoons?

Not only are they not there, but she proceeds to tell me it fell on the floor.

So she LEFT it there. LEFT IT.

What she shared next in the post was so honest and real that we have found ourselves referring to this post quite frequently over the last few months. Click on the following link to read the rest and see if you can relate, too. Comments are closed on this post, so you can leave your comment love on Andrea’s blog directly. 🙂


GoodGirlGoneRedneckAndrea and her adorable daughter! What a cute pair!


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