Yes, That Is Really What We Looked Like

When we posed the question “Who’s that crazy faced baby?” a few weeks ago with the high price of a Starbucks latte riding on the line, you all rocked it.

Your answers were so funny and your reasoning so thorough, you even had us half convinced of the answer–the wrong answer!! We were impressed.

This time we’re taking it up a notch. We know you can handle it.

Not only are we challenging you to put a name to the pictures, we’ve added in a degree of difficulty. You will be finding us in PHOTOS FROM THE ROCKING 1970s!!

Lisa has faith you will ultimately MacGyver out the correct answers. While she respects your abilities, Ashley thinks there is no way that will happen. None. She’s certain she will prevail again.

On the line this time…loser buys the large popcorn the next time we hit the movies. Oooooh, did you hear that? That is the sound of SHIT GETTING REAL UP IN HERE.

For reference:


We know right about now you think this is going to be easy. How hard can it be? You’ve seen our mugs photoshopped on to tons of pictures. Even in 1970’s clothing with a few decades erased, how hard can it be?  Oh, just you wait….

Arrow indicates the child you are voting on…

Which ones are Lisa and Ashley

Before you even ask: Yes, we are both in the pictures above…and no, the arrows aren’t in the wrong places. Honestly. WE KNOW, RIGHT?!!


Let us know how you figured it out in the comments. This ought to be good!!


UPDATE! MYSTERY REVEALED:  We have laughed more over the past two days than you can imagine. We have loved reading every single one of your comments. You’ll see why when you click for the big reveal. Most of you are going to be…surprised.

As of right this minute the poll shows that you think we are both #4. We appreciate that, since that’s the obvious girl of the bunch. For both of us you have selected #2 as a very close second place guess.  As for our popcorn bet, we’ll have to just split one as usual, because it was a draw. You were not totally right, nor were you totally wrong.

(You’re on the honor system!! Don’t click below for the answer until you’ve voted!)

CLICK RIGHT HERE to find out what we really looked like in the 70’s!!

Click here for a bonus picture that *proves* we were not kidding with the big reveal!


Yes, That Is Really What We Looked Like — 64 Comments

  1. I had Ashley as 2 and Lisa as 4. Now, given that I am a “child of the 70’s” myself, I should make it clear that I am in need of a good pair of reading glasses at this point in time that I do not yet own. So…my choices were based on my very poor up close vision.

    Am in in charge of buying the popcorn?

  2. Yeah see I couldn’t do that. 11 years younger then my twin sisters and 12 years the junior of the oldest you would pretty much KNOW which one I was lol. Glad to know I was not the only one subjected to stripes of every direction

  3. Wow! That was really hard and I have no confidence at all that I got it right. I put Lisa as #4 because I thought she looked a little like Lucy but now that I looked at Lucy’s picture again, maybe not. I had Ashley as #3 but only because I imagine her doing the “sassy pose”. Fun seeing the pictures, though. 🙂

  4. How do you guys successfully turn my brain to mush every time you do one of these photo posts?! I haven’t a clue, but I am eager to see which one of you was in the overalls so I can give you a very special hug at bbc.

  5. What a fun post! I am sure I got it wrong, but I have Ashley as #2 and Lisa as #4. Quite honestly, I kept thinking I was going to get another set of pictures to choose from even though you said you were both in the set of pictures above…I guess I don’t always listen to directions well… Anyway, I love old pictures – so much fun to go back and reminisce!

  6. Michelle isn’t alone, for a second I thought I was picking from 2 sets, too. And I have not decided yet because I think y’all are trying to make us think that the “girl” (omg – that wording made me snort in the answer choices!) is Lisa because she’s blonde-which isn’t to say that Ashley wasn’t blonde as a baby/kiddo. Soooo … you guys are nutty. And I love you. And I need to make the picture bigger before I choose. Which is my way of bowing out gracefully for a few more minutes. 😛

  7. I’ve tried zooming in the pictures and comparing with two windows open. That’s a lot of effort so I hope I’m right. I think #3 is Lisa and #4 is Ashley.
    I’d like to apologize in advance if I’m wrong…sorry girls.

  8. I was afraid to vote! I actually felt nervous! LOL That being said, choices were made, right or wrong and I hope I got it right! 🙂 I voted Lisa as #4 (something in the face and smile that reminded me of her) and #2 for Ashley because of the smile. This was a tough one, though! I seriously am expecting an “We fooled you!” coming! LOL 🙂 We’ll see if I Macgyvered it out or if you got the best of me! *crosses fingers for luck*

  9. My guess is Lisa is # 2. Boy clothing and unfortunate stripe choices aside, the face looks similar and the shoes look like ones a girl would wear. (My apologies if this picture is actually a boy and I just called your shoes girly. Perhaps you are already dealing with this issue in therapy.)

  10. I am so bad at deciphering faces, and this is really hard. I think i picked Lisa for #2 because the nose and smile were similar to her current picture and Ashley for #4, no real rhyme or reason other than she was clearly a girl and the outfit is darling and classic 70’s! 🙂 Sure #4 isn’t one of the Brady Bunch girls? She could be! 🙂

  11. Okay…this really F—ed me up!!! (fooled, yeah… meant fooled) Seriously had so much trouble with this one!! If any of those kids that look like boys are one of you girls…I really need to talk to someone about how you were raised. Now I KNOW that the bob cut was totally how my three sisters and I looked also- but it’s the clothes!! Yes- I had the plaid and all that too. BUT-I mean… there has got to be SOMETHING I could spot that had “girl” written on it somehow!!! I got nothing. Voted for Ashley 2, Lisa 4

  12. We can’t tell you how much we are enjoying your guesses and your reasoning! We can’t stop laughing.

    Also…there is absolutely no trick. We are both pictured above. No kidding. Two of those 4 pictures…are us. (The other two are people we know that were kind enough to let us use their photos).

  13. I voted Ashley as #2- she has the same smile and it’s all in the eyes! Lisa is definitely #4– you haven’t changed a bit!…and the fact that you and Lucy look SO much alike at that age.
    <3 this idea- great fun. As a proud 70's child I always get a kick out of the clothes we wore. Our parents may as well have cut down the curtains in the living room and placed them on us!

  14. Lisa 4, Ashley 2. It seemed obvious to me, but then again…

    Love this idea. I need to think about how I might do something similar. 🙂

  15. Until this exercise, I hadn’t noticed how much you two look alike! Like most everyone else, I like #2 for Ashley, and since #1 and #3 look so much like boys, I chose #4 for Lisa. Fun game!

  16. We’ll post the answer a little later today in an update at the bottom of the post. Let’s just say…it is apparent that you will be surprised!!

  17. This is so fun, you guys! You have the best ideas… Honestly, I cannot describe my process, other than to say that I scrolled up and down at least 20 times, ignoring my toddler screaming and shaking the gate until I realized I was being a crappy mom and had to quit and guess. Can’t wait for the results!

  18. Wooo Hooo, I got it right! Want to know how??? I have been watching way to many mystery solving shows! Well I totally knew number 3 was Ashley’s Robert (boy has not changed a bit!)… I spotted a palm tree in picture one and not knowing where Lisa grew up thought it was a good chance that was Ashley. Okay I haven’t read the rest of the comments so if you have answered this sorry, but what the heck Ash! What were you wearing??? 🙂

    • You should totally be writing Law and Order scripts!!
      We haven’t answered any comments directly until we did the answer just so we wouldn’t be giving anything away!

      What WAS Ashley wearing??!! I think her dad has a lot to answer for right about now! 😀

  19. Woot! I got it right. My hubby even guessed (Ashley’s) Robert. Of course, I’ve heard this story from Ashley before so I had an unfair advantage. It was fun to put a visual to the story, though! Funny post!

    • When Ashley first told me that people used to say she looked like Henry Thomas of E.T. I thought she was exaggerating. I shall never doubt her again.

  20. I chose #4 for both…..that was so hard!!!

    Number 3 was obviously a boy. But I wasn’t sure about #1 and #2. Those were convincing.

    I can’t believe the results!

    • AH! You went with the old “One of them has to be the girl so I’m voting #4 for both which will make me at least right with one” VERY CAGEY!!

  21. I never thought of posting older pics of me. But, everyone would know who I am, I look so much the same as I did then as I do now. Just a bit taller and less chubby. 🙂 It was fun looking at all your pictures. You have so much fun on this site. I will definitely try to get over here more often. Have a blessed day!

  22. Haha…I’d say #2 Lisa and #4 Ashley! I say #2 is a girl, because no way is a boy wearing that many stripes, lol! Then again…J.J. from “Good Times” and Bobby from the “Brady Bunch” did, so who knows, lol! Visiting from SITS Sharefest! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I guess they were easier to take care of than the super long hair, but would it have killed my parents to at least give me a Dorothy Hamill instead of the Henry Thomas cut?

    • Hahaha! Well to be fair, blog reading shouldn’t require tons of attention to detail. Glad to know the pictures fooled you ! HA!

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