Hold It Right There, Hombre!

I think it’s finally happened…I am old and out of it.

I don’t know how it happened.

I knew what dubstep music was before any of my friends. I even like it and have some in my workout playlist.

I took Lucy to the hair salon and let her get two of those hair feather things put in when they were all the rage awhile back.

I keep abreast of internet memes. I can recognize Gangnam Style or the Harlem Shake with the best of them. (and I even know the meme Harlem Shake isn’t the *REAL* Harlem Shake!)

While my years are advancing, I thought I was keeping up and keeping it together.

I fear it’s all come to an end now.

Oh, Drew! You've got to make time for color maintenance. You're worth it!

Oh, Drew! You’ve got to make time for color maintenance. You’re worth it!



When I first started seeing celebrities with strange dye jobs, I felt sorry for them. It’s really hard to keep camera ready 24/7. Celebrities have packed calendars and weird shooting schedules. It’s got to be difficult to get to the salon on a regular basis. I’m sure glad nobody photographs me on my way back from carpool line every day. (and so is everyone else)



When I casually mentioned to Ashley how sorry I was for these poor celebs, Β I was baffled that it went something like this:

Ashley: Oh, that’s the ombre hair thing. It’s supposed to look that way. They are doing that on purpose.

Me: Hombre? No, I don’t mean MAN hair. I’m talking about these poor starlets who have let their roots grow and are obviously not making it to the salon on time. It’s sad.

Ashley: Yes. That’s ombre hair.

Me: What? Hombre Hair? These girls are not Spanish.

Ashley: No, ombre. O–M–B–R–E.

Me: That’s not how you spell hombre.

Ashley: No, it isn’t. But, I’m not spelling HOMBRE, I’m spelling OMBRE.

Me: That’s not really a word.

Ashley: It is now. It’s what that dye job is called.

Me: We can’t be referring to the same thing. What I’m talking about is hideous. It’s what happens when you have a bad colorist. They can’t possibly be doing this on purpose.

Ashley: They really are.

Now, it’s not that I’m *always* the first one on a trend. I’m definitely not. But until this whole ombre hair deal, when informed of a new trend, I’ve always adapted. I may not partake myself if it’s not for me, but I understand what it’s all about. I embrace it, even if it’s something best left to others.

But not this time.

I can’t get on board with ombre hair. I just can’t. If you have ombre hair, please do not take offense. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are sporting it right now. You are on trend. I salute you.

I don’t understand you, but I salute you.

It’s not that I am averse to playing around with hair. I have had hair so long it fell half way down my back, and also hair so short they actually used clippers on the back to cut it. My hair’s been everything from permed to stick straight depending on the decade. I’ve been every imaginable shade of brown as well as many shades of red over the years. I probably even would have considered a crazy pink streak back in the day if I hadn’t had to look professional. I get it.

But no matter what crazy thing I was doing to my hair–and believe me, there have been plenty– I would have demanded a refund if I ever left a salon with black roots and blond tips looking like my best nearsighted girlfriend tried to do home coloring hair on me for the first time.

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

No Ombre

I feel like my youth hangs in the balance. The next trend will really be the one that decides my fate. If I can get on board with whatever it is, maybe this ombre hair thing was just a fluke. Maybe I am still “with it”. But if I find myself just as bewildered by the next trend, it’s totally “move over granny” time.

What do you think about ombre, hombre?




Hold It Right There, Hombre! — 118 Comments

  1. I can maybe see it happening..by accident…but I don’t like it by choice. It looks a bit dirty, like they didn’t wash their hair. Not a fan! Also I’m still not sure what the Harlem Shake is. I’m really delayed on things I’m slightly afraid of. I didn’t know who Honey Boo Boo was until recently. I still haven’t seen The Bachelor! (I don’t need to with you two around)

    • While you are *definitely * missing out with The Bachelor, you are missing nothing by not watching Honey Boo Boo. UGH.

  2. I don’t love it, but I am not, nor have I ever been, on trend. I like to see all of the trends, but I rarely understand them, and almost never participate. I just learned that the hair color trend was called ombre a few weeks ago. Thank goodness for my neighbor’s hand me down People magazines!

    • Hahaha, I don’t think I’ve ever been on trend either, Amy–even at my very best! I’m going to have to try harder. Next thing you know I’ll be getting the little old lady “get your hair set once a week ” hairdo just like my Mamaw. Lawd.

  3. I don’t get it either. That said, I do have unintentional ombrΓ©; two toddlers and no time or budget to hit the salon, and voila! Fancy, trendy hair!

    • Hahaha! Who knew that you would be whisked into the height of hair fashion thanks to toddlers?! πŸ™‚

  4. Okay since I cover my hair, I don’t try to keep up with the trends but I have been loving this look for a while now.
    What I did not know, however, is that it’s called the ‘ombre’!
    Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to miss out on some πŸ™‚ *HUGS*

    • You are a young’un, Xae! I *knew* you would know all about this trend. Maybe I’ll catch the next trend! πŸ˜€

  5. This style reminds me of coloring Easter eggs. You know when you dip half the egg in one color and the other half in another color. Works for eggs. Not crazy about it for hair. I’m going to get my hair dyed tomorrow and right now I am rocking gray roots and brown tips. Not something I am ready to flaunt at all. This is one trend I am skipping (and for the record, there are several others which means “granny-time” might be near).

    • Ooooh, it *is* like those Easter eggs!! I’m getting mine done on Thursday–a bout a week overdue. I’m rocking brown hair with exotic gray roots right now, too. UGH. (I am not flaunting it either!)
      If we’re “granny-time” at least we’ll be “granny-time” together! πŸ˜€

  6. I didn’t know, either. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the celebs with it. That said, I think Drew looks OK with her hair in that pic and it DOES look intentional. So what the heck do I know? ;>

    • I think Drew is beautiful. I *love* her…but I think she looks good in spite of the way her hair looks here . I don’t think it helps her out much. BUT… I absolutely covet her sparkly top. I’d have nowhere to wear it and I’d look stupid in it, but I want it. (but my fashion choices are questionable at best)

    • You and me both, Jennifer! I go in to be brown and to eliminate all the pesky grays! I’m glad I’m not the only one out of the loop! I’m in good company! πŸ™‚

    • I knew you’d be with it, Britton. You’re just a baby! (compared to oldies like me, anyway!) I’ll keep my eye out for the good ones. Maybe I’d like it if it was done better!

  7. I’ve seen some bad ombre, hombre. I’m no fashionista but the term goes across all beauty, so you can have ombre nails, ombre lips etc. The point is for one color to seamlessly fade either darker or lighter.

    Is this a recent pic of drew? You know she had a baby not too long ago and well–we are all hot messes when we have babies. I think hers went a little TOO light on the ends…

    Thanks for the shoutout! πŸ™‚

    • You know, I saw it in a skirt that was really pretty, now that you mention it. Fading seamlessly is the key!

      That is an older picture of Drew from pre-baby days.
      I was SUCH a hot mess after my first was born. I had a hormonal crazy fit AND CUT MYSELF BANGS ONE DAY. It was the ugliest thing in the world. I can’t believe I did it. I don’t have any idea what came over me. When I went to the salon to get it fixed, my stylist almost screamed. Ombre would have been a BIG improvement to Lisa’s post partum bangs of horror.

  8. Were you sitting on my couch recording my conversation a few weeks ago? I swear I had this exact discussion with my daughter. She was trying to convince me to allow her to get her hair done using this style. Nope. No way. I am definitely old.

  9. That looks awful. I just had a conversation with a coworker about feeling like I was so old because Harlem Shake just seems pointless to me. I mean, Gangnam Style at least had a point in that it was so over the top that it was funny. The Harlem Shake thing is just completely pointless, I don’t get it.

    • I’ve seen one or two Harlem Shake videos that make me chuckle, but most of them just look like people humping the air. SEE! Don’t I sound like an old lady? Wait…don’t answer that.

  10. I actually hadn’t paid attention to the trend. I like the name, though – ‘Ombre’ is the French word for shadow, so it really fits with the dark-to-light thing. However, my hair isn’t long enough to have two colours – unless it is the natural transition as the salt and pepper roots shine through – so it’s definitely not for me!

    • Hahahaha. Not for me either, Kim! I’ll just stick to the regular old non-shadowed hair deal by keeping my appointments to the salon.

  11. I don’t like Drews look. I don’t do to many changes with my hair I have had 2 colors in my adult life and I am ready to get back to the root of the situation.

  12. All I can say is if you’ve been wanting to go back to your natural color, NOW is the time to do it. I’m with you… thought it was root city until I was at the salon last week (getting my roots dyed) and my girl educated me.

    • You said it! Now is the time to let your hair just grow out and be considered trendy. I’m getting my hair done on Thursday. I think I’ll tease my stylist that I want to try ombre hair and see how much her eyes bug out.

  13. One of the benefits to working on a college campus–I can usually keep up-to-date with trends. This one, however, I just don’t get! Don’t get me wrong; if I ever had time to color my hair that is likely what would happen to me after a while. But not on purpose!! I guess I’m getting old too!

    • Hahahaha! There seem to be a lot of us that don’t get this particular trend, so maybe we’re not too old. (or maybe we’re just old enough to know what looks awful! )

  14. I died reading this!!! Completely flat lined. This entire ombre v. hombre conversation is so hilarious and truly shows your, uhh, maturity…lol. Love!

  15. I’m not really on top of trends, I guess. Never even heard of this. My hair I am sure has looked like this before, not deliberately of course, just not enough time to get to the salon.

    • Exactly! The only way my hair is looking like that is when I’ve forgotten to make an appointment to the salon.

  16. I give them credit for giving a fancy name to being lazy and calling it a trend. Also, congrats to Ashley for knowing what it was and that there was a word for it. Of course, I had no idea, but I haven’t been “with it” for about 20 years.

    • Bwahahaha! It was a moment of genius to give lazy a trendy spin. Ashley is the young’un here. She’s got a big job keeping the rest of us straight! πŸ™‚

  17. I agree that I’ve seen some that do look cute, but most do look like a bad dye job. I am not a trend person, really, so I guess I’ve been in “move over granny” mode my whole life! LOL Ah, well. I figure being a non-trend setter is being a different kind of trend setter, so it’s all good. πŸ˜€

    Oh, and thank you ladies for stopping by my blog and reading my review. I am glad you think I did a good job. πŸ™‚ Means a lot to me.

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I always just giggle and giggle some more when I read your interactions together!! I hate that look! BUT- I may save some money and go for it since by summer I will have accomplished it if I don’t color my hair again!! πŸ™‚

    • I’d think about saving money and going for it…except my ombre would be streaked with gray and there is no way that is trendy. I would be an obvious trend faker.

  19. This is hilarious! I have no clue about all those dances or much else, but somehow (through osmosis?) I figured out what “ombre” meant, though I can’t say I’m a big fan. The nails are kind of cool, though πŸ™‚ If you have the time for that sort of thing, which sadly I do not.

    • I don’t have time for nice nails either, Dana, but I do like the ombre ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. It doesn’t translate over to hair for me, though!

  20. Hahah I am with you! I think it looks like they are just covering up for the fact that they are too lazy to get their hair done every 6 months or whatever.

    Also, the trend with the ombre on walls and cakes?!? WTF?!

    • Now I know I’m REALLY out of it! I’ve not seen it on walls or cakes!! Everything doesn’t need to be ombre’d people!! Cease and desist!!

  21. That is hilarious! My stylist is always on the cutting edge and asked me if I would like to try the Ombre look….there is just NO WAY! I get depressed when I see roots…

  22. OMG, I have been seeing it to and I had no idea. I was wondering where the freaking stylists or colorists were. WHy are we doing this? Why do we need “trends”? Let’s pick something and stick with it. I can’t deal with this one.

    • Me, too!! I just couldn’t get over how many Hollywood colorists were just snoozing on the job…until Ashley set me straight. Thank goodness she keeps up for me!

  23. I think the more dramatic ones look a little out there, but the more subtle, natural ones look fine. When it goes from black to blonde, it’s a little much but when I see it fade from dark brown to medium brown it looks good I think.

    • I’ll have to google to see if I can find some of the more subtle ones. Maybe I can get on board with this, it’s just I’ve only seen the extreme examples. That is a promising thought!!

    • No, Bev. You can’t be getting too old. If you are too old, then I’m ancient..and I cannot process that. Let’s just erase the ombre from our minds and pretend this never happened. Now we are both young again! (Well, you are young, and I am at least not super ancient)

  24. This is an awful look. Besides, “trendy” hair just leads to pictures you want to burn 20 years down the road. Cover those roots, girls.

  25. I am laughing so hard I might choke – yesterday it was my stomach – today’s I am going to gag. Hombre = ombre baahahahahaha! I have had every color hair in the world – form blonde to magenta – but this is one trend I have not tried. If I do, I promise I won’t take offense to your not getting it!

    • Hahaha. I want to put that on a business card.
      At the Dose of Reality we make you choke and gag! πŸ˜€
      You always make us smile, Ilene!!

  26. I’m so with you! I think I first saw it on Khloe Kardashian, and I thought, ‘Surely she has the money to get her roots touched up!’ After a while, I realized it was intentional. I still don’t get it. And it’s all over Pinterest. I think it’s the new chevron.

    • GAH!! It *is* the new chevron! The sad thing is that I think every non-celebrity that did this would risk people thinking it was inadvertent! Who wants to spend 2 hours in the salon and $150 to look like you’ve just gone too long between salon visits?

  27. Sadly, in this entire post the only thing I actually would have recognized before reading is the Ombre hair. I have no clue what Dubstep is – I could be hearing it every day for all I know.

    • Hahahaha! Between the two of us then, Vanessa, we’d have all the trends covered! (But it would take two of us!)

  28. I think it’s purdy if it’s a gradual shift in color rather than an I-dipped-my-tips-in-bleach thing. So I guess that makes me youthful, right? Right?!

    • Girl, you have RESCUED ME!!! You are a full 10 (almost 11, since I turn 45 next month) years younger than I am and you didn’t know about it either. YES!! You are UNQUESTIONABLY young!! Whew!! I’m thinking I might be out of granny territory. It’s possible!!

  29. Not. Digging. It. And not getting it either.

    I remember the first time I realized I was getting old. I had gone to an outdoor concert, but I didn’t have a good time. It was hot, crowded, and my feet got tired from standing for so long. After that, I officially knew it was over for me. Time to hand in my young and fun card.

    • hahahaha. I remember the first time I hesitated to see a movie that started at 10pm because I knew I’d be too sleepy. That was my first clue I was getting old.

  30. Ha! I don’t mind a very light ombre (looking more like sunkissed hair growing out)…but nothing as extreme as the picture you have here. Then again, I realized I was β€˜old’ and β€˜out of it’ when I streamed the top 40 station and kept rating each of the songs with 1 star….grumbling over and over β€œWhat is this sh!t?”.

    • Hahahaha. Nothing can make you feel older more quickly than hearing crappy top 40 and thinking “WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE? WHEN DID MUSIC START SOUNDING LIKE THIS?”

  31. My daughter has dark hair like me and she had the bottom half lightened. Although I don’t usually care for that look, her hair turned out really nice! Sometimes she will dye the bottom pink, purple, green or blue for a change of pace.

    • I actually think it can be cute to see the crazy colors. They are just fun and you can tell they are intentional, obviously. I think this ombre thing might just best be left to the young’uns! I can live with that!

  32. It’s horrible! And certainly a trend that in years our kids will look back on and say “seriously Mom, what were you thinking”. I bet even the stars don’t like it that much…

    • Bingo! I bet that’s exactly what happened. Then they probably made a bet that they could get everyone else to start doing it on purpose. And they did!

  33. I think I’m officially old. I’ve never heard of it. I’m neutral to the whole ombre look. What I LOVE is the hilarious interaction between the both of you about this (and other stuff). I’m always learning something new on this blog. Hil.ar.i.ous!!

    • Ha! Thanks, Hope! We try keep each other up to date as best we can. We try to look out for each other! (Friends don’t let friends get ombre’d!)

  34. LOL! I don’t get it either hombre! And you know what. An ombre shirt? How far from tie die is that really?

    One good thing though. We can all let our roots grow out and no one will be the wiser.

    • Now’s our chance to give up on hair maintenance and be considered trendy. This may never happen again!

  35. {Melinda} Do I sport Ombre style? Nope, my style is more like, “O Crap! I’m as gray as grandma … better head to Walmart for some L’oreal!” (or should I just call it Oreal? Does that make it cooler?) πŸ™‚

    • We feel the same way! Good to know that if we don’t make it to the salon in time, we are covered! πŸ˜‰

  36. Hehehehe……..rotfl!
    I swaer, I thought the same exact thing when I saw the Kardashian sister rocking her hair like that. I was like, “Oh God! She has to go get those roots checked on!”
    Admittedly, it has grown on me. Does that mean that I’m still “with it”? πŸ˜‰

  37. I have never ever colored my hair because I knew I had no chance of getting in to the salon before my roots grew out and I had dual toned hair … and every one would see and laugh at how lazy I was for not taking care of it. So I, for one, am so glad this is now trendy so that my lazy butt can fit in! Rock! To the salon!

  38. Yeah. I don’t get it. And yes, it makes me feel old. I’m not ashamed, I would totally go ombre just to try and look cool, but would it look look cool? I just can’t passed the fact that it’s roots. Just roots. I saw Beyonce on Oprah (whatever he show is now) last night and she looked beautiful, BUT she had some major root issues kickin’! They weren’t the cool ombre roots either. They were only like two inches of pure need a root job sadness. What gives?

    • I definitely feel like if I tried to pull it off I would just look like a mess. No one would realize I was trying to be trendy…they would just feel sorry for me! πŸ˜‰

  39. I’ve seen a few examples of ombre that I really liked…A FEW. Like, I can count on one hand, a few. Most of the time, I agree, it looks like a bad root situation. And those new L’Oreal kits to do it at home? Hideous!!

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  41. Ha! Shows how out of touch I am; I am just reading this now thinking “no way, that’s a thing?!” I definitely thought it was just hair neglect. Turns out I’ve been sporting that look for years!

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