Kiss My Grits!

It’s the start of a new week and that means it’s time for Monday Listicles!! When we saw this week’s topic from Kerry, “10 Places You’ve Kissed”, we decided to have a little fun with it. Besides, we couldn’t do the topic head on because the answers would either be too boring (at the alter!) or too scandalous. (Nope, we’re not going there. Our parents *do* read the blog after all!)

Let’s hit it with a list dedicated to our favorite kisses of all time!!

1. Best MTV Movie Award Kiss :
Now, you could argue that this is a gimme since it is also probably the *only* MTV Movie Award Kiss anyone remembers, but we don’t care. And we totally dare you not to watch this video and cry in a corner that Noah and Allie Ryan and Rachel did not stay together for all time.


2. Most Delicious Kiss:
Could it be anything but the Hershey’s Kiss? Of course not! Even though the little silver wrappers make a gigantic mess and are a dead giveaway when you have eaten the entire bag just a few, nothing hits the spot like this good old-fashioned candy.

Hershey's Kisses Prime Evidence


3. Best Kiss To Show Irritation:
Hands down, this goes to Flo for her catchphrase Kiss My Grits! We’ve come to realize that we don’t use this statement nearly enough in day to day life. We’re going to remedy that immediately. (And if you are too young to know about Alice, Flo, and the entire gang at Mel’s Diner, get thee to Netflix or to complete your pop culture education!!)


4. Favorite Kiss Band Member:
This is a hard one. Do you go with or without the makeup? Gene Simmons is an obvious choice, of course, but we don’t know where that tongue has been. So, for hygiene reasons alone, we are going to have to go with Paul Stanley. Better luck next time, Gene.

You're welcome, Paul.

You’re welcome, Paul.


5. Best Kiss City:
And possibly, the only kiss city, but we digress. It has to be KISSimmee, Florida. See what we did there? Where else can you watch Spring Training baseball games AND pick fresh oranges? Fine. You can probably do that in a lot of places, but not with kiss in the name!

Kissimmee MWAH


6. Kiss You Just Can’t Stop Singing:
Who here has seen the movie Mermaids? If you have, you know this song. Probably by heart. *Technically*, it is called The Shoop Shoop Song, but we all know it better as It’s In His Kiss. You know you want to listen to it right now, right? You’re welcome for giving you your musical earworm for the day! 😉


7. Worst Kiss Of Death:
Besides from a black widow, of course, since that would be a literal kiss of death. We are pretty sure it is the call from the school nurse that your kid has lice. Yep, lice. The thought alone is gross, but you also have to undertake hours of work to remove them from your child and home. Oh, and you will never be able look at your offspring scratching their heads the same way again. *shiver*

Images Courtesy of Gilles San Martin under Creative Commons License  How he was brave enough to take these without running away and screaming, I'll never know.

Images Courtesy of Gilles San Martin under Creative Commons License How he was brave enough to take these without running away and screaming, I’ll never know.


8. Favorite Kiss Movie:
No doubt, all day long, it is Kissing Jessica Stein. It is where we all first fell in love with Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm. This is such a watchable movie. And we all totally wanted her mom to be our mom.


9. Best Kiss Goodbye:
It’s got to be Blowing A Kiss! It’s the perfect way to give one more show of affection after your loved one is out of your immediate reach. And let’s face it…is there anyone out there who can resist catching a kiss that’s been blown to them? No, we didn’t think so.



10. Only Person Who Should Ever Give Kissing Lessons:
You knew we wouldn’t do an entire post about kissing without including Arie, right? I mean come on! He sets the bar when it comes to kissing. He is the master. He should teach classes. We would totally enroll. For the blog, of course. We are givers that way. When he becomes the next Bachelor, and we are counting on that happening, there will be lots more where this came from.

What is your favorite kissing song? Or movie? Did we make the right call on Paul Stanley? And how many times can we post the Arie video before it is too many? The only acceptable answer, by the way, is infinity times!



Kiss My Grits! — 77 Comments

  1. I think the best movie kiss is Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman kissing in Notorious. I heard that there was a rule back then that kisses couldn’t be longer than a few seconds, so they did all these little kisses over and over. Fun post!

    • Aw! That sounds lovely! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that movie! That will not do!! I’m searching that one out immediately!!

    • GAH!! Sorry for the chocolate craving! We did not mean to be food pushers!! Hershey’s Kisses are hard to resist, though!

  2. Okay, I am going to confess here: I totally love kissing. My favorite commercial growing up was the Close-Up toothpaste one that went, “Want love? Get Close-Up” or something like that and then had people kissing. I completely agree with you about that MTV award kiss. I taped it and watched it over and over again and loved their kiss in the movie as well. Another movie kiss that was a favorite of mine was Legends of the Fall when Brad Pitt turned around unexpectedly and planted one on Julia Ormond.

    • Oh, that one was a good one, too!!! LOVED that movie, AnnMarie!! I remember the Close-Up commercials, too!!

    • Bwahahahahahaha!
      Oh, we’re *so* glad you didn’t, Stasha! That would have been a tough one for us to pull off! 🙂

  3. Now I totally want to eat kisses and sing The Shoop Shoop Song. Also, I definitely under-use the expression “Kiss My Grits.” I think I will try it out for a bit. (And I love that you mentioned Mel’s Diner – the memories!) 🙂

  4. Number 7 is the kiss of death for the rest of my shift whenever parents come in to purchase treatment. I end up itching all over for hours!

  5. I lovvved that movie Kissing Jessica Stein I’ve only seen it once but I remember is so clearly! That says a whole lot 🙂 I’ve never been to Kissimmee but I’m happy spring training is over because baseball is finally here! 🙂 awesome list as usual ladies!

  6. I couldn’t wait to see where you were going with this topic! Great list. Although my favourite kissing movie has got to be ‘Never Been Kissed’ – pretty much because Michael Vartan has the male lead!

    • Oh!! We totally forgot about “Never Been Kissed”! Love that movie. Drew Barrymore was so cute as the nerdy girl gone back to high school. Aw!!!

  7. Oh, I’m old enough to remember “Alice.” and was Flo not totally awesome? I waited for that line in each episode! And good call on Paul Stanley. Very good call.

    • Flo was totally awesome, Ilene! Looking back at youtube clips brought back the memories!! I’m glad we’re not the only ones who remember her!!

  8. Omg, I thought I was the only one that remembered Flo from Mel’s Diner and “Kiss My Girts”. Seriously loved that show as a kid and still use that saying every once in awhile!! Great list ladies!!

    • You’re not the only one, Janine!! We lover her! And we are absolutely working “Kiss My Grits” into everyday conversation from now on.

  9. You gals always crack me up with your lists. 🙂 Ironically enough, when I was a teenager, I loved watching The Little Mermaid because of the kiss between Prince Eric and Ariel. Why? Because I had a long distance boyfriend named Eric and I have auburn (a shade of red) hair. LOL It was like poetic justice or something. 🙂 Anyway, Eric and I didn’t work out, but the hub’s name is Aaron (Kinda close to Eric, dontcha think?) and he’s like my prince charming and I still have auburn hair and we did come from very different worlds in a lot of ways…so maybe it was just destiny that I feel in love with/related to The Little Mermaid. 🙂 {You’re welcome for filling your sappiness quota for the day. 😀 }

  10. For me the kiss you just can’t stop singing also has “mermaid” in it. “Kiss the Girl” in Little Mermaid! Oh great. Now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t stop singing! And I also can’t stop eating Hershey kisses!!

    • We didn’t even think of that one, Tamara! You’re right. That song is great!! (and needs to be heard while eating Hershey’s Kisses)

  11. I love this post. Too cute! Never seen Mel’s diner although if it is on Netflix, I would love to watch. I love that Cher song…”If you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his kiss…That’s where it is!” You’ve just made me listen to it 10 times back to back..Thanks for that!!

    Funny, you should mention KISSIMMEE…’cause that’s where I live! yay! 🙂 I kiss my husband all day here. Just, I don’t!

    I love the movie NEVER BEEN KISSED with Drew Barrymore. It’s cute and funny.

    • Whoo Hoo for Kissimmee!! And you are the second big “Never Been Kissed” fan. We can’t believe we didn’t think of that one!! 🙂

  12. Lol that tongue has been some place on can only imagine I loved the show though. My favorite Hershey kiss is the caramel filled one those papers on them are so pesky though

    • Love love LOVE the carmel filled Kisses, Kita!! (Also love the candy cane ones you can only find in December). We don’t want to think about Gene’s tongue. I think it really got around back in the day!

  13. I love that you mention Kissing Jessica Stein. I loved that movie! She’s so great. You totally see why Jon Hamm adores her. Is Jon Hamm actually in the movie? I completely don’t remember that.

    • He was, Jessica, although he played one of her bad dates. He didn’t have a huge role. She’s adorable.

  14. Ok…my favorite Kiss song is “Kiss The Girl” from the Little Mermaid! LMAO! I think my favorite kisses on screen has to be those between Fitz and Olivia on Scandal! Their scenes together are always HAWT!

    • Another Little Mermaid fan!! Yes, that one’s great!!
      And we ADORE Scandal. It’s just so good. There’s nothing else quite like it on tv today!!

  15. These are awesome! And I love the blowing a kiss goodbye! When people can do it right (like Marilyn) it’s so sexy and lovey. When you suck at it….well, it’s like watching somebody wink who closes both eyes or something.

    • Hahahahahaha. Too true, Tara. I’m glad I haven’t been video’d while blowing a kiss. I’m probably more of the “winking with both eyes closed” kind of kiss blower!! Hahahaha!

  16. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this list. I totally blew this topic off, for so many reasons. Even thought I have a tendency to twist the topic to my liking, I just couldn’t think of a way this week. You guys did it! Congrats, and love the list!

    • Sometimes they are hard and you just can’t figure a way to bend them to your liking. I think the last time we did one that was straight up about the topic was “what’s in your purse”. We love Monday Listicles!!

  17. I’m so sorry to disagree but “Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.” You forgot the Princess Bride!!

    • Oh, Rabia. HOW DID WE NOT PUT THAT IN THE POST??!! We both ADORE “The Princess Bride” and quote the movie in every day life to this day all the time. No lie. How did we not have that in there…it is breaking my heart as I type. *sob*

  18. You hit the nail on the head with Hershey’s kisses. Mom used to leave them out for John and I to eat on Saturdays.

    • There was no way we could do a post about kissing and not mention Arie. It would be unthinkable!!! 😀

  19. I knew this was in my in-box at work and I was dying to see why your title was “Kiss my grits” because, yes, I am old enough to know Mel’s Dinner and the whole gang. And yes, when I saw the title my mind immediately went there. It’s all I thought about until I could get to this.

    You had me with everything except the move. I don’t ever think I’ve seen Kissing Jessica Stein.

    • We are glad we’re not alone in our love for Flo and the gang!
      Kissing Jessica Stein is a good one, Carli! You should find it!

  20. When I saw the title of this post I was trying to remember where I heard Kiss My Grits. Oh yeah… I use to watch that show all the time! Yum, Hersheys kisses. *running to grab a piece of Easter chocolate*

  21. Great list! I’d forgotten about “Kiss my grits!” and I love the Shoop-Shoop song and that movie–must check it out again. As for Gene Simmons, ugh–no thank you! I used to watch “The Celebrity Apprentice” before the Trump started making such an ass of himself in politics, and I thought Gene Simmons was repulsive on the show! And yes, the tongue is disgusting!

  22. I’d totally go with Paul over Gene. I was wondering when you were going to get to Arie. I’m still thinking about that video in the last post about him. And I don’t even watch The Bachelor!

    Love that you include “kiss my grits”. So classic!

  23. Just got a chance to read this. And number 7 doesn’t have to be as scary as it used to be. In Charlotte, we are fortunate to have Pediatric Hair Solutions, where they take care of those pesty little buggers for you! Yes, this is an endorsement! If your child nets lice, call them. I did when I got that yucky call from the school nurse.

      • It’s pricey but worth it! And they guarantee their work! You go to their office and get an oily solution to put note hair. Wash out the oily solution with Dawn dish washing liquid. Go back the next day with COMPLETELY DRY hair, and they have a machine that dehydrates lice and nits. They are located just off Hwy 51 near Fire Station 24.

  24. I can only imagine now for the next few weeks you will be telling each other to Kiss My Grits all the time! So funny. I loved that show and I’m pretty sure I was in the cast because the episodes are so crystal clear in my head. Also, Prince singing it’s in her “Ki-his”. What was that song from the mid 80s?

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