Pinterest Nightmare #472: Ryan Gosling Mini Bust

Ashley’s birthday is several months away, but it’s never too early to start planning. I really like to give her things that she needs, even if she doesn’t know it yet. She appreciates this immensely.

I tend to pick a birthday theme for my gifts. Last year it was all about blogging. This year, I want to mix it up a bit and take it in a different direction.

If you read the blog, you know that Ashley is totally obsessed with mildly enjoys all things celebrity. One of her very favorites is Ryan Gosling. When his name is mentioned she gets glassy eyed and weak in the knees. She desperately wants him to save her life among other plans she has for him.

Now, I considered taking her to Hollywood or New York, hurling her out into traffic, and hoping he comes along to save the day, but that seems risky, you know? But what could I do to make sure I come up with the best Ryan Gosling-esque gift ever?

Why, just head to Pinterest, and search for “Ryan Gosling one of a kind”, of course!!!

Feast your eyes on this:

Pinterest Nightmare #472: Hey Girl, Soft Sculpture Ryan Gosling Mini Bust

Originally pinned from monstroddities at

Originally pinned from monstroddities at

You’re speechless, right?

It’s hard to tell which one is the movie star and which one is the sculpture.

I’m thinking it would be hard to do better than this. She could proudly display it on a kitchen shelf, or on her mantle, or maybe even lay it on her pillow next to her head at night.

It’s not that expensive at $34.99–not for that level of realism and workmanship. It’s described as being made of 100% wool, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t some dryer lint and a touch of cat hair in there especially in the sweater area.

My only concern is that it is TOO perfect. What if she becomes obsessed with it and insists on bringing it to Starbucks whenever we go? How will I ever top this present in years to come?

So, I need some help! I’m leaving you with one last photo of the mini bust that might help you render your verdict in the comment section below.

A Dose of Gosling

Should I be saying, “Oh, Pinterest. No…just no” like every other Pinterest Nightmare?                                   Or…should I consider it a match made in heaven?



Pinterest Nightmare #472: Ryan Gosling Mini Bust — 105 Comments

  1. I am thinking THAT particular Ryan would be the thing nightmares are made of.. no.. just no. And if you gave it to me I would think I had ticked you off somehow, and it would be something akin to the chicken foot curse in voodoo.

    • Ahahahaha!! That is not Ryan at his best, that’s for sure. My husband thinks it looks like a death mask, so the voodoo curse is not too far off. I might have to rethink this purchase.

  2. I think you should definitely get this! And it should go on the mantle right next to your book. The ONLY thing that could make him more perfect would be some ombre hair. No?

    (BTW I laughed OUT LOUD and may have actually lost some coffee through my nose when I read this. You girls are the cat’s meow)

    • I probably would have snatched it up already is (incredibly lifelike) hair was ombre’d. You know me so well. I’m marking you down as a “grab the credit card and buy it now” vote, Ilene.

  3. I love the goz. (Attempted autocorrect: fox. See? Even my phone knows he’s hot.)

    But I have loved him so much longer than the whole “hey girl” thing. He was Alan Bossley in Remember the Titans and has been my fan crush ever since. And people laughed?!? I knew a hunk when I saw one, but it took the rest if the world a few years to catch up.

    • I am SO impressed you autocorrect attempted to change his name to “fox”. Your autocorrect is awesome.

      You were on the cutting edge of Gosling. You are even more awesome than your autocorrect, Robin.

    • YES! That’s the perfect Franken-craft for us. Pillow and we anchor this sculpture to the neck area. It will be like we have our own private “Notebook” right in our homes. This is the stuff of dreams.

  4. I would never have thought of a ‘soft sculpture’! Brilliant. So much more portable when you are bringing him to Starbucks. Will he sit on the table? He is so life-like that you could really give him his own chair. 🙂

    • Oh, these are good questions, Kim. Should he perch on the table? I think he *deserves* his own chair, but will he be able to see down there?
      Oh, who am I kidding?! Ashley would have him on her lap the entire time. CRISIS AVERTED!! 😀

  5. I can’t believe anyone would ever think to make this! Are you sure the whole thing isn’t made of cat hair?! Would have been funny to see the look on her face!

  6. I definitely laughed out loud. I’m still laughing as I type this and my typing is all wiggly. The resemblance is uncanny. I can’t believe the low price of perfection. I expect by the time I finish writing this that you will have ordered this.

    • The low price for perfection. Very well, typed (even if it was wiggly). I haven’t ordered it yet. Ashley thinks having him around will cause the paparazzi to stalk her. We don’t get very many celebrity sightings in our neck of the woods. It could cause a stir.

    • You’re so right, Krystal. It’s got to take untold hours of work to achieve that level of realism when working in the wool medium.

    • I don’t think even that sculpture could change her devotion to Ryan Gosling. It runs that deep, Xae.

  7. You couldn’t find a chia one?
    I’d get her two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Actually three, then she could put it in the passenger seat and use the hov lane.

    • Once again, you are far wiser than your years, Bill. She really needs three to get the enjoyment that she deserves. I owe her that.

  8. Just. Say. No. !!!! I love me some Ryan Gosling, but I would hae nightmares if I had to look at that all the time! eewwww!

    • I’m more worried that the sculpture’s smell would give her nightmares…but you make a good point.

  9. OMG. OMG. OMG. I AM speechless and that almost NEVER happens. I am also a little frightened and can’t stop saying, “No…just no.” Nothing would make me less attracted to Ryan Gosling than that thing. I’m thinking that would be the only thing that would turn me off of all things Taylor Kitsch is a bust made of wool, lint and cat hair. Although it was good for a laugh. 🙂

    • Okay, I guess I’m putting you down as a “no”, then. And I highly doubt that even a soft sculpture could dampen your Taylor Kitsch love. I know it runs strong.

    • I think you’re right.
      Whatever you do, DON’T look at their Scary Clown sculpture. I might never get that image out of my mind.

    • GAH!! My husband said the same thing when he saw that top, right photo. I think Ryan possesses the intelligence and discipline to be a monk. Not sure how he’d handle the celibacy part, though.

    • Scary…or scary awesome, Britton? Until I know for sure, I’m counting you as a “buy that for her now” vote.

  10. I guess I’m going against the grain here when I ask, “Please. I beg of you, do not get this.” I would be crept out with the sculpture eyeing me in my sleep. Have we thought of any other gifts? A poster perhaps?

    • I don’t know, Andrea. I feel like she deserves something really unique. I’m not sure a poster would capture the same Gossling experience I would hope to provide. I’ll have to think on it.

    • Noted, Janine! I hope you didn’t look at any of the others up for sale. They were truly disturbing….especially the clown.

  11. I’m actually a little bit afraid that they’re might be some human hair in there as well. And those dead eyes? *shudder* That’s where hope and dreams go to die. Oh, Pinterest. No… just no.

    • Bwahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing.
      It’s best if we make no assumptions about the origins of the hair, Kristen. We’ll all sleep better that way.

  12. I’m pretty sure that is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. So, I’ll have to go with a yes for the bday present. As long as it doesn’t scare the children. She might need to keep it in her room. LOL

    • Totally creepy and thus a must. I like the way you think, Carli. (I’m sure she’d WANT to keep it in her room anyway when it’s not riding shotgun in her minivan)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen. I’m putting you in the “you are a bad friend if you don’t buy her this” column.

  13. Hahahah oh my god that thing is terrifying!! Maybe instead just buy her a collection of Ryan Gosling DVDs? And some wine. And maybe a vibrator? 🙂

    But seriously that thing looks like it would steal your soul in its sleep!

    • It’s a CREEPER!! Hahahahahahaha.
      I bet it would give Ashley sweet dreams cuddling next to her, though.

  14. No, just…………NO! It’s not right and it doesn’t look good. Surely she’s not this obsessed that she’ll appreciate this catastrophe!

    • Her love of Ryan runs deep and true, Joi. I think she’d love it–as long as it doesn’t smell funky. Oh, what am I saying. Anything with that close a resemblance to Ryan Gosling surely smells of sunshine and love.

    • I think it would creep me out, too, Amber. But I’m not as big a Ryan Gosling fan as Ashley is. 🙂

  15. I never thought dreaming about Ryan would be a bad thing. I’m having an extra vodka tonic at girls’ night tonight to make sure I dream about nothing. Yikes!

    • But did you get a *really* good look at the close shot in the bottom right corner, Amy? You really don’t think that’s the stuff of dreams? 😉

  16. YES YES YES!!!!!!! What’s with all these NO NO NO’S!!!!?????? OMGOSH- you totally have to get this for Ashley!!! And invite us all to the party and let her open in in front of us and we can video tape it and everything!!! Oh that would be the BEST party EVER!!!!! Common’ Lisa!! if you don’t…. I will!!! (Ahem…what’s your address? Will send it to you…and you better give it to her! And video tape too!)

    • Hahahaha! I can’t believe someone hasn’t already bought it out from under me! Of course it won’t be a surprise if she gets it because she had to proofread the post last night…but surprise isn’t everything. I can have other celebrity related presents that *are* a surprise.
      She’s already told me she’ll kill me if I buy it for her. So I’m probably ordering it tomorrow. It’s coming all the way from the UK. I feel that only adds to it’s mystery and beauty.

    • Disturbing yet hilarious and impossible to look away—These are all the things I look for in a birthday gift. Excellent!! 😀

  17. I fear that thing looks just enough like him to turn her off him forever.

    But a trip to NYC is an excellent way to see celebs. They roam in the wild here. Over the years, I’ve almost walked right into Gandalf, Nathan Lane, and Matthew Broderick. And when something is filming, there’s usually fans hanging out hoping for a peek. A friend of mine stalked Christian Bale repeatedly while he was filming the last Batman film.

    • Oooooh! That sounds awesome and right up her ally! (Nathan Lane…SQUEE!!) It also sounds a bit pricey, though. (and if she’s in NY she is DEFINITELY going to want to have her life saved by him. It’s going to be expected).

      For just under $35 I could provide almost the same level of excitement and celebrity magic. It seems like a good deal, right?

  18. LAWD “A MERCY! That is just…

    My former step-MIL has a business in which they make decorative things with seashells. They have done busts as well. People rave about them and pay A LOT of money. I find them creepy… not this level of creepy, but still creepy!

    • Hmmmm…it didn’t dawn on me that there might be many other kinds of busts I may need to consider. I might have to Google around. I’m pretty sure I’m happy with the level of creepy this bust brings to the table, though! 😀

    • That was my feeling exactly, Jamie. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day, especially at such a great price.

  19. I mean, seriously. How often do you get a 100% wool bust that looks like that? I vote to snatch that right up. Who knows if you’ll get the opportunity again.

    Also, the wool will keep Ashley warm in the winter. Gotta think practical.

    • Ryan deserves the world, Nellie. Ashley can give it to him if she is receives the gift of Gosling for her birthday. I’m just sayin’….

  20. Those sculptures will haunt my nightmares. They are actually a slap in the face to Ryan, who might have the most beautifully sculpted face I’ve ever seen. He’s a dreamsicle.

    If you want help breaking up him and Eva, let me know. I’m sure we can get a scheme together. If you’d like to know why they should break up (in a totally comical way), here’s a post I wrote giving the reasons.

    PERK: It has photos of his fabulousness. Have a tissue ready to wipe up your drool.

    • He does have a beautifully sculpted face. I can’t blame this artist for sculpting it for all posterity.

      (I love your piece. I know Ryan loves freedom. Reason enough to dump Eva.)

  21. Creepy! Ryan is too hot to turn out that creepy. And speaking of Ryan and creepy, I saw some stupid Yahoo Entertainment story about how singer Ryan Cabrera got a tatoo of Ryan Gosling on his leg. The tatoo turned out significantly better than this version of Ryan but I can’t help thinking it’s creepy he got it. Couldn’t resist mentioning!

    • It is a bit heebie jeebie inducing isn’t it, Stacie. Are you sure you didn’t mean to say it was a “yes”?

  22. Just this image showing up on FB gave me nightmares. Oh no. Pinterest is drunk. But the “artist”? Drunker. I totally think that’s cat hair art, you guys. Dude. No. Ashley, I love you, but Lisa’s going off the deep end here … I have to save you!!

    • I totally agree. This person might be a true master of the cat hair art. Aren’t we supposed to support the arts? 😀

  23. Word on the street is that if you buy 1 you get 2 FOR FREE!!!! Imagine a Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow (2 more Ashley ‘loves’) in a trio on her mantle. BEST GIFT EVER!!!! 😉

    • Oh, man. That is a SWEET deal. You know, she does need some other things to round out the celebrity goodness no matter which way I go with the Gos. I’ll have to get searching on Pinterest. Neil Diamond is a good idea.

  24. Yah, that is definitely nightmare and shiver worthy. At first I thought it was made with human hair…if that tells you anything. YIKES! I’m thinking, take a pass on this and throw it (literally) in the “No” pile! Sorry to ruin your birthday plans, but ya know – friends don’t let friends buy mini busts made out of wool. It is just wrong.

    • You may have sparked a new bumper sticker craze with that saying, Julie. BUT…if friends don’t let friends by mini busts made of wool….what about mini busts made of cat and/or human hair? Loophole?

      • Good point. Maybe we should amend it to include all fur and hair? “Friends don’t let friends buy mini busts that resemble regurgitated hairballs”…Does that cover all possible hair and fur? We could just shorten it to, “Friends don’t let friends buy mini busts.” *shrugs* Works for me. 😀

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