Friendship Is STILL Not Taxing

First of all, you may notice that things look a different around here today. Yes, we are attempting to redecorate our home away from home, and yes, like with our actual homes we are pretty bad at it. If you notice for the next few days/weeks/months (please God, not months!) that things look strange, stick with us please!

Secondly, as I read back over this post in preparation for surprising Lisa with it today (Happy Birthday Lisa!), it hit me all over again how true the words are. Good girlfriends are hard to find, y’all, and so I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found an amazing friend and now blogging partner in Lisa.

Lisa got a little more of a birthday present than she was bargaining for this weekend when she was struck down by the Dreaded Stomach Bug 2013, so it seems even more fitting that I can take today to tell her how much her friendship means to me…and maybe drop off some Saltines and Ginger Ale on her doorstep! 😉

One thing I will say about tax day that I actually do like, is unlike another April holiday that bounces around from year to year, springing up wherever it wants (I am looking at you Easter), tax day is always April 15th.

Lots of time to prepare and plan and be organized with your forms and your money, or if you are like my husband, you can wait year after year until just about the last possible second and squeak in at the deadline. Whatever, it isn’t like your wife will stress about it or anything.

My real favorite thing about April 15th is that it happens to be the birthday of one of my besties. You know the friends who come along in your lifetime, and you think to yourself, well, even if it means hanging on to the bumper of their minivan while they attempt to drive away, I am NEVER letting this person go. The true friend, nothing fair weather about them at all, pure, honest, good girlfriend through and through.

Now, I am super lucky because I actually have a handful of these kinds of women in my life, some going all the way back to high school and some who came along during the baby mommy phase and then my friend Lisa, who happens to be the subject of this post.

Our girls bonded in Junior Kindergarten, thanks to our clicking and have been besties themselves ever since. I think I have told her this before, but Lisa was the chair of the Lower School Parent’s Association when Emma started school, so I first really noticed her at back-to-school night when she introduced herself. I remember leaning over to Robert that night and saying how totally fantastic she seemed and that I hoped I could get to know her. Lucky for me, I stalked managed to run into her enough places that we struck up a friendship.

She and I talk every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, about everything under the sun. We email so much it is a wonder that we even have anything left to talk about over the phone—but we do! Thank God for unlimited text messaging or my kids could never go to college!

I greatly admire the way she mothers her children and since becoming her friend, I look to her for advice at pretty much every turn because I know that she will tell me the truth, but never in a way that would be hurtful or unkind. She is the validating kind of girlfriend, and I cannot say this enough, if you don’t have those kinds of girlfriends, this marriage and motherhood gig is going to break you.

She makes me laugh to the point that if I was not a regular Kegel practicing mom, I would probably need to hit up Lisa Rinna for some of those Depends. Her emails alone can have me sitting at my computer laughing out loud by myself. Someday, when she is not expecting it and I am not actually trying to give her a non-embarrassing birthday gift, I will totally share some of them here. Ssshhh, don’t tell her, let’s let it be a surprise!

More than all of the good times, though, what makes a true friend, well, true, is how they fare when the weather gets rough in life. How when you can be sitting in an emergency room waiting room on a Sunday night, having just been called by your mother’s nursing home because she was found unresponsive and look up and there is that friend to wait with you. How she can know the deep dark reality of exactly how you feel about your mother, so complicated and overwhelming in the complexity of feelings and emotions, and still a year later take you to lunch on the anniversary of her death armed with cards and candy. Because she knows, she knows, that is exactly what you need.

One of my 2012 goals is to tell the people in my life more often how much I care about them, because, you just never know, right? And because honestly, people should hear that they matter, that what they are doing does not go unnoticed, that their presence in your life is essential. So, today, I choose to say to Lisa…Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet! I hope you know that you are loved.

P.S. In addition to all the other fabulous things about “Miss Weesa”, as Abby calls her, she proofreads all my blog posts to make sure I don’t do something stupid like leave out a comma or forget a word. Since I obviously couldn’t show her this one, I am having to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best!

Obviously, we all know she still does that and more now that I have threatened her enough with revealing all of her hilarious emails and made her officially join the blog! 🙂



Friendship Is STILL Not Taxing — 58 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope you’re feeling better..
    Got a little pang for my best friends today. I don’t have just one, and I’ve struggled with that/liked that on and off for years, but if I did, I’d be showing up at her door right now with a “Just ’cause” balloon. I think I’ll do that for my two or three best friends…

  2. The new look is looking great so far, love the colors.

    Lisa, happy birthday to you friend!!! My entire household had the stomach bug it was nothing short of awful. Feel better!

    This made me cry because I don’t know what we would do without strong friends to hold our hands during the hard times and laugh till it hurts everyday.

  3. Happy Birthday to Lisa good friends come every so often but great friends when you have them keep them no matter what. I am going to be changing up my website soon also so I am with you.

  4. Happy Birthday Lisa.. having lost my own mother a little over a year ago I had one person who was there out of nowhere. She came to the hospital and sat with me late into the night. Went to church because I was on her heart and had them pray over her for me, which opened a door that night that I was afraid was closed tight. They are hard to find

  5. Happy Birthday, Lisa!!! I love the friendship you guys have. Truly, it is so special and after reading this, I called my best friend and told her how much I love her and need her. I just love you guys so much that I wish I was there to drop off Saltines with you and then when she is feeling better, take her out to really celebrate. I hope the stomach bug leaves you soon, Lisa!

  6. Happy Birthday to Lisa! What a wonderful post on your friendship! Good friends like that are rare gems…hold onto them!! And I love the new look…hard for me not to, since green is my favorite color….

  7. Happy Birthday to Lisa, I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad you and Ashley are such good friends and share a great sense of humor.

  8. Awwn, such a beautiful post, Ashley 🙂 Made me tear up and miss my bestie. You girls are so lucky to have found each other.
    Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope you have a wonderful day 😀

  9. A very touching and sweet message, and no doubt she will love it. April must be birthday season cause there are so many! You girls are like two scoops of ice cream on the birthday cake of life. Everyone can enjoy! Happy Birthday to half the dose!

  10. First, Happy Birthday, Lisa! I hope your day is awesome! Second, I am so glad, Ash, that you and Lisa are besties. I had a bestie in your mom and she was all of the things you describe here and more. I miss her every single day, and I know I will never find another like her. I am blessed with many close friends, but I am not sure I will ever truly have that kind of friend – the one who called me all the time and whom I called – and yes, it was sometimes multiple times per day. Toward the end of her life, the calls became less, obviously because of her situation, and it was hard being so very far away from her during that time. Hang on to each other, because this kind of friendship really does not come along for everyone – you are so lucky and so blessed to have this in your lives. Can’t wait for the blog on Lisa’s e-mails! Love you!

  11. Happy Birthday, Lisa! It is so amazing to see what an awesome friendship you 2 have. I wager to say that you are closer than sisters, and that’s something special. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon, too, Lisa. And, Ashley, this is a great post bragging on your bestie! Love it! 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for your well wishes and happy birthdays y’all! 🙂 Just talked with Lisa, and she is making a full recovery slowly but surely…your comments are definitely making her smile while she hugs the toilet! 😉

  13. I am crying all over my laptop right now –
    I 100% know that kind of bestie that you describe, Ashley, and I am so very very lucky to have one myself. When I was in the ER with my daughter a few months back, I texted mine and she was by my side within minutes. I am so blessed as are the two of you to have each oter.
    Let’s hear it for best girlfriends and Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

  14. Beautiful tribute to your friend- it is obvious you don’t need anyone else to tell you how lucky you are to have each other! Thanks for sharing even a little bit of your amazing partnership with us, your lucky readers! And good luck with the renovation- so far so good! Oh, and Lisa Rinna- Depends! HAHAHA!

  15. EVERYONE NOW: Happy Birthday TO YOU!!! Happy Birthday TO YOU!!! Happy BIRTHDAY dear LISA!!!!!! (CHA CHA CHA) Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! (Cluck cluck cluck – EAT MORE CHICKEN!)
    (My kids’ version- I thought it would be appropriate- unless you ate chicken before you barfed… and I guess if you are so nauseous, the thought of chicken or any foul makes you puke some more… or actually any food for that matter… accept perhaps saltines and ginger ale… ) Okay- delete the last part, okay Ashley? 😉 I gotta go eat some chicken… now I’m hungry.

  16. I’m back, cause I forgot to say how much I ADORE you both- but I will give an EXTRA ADORE to dear lisa!!! Adore ADORE ADORE ADORE!!!! Feel better soon sweet friend…so so sorry you’re sick!!! 🙁

  17. Happy birthday Lisa! I certainly hope that stomach bug leaves you soon! I love the friendship you girls have. You can tell that you two are thicker than thieves!

  18. Happy Birthday Lisa. Hope you’re feeling better. Genuine friendships are the best! Btw, I like the new blog button and the header…greater things are in store…can’t wait to see them all. blessings!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lisa !!!!! 🙂
    Ashley – It is really something special when you have people that special to you in your life. You are one smart cookie to hold onto this “keeper”!

  20. Such a wonderful tribute to your friend. It’s so hard to find people who really understand you and are there for you at the most taxing times; and you’re lucky enough to have found that person. Happy birthday Lisa!

  21. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! (And I like the new look, ladies, I noticed the avatar in the SITS roll call). I agree it is important to let people important people in your life know you care about them, and I can tell how much you ladies mean to each other!

  22. Y’all all rock for these fantastic comments, and I can report that Lisa is definitely on the mend…pretty sure your fabulous birthday messages were way more effective than Gatorade and toast! 😉 🙂

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Lisa! (Hope you feel better, stomach bugs=suck) It’s Spring, so why not add and change the blog around, I made a few changes too. You two gals are lucky to have such a great friendship!

  24. What a lovely birthday tribute! I feel lucky to know both of you! I’m going to have to find myself a blogging partner by July so someone will write a beautiful and touching post for me. 🙂 I hope you had a happy birthday, Lisa!

  25. Happy Birthday to Lisa! This friendship is one that all of us (women) should have. I don’t have a friend to this capacity, but I have a sister who is exactly one year younger than me. I could have not a friend in the world, but if I have her, I know I can make it!

  26. Happy born day Lisa. I’m sure my daughter thought about you yesterday when she blew out her candles. Enjoy every bit your your YEAR. You’ll be 21 for at least one year, so enjoy it! Also, nice logo ladies!

  27. Hi,everyone!! I just wanted to let you all know how much I love, love, LOVED reading all of your birthday wishes and thoughts on friendship. I feel so very lucky to be able to call all of you “friend” and so completely blessed to have found a bestie like Ashley. Someone who supports you, “gets” you, knows all your secrets, and loves you anyway is worth their weight in Starbucks (which I value over gold).

    I’d give you all a hug and a big *MWAH*…but I’m not 100% sure that I’m not still contagious. So I’ll just wave at you from afar! 😀

  28. Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa! I’m sure your day was great and I hope you all are over that bug! SN: Why after all this time reading your blog I thought you ladies were sisters? Really…WHY did I think that?!? LOL!

  29. Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa! I hope you enjoyed your day and I hope you all are over that nasty stomach bug! SN: Why, after reading your blog all this time I thought you were sisters? Really…why did I think that? I LOVE the new look! Can’t wait to see more!

  30. Happy Belated Bday, Lisa! What a wonderful post, Ashley. True friends are hard to come by. I used to envy people who had long lasting friendships with people since childhood, high school or college. But I realized you can find those folks late in life, too. I did. Two of them. And no matter how far apart you physically are, when you get together or talk, it’s like no time has passed. Cheers to your collaborations personally and professionally.

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