Sometimes More Than Books Are Found At The Library

Finding friends among bloggers is absolutely, hands down the daily gift of toiling away at this little blog of ours. Even though we have never actually met in real life the majority of the people whose words inspire us and make us laugh, we are connected.

One such connection is to our friend Ilene who writes the amazing blog, The Fierce Diva Guide To Life, which we are always anxious to see come across our feed with a new post. (In blogger speak, a feed is what we use to stalk check in on our favorite writers.) She just has such an incredible way with words and always leaves us nodding our heads or sniffling into our keyboards.

Recently, we read one of her posts and immediately called each other. It was that total psychic friend connection, as we had both read it almost at the same time. Our words were almost identical. We were both in tears and knew that we had to share this post with our readers.

It is about love and loss and connection and the tiny little moments that truly matter. Here is a glimpse….

“A.” worked at a desk on the ground floor with a stack of paper 1040’s to his right.  He wore a business suit and tie.  I took him to be around 80.

I had gotten his name from my mother, as in years past, he and my stepfather worked side by side offering free tax preparation assistance at the public library.

I had been hiding from my tax returns this year.  Fortunately, during the days when I made money, I had the good sense not to spend all of it on vacations and designer handbags and put some away.

Yet, more recent times called for a different kind of sensibility. I put those handbags up on eBay. I sold off some of the money that Wall Street had held for me for the past decade.  And while I “sold high” to get the most bang for my buck, selling high meant I owed “the man” in on the action.

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Thank you Ilene for allowing us to feature you and share your words with our readers!



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