It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy

As many of you know, I had the Dreaded Stomach Bug 2013 on my birthday earlier this week. Sadly, my birthday festivities with Ashley had to be postponed.

But today I rallied! I took a shower, dried my hair, put on makeup, and dressed myself in non-pajamas for the first time in over a week. Whoo Hoo!!

As we drove away to lunch, I grabbed her iPod to search out some Barry Manilow as I sometimes do. Instead I found a playlist that nearly sent me into a tailspin.

Me: Hey, what kind of songs do you have in your “The Daily Dose” playlist?

Ashley: Oooh, those are songs I play at least once a day. They’re awesome!

Me: Great! I’ll play this list because…..OMG…what’s happening to my ears????

Ashley: What do you mean? You are being treated to some of the greatest songs ever written.

Me: Make it stop. It’s like torture.

Ashley: I think your ears must be stopped up from being sick or something. These are CLASSICS, Lisa.

Me: Classically cheesy maybe.

Ashley: Did the certified Fanilow just call my songs cheesy?

So I wondered…is it me? Has my musical taste suddenly vanished since turning a year older?

We’re going to let you guys decide. We’ve devised a challenge for you.

Below are 4 songs. THREE of these songs assaulted my ears from Ashley’s Daily Dose Playlist (Please let that sink in. She listens to three of these songs DAILY. That’s EVERY SINGLE DAY, people!) ONE of these songs does NOT actually appear on her iPod at all. (Much to her dismay, I might add.)

And there’s a lot riding on this.

If you all can correctly identify which one song Ashley DOES NOT currently own, I will buy it for her immediately.  If you get it wrong, Ashley will make a “Daily Dose” playlist on my iPod and download ALL FOUR SONGS to it.

Me: Now, wait a second. What kind of bet is this? I totally lose either way!

Ashley: No, you actually *win* either way. If our peeps get it right, you will buy me a fantastic song and I’ll play it all the time when we ride around. If our peeps get it wrong, I’m getting you four great songs to begin your own new Daily Dose Playlist. WIN.

Ugh. I think you’ll quickly see, there are no winners here:


Peter Cetera:  The Glory of Love


Richard Marx:  Should’ve Known Better


Michael Bolton:  How Can We Be Lovers


Bryan Adams:  (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

You feel me now, don’t you?



UPDATE! MYSTERY REVEALED: Oh guys,  I’m shattered. I was totally counting on you to get this one right to save me from the horror of Ashley’s hideous playlist on my iPod. But peeps…you failed me. *sob*  Ashley is loading up my iPod with her easy listening nightmares as I type this. If she tries to slip in some Air Supply I’m going to take to my bed. 

CLICK HERE to find out which of the above tunes Ashley didn’t have on her playlist.




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  1. OK. Placed my vote based on the fact that one of the songs – although COMPLETELY awesome – is a bit of a different style. And I can honestly say that if I were to have these songs on a playlist, I would likely play it daily as well.

    • Right? I mean, aren’t they ALL just fantastic??!! Poor Lisa. I think she was just still recovering from her illness! 😉

  2. Okay, I am going to admit something here that I don’t admit often. Glory of Love was my song with an ex-boyfriend. And Everything I Do, I Do For You, yeah, I kissed a really hot guy to that song. I might be swimming in Ashley’s cheese pool. However, none of them are on my iPod so you can still love me, Lisa. 🙂

    • Clearly, you need to remedy this right my friend! Your iPod is crying out for these trips down memory lane! 😉

      • I will always love you, AnnMarie! (cue Whitney song).
        You don’t actually have any of these on your iPod, so I think that pretty much says it all! 😀 –L

      • Okay, it’s been fixed. Two of them have been added to my musical collection. The other two…I just can’t do. My sister used to sing “How can we be lovers if we can’t make the bed?” for the Michael Bolton one and the Richard Marx song reminds me of a bad break-up.

  3. bwahahaah!!!!!! 😛 I love you guys. I don’t have these on my iPod, phones, iTunes, but I know ’em, does that count? And I can sing along and definitely WOULD if I heard them. Sigh… off to try to figure this out. And Lisa? At this point I’m thinking I might have a better chance guessing what’s on YOUR iPod after seeing this list. ;>

    • Challenge accepted! Lisa has quite the eclectic collection on her iPod! 😉
      You get full credit for knowing these songs…and being willing to sing along is a complete added bonus! 🙂

      • But remember… Andrea–who we know has good taste–doesn’t have any of these on her iPod and doesn’t play them daily! Even I sang along to them yesterday…it’s the purposefully listening to them every day that is the test. And so far, I don’t think even one person has said they own these. I’m just sayin’ 😀 –L

    • RIGHT??? I mean, right Nellie!!?? How? I think she must have not have actually owned music in the ’80’s or something! 😉

        • I will stand my ground on Bryan Adams, my mother forced me to listen to easy listening radio while I ate my frosted flakes every morning before school. Now I have hundreds of 80s songs on my ipod that remind me of my childhood lol

  4. Awww, I’m at work and can’t even listen to the songs! I can, however, see the titles of the songs and names of the artists, and let me tell you that Michael Bolton MUST be on the playlist! It’s a must.

    • Bwah ha ha ha Andrea! I am SO SORRY that you are unable to enjoy the easy listening from the ’80’s at your office…that is just really sad.

  5. Ok, so I totally voted for the one song I didn’t recognize by title from a movie or from my trips on the school bus in the 80s, early 90s (Richard Marx: Should’ve Known Better). I will admit that I do not listen to music normally, but if I do it is normally that mood music stuff that is instrumental set to nature sounds (Christmas being the exception for sure – I listen to Christmas music a lot during the holiday season). I do like to play the piano, though, but radio and other music of any sort just don’t work their way into my daily life. My hubby has dubbed me “the music hater”, which is so not true. I just have to be in a certain mood to listen to it, ya know? *braces for verbal crucifixion* I do sing or hum regularly, though, ironically enough…Just sayin’. *gulps, looks both ways and runs before I can be beaten*

    • I happen to be a big fan of Christmas music as well, so I will let you off the hook for the fact that you are into the classics from the ’80’s. But I won’t lie…it makes me sad for you! 😉

      • LOL I’ll take what I can get! 🙂 I have a friend who is a HUGE 80s fan…She would love this list! 🙂 And she probably knows all these songs by heart, I have no doubt! I only remember some of the words and the beat – I DID listen to them every day on the bus in my most formidable years, after all. 🙂 They are the type of songs you hear in a store and go, “I know that song! That was playing on the bus when…” Ahhh…The memories. 🙂

          • At least I didn’t fail you, Lisa! There are always ear plugs…Just sayin’. 🙂 Best of luck to you as you adjust!

            To Ashley: In truth, it was win-win for you. Enjoy, but maybe give Lisa a day off now and then for being a good sport? 🙂 Who knows, she may end up being a fan if you don’t push her too hard. 😉

  6. Wow, now I have “How Can We Be Lovers” in my head and my three-year-old is looking at me kinda funny. These are the kinds of songs that I can make fun of, but secretly love because they remind me of being a kid and not knowing anything about anything, but imagining that love and marriage were just like in an 80’s and 90’s movie. Win!

    • Love this comment Tamara! I totally agree with you, when I hear these I find myself back in the days of Trapper Keepers and doodling boy’s names on my notebook! 😉

      • They do totally take you back. I’ll give you all that. And I did love that Robin Hood movie back in the day…but I was young and impressionable. That’s my excuse! –L

  7. Oh wow! I may be offending one of you here…maybe both of you, but except Bryan Adams (That one is awesome :D), I am deeply regretting listening to these songs.

    • Oh Xae. 🙁 How sad for you that you could not enjoy the fantastic music here…you are really missing out! 😉

      • Oh, you are not offending me, Xae! Those songs are an assault on all that is right and good. Blech!! –L

  8. I love Ashley, but she doesn’t like good music. There have only been a few good songs since the early 70’s in my (correct) opinion. And none of these 4 are in that category. Quite the opposite. It is a shame, because her husband Robert does have good taste in msic, but it hasn’t rubbed off on Ashley.

    • That just hurts my heart John. And Robert’s heart, too, if you want to know the truth…he is 100% in agreement with you on this sentiment!

        • I still love her, too. She can’t help it. She’s younger than the rest of us and the 80s music got ahold of her at her most impressionable age. I’m just going to have to keep a closer eye on the iPod from now on. –L

  9. Ok, first off–glad you are feeling better! And I have to tell you, I don’t know Ashley, but I LOVE her taste in cheesy music! Those ARE total classics and I would have totally listened to any and all! However, I felt (sort of like that Seseme Street classic, one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong), that the Michael Bolton one would have not been on that list. I’m probably wrong, but either way, GREAT songs! I can really relate to you guys, I think we grew up in the same era. And please make sure you add a Phil Collins and a Lionel Richie to that ‘dose folder of tunes.’ Very good gals! 🙂

    • Oh Karen, you are one of my new favorite people!! Of course, Phil Collins and Lionel Richie are on my playlist! Hello, is it me you’re looking for?! 😉

      • Now wait! Phil Collins and Lionel Richie do NOT belong on a list with these 4 songs. Phil and Lionel are awesome and timeless. Like Barry Manilow. –L

  10. It better be Michael Bolton, he’s despicable. Like you said, makes your ears hurt.
    I like your Barry Manilow joke. It must be a joke because there really aren’t any Barry Manilow fans, and if there were they certainly would never judge any other songs.

    • HA HA HA HA!! Your last paragraph was so funny I called and read it to Lisa immediately!! This comment rocks!

      • Excellent evaluation of Bolton, Bill! I concur!
        But you need to know that we Fanilows are legion in number and very, very real. He writes the songs, after all. –L

  11. Oh, man! I feel the cheese oozing out of me. I have almost all of these except the Glory of Love. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to it.

      • I am reeling from this comment. You have excellent taste and style which is evident from your blog, Khloe. Yet, you own these songs? It just doesn’t compute!! 😀 –L

  12. No matter what happens, Lisa, your taste in music is just fine. Those are some of the worst songs ever. Ever!!! I hate that Bryan Adams song. It’s so cheesy and gets stuck in my head way too easily!

    Glad you’re feeling better, though! 🙂

      • Yay! I just knew I’d get some back up from Tara on this one!! We’ve talked music a bit on her awesome blog and her taste is impeccable! 🙂 –L

  13. Ah, the Glory of Love. Not on my playlist, but if it plays on the radio I will totally sing along. Reminds me of Karate Kid. And hey, we all need a little cheesy in our days … I just don’t think you can listen to these songs and not get a goofy grin on your face. 🙂

  14. I listen to a lot of songs that people question. But even I may need to question these choices. Michael Bolton, Ashley? I thought we were close to the same age. But now I’m not so sure. LOL

    • Exactly, Carli. I actually love almost all music. I happily listen to and own pop, rock, punk, dubstep, oldies, classical, opera, country, bluegrass, R&B..and the list goes on and on. There is very little that I won’t listen to…but even I have my limits. That’s saying something! –L

      • I just don’t think you two realize the power of Michael’s lyrics AND hair!! Maybe you need to put on some legwarmers before listening?! 😉

  15. OMG!!!! I’m dying here of laughter!! Thank God I finished my coffee before I read this…I just took a guess based on my favorite song…who wouldn’t love Bryan Adams?!?

    But I do admit, none are on my playlists either… 😉

    • Thank God we did this post so our readers can update their playlists…clearly, y’all have been missing valuable songs this whole time! You’re welcome America! 😉

  16. I cast my vote! I think the only song I have is the last one… and now that is stuck in my head. Oh, my husband met Michael Bolton before a concert at the casino here (I didn’t go). He wasn’t impressed with the “man diva” attitude.

  17. I’m totally clueless! I grew up only listening to “Christian” music but I knew one of those songs so I voted for that one. I figure, if I know it, it must’ve been pretty popular. lol. I’m excited to see the results.

    • Awww, Tanya, that is just sad. And Lisa probably just cried about Steve Winwood. You are really missing out on some good music!

      • I *do* love Steve Winwood. Is that wrong? But I fully support a station change with Richard Marx…obviously. –L

  18. Oh you POOR thing Lisa!! I mean seriously after all you’ve been through and Ashley makes your ears explode too??!!! I can’t wait WAIT to find out which one it is!!! I’m not saying which one I guessed… will anxiously see if I’m right and then BAM I will delightfully sing it proud!!! Those are all pretty cheesy… I could add so many to that list… oh so many. Us 80’s girls like the cheese. 🙂

  19. Let the 80’s/90’s music play! Confession: I just put one of these on my to-purchase list. I placed a good old-fashioned guess vote, but can’t wait to find out the actual winner!

    • Oh Stephanie. 🙁 I am thinking maybe you not spending enough time listening to these musical geniuses! 😉

      • “Auditory Nightmares”. Love it!! That will be the name of my playlist if Ashley downloads these horrible things to my iPod. –L

    • 8th grade romance was all about the longing and emotion, wasn’t it?! Cetera captured it all…back then. Key words…”back then” –L

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