Pinterest Nightmare #618: Color Paw Pet Nail Appliques

We all love our pets.

They are our faithful, furry little companions who accompany us through life’s ups and downs. They give us their complete devotion and all they ask for in return is food, water, shelter, and a little bit of attention.

That is…until Pinterest came along.

Pinterest Nightmare #618: Color Paw Pet Appliques


Color Paw Pet Nail Appliques as pinned from











Once your pet sees this pin come up in its Pinterest feed, there is no going back…and thank goodness for that!!

Gone are the days that our pets have to walk around with shabby looking nails like they don’t even know that it’s sandal season! That’s just humiliating for everyone.

Thanks to Color Paw, our pets can now have the Pinterest pretty nails they crave. What a relief, right?!

And talk about fun! We all know our pets adore sitting very, very still while we fiddle around with their nails and paws. Think of all the hours of quality time you can spend bonding with your kitty as you get that daisy placement just right oh its dew claw!

I have only two tiny concerns.

Once I start down the path of puppy pedicures, how often do i have to change out the design? If I slack off and let her go a few weeks with the same appliques, will a snooty pomeranian give her the side-eye and mean girl her at the dog park? That’s a lot of pressure.

I also worry that nail beauty will overtake my fur baby’s life. What if she refuses to play fetch or jump for a frisbee because she doesn’t want to break a nail?

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.



Pinterest Nightmare #618: Color Paw Pet Nail Appliques — 83 Comments

  1. I fostered a dog that came to us with a puppy pedicure! I thought it was such an odd thing but now I know – it’s a full blown Pinterest trend! Oh, too funny!

    • I’d think so, Kim. My dog eats anything. An applique would be a goner with her. But maybe she would stop digging holes in my yard if her nails were nice and she didn’t want to ruin them!

  2. Did that site have any doggie hair coloring kits? My black lab is more salt and pepper in his advanced age, and I think his self esteem would benefit from some touch-ups to go with his blinged out nails. His teeth are pretty yellow, too. Maybe I’ll talk to the vet about a teeth whitening treatment. Thanks for reminding me that just because I’ve let my appearance slide, I shouldn’t let my pet suffer the same fate!

    • Hahahaha. I can’t stop laughing. I now feel very guilty because it’s not fair to my dog to be crudely groomed just because I’ve let myself go!!!

  3. Who comes up with this stuff?! My nails don’t look that good. I’m so glad my dogs haven’t heard about this trend because I am sure their self esteem would be suffering as a result. I say no to hair bows too!

    • Excellent point, Michelle. Their self esteem would TOTALLY suffer if they only knew what we were denying them!

    • Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, Joi. We would not stand in your way. Let it fly. These stupid things certainly deserve your wrath!

  4. Ain’t gonna happen with my cat, not ever. I totally see people buying these things and paying some poor soul to put them on their pet for them. I feel so bad for dog groomers everywhere – your job just got that much more interesting (and by interesting, I mean dangerous) with those who MUST get the latest and greatest Pinterest trend in the form of nail appliques for pets! Can you imagine THAT convo? I’d so charge triple…because I so know I’d end up in the hospital after trying to put those on someone’s “Pookie” (You know, the enraged doberman who was irritated enough with the bow, but now you gotta do the nails, too, and that was just ENOUGH ALREADY?). Yes, can we say someone is getting sued? YIKES!

    • My dog would look at me like I was insane and eat them off her nails immediately. My cat would have your carotid sliced before you even got the adhesive backing off the first flower.

      • Same here with my cat! I can’t even trim her nails without taking my life into my own hands, so no way am I going to try to apply those! I think it would be a family slaughter, hands down. Total nightmare!

  5. Well doing my bi-monthly blog catch up and love it (the post not the appliqués)! I could just see my little Lucy’s humiliation at the dog park (let’s pretend that with taking care of three kids I have the time and energy to go to the dog park) when she turns up with plain nails, bc let’s face it, I haven’t had a pedicure in 2 months, get to the back of the line Lucy!

    • Now dog pedicures are just another thing that comes before taking care of yourself, Allison! Mom gets the short end of the stick…again!

  6. My childhood dog used to come back from her grooming (we couldn’t do it ourselves -she was a Samoyed) with dorky bows. And sure, it was cute for about five minutes until she shook her head vigorously until they flew off. She was like, “!” I imagine if you did this to your dog, you could expect to find droppings in your favorite shoes. Well deserved ones!

    • Well deserved surprises would be found in your shoes…if they didn’t just eat the shoes themselves for spite!

    • You are seriously RISKING YOUR LIFE when you cut my cats nails. She doesn’t need an additional reason to draw blood. But this would give her one!

    • Never underestimate the number of dumb things you can find on Pinterest, Bill. Pinterest is a gift that never stops giving.

    • Hahahaha. Have you seen dogs in..SHOES, Kate? I saw one recently. SHOES!! How is anyone supposed to see your paw appliques in shoes anyway?

  7. Sure, no problem getting my psycho kitty to sit still for this. I might as well just do it at the hospital so they can get started on my stitches. You guys are doing a good job of finding the most bizarre products imaginable.

  8. I think this is just as ridiculous as clothes on a pet. Do you know how hot they are with fur and then something on top of that? Especially in the summer…!

    • That’s a very responsible decision. I have two pets and they are shamefully bare nailed. I ought to take my responsibilities as a pet owner more seriously.

  9. HAhah that is stupid ridiculous! The other night I was painting my toenails and B joked I should paint Gypsy’s. It was a JOKE, mind you.

  10. I was laughing just from the title. I had visions of Jeffrey and his reaction to said nail art. I already make him wear a girly collar. It’s just a shame that I had his front pages declawed. He could have been solo pretty!

    • Jeffrey would have been so stylish! Obviously, you are out of luck now, though. Nothing would be worse than fancy polish only on the back paws! 😉

  11. Wow! Just wow! I barely have time to do my own nails and when I do I’m usually picking at the nail polish within 24 hours. The only thing I really take care of are my toes…living in flip-flop central you have to have nice feet…screw your hands! So no, not for my dog or cat…if I had one anyways.

    • Having to keep up your toes at all times is practically a full-time job Krystal…can’t imagine trying to have a year-round pedicure!

      • Its not easy. Luckily there is lots and lots of sand around here to help and I’ve gotten pretty good at using nail polish. I was even brave enough to post a picture of my feet recently!

  12. Girls, I love your pinterest reports. I can’t believe some of this hoop-lolly is for real! And from a previous post, I also LOVED the one about what else you learn in college. Genius! Happy weekend! I’m going to go listen to Kenny Loggins Almost Paradise now to reiterate Ashley’s good taste in cheesy music, yet again. 🙂

    • Oh Karen, you made our day! Or Ashley’s day…Almost Paradise is the best!
      Glad you are enjoying the Pinterest posts…isn’t it just crazy what is out there?! 😉

  13. I don’t even pay for my child to get her nails done I wonder how much something like this would run me….hmmmm they come up with all types of things but I am not surprised.

  14. My mother used to do stuff like this to her mini-poodle. Poor pooch. Always had some bow stuck to her ear or neon painted fingernails. This was pre-Pinterest. I hope she NEVER joins that site. LOL

  15. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this article. Ha! Very entertaining.

    My daughter-in-law just put cat claw caps on her cats toenails. The black cat has lime green caps and the calico has hot pink. They look so stylin’!

    Visiting from SITS.

    • So funny! Did the cats handle it well when she did it? I feel like mine would attempt to murder me! 😉

  16. I would never do this to my dogs. Not only are they both males, it takes two of us to just trim their nails. Besides, my husband dislikes me putting clothes on them… he’d probably divorce me if I even attempted this! lol

  17. I think this gets filed away with other unnecessaries, like pet sweaters. I think sometimes people forget that these are ANIMALS, not humans. Right?

  18. Seriously, I think these people need to find a better hobby. Poor dogs probably get mocked when out walking through the neighborhood. Especially the poor male dogs whose owners treat them like babies. How are they ever going to be taken seriously by the other dogs? They lose all street cred.

    • All street cred Robin. How can they possibly expect to fit in with the macho, alpha dogs while sporting pink nails?! 😉

  19. That is horrendous. I haven’t been around long enough to know if Pinterest Nightmare #618 is ACTUALLY the 618th thing that you have happened upon, but if so, I am hoping you will put a link to the entire list so I can peruse these in my downtime. They are crazy, yet addicting to look at! Lol. Happy Sharefest ladies.

    • Hahahahaha. It’s not really the 618th, Jennifer. We just randomly assign numbers. We didn’t want to start with #1 and go to 2…..3…..4….because we thought we’d only find one or two every few months. But, now that we’re on the look out for them, we realize there is a a huge selection of hideous things on Pinterest and that was something we didn’t have to worry about!

    • And you know your dog would not like it when they became chippy and would INSIST you keep up with its nail maintenance!

    • I don’t need my dog refusing to go for a run so she doesn’t mess up her nail appliques. It could happen.

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