Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

School is winding down for the year in our neck of the woods which always leaves us in a bit of a panic. We know some people love the relaxed schedule summer brings, but we are not those people. The summer and it’s willy-nilly atmosphere doesn’t suit us. Plus, it provides almost unlimited togetherness for the siblings to “enjoy” each other’s company. This fills us with dread.

In an attempt to console ourselves that summer isn’t really that bad, we made a list of things even *we* won’t miss about school. We are going to try to think of these in July when we’ve sent everyone to their rooms for the 4th time that day. That will totally work, right?

  • Dioramas (Or any other project that must be completed at home): After all, who wants to spend time lounging on the couch catching up on back episodes of “The Real Housewives” when they could be helping a second grader magically transform toothpicks and pipe cleaners into an Indian Village from the 1800’s? Oh, right. Us.


Please note that a pizza box was used as the backdrop. Does this mean we are upcyclers now?


  • Getting Them Dressed in the Morning:  The pre-dawn hours are not always the best time to have a fashion discussion. Sometimes our children don’t like the school outfits we suggest, despite our flawless fashion history. Can you believe it?! We let a lot fly in the summer because who cares what you wear to Target or a trip to the zoo, but we have actual standards for school attire. You can imagine the joy this brings to our households before it’s even 7am!

AbbyAsHannahMontanaNice try pairing it with a conservative black turtleneck and cable knit tights, but this outfit was officially VETOED for school use. Let the crying begin.


  • Carpool: Okay, you KNOW how we feel about carpool. We’ve been completely vocal with our stabby feelings for the Mary Sues who make us look like slackers because they show up an hour early to pick up when we merely arrive on time. But you can’t forget the anarchists who disregard societal rules and just pull up to the front of an already established line to magically become first. And what about the people who ignore all signage and park in the middle of the carpool line causing congestion by making us all swerve around their inert vehicle to pull forward? Yep, we won’t miss this rage inducing school feature at all during the dog days of summer no matter how exhausted we are.

Yes, yes. We know you are very special, but we’d appreciate it if you followed the rules like the rest of us.


  • LICE: Oh sure, it’s *possible* for your child to contract lice somewhere other than than school, but when was the last time that happened? It’s always the call from the school nurse that sends a shiver down our spines because there is always an outbreak afoot during the elementary school years. Who doesn’t live in fear of a call that will send you boiling all of your bedding in hot water and bagging up every stuffed animal you can find? The fear of lice alone is almost enough to make us consider homeschooling.


 We don’t bat an eye if the kids start scratching during the summer. We chalk it up to dry skin or heat rash and go about our day. 


  • Fundraisers: Nothing produces the school spirit in your child like the opportunity to sell stuff and win “valuable” prizes like a patriotic eagle pencil or a plastic mini Slinky shaped like a flower. Once you’re finished hitting up all the grandparents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, you’re expected to pick up the slack and buy the rest of the cookie dough or raffle tickets yourself. Our checkbooks get a well deserved break from this nonsense in the summer.

Of course I’d love to buy a subscription to “Saltwater Fisherman’s Digest”, dear! It will make a nice companion to the “American Bass Wrangler” subscription I bought last year. 


Okay. We’ve made ourselves feel so much better. There are plenty of things about school that we will be glad to escape during the summer!! Yay!! We’re really glad that it’s almost summertime!

Oh, who are we kidding?

Summer Vacation

We’re already counting down the days until school starts in August.


Is summer more lazy, hazy or crazy for you? Are you looking forward to the joy that is summer vacation or are you shuddering at the thought of all those endless days like we are?




Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer — 116 Comments

  1. Since I homeschool, summer vacation actually means less work for me….but by the time we are halfway through, my daughter is bored with the long days, and we usually end up throwing some small lessons back into our days.

    • That totally makes sense. So…no lice scares AND you get to look forward to summer–big bonuses for homeschooling!

  2. You girls are a wonder! Thank you for reminding me why I’m looking forward to 70 unstructured days (but who’s counting?) with my three impatient children. I will take that any time over fundraisers or dioramas or having to get my kids dressed in the morning. And 30 minutes early for school pickup? Do you know how much laundry I can be folding at home or more likely – how many blogs I can be reading with that time? No way!

    • Oh, yes. You’ll get a TON of reading done in carpool line!! It’s good to escape the fundraisers for a few months! Thank goodness!

  3. Your girls are soooo cute, that gold outfit is the best and she is welcome to wear that to my house anytime!

    My summers are pretty lazy–almost too lazy, I need to plan ahead this time! I don’t have school aged children yet but I know I will be counting the days when summer is over when they get there!

    • Knowing your energy level, we highly doubt your days are too lazy–at least by our lazy standards!! One of our goals this summer is to really have a plan for each week. It will help us from feeling so desperate.
      (That gold outfit is adorable, but sadly, against dress code)

  4. When I lost my teaching position due to budget cuts and the economy, I so didn’t miss the lice scares. And trust me, I am so not going to miss them when summer rolls around here now that school will be out for my pre-schooler. I also won’t my kids being sick, because they caught it from every little sick kid in school!! But hey that is just me and sure that have plenty to complain on the flip side when I get there, too!!

    • OMG!! The illnesses!! How did we forget that on the list!! We’ve had it all this spring: Strep, actual flu, stomach virus–all via school. GAH!!! That definitely should have been on the list!!

    • Hahahaha…SO TRUE!! It didn’t really dawn on us that homeschooling moms don’t have that same summer dread syndrome because it is business as usually AND NO CARPOOL LINE. Awesome. We just might have to re-title this piece!! 🙂

      • Seriously, the car thing alone would kill me. We did a full year of both girls in preschool, one 5 days and one 2 days, in an area where we had to park on the street, get everyone out of the car, and walk a block to the actual school. (It was in Italy. You don’t “drive up” to anything there. Everything is far and difficult.) Did I mention I also had a newborn? Who always fell asleep and/or woke up at the worst possible time? And I did this twice a day, every weekday, from Sept to June? Staying home all day with the three of them looked like a picnic after that year.

  5. That is a nice way (ways) to look at this horror I’m afraid of. Six more weeks of our first year of preschool. Summer seems endless. And yet…The battles over wardrobe and lunch will end! And no more fundraisers! At the last one I donated a full priced photo shoot and didn’t win anything myself!!

    • A full price photo shoot!! Well, that was one lucky winner who got that!! Yeah, we feel the horror, too. Ugh. Even dioramas can’t beat the agony that is an entire summer looming ahead of us!

  6. How awesome of you girls to put a positive on a clearly dreaded summer. I’m sure it won’t be too bad.
    And I am definitely confident you will find loads of material for this blog during summer 😀

  7. That little face slays me, so stinkin’ cute!
    Enjoy summer. Pull out an inflatable pool and a garden hose, and set yourself up with a cool beverage to watch from the sidelines. Win/ Win! 🙂

    • We do Alison…but 10 minutes later they’re done and it’s only 10:30 am and we want to cry. We actually want to cry thinking about it, actually!! ;D

  8. Oh geez, that gold outfit beats anything we dealt with this year. I’m still mostly allowed to assemble her clothes. 😉 I love the diorama. With a pizza box. GENIUS!! (Remind me of this when my child (I mean me) has to make her first one, would you please?)

    • You got it!! The Pizza box actually works well because you get land AND sky in one fell swoop. It’s also easier to work with that cutting up a shoe box. It’s a win!

  9. That is a bomb ass diorama! I am looking forward to summer. We are all sorts of lazy around here, and “productive” for us looks like day trips to the beach and camping trips on the weekends, with a three week vacation to Grandma’s house in the middle. Bring on the summer!

    • If the beach was anywhere in our scenario we might be happier about it, too!! Will grandma take our kids, too, if they promise to be good? Pretty please?

  10. I am always excited for summer vacation but at about the halfway point my oldest starts to get bored. I have got to plan some summer fun to keep things peaceful around here. 🙂

    • We have GOT to start making our plans. We are usually more on the ball that this. For two people who dread the summer, you’d think we’d have it planned out at least a little. We are so slackery about it this year. We will be paying for that later!!

  11. I’m so glad I’m over that part of my life. My kids are all grown and have kids of their own. Now they’re going through the summer vacation issues. What goes around comes around, eh? We all must put in our time, there is a reward at the end. But, I sure do miss my grandkids as they live far away. Sigh. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

    • So true! We all get our time in this stage!
      Aw! I hope you get to see your grandkids some over the summer! 🙂

  12. I hear ya!!! While I am supper excited for all my teacher friends that they can take a much deserved break and spend time in the company of their own kids, if one more posts the number of days until this is actually going to happen meaning I am going to have my kids 24/7 I might just scream.

    I have anxieties just thinking about it. My one consolation is the thing that I wont miss the most and that is preparing lunches before school. I much prefer the “oh crap” its 11:30 what the heck am I going to whip up fast! 🙂

    • Oh, a countdown to summer is just cruel.

      The making the lunches!! Another thing that could have been on the list. We won’t miss that at all!!

  13. Having been both a teacher and a parent….there was no escape. Now I’m retired, the kids are grown and married, and the whole year is one relaxing summer vacation!

    • Oh, MAN. You really did have no escape! Ah, it’s nice to know you are enjoying great summers now. Something to look forward to!!!

  14. CRAZY!!! We haven’t had a lazy, hazy summer since Nico was 4 and even then, the twins were babies so I’m not sure how “lazy” it was. My head hurts from nodding so much at this post. You had me at your dislike for dioramas. I have not been very quiet about my dislike for home projects. I will be shuddering right along with you guys. (Love that outfit!)

    • We’ll get each other through the summer…maybe not will sanity intact…but we’ll get through it!!.

  15. I think that’s a pretty good looking diorama. Like the reheat – re-eat part.
    That reminds me, what happened to the Lexus raffle this year?

    • They chose a BMW this year. We’re not sure who won…. just know it wasn’t us. 🙁

      Pizza box dioramas are the best because you have an excuse to order pizza!!

  16. I LOVE the upcycling of the Pizza Box! See, there is a crafty goddess inside of you just WAITING to burst free!! I will NOT miss the fundraisers, I can’t buy another $65 worth of chocolate so my kid gets to get some funky t shirt.

    • No!! There is on crafty goddess anywhere in my general vicinity!! The only thing bursting on me is the last hook on my bra strap. I especially know that after seeing the things you make which are awesome!!

  17. I don’t KNOW what kind we will have yet….because it’s our first one. We started full day Kindergarten last August and now we’re about 11 school days away from our first summer vacation. Christmas break was nice because I loved having my girl home for the holiday. Spring break was so/so because it was short enough that I could have us out everyday doing something or have something planned at home.

    I’m a wee bit scared for this though. I’ve got *some* things planned, but I’m well aware that will only get us through 1-2 weeks if I’m extremely lucky. I’m thinking it might be worth my sanity to invest in pool passes…

    • Oh, if pool passes are an option, GO FOR IT!! That would be an excellent way to spend many a summer day!!

      Good luck on your first official off of school summer!! May your days be full and you hear minimal “I’m bored”s!!

  18. I like Abby’s outfit, she should be able to wear it anytime she wants. I also like how the only way you can get head lice is if the school nurse calls. Have fun this summer!

    • That is the only way, John. Absolutely the ONLY WAY. We accept nothing else. We are safe for the summer (at least from lice). The end.

  19. Bring on the summer! I can’t wait. But ask me how I feel in August! That’s usually about when I am done. My favorite thing in summer is just to say have whoever you want over to the pool and I’ll sit outside with my book or laptop (we’ll see how the blogging goes then)…the house turns into even more of a disaster and we order lots of pizza.

    • You sound pumped up and ready to go, Michelle. We admire that kind of attitude. We don’t *have* that kind of attitude, but we totally admire it!! We’d come over for a swim and some pizza!! 🙂

  20. This past week has been a delicious taste of summer! I’m so excited! When I was teaching, it was so funny how the teachers were actually more excited than the students for summer vacation. We would put on a serious face in class, but teachers talked about how many days were left before summer started more than the kids did.

    • Hahahahaha. I didn’t think about that, but it TOTALLY makes sense. Hahaha. Well, I’m happy that the teachers get to be happy. They deserve it!!

  21. I actually am ….NOT!!
    Summer vacation means a teenage girl, a pre-teen, a 2nd grader and a toddler in one house…ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! \
    It’s time to look for those summer programs….like YESTERDAY!

    • Yeah, you get it Khloe. That’s our feeling EXACTLY. We can’t believe we’ve been so slack in signing them up for a few things. We’ve got to get ON it!!!

  22. Oh, girls this was funny. But remember, you can also have impromptu pool parties with excuses to drink more margaritas, you can ignore bedtimes, and can watch more tv. Even though summer tv is kinda blahzay. Abby may have a shot at taking Jessica Simpson’s Fashion Star gig once she goes on maternity leave. I’m loving the trends she’s suggesting. 🙂

    • Hahahahahah. Abby could have a shot at that Fashion Star gig, that’s for sure. She’s ready.
      We have one of our favorite shows in the summer….Big Brother…so summer tv is a bright spot for us. We don’t seem to have time to WATCH it, but that’s another matter.

  23. That outfit! You are in SO much trouble in 10 years!!!

    I know it is strange, but I used to love lice checks… it was like a mini scalp massage 🙂

    • SO much trouble, Kate. And she will probably leave the house all respectable and change once she gets to school. She’s no fool!!

      You loved lice checks for the head massage?!! Hahahahahahah. Oh. that is fantastic!! 😀

  24. My daughter is signed up for every camp available in the 8 weeks she is out on summer break. I work, so no lazy, hazy or any other kind of summer day for me! I’ve never experienced a summer at home with the kids, so in my mind I am missing out on days of sleeping in (locking the door to the kids bedroom so they can’t come out until at least the sun has risen), drinking wine on the patio while my lovely girl plays in the sprinkler (sprinkler=hose, drinking wine= drinking wine and yelling “stop getting mommy all wet!”) and spending long days on the beach (spending hours making sure my kids don’t drown and making multiple trips back to the house to use the bathroom).
    Hmmm. Guess perhaps I’m not missing much…

    • Oh, Christie let me assure you…you are missing out on NOTHING except a lot of whining, endless days, and hearing “I’m bored” 1000 times. Blah. (They never sleep in and the sprinkler thing only lasts about 10 minutes)

  25. I’ve got my two scheduled for a multitude of summer camps this summer. We are all looking forward to it! It means more running around, but the enrichment they get is totally worth it. I get bored during the summer, honestly, because my job is on a college campus and there just isn’t as much going on in the summer.

    • Good plan! As many camps as you can fit in there really does help everyone. They get some great stuff done and everyone is happier for it. Aw! I bet the campus is less lively over the summer. Rats!!

  26. I can’t wait for summer vacation around here! I despise the sun and all things beach related, but love taking the kids for picnics, playing in a splash pool on the patio and grilling until we can’t stand gas cooking anymore! 🙂

    • Well, we *do* like the grill now that you mention it. That’s not enough to pull us over to the “looking forward to it” side, but you make a good point!!

  27. What??? I LOVE dioramas, said the lady whose daughter is only 3 and has not had to do any of these projects. I’m looking forward to the summer not so much for any of the wonderful reminders you listed, but because I’ll be 30 this summer!!! Woot-woot!

    • Hahahaha. We’ll see what you think about the diorama when you’re helping a frustrated 8 year old who doesn’t understand why model magic people don’t look like perfect little figurines. It’s lovely.

      Well, no wonder you are looking forward to the summer. BIRTHDAY GIRL!! PAR-TY!!! Congrats. You’ll love your 30s. FABULOUS decade.

  28. Hahahah I loved this! Dioramas and fundraising and lice are totally the worst things about being in school! Actually, I never had lice, but I’m going to assume it’s terrible.

    Also, a suggestion: Summer Camp? 🙂

    • Excellent advice!! We definitely partake in summer camp to the fullest extent that our wallets will take!!

      I think lice is a lot worse on the moms than on the kids.

  29. OK, you definitely made ME feel better about school ending soon, too! May I add practicing spelling words and math tests to your other right-on contributions? I dread the day we have to complete full-blown “projects” at home- ugh. And I detest the morning get-dressed-rush, as you may already know. That picture of the gold outfit was CLASSIC.

    • Oh, BLERGH. We can definitely add spelling lists and math stuff.
      That outfit was pretty SWEET. Too bad that the meanest mom in the world had to veto it.

  30. I dread the summer. My daughter is a needy child. She doesn’t like to play on her own so she’s usually always near me. She doesn’t want privacy. I want privacy but she doesn’t grasp the concept. So it’s going to be a long summer. It doesn’t help that my husband is deployed and will be gone throughout the WHOLE summer. Ugh. Still. We’re going to Disney World in June. That’ll be fun.

    • Why do they NEVER want privacy?? They just don’t. *sob*

      Oh, having your husband be gone the entire summer really ramps up the degree of difficulty. Oh, man.
      I’m so glad you have Disney to look forward to. That will be AWESOME!!

  31. School ends in 2 weeks here in GA I am dreading it but they are only out for roughly 2 months school starts back August 4th so the time will go by fast. I am taking them to get their swimming on and my son is starting a blog so we have plenty of things to do in our nice cool house.

    • Two weeks, Kita?! GAH!!! But starting back in early August sounds great. How great that your son is starting a blog. That will really keep him busy!!!
      We don’t have access to a pool on a daily basis, but if we did it would be life changing.
      I hope your two months goes by quickly!!

  32. Love the outfit, she looks adorable! I don’t know if I could have told her no. My daughter is very expressive with her clothes choices as well. It’s a battle sometimes and yet some of the outfits are so cute on I have to overlook the fact that it doesn’t match or has a little too much neon for my taste. I can’t wait for summer simply so we can sleep a little later and I’m not yelling “the bus just went by” like a lunatic 4 or 5 days a week. Won’t miss the morning chaos!

    • Hahahahaha. Yes, that total morning chaos will not be missed at all. If we can get them to sleep in a bit, we will be feeling pretty good!!

    • Hahahahahahaha. Yes, we do imagine the perspective is a little different!! Congratulations… it’s almost 23 days!! You go, girl!!

  33. You know, I loathe carline too. It’s one of my favorite snarky posts from last August. 🙂

    Given that my post today included the phrase “my kids want to live in sloth” and referenced mind-rotting activities, I’m um… looking forward to summer too. Thanks for making me giggle, as usual.

    • LOVED your post today. You are a genius. We need some rules around here!! That would make the summer 100% more bearable!!!

  34. I so feel your pain!!! Since we are in New York my kids don’t get out till the last week of June, but they don’t go back until the Wednesday after Labor day. I agree, focusing on the positive is a good way to go. No homework and no projects are one of the best parts of the summer break, I also feel the kids are just happier when they are playing outside and swimming in the pool! Okay, I feel better now too! 🙂

    • The last week of JUNE??!! I’m going to see if a move to New York is possible. That’s AWESOME. We’re just going to keep focusing on all the school things we are glad we’re missing—and we will have to hope that works!!

    • Exactly. That’s how it sucks you in. You think, “This isn’t too bad” then WHAMO.
      25 days….*gulp*

  35. I’m still practically a kid, myself, so no children for me…but I have wonderful memories of fighting with my brother during the hot summer months. We were home schooled, so once we got bored with summer, we would start school again. We grew up in the mid-west, where you couldn’t play outside for long unless a hose was within reach. The humidity will just about render you immobile as soon as you step outside. I remember a summer or two where the A/C was out…that was when we’d really fight.
    When I was a teenager we moved to the West Coast (yay, beaches!) and then summer wasn’t bad at all. Dry heat, lots of ocean activities, and I got some nice tans. I don’t think my parents dreaded summer as much once we moved. 🙂
    There is the secret for you….pick up and move to San Diego! 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha! You’ve solved the mystery of summer fun…moving to San Diego. I’m totally ALL IN!! I feel less dread just thinking of it!! 😀

  36. Sorry, girls. I live in Maine. Nothing beats Maine in the summer! Plus, my kiddos are in summer camp (or daycare) from 9am – 4pm. Here, the rec dept takes the school-aged kids on weekly field trips to the local pond and the water parks – places I have no desire to go! And 6 weeks is cheaper than some of those crazy week-long private camps. Bring on summer!

    p.s. That outfit is simply awesome. Can’t believe it was vetoed! 🙂

    • Okay…how am I not living in Maine?! It sounds AMAZING!! Clearly there are better places to summer than Charlotte. What am I doing here!!
      PS. Poor Abby has to live with the meanest mom in the world who pays attention to the dress code. It’s her burden to bear!

  37. Too funny! I have yet to deal with a summer alone with kids…this is probably a good thing. And I must also admit that I love the fact that the three year old has to wear a uniform to pre-K!

    • Oh, don’t even mention uniforms. Uniforms are our DREAM, Leslie. OUR DREAM. We would love it so, so much. We totally envy you!!!

  38. Very very very funny! And all true too!

    Its funny…I never feel that way beginning of summer as I love those long relaxing days (especially the ones the kids are at camp and I am by the pool!) However by the end of summer I am actually looking forward to lice, homework and projects most years!

    It seems we always have the best intentions eh? And it always seems that after such busy years unstructured time is good right? But routine..routine..routine is what they so often crave…….funny funny funny post!

    • You know it’s bad if you are totally ready to accept the lice risk!! That is SAYING something!!
      We start out okay in the beginning…but by the end we’re a mess. Oh, who am I kidding! We’re a mess by the second week!!

  39. Wow. That outfit is very… shiny… and… gold. I can see how it got vetoed. And I can absolutely see how schools and parents alike can get on board with uniforms.

  40. Haha, that outfit is incredible! Did she come up with that herself? Even though I don’t have children of my own yet, I have dealt with car lines as a babysitter. It’s just about as much fun as waiting in line to buy groceries, except you don’t have the trashy magazines to keep you entertained.

    • Great description of the car line Bev! I try to always carry a few trashy magazines in my car for just that purpose! 😉
      Totally picked it out herself…she believes very deeply that is she is famous. 🙂

  41. Not bad for putting an outfit together, but I can truly imagine the tears when you said no.

    I’ve heard many mom’s horror stories about car pooling and drop off/pick ups…I am SCARED woman, just scared for when it’s my turn. I think I might be carted away after losing my temper.

    • Be scared Karen. It can be pretty rough! 😉
      Yeah, she didn’t enjoy having to put on regular clothes, but that is why I am the mommy! 😉

  42. I’m DYING at the outfit selection! I tell you ladies no lie! A few weeks ago, I was off of work and went to pick Kayden up from school (…and yes, I was one of the first ones in line…LOL), one of the parents got there like 5 minutes before dismissal and backed in the front of the line! I. WAS. PISSED! I asked my mom (who usually picks Kayden up), does that parent always do that and she said he did! THE NERVE! SMH!

    • We have seen it with our very own eyes Britton…it is SO RUDE!! People just only think about themselves!

  43. Every one of those is spot on – let the summer begin! Although I reserve the right, come July or August, to beg to trade in all this family togetherness for as many dioramas as they want to assign.

  44. There is just simply NO ONE like you girls!!!! This is just SO TRUE and HILARIOUS and spot ON!!!! Dressing my girl up for “Apple valley days” at school and apparently I am in the mom group to organize it…along with coordinating THREE recitals and AHG ceremonies and oh yeah- Cade’s animal project/plant project and field trip blah blah blah…Good times. COME ON SUMMER!!!!! lol

    • I know, right? Why do they just totally overload us in the remaining few weeks of the school year??? It always seems like it is just an insane schedule!

  45. I will probably forget, at minimum, on the first day of summer break that it’s summer break. Which means I will wake up my 17 yo at 6:00 am. This does not play out well for me. If I’m doing really good, I’ll remember to post a sign on his door that says “Summer Break” to avoid whatever smart remark he might have for me.

    The school projects. Hate them. Why do the teachers think that this is a project for the children? A lot of them have children. Or were a child at one time. They know that we’re doing those things. I think it’s punishment for having our children in their classrooms all day. And FYI: I was doing paper mache just this year so don’t think it stops after grade school. Sorry to break that do you.

    You are totally upcyclers. You can say you’re green now.

    • OH NO Carli, say it isn’t so!! Paper mache this year?? AAAAHHHH! Definitely go with the sign on his door…good call! 😉

  46. That outfit was vetoed? But it’s so cute! 🙂 The fundraisers they have at school these days are crazy!! They have a lot more then when my kids where in school.

    • LOL! Something tells me the teachers would not have agreed on its cuteness! 😉 Fundraisers are insane!

  47. Oh girls, that’s why I homeschool! Not to say I don’t want to tear my hair out some days just being with the boy non-stop. But I think I prefer it to what you go through 🙂 Today he spent the whole day making slime while I cleaned the house. Not bad. Summer will be even better, because in case you’ve missed my 5000 posts that have mentioned it, our countdown to Hilton Head is on!

    • Hilton Head rocks the free world! Don’t forget to visit Greg Russell under the big tree at Harbourtown…such a fun night! 🙂

  48. You had me at “diorama.” My son is in third grade this year and I am so sick of the reports. Just last week, we turned in one on Friday, and on Monday, we got a letter detailing a new “special project.” I need a summer vacation from these crazy projects.

    • That is just INSANE!! I mean, honestly, they can’t even give you a week to catch your breath before assigning the next project??!! That is nuts!

  49. My oldest only goes to classes two days a week, and during that same time my youngest is in Preschool (we homeschool)…and I can’t wait for summer!! We only have until the end of May to get the lesson plans finished, and then we have three months to just veg out by the pool (as long as the weather cooperates). No more driving around like a crazy person to all the activities, no more classes, no more lesson plans, no more fighting with my daughter over not wanting to do writing…must I say more? I for one am really looking forward to those lazy, hazy days of summer!

    • You definitely have earned the summer big time Kim! I am certainly looking forward to taking a break from all the driving myself! 😉

  50. Hmmm … since I am in a snarky mood I would like to add a few more zingers to your already spot on list:
    – Getting 2 kids to a 7:30 school opening (back that up – I get up at 5:30 to make “the magic” happen here)
    – Packing snacks and lunches as you would say: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY
    – Homework (to yes include those annoying “just have fun with it!” projects)
    – Filling out forms/paperwork and checks
    – Needing to schedule all of the kid’s appointments between 3-4:30
    – The stressful, urgent bedtime routine because we need to “GET UP FOR SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!”
    Can you tell that I can SO relate to this article ladies! 😉

    • Oh my GOD, the bedtime one is SO TRUE. And I was just thinking about the lunch one on Friday when I was packing Abby’s 100,000th lunch this year. God, that gets old!! Your list rocks and don’t be surprised if we steal to add to this one! 😉

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