Pinterest Nightmare #432: The TweetPee

Mother’s Day is almost here and you know what that means? No, not a relaxing day at the spa with a massage and pedicure! (Wait, is that what you get? Can we swap families for the day?). No, we were thinking about shopping.

Whether you need an idea for your mom or you’re just trying to put together a list for your family to conveniently “find” (i.e. email it to them) so you don’t get another macaroni necklace or ironing board, you’ve got to think about shopping.

Is there a better place to look for fantastic gift ideas than Pinterest? Not for our friend Michelle of A Daily Dish of Life who alerted us to this gem:

Pinterest Nightmare #432: The TweetPee


No, Pinterest isn’t trying to talk people into giving you a baby for Mother’s Day (Ugh. That wouldn’t be relaxing at all!). The gift is the Twitter bird thing attached to it’s diaper. It’s called the TweetPee.

Get ready to wrap your mind around this.

Huggies has made a little plastic device that hooks to your baby’s diaper. It has a sensor that activates whenever the baby pees and it SENDS YOU A TWEET to let you know it’s time to change the diaper.

Yes. Let that sink in for a minute.

Gone are the days when you have to squeeze the diaper or judge by your baby’s fussiness if it’s time for a change. In 140 characters or less, Huggies has freed mothers everywhere of those pesky “face to face mommy and me” interactions that suck up so much time.

Genius, right? A mom doesn’t even have to stop playing Candy Crush to sort of semi-adequately be aware of the most basic biological needs of her littlest offspring. If she can monitor Twitter, she’s set. Finish your tummy time while I try to get past level 130, needy baby!

But don’t rush to your nearest Babies “R” Us just yet. Huggies has only test marketed this exciting new product for busy moms in Brazil. I’m not sure why they chose Brazil. Maybe some canny Huggies executive wants an all expense paid business trip to Carnival. Maybe it’s their dream to persuade Brazilian native (and mom of two) Gisele Bündchen to be their spokesmodel. I’m sure Huggies has their reasons.

Even though this is obviously an awesome way for technology to help moms, we do have a few questions.

What happens when the baby develops enough motor control to grab that sensor and stick it in his mouth? Will he get a jolt of electricity? How big is the jolt? Would it be so big that the baby would cry and need a mom’s attention or just be enough to keep the baby from touching it again like a dog running past his invisible fence?

Does the TweetPee function on a 3G network or does it use Wifi? You know it would be irritating if you couldn’t get your diaper tweets unless you were near a WiFi hot spot.

Does my baby’s diaper get it’s own Twitter handle? What would a TweetPee tweet would look like? Maybe something like this…

Diaper Tweet

Our friend Susan wondered aloud on Pinterest what happens when the baby relieves himself but *isn’t* only wet. Hmmmm…good question. We decided to get to the BOTTOM of this so we posed that question to the Kimberly-Clark Corporation using the “contact us” feature on the Huggies website. - Contact Us

Their young customer service rep will have to get back to us on that. Probably after they translate it into Portuguese. We’ll keep you posted.

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.




Pinterest Nightmare #432: The TweetPee — 94 Comments

  1. They need to respond bc inquiring minds need to know! This is crazy but I can see the benefit behind it..just not in a tweet. I’m not experienced. Uti always see moms doing the most trying to check this very issue. The concept is good but the product is whack!

    • I will definitely let everyone know when they respond! It’s totally whack, but I bet it will sell out!

      • Great post as this makes absolutely NO SENSE. Some other website said the app is also about managing your online diaper purchases from various online retailers. Don’t see the need for that either. Clearly, the tweet function shows a complete lack of understanding of moms and babies. Focus-group tested or not, common sense should prevail!

        • It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on because the video is entirely in Portuguese, but you can see the tweet and the online ordering via the graphics so that’s definitely a part of it! Ugh!

    • Me, too! Luckily, I have a nephew who was born this January and he lives only 5 minutes from my house. He’s a great baby, and I bet he wouldn’t mind sending his Aunt Lisa a test diaper tweet!

    • Ah, the jellyish feel of a wet diaper. I remember it well. That was always the tried and true method in our home.

  2. Laughing out loud! I knew this one was for you!! And wondering how they handle poop – inquiring minds want to know! Did you really call? That must have been hysterical! There are some places technology need not go!

    • YES! I laughed for 5 minutes straight when you sent this. THANK YOU, MICHELLE!!
      I did actually email them. I also asked when the device was coming to America. I hope they respond!

  3. Uh, I don’t think the whole world needs to know when your baby’s diaper needs changing. I think if anything a text would be more appropriate. Or even better, an alarm should go off on your phone and keep ringing until you change it.

    Yikes, I know we live in a techy world, but for some things there are just no substitutes for human-to-human interaction. I think when I have a baby, I will stick to the old-fashioned method of checking the diaper myself. I’m guess I’m just old-school.

    • Huggies should hire you, Bev. Those are EXCELLENT ideas! (the alarm that doesn’t stop until you change it–brilliant!!)
      You keep on with your old-school bad self! Wait it out until the technology advances and the diaper can post to Facebook!

  4. That is the strangest device ever! New moms barely have time to pee themselves, much less check Twitter! I’m just glad I’m out of the diaper phase of my life. 😉

  5. I am eagerly awaiting the response from Huggies. Even as I type this the marketeers responsible for this product are having focus group meetings on the subject.

    TweetPee 2.0 — new and improved, now includes solid object detection


    • Susan, I just laughed 5 minutes after reading this. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! They are totally conferencing right now trying to figure out what to do. You know they’re making sure the American roll-out comes with solid waste detection. Bwahahahahaha.

    • Too true, Lisa. They’d be getting diaper tweet after diaper tweet…it would be like a keystone cops situation.

  6. Seriously?! Just NO. It is called spending time with your child.. that really just ticks me off because I know a lot of young mothers that would think that was the best thing in the world.. because they are too busy on the internet or cell phone to pay attention to their child.

    • Exactly. You know this thing is going to sell like hotcakes for that very reason. People’s phones and computers are practically physically attached to them. Give it another 5 years and new moms will wonder how we ever survived without diaper texts.

  7. haha! I am about to start potty training, maybe they can link up and create a headband that measures sensory and when my daughter has to go, the bird tweets to keep her from peeing, and then I grab her and take her to the potty!

    • Hahahaha! Don’t give them any ideas, Jennifer. What am I saying. They don’t want to help you with potty training. As far as they are concerned, I’m sure they’d be happy if kids stayed in diapers until they went off to college.

    • I have a feeling in generations to come, bonding via social networking will be thought of as one of the primary ways to “spend time” with your children. *sigh*

    • I know. I thought it was a gag when I first saw, it but then I watched the video and realized it was real!

  8. Eagerly awaiting a response over here too! I can definitely tell when my baby is about to poop – there’s a lot of fanfare involved there. But the pee..are you telling me it’s ok for me not to just change his diaper every 2-3 hours or when my super spidey senses smell pee? I can ignore that and wait for a tweet? Brilliant. (not)

    • I can’t wait for them to respond. I got a confirmatory email as well as the screen I printed out and they have promised to send a personalized response!
      Yes, now moms can just ignore everything until the diaper tweet comes along in their feed. Think of how much time that will save them for Pinterest or reality TV!

  9. Ummm…yeah!!…I’m sort of speechless..Can’t believe Huggies would do this but then again it seems their sales numbers are slipping because their diapers SUCK!! So they thought, “Hey, why not get on Twitter?! We will be like so much more popular than those Pampers guys…! ‘Cause everyone loves Twitter and we can see when Beyonce and Kim K.’s baby need a change..! It’s like paparazzi on the low…Yes, let’s do it!”


    • I didn’t even THINK of that. Everyone will be following the diaper tweets of famous infants. You are so right. That will totally happen. Ivy Blue’s diaper will have more followers than both of us combined.

  10. You guys really find the worst products. This isn’t as bad as I imagined. I thought it would make a noise like a tweet (or screech) when it was wet, which would totally traumatize the baby into kidney failure.

    • Hahaha. Can you imagine how traumatized a baby would be if it screeched like an eagle? You nailed it. Total withholding of urine until kidney failure ensued.

    • Could not agree more, Eva!! But you know soon moms will wonder how we ever managed without diaper tweets!

    • Amen, sister!! (Although I’m always happy that we’re completely over the diaper stage, no matter what kind of things they use to trick out the diaper experience)

  11. Actually, it all makes perfect sense. Twitter has graduated from letting everyone in the world know when you’re taking a potty break to letting everyone know when your baby is taking a potty break. Really, it’s just a natural progression (of TMI that is).

    • So true, Kristen! What could even be next? I’m guessing sensors for pets that activate when the animal lifts a leg or crouches down to do its business. You know the Twitterverse will love knowing Jake Gyllenhaal’s dog’s toileting habits.

  12. I’ve had my browser open on this for about an hour and I keep coming back to it – because I really don’t know what to say! Except no, PInterest, no!

    I wonder if it will ever make it to the market – could there really be a need for this?? ?
    Michelle – you found gold with this one! Gold!

    • No, sums it up perfectly, Ilene!!

      I bet it will come to market here. I asked them the expected date of a US roll out in my email, too. We’ll see.
      Michelle was ON TOP of this! She found a Mother’s Day goldmine!

  13. Yah. I have a few questions for the genius that came up with this.

    1. Who in their right mind wants the world to know that they need the help of Twitter in order to change their baby’s diaper because they don’t have the sense to check it otherwise?

    2. Will lawsuits of child neglect ensue for using such a device, because other people will see that you waited until Twitter told you to change your baby to change your baby?

    3. What if the baby only poops? Will the device still work or do they have to sit in the poopie diaper until they pee, too? (Diaper rash cream companies everywhere rejoice about this little loophole, I’m sure.)

    Yes, I can see how they thought it might be helpful if your child is napping on the other side of the house and you don’t want them sleeping in a wet diaper, so you wish to be alerted while you do online things, but seriously? This spells all kinds of trouble to me and encourages parents to be lazy and absent in some ways.

    It’s hard enough sometimes to stay focused on our kids when there are jobs and blogs and other things we want to keep involved in, but we can schedule time for that when kids are taking naps or down for the night or early in the morning or when they are working on homework, etc. But giving us a device that can tell us when our baby is wet so that we can leave them completely alone otherwise sounds dangerous.

    Maybe I’m totally misunderstanding it, and they just want to help by taking the guess work out of it. Maybe they are thinking too many new parents are unsure of whether or not it’s time to change that diaper, maybe they don’t know when it is wet enough or whatever and don’t want to be wasteful of a diaper (because they are pricey) and so they set up this alert system to help? But why does it have to be a tweet? Why not an alarm? Maybe they didn’t want to scare the baby? *shrugs*

    *sigh* What is this world coming to?!?!?

    • You’re not misunderstanding any of it. You’ve got it down.
      And really, how hard is it to know your child needs a diaper change. I never found that challenging.

      I do think they are thinking they would sell MORE diapers because parents would be changing them promptly. If there are even 1 or 2 more diapers used a day, that probably adds up to a lot more diapers sold at the end of the month. On their video, the Tweet even directs you to their website where you can reorder Huggies and have them shipped to your home. (It was in Portuguese, but the graphics were obvious)


      • Seriously?!?! So they are then most likely way too sensitive and if the kid sweats a little or a drool drop drops on the diaper, an alert goes to Twitter all, “WARNING! WARNING! YOUR CHILD IS SOAKED BEYOND ALL REASON! CHANGE PROMPTLY! (Oh, and before you go…Check out our website where you can buy diapers because (at this rate) you’re gonna need them!” Gracious! Why not throw in a crazy incentive like, “Congratulations! Your child has peed 4 times today! If you change one more diaper, you can get a coupon for 10 cents off!” *rolls my eyes* Oh, the crazy possibilities are endless!

  14. Wow. My husband would love this. He’s always glued to Twitter. Of course, we’d have to get a baby first for it to function properly. Or maybe I could just use it on my husband, you know, to make sure he leaves Twitter long enough to pee in the toilet and stuff!

    • BWAHAHAHAHA. OMG. That made me laugh so hard I almost choked to death. Total product synergy. The Kimberly Clark Company is now trying to decide how to cross-market this device for this usage!

  15. Oh man, I have a baby still in diapers but even this is a bit much for me and I love all digital everything 🙂 It is a major fail, the little blue line (that indicates when there is pee in the diaper GENIUS invention) that they have is sufficient enough!

    • You’d think so, but you still have to LOOK at the diaper to see the line. You don’t even have to turn away from your computer screen to see a diaper tweet. They are going to make a fortune!

  16. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. This is so wrong and funny, and yet also sooooo sad. Who needs Twitter to tell them their baby is wet?!? The worst mom ever, that’s who.

    Unless it’s like a weird nannycam and it tweets them when they’re wet AND dry, so you can see if your nanny is changing the diaper soon enough? That’s the only thing I can think of. And even that is un-reassuring. I’d change this to Oh, Humanity no. Just no.

    • Hahahahaha. Good point, Tara. Perhaps we cannot put this one entirely at the foot of Pinterest. It is a humanity fail!

  17. Just, wow. I have heard of the pee pee tent, but this is just a “wee” bit out of control. What’s next, an app called Twitter no-shitter? Thanks for giving us the head up on this girls. I’m thoroughly entertained by these product reviews…I wish your blog was one of those little stories on the cover of yahoo…don’t ever stop blogging. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • “WEE bit out of control” hahahahah. Awesome!!!
      Thanks, Karen. We feel the same way about your blog…don’t ever, ever stop!! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!!

  18. Too far! I don’t want anything digital to tell me my daughter has a wet diaper. She’ll tell me, or I’ll know. And I don’t need the twitter world following her bathroom habits. Ugh!

  19. I can’t believe I am about to quote my own Mother, but honestly “What is this world coming to!?”. This is so ridiculously insane, I don’t even have the right words to respond! Are Mothers so busy doing their own thing that they can’t be bothered to check their baby’s diaper, and need an app for that??? This is just so wrong on so many levels. Seriously, who would re-pin something like this?

  20. That is crazy. even my 11 year old son marveled at the “crazy things people come up with.” How sad would it be when Twitter got flooded with wet baby news. I don’t know about y’all but as a mom of 3 boys, they peed ALOT. And just when I thought I couldn’t get away from discussing farts or poop at the dinner table, now I gotta see pee tweets on Twitter? Geesh! So interested to hear Huggies response! You all rock, getting to the bottom of this situation, the Twitterverse thanks you!

    • Hahahah! Thanks, Tanya. Your son is right! People dream up crazy, crazy things. We can’t wait to hear what Huggies has to say!!

  21. oh. holy. crap. I didn’t realize my life was missing this. Kind of like the exceedingly scratchy blanket someone gave us for a baby shower gift. Although, admittedly I’ve been known to change my child’s diaper and say out loud, “Holy cow, how long has it been since I changed you??”

    • Hahahaha. This would totally be someone else’s scratchy blanket they got at their shower, you just know it!!

  22. I heard about this on the news and I thought it was a joke at first. It’s so ridiculous that it’s funny, but it’s also really sad. Do they think a baby is just one more “thing” to add to our to-do list? I have to hope this was thought up by a person who doesn’t have kids.

    • One hopes, Kathy. I thought it was a joke at first too! How could it not be…but alas. WHAT were they thinking. (and you know it will sell out, which is worse!)

    • I know! I wonder that, too. If it tweets out it has to have some electronics in it. That can’t be good!

    • That’s exactly how I felt when I first read about it. There is so much craziness to unpack, it’s hard to know where to start.

  23. I don’t have any diapered children in my house, but I could use this alert system to remind me to put the laundry in the dryer. 🙂 I am continually impressed by your Pinterest findings. All I see are ecards and recipes.

    • Hahahaha. Now THAT would be a great wetness sensor system!!
      We can’t take credit for this one. Michelle pinned it and sent it to us…but the weirdness it out there if you look for it!! 😀

  24. This is ridiculously funny! I can’t believe the innovation LOL! I would probably buy this (once) only to see it work…maybe let my 7 year old use it on her doll baby that wets 🙂

    Follow: @DanielleASB

  25. Oh my… what next???!!! Perhaps they can make something that not only tweets but then someone actually shows up at your door to change the baby!!!! Now THAT would be worthy buying!! 😉

    • We are definitely on board for that one Chris! Sign us up…think they can make one for the laundry, too! 😉

  26. I am just curious here but since HUGGIES has always claimed to whisk away moisture so your baby is always in a state of Sahara Desert dryness why would you NEED an immediate head’s up tee tee tweet???
    Like I would need something else in my life that needs my attention URGENTLY!!!

    • HA HA HA!! Such a great point Dana…either they aren’t living up to their promise or they are just trying to make our lives harder! 😉

  27. I was stopping by to tell you happy mother’s day and I almost choked on my cereal reading this! (I’m eating shredded wheat so you can imagine choking isn’t hard to do.) THIS….. cannot be real…. very sad if it is. Just…. wow… I really have no words. My munchkin is still in diapers and quite frankly, I’d be a little embarrassed that social media has to alert me to get my @ss of the computer and take care of my child! sheesh! I’m not saying I have “supermom/ spidey senses” that let me know when she’s wet in less than 3.5 seconds, however….. yeah…. I’m just gonna go ahead and go look at puppies….. yes…. puppies will calm me down…. puppies…. and kitties….. lol……

    • Hahahaha. I hear you, Nicloe. It’s crazy. Hope the puppies helped and that you had a happy Mother’s Day!! 🙂

  28. That darned Wi-Fi will get you every time? What I want to know is there an app for this? I mean, it’s great that I’ll get a tweet and all but what if I’m already engaged in a conversation with you on Twitter and my granddaughter wets herself. Or better yet, the app will alert me that her mother is coming over to change her. As the grandma I shouldn’t have to do such things. LOL! I think this is the funniest one yet!

    • Good point, Carli!! You definitely need the “come change your daughter’s diaper” app. Grandmas have already put in their time changing diapers!! 🙂

  29. Wow. Feels a bit like Social Media Gone Wrong — and that in ten years this crazy idea will be in the category of “stupid stuff that we’re thrilled didn’t work out” like face spray that holds your makeup in place all day or jelly shoes.

    Although, come to think of it, I think I heard jelly shoes are on their way back? #sayitisntso

    • I kid you not, Kimberly…I was at Rack Room shoes today and THERE WERE DEFINITELY JELLY SHOES THERE. I couldn’t believe it either. Those were a horrible idea the first time around. They don’t need a second appearance!

  30. I seriously don’t know what to say about this one. It really surprises me that Huggies is behind this. A tweet? Really? I really hope they get back to you with some answers. This is crazy!

    • I was surprised too, Jennifer! I thought it was a joke, but no! We’re still waiting on word from them!

  31. I saw this posted on Mashable and my only response was “What the…..?” Why on earth is technology wasting time developing this when we still don’t have self-folding laundry or instant dinner (ala Jane Jetson)????

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