We’re An American Band…or ARE We?

I’ve known for quite sometime that Ashley is not exactly your “go-to” person for music. She is, after all, a person who gleefully listens to Richard Marx and Michael Bolton on a daily basis. No, you’re not in a time warp. It’s still 2013.

While her love of 80’s music is legendary, I thought she still KNEW about other kinds of music. You know, in a common knowledge kind of way at least.

I found out I was wrong during a phone call last week….

Ashley: I just read this article and it had the funniest band names. You wouldn’t believe some of these are real!!

Me: Read them to me! I need a good laugh!

Ashley: Did you know there is a band called Porno for Pyros???

Me: Sure.That’s the band Perry Farrell formed after Jane’s Addiction broke up.

Ashley: Oh, well what about THIS one? It’s so stupid! The White Stripes!

Me: Yep. Jack White and his ex Meg. LOVE him. He dated Renee Zellweger. How can you not know him? He’s totally awesome.

Ashley: Hmmm…well there is no WAY you know this one, smarty pants! I think it may even be made up! Stone Temple Pilots!!! Hahahahahaha.

Me: Oh, dear.

See what I mean??!!

So when we saw this week’s Listicle idea “10 Real or Imagined Band Names” from Rachee, we were fully on board!

Below you will find 10 bands. Five of them are REAL. Five of them are FAKE.

See if you can identify which is which. I didn’t make this easy by giving you names like Radiohead or Fugees (two more bands Ashley has never heard of. Bless.) I wanted to make this challenging for people who have purchased music since 1988.

Can you tell which are fake

#1   The Banana Hammocks: This high octane rock band boasts nine of the baddest RAWK musicians to come out of Orange County, California this decade! Part of the LJG records family since 2010, their 2013 World Tour boasts 193 dates in 27 countries with the final show opening the MTV Europe VMA Awards!

#2   The Electric Jug Band:  Their fans, aka the Jugnation, describe their sound as “Americana mixed with rockabilly funk jam”. These eclectic musicians from Michigan have been known to hand out shakers and other hand percussion instruments to the audience so they can join in the fun.

#3   The Parade Flamingos:  These five friends from South Florida started playing in lead singer Jimmy Longo’s garage in 2003. Since then they’ve taken their Jazz fusion/psycho punk sound all across the country even playing a side stage at the Warped Tour in 2012.

#4   Tha Whooliganz:  This 1990s hip hop duo met as teenagers in Beverly Hills and gained recognition around the LA area eventually landing a record deal at Tommy Boy Records. Scott “Mad Skillz” Caan and Alan “Mudfoot” Maman eventually parted ways in the late 90s, but Maman has experienced music success  producing under the moniker The Alchemist

#5   Ring Around the Rosie:  This trio of sisters grew up in the tiny town of Apache, Oklahoma. Their folk sound was born when they began harmonizing together in their church’s children’s choir. Having toured with the Dixie Chicks and Shawn Colvin, they are booked at folk venues across the country this summer including the legendary Crossroads Music House.

#6   Gloat: This speed/thrash metal band from Norway claims Venom and Motorhead as early influences. Although performing under a variety of names in the early 2000s, they settled on Gloat in 2009 after hearing the song of the same name by Animals on Wheels.

#7   Bassnectar:  This California based DJ is well known in the dubstep genre for his light shows and live performances. One of his most successful tracks, entitled “Ping Pong”, actually begins with the sound of ping pong balls being hit across a table.

#8   The Crazy Katies:  Punk rock didn’t know what hit it when these Riot Grrrls got together in London, England in 2007. Since then, they’ve taken the world by storm and have performed in Europe, North America, and Japan. Their irrepressible energy and noisy, distorted sound  are their trademarks along with the shredded schoolgirl uniforms they wear during their performances.

#9  The Hen House Junkies:  Described by Country Line Magazine as “old-school country with a bluegrass soul ” they formed after meeting as studio musicians in Nashville, Tennessee. Between the five band members, they play twelve instruments all of which are on display in their album to be release this fall entitled “Granny Get Your Gun”

#10  Angry Beaver Band: Known as simply “ABB” to their most stalwart fans, these four average Joes got their name while driving through the town of Beaver on a fall Wisconsin afternoon. With Wingnut on vocals and Pablo on strings, their mellow hit “Dead End” from their Shack Session recordings promises to make 2013 their breakout year!

Could you spot the 5 real bands and the 5 fakers?

How'd you do


So, how did it go?  Here’s a handy key to help you keep it in perspective. Just count how many bands you got right and see which category you fit in:

   0:  Clearly your name is Ashley.

1-3:  Time to realize that there is music outside of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”.

4-6:  You wouldn’t totally embarrass yourself at group karaoke night.

7-9:  Watch out Rock-n-Roll Jeopardy, there is a new player in town!

 10:  You Googled, didn’t you?



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  1. Well, since Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of my all time favorite songs, it makes sense that I fell into that category.:) For the record, I did know all the ones from your conversation. That counts, right?

  2. I scored a 1, and it was pretty much a guess! You should have a side job coming up with names for new bands. And I have to side with Ashley on this one – classics are classics. Although I’ve heard of all those bands that she hasn’t. 🙂

    • You wouldn’t believe it, but I came up with at least 10 times as many fake names, but every time I’d Google…IT WOULD BE REAL. It was unbelievable. The dumbest name and you’d think SURELY there’s no band with that name…BUT THERE IS!!

    • Me too, Kate. The other ones were too hard (on purpose). I don’t see how anyone could have ACTUALLY heard of them except maybe the hip hop one if that was your thing in the 90s. I did think it would be easy to tell from the descriptions which were real and which were fake, but real bands have some stupid bio entries, which made it more difficult! hahaha

    • You are SO right, Ellen. Those girls would TOTALLY have been The Krazy Katies. RATS. Maybe they haven’t printed very many fliers yet and can still change it!

  3. Angry Beaver Band? Bahahaha! Sounds like something to listen to when you’re PMSing. I’ve heard of many bands and musicians, but when I’m listening to music I can rarely place the artist. I got five right, but they were mostly guesses. Ashley, you are a good sport! 🙂

    • Five right is really good–even just guesses, because they were almost impossible to actually know!! Ashley is a good sport (but so am I because she makes me listen to her tunes and she put some on my iPod…GAH!!).

  4. Well, Ashley….it looks like we were meant to be together….cause I totally guessed at this entire list! However, I’m all for listening to new stuff or learning more cool artists- so Lisa, when you have a few weeks to meet me every day for a session, I would SO love that!! You got the time, right? lol

    SO happy that I got the answers right away, cause that would have kept me up all night!!!! LOL SO funny!! 😉

    • Glad we didn’t keep you on pins and needles, Chris! You didn’t deserve that!! I hadn’t really heard of any of the real bands except Bassnectar. (but Electric Jug Band sounds mellow on YouTube…I’d buy something of theirs)

    • They were really hard. Turns out that real band names are just as stupid as fake band names! It’s almost impossible to tell the difference!

    • You’re younger than me so that means you are young!! Next time you feel like branching out, try Bassnectar. He’ll either make you dance about, or feel like you’re going insane!

    • Googling was really the only way to do well, Allison! Thank you for refraining and not spoiling the curve!!

  5. OK I got them all right and opposite so that means I got zero right. I mean I should have at least guessed one, just by chance? Hello, my name is Ashley…

    • If you’ve purchased music since the Clinton Administration, you’re probably doing just fine, Kim. (and better off that Ashley!)

  6. I didn’t even attempt to guess, I am clueless when it comes to music. I prefer to listen to books on CD while driving to and from work. I did like the name The Banana Hammocks…that made me giggle really loud at work…ooops. and they are reall…OMG OMG OMG

    • I couldn’t believe they were real either! They use words like “RAWK” on their FB page. Of course they do.

    • Oh, challenge accepted, Julia! I’m headed over to your list right now to identify your real band!!

    • Those are the true classic bands, Eva. If you know them, you don’t need to know any others! 🙂

  7. I got five right. I’m at the halfway point. I totally THOUGHT the Banana Hammocks would be real, but I couldn’t give it to them, or I’d have had six. 😛 I also wanted the Crazy Katies to be real. They DO sound fun! Ring Around the Rosie, too. 😉 Best part of your post?

    “Bless.” bwahahah! Love you, Ashley! I’ll bring my iPod this weekend and plug you into it!

  8. Loved this post. Reminds me of conversations between me and my husband. We both know the existential bands but can never name one song of theirs. Poor Ashley, someone will have to drag her out of the 80’s sooner than later. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

    • I’m trying Vicki, I’m trying! She’s very tied to her 80s tunes. It’s going to take either a miracle or her beloved Ryan Gosling starting a band.

  9. This is really a fun column. Your descriptions of the bands are perfect. Where did you come up with Apache, Oklahoma? Very, very good job.

    • Hahahahaha. Thanks, Bill!! I tried to channel my inner PR intern at RCA records.

      I knew I wanted Ring Around the Rosie to be from either Alabama or Oklahoma. I Googled “Cities in Oklahoma” and I was too lazy to scroll past “A”. Thus, Apache won!!

    • No, Jennifer!! Never apologize for having integrity!! (and you still did better than Ashley, so there’s always that)

    • Guessing was really the only way to go, Tamara. I have heard of the Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies! They were from Nashville which is where I lived when they were coming up! (Ashley hasn’t heard of them. I don’t even have to ask her) 😀

  10. Well, first of all, I only have heard of the White Stripes in the convo that you had together, so I’m totally with Ashley. In the list, I had only heard of Bassnectar, but am apparently a fabulous guesser because I got 8 right (I had trouble guessing the The Banana Hammocks and Angry Beaver Band were real names). I swear I didn’t Google. I just read the stories and made my best guesses. Like I said, I already knew one and then I guessed the crazy spelled name was one and the band from Michigan was definitely one I thought had to be true (being from MI myself and knowing that such a story just had to be legit) and even the ones I missed I was thinking “With names like that, they must be real, but I just don’t know!” I suppose I did cheat by guessing less than 5 were real. Does it count that I was wishy-washy about the last 2? If not, well, then I guess I only got 6 right or however the math works out. Still not too shabby for a non-radio music listening person such as myself. 🙂

    Oh, and I’m totally ok with being embarassed with not knowing who these bands are, too. Just sayin’! I have embraced my lack of rock music knowledge and love myself anyway! LOL 😀

    • YOU GOT EIGHT RIGHT!!!! That’s impressive no matter how you slice it! You’ve totally missed your calling, Julie. You should have been a record executive. There’s still time….

  11. Okay, I did unbelievably bad. Guess I’m no longer “cool”. (Let’s pretend I was “cool” to begin with.) lBut if I ever form a band, er, that is after I learn to sing, and then learn to play some form of instrument, I am totally letting you guys come up with the name. You are very good at it!

    • Thanks, Lisa. We’d be glad to help name your band. But don’t worry about learning to sing, that didn’t stop Guns N Roses!

  12. I hadn’t heard of any of them, so I was too depressed to look at the answers. I should be nicer to Ashley on music. All your descriptions sounded like real bands, good job on that. I’m going to see Grizzly Bear, just saw Lucero, saw the STP singer Scott Weiland with Slash seen Wilco. Does any of that count?

    • Not only do they count, John, they give you incredible street cred! Awesome. (and also sad, because I’m sure that Ashley doesn’t know any of those bands either….even Wilco…*sob*)

  13. Ashamed to say that I only knew 3 out of the 5 that are real and #10, I knew from back in the day from Beavis and Butthead, lol!! I loved this though the way you both tackled this one!! 🙂

    • No way!! You were able to use knowledge you learned on Beavis and Butthead on this blog. My work here is done!

  14. I totally guessed and flunked but no, my play list is varied in bands, genre, and time so I can say I’m well rounded. Heck, my first concert ever was Rammstein! How’s that for diverse?

    • That’s awesome, that’s what that is!! I have stuff from just about every genre on my iPod, too. I really do like just about every kind of music. I even still like some 80s stuff (but don’t tell Ashley. She’ll never stop playing it if she knows that!)

  15. I love when the subject of music comes up! And I can learn something too??!! Winning post, ladies. Loved it! Ashley’s music knowledge bankruptcy astounds me…but I’m sure she makes up for it in other ways…like being the subject for an awesome blog post. But I do love her taste in music nonetheless. Even if it’s just you, me, and Rich Marx, Ashley. And I’m STILL scratching my head on why there are so many Michael Bolton critics too. Lol. This was great, ladies-keep it up! 🙂

    • Poor Michael Bolton has to take flack is that he’s still paying for that sweet, sweet mullet from the 80s. It’s hard to get past. Wait…did I read that correctly…you LIKE ASHLEY’S TASTE IN MUSIC??!! Oh, Karen…no, just nooooooooooooooo!

  16. First of all, how the *$@($@#)$@#* does Ashley not know about The White Stripes?! And Stone Temple Pilots? And the Fugees?!?!

    Second, I absolutely HATE Total Eclipse of the Heart-my brother used to play it WAY too much and now I can’t stand it.

    I only got 3. But see above, because just no on that song.

    • I know, Tara…RIGHT??!!! How is it even possible! It’s enough to make a person sob, isn’t it?!

      I’ve read your blog long enough to know you have EXCELLENT taste in music. I’m giving you an honorary 9 as your quiz score!!!

  17. I wouldn’t embarrass myself at karaoke! But I have to say that Ashley is a decade ahead of me. I usually listen to the 70s. I’m listening to Don’t go bteakin my heart right now!

    • I used to sit in front of the hall mirror with my neighbor Jill when I was about 9 or 10 and we’d trade off being Elton John and Kiki Dee! The 70s had GREAT music!!! (Ashley also didn’t know Grand Funk Railroad or their song “We’re An American Band” which inspired the title of this post—even after I sent her the YouTube video!! *sob*.)

  18. OK, so I got three right. And all three were lucky guesses. However, I’m cracking up that THE Scott Caan was in a hip hop group. I can’t wait to break out that little piece of trivia the next time my husband and I are watching Hawaii Five-0.

    • I KNOW!!!! THE Scott Caan was in a hop hop group! Hahahaha. I still can’t believe it! You definitely need to bust out that trivia at the next opportunity!! 😀

    • I’m proud of you for not Googling, Amber!! These were terribly hard. All of the names (real or fake) were incredibly stupid!! How could anyone know?!

    • Three is not bad at all!! Nothing at all wrong with that Bonnie Tyler masterpiece! It’s only bad if you don’t have anything more current than that on your discman!

  19. 2 out of 10! Clearly my name is Ashley! But…like AnnMarie, Total Eclipse of the heart IS one of my all time favorite songs – so there should be no surprise there! We can share playlists!

  20. NO way! As a die-hard music fan, I thought this would be cake. I’m ashamed to admit I join the ranks of Ashley. No, wait, I mean…I’m honored to be in such great company…Ashley is beyond awesome…I love you Ashley!!!

    That was such a fun post. Your conversation was so endearing.

    • Oh, you’re an actual musician and the songwriter who penned my new favorite “Mother’s Day Blues”. You get a free pass from this tomfoolery. You can be in whatever group you want!! (But choose wisely. If you go with Ashley you will be at the mercy of her iPod. It’s not a pretty sight, Stephanie!)

    • Oh, LAWD. Thanks a lot, Christie! The next time she’s picking tunes, Ashley is going to whip out the Marx and declare, “Outlaw Mama loves him to so you’re outnumbered” BAH!

  21. I got 7! And It’s a good thing I did since I am a self proclaimed music expert! AWESOME take on the list, totally had me laughing!

    • WOOT!!! You rock, Jen!! Or I guess I should say “RAWK” like they do in The Banana Hammocks! Well done!!!

  22. I’m definitely in the 1-3 category…definitely knew about The Banana Hammocks and cannot believe someone thought that Angry Beaver Band was a good name! I’ll step back into the 70s, thankyouverymuch (ironically, a decade in which I wasn’t even alive!).

    • And not just one group, we found TWO groups with the name Angry Beaver Band. YIKES!! 70s music is a good place to be, Leslie! Good choice!! 🙂

  23. {Melinda} Okay, I’m going to reveal my complete uncoolness here and tell you the only name on the list that looked vaguely familiar was “Angry Beavers” and then I realized that was the name of a cartoon that my kids used to watch when they were little.

    • Hahahahaha. Well, it you guessed that one was real you were still right! It doesn’t matter how you get there, Melinda! 🙂

  24. Oh, Ashley. Really? You didn’t know Stone Temple Pilots?

    I’m usually pretty good with music stuff, but this was hard! I got about half right.

    I just saw the Silversun Pickups in concert. I’m guessing Ashley hasn’t heard of them. 🙂

  25. I haven’t heard of any of these bands but that’s not because my name is Ashley…but because I listen to different types of genres of music than you guys do.
    …but I did know the Stone Temple Pilots, Porno for Pyros and the White Stripes. 🙂

  26. Man, I thought I knew my bands, but I had not heard of a single band in that list and had no clue which one was real or fake. I guess you don’t think about how odd band names are until you have to guess which ones are real and which are not!

  27. This whole post made me laugh out loud. I’m pretty up on my music, when you wrote Stone Temple Pilots, if I had been drinking my Folgers I’d have spit it all over my computer. Oh my goodness, Ashley. They are old. I did have a hard time with the list though. I have two bassnectar songs on my iPod and totally get what your husband is saying about Ping Pong, mine would let that play for about 2 seconds and then turn that s%#* off (those would be his words). Thanks for the laugh! And Lisa, I totally want to check out your iPod.

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