How Two Couch Potatoes Got Perspective

Have you ever thought one way about a subject, then talked to someone or read an article that was so eye-opening it completely changed your perspective?

We had just such an experience recently reading a very personal post from our friend Carli at her blog Real Into.

Carli is the epitome of a dynamo. She’s a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pilates Instructor. She runs, does Zumba, and is generally into healthy living and fitness-y things. (How she puts up with two aggressively sedentary folks like us, we don’t know.)

We figured, like so many fitness goddess types, she got her motivation for working out and eating right because she wants to look good and be healthy. Seems to be a reasonable assumption, right?

Well, it turns out it’s actually much deeper than that. When Carli shared her story, it stopped us right in our tracks. (Well, it would have stopped us if we’d been moving instead of sitting on the couch, but you know what we mean.)

The truth is, we were so inspired and blown away we couldn’t stop talking about it. We may have even decided to start exercising more (Yes, even US. We KNOW!). If we are inspired to put down the Cheetos and get moving, you know it’s good.

Here’s a little bit of what we read:

Growing up with weekly visits to the hospital gives you perspective and insight that you wouldn’t gain elsewhere. Having surgery after surgery and being thankful that you didn’t have to have the surgery the girl in the bed next to you had (even if it was only one compared to your 20).  Getting your butt kicked at fuse ball in the rec room by the girl who had her arm amputated. Being introduced to Rush by the cute teenage boy who you have a huge crush on. Finding out he’s dying of cancer. Giving the smaller kids rides in wagons through the halls just to hear them laugh and not be stuck in your bed. Yes, you gain perspective.

Trust us when we say, you’ve GOT to read the rest of this post. It really gave *us* a new perspective on health and fitness, as well as touching us to our core.

Click on the link below to read the rest of “I’m Healthy & Fit Because I CAN Be”. Comments will be closed here so that you can share your thoughts with Carli on her site.


Isn’t Carli the cutest?!! You can’t tell from this photo, but her feet are so tiny she has to shop for shoes in the children’s department! FACT!

Thanks for letting us share your beautiful post, Carli!

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