The Best Part Of Waking Up…

You totally immediately read this title and immediately sang (in your mind or out loud, we don’t judge) “…is Folgers in your cup”, didn’t you? Of course you did!!

If you are anything like us, you probably even then pictured all the awesome Folgers commercials over the years with the sound of the coffee can being opened and the mom just waiting to get that burst of energy in the morning. Or the brother surprising the family on Christmas. That one always gets us. *sob*.

I was telling Lisa the other day about how when I was a kid growing my dad drank Folgers coffee exclusively, and I can still remember how he would pour the steaming cup of  black coffee straight into a mug and carry it in his car. No travel mug for him. He would sip it as he drove me to school, and we would listen to 8 tracks of Anne Murray in his car. By the time high school rolled around, he had advanced to CDs, but we were still limited to John Denver and The Righteous Brothers. We then began to reminisce about our dads and their love of Folgers, and how they are the reason we both love coffee to this day.

It’s totally critical not only to our happiness, but to our actual work! The moment our children get out the door for school, we pour ourselves a hot cup of coffee, get our tunes blasting, and start working on the blog. Lisa cranks up her iPod with whatever crazy new music she has discovered. I tend to go with the classics for my listening choices. When we are together, it is a battle between Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.

The one constant, though, is our coffee. All we need are flavored K cups of Folgers coffee, some cream and sweetener, and we are set!


Now We're set!


Remember the Folgers commercial from a few years ago with the dancer who would wake up to the coffee brewing and by the end of the commercial she was full-on Irish stepping her way through the day?

We are totally like her!! …except with a computer… oh, and less graceful moves to go along with our coffee and music.

That’s why we were thrilled when Folgers asked us to tell you about their jingle contest for up and coming musicians. We can all vote! (and have the chance to win prizes when we do!)

Here are all the details: Vote for the best Top 10 Finalist in Folgers’ Jingle Contest! Meet the Top 10! Take a look at Folgers® Jingle Contest Finalists, and listen to the tracks that earned them a spot in The Top 10. Cast your vote once every day through June 19th. You could win exciting prizes, like free Folgers Coffee, iTunes® gift cards, signed CDs from Gavin DeGraw, and even a $10,000 Grand Prize just for voting! Before you vote, follow the Road to the Jingle on Facebook to see how they traveled the U.S. to track down the Top 10 contestants! Remember, you can vote once a day through June 19th! Click here for official rules.

Let us know in the comments what songs you listen to while sipping your yummy coffee!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Folgers and BlogHer. All opinions, photos, and references to Anne Murray 8 tracks are our own.


The Best Part Of Waking Up… — 80 Comments

  1. That’s definitely in my head now! (Kicked out the Phineas and Ferb theme song even.) I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love a good jingle. And I totally want a Keurig anyway.

  2. Awww…this brought back so many memories of my mom, my aunt, and my Nana and Papa sitting around my Nana’s table drinking coffee and playing cards. I am not a coffee drinker (as much as Leo keeps trying to make me) but I am a tea drinker (Green with caffeine, does that count?) and the songs that plays while I drink is usually the soundtrack from Beauty and the Beast since it is on a constant reel over here.

  3. Going to vote now!! I don’t have songs playing when I get my first cup of coffee. Wait. I lied. I actually wake up to music on my alarm!! I can tell what kind of day it’s going to be by which randomly selected tune my iPhone decides to pick from my rockin’ 80’s playlist. And THEN I crawl to the coffee pot for salvation!

    • The good news is that you probably can’t go wrong with any wake-up song from the a rockin’ 80’s playlist because BEST.MUSIC.EVER.
      And yes, crawling to the coffee pot is about how it goes over here, too!

  4. Yes, I definitely sang in my head the second part of that jingle (and I remember the holiday commercial with the brother coming home!)

  5. Without my coffee, I do not exist. Period. Take that away… and you take my soul. Okay- perhaps a bit dramatic… but clearly I am passionate about my coffee!! 😉 (Btw- I talked to Ilene about BBC and she said and I quote “The dose girls- oh you would think they are as awesome as they are on line…but the are TENFOLD as awesome IRL!!!” She went on and on about you girls… and all I could do was cry wishing I could have been there!!! My response? I kept saying “I just KNEW it. I just KNEW it!!!”

    • AWWWW!! You are SO SWEET! And so is Ilene…she is just amazing, and we totally have a crush on her! We should all meet up somewhere and have coffee and girl time! 🙂

  6. Even though I grew up in Germany and there is no Folger’s coffee, I still thought of the commercial instantly… And I’m not a coffee drinker – but I can’t live without my Diet Pepsi in the morning.

    • I have a good girlfriend who is like that with Diet Coke. Isn’t it amazing that you can think of the commercial without even having grown up with Folger’s? They rock!

  7. Voted! So awesome. And yes, that jingle is lifelong. And they know it. If you try to think of brand names for coffee, can you think of anything past Folgers? I can’t. Man I’m really jamming here at my computer at this musicians!!

    • Aren’t they just amazingly talented?! We were blown away! Folger’s is definitely the most well known coffee brand for sure! 🙂

  8. I watched all of them, they were all really good, better than expected. I hope you guys get a bunch of free coffee out of this deal.

    Barry or Neil? Hangnail or paper cut? In this analogy, Anne Murray is a root canal.

    • They are really good, right? We were really impressed when we saw them!
      HA HA HA on the end of your comment…I immediately emailed it to Lisa!

  9. I don’t drink coffee but have Folgers in my house. My grandpa always drank Folgers and that was during the time when people saved their grease to use later (gross!). So you had to watch what can you were picking up. The one with grease or the yummy smelling coffee! Still live the smell of the coffee! It’s a little nostalgic. 🙂

  10. As a Canadian, I must applaud your dad’s excellent taste in music – I grew up listening to Anne Murray too. (And I *loved* that children’s record with the hippo in the bathtub!) The Folgers jingle is timeless – you can’t help but sing along! I will head over to see the contestants now.

  11. Such a catchy jingle. Brought back memories of my mom making her coffee before headed off to work the night shift. She was definitely a Folger’s drinker. Headed to check out those artists now.

  12. I don’t drink coffee myself, but I have very fond memories of making coffee for my mom when I used to live at home. I can still smell the smell of the fresh coffee grounds when I opened the container! MMMMMmemories!

  13. {Melinda} I know that I am in the minority, but I don’t drink coffee. Don’t hate me. I never acquired a taste for it. But I still do like the Folgers commercials. Always have. If I drank coffee, it would totally be Folgers. 🙂 Did I redeem myself with that last comment?

    • Ha ha ha Melinda! We will let you off the hook! We are surprised by how many people don’t drink coffee. How is that possible?! 😉

  14. I will tell you I cannot drink Folgers.. something in it gives me heartburn every single time I drink one small cup. I am a Maxwell house girl. However, that being said yep the Christmas commercial is the one that gets me.. every stinking time.

    • Strange. I wonder what it is about the coffee that gives you heartburn. The Christmas commercial is just the best!

  15. Folgers is a staple in my grandmother’s home. I personally have never drank coffee. At this rate I never will, but boy do I know the smell. Moma, my grandmother, would be proud of this post!

  16. Anne Murray! Man, I get some of my best music tutelage over here at the dose. I have such an appreciation for John Denver AND coffee. I told myself once I got my keurig, I would curtail starbucks yet, after having a baby, I find myself going there MORE! I think it’s to get out of the house. But that vanilla biscotti looks like something I’m going to HAVE to try. Thanks dose ladies!

    • Lisa is addicted to SBUX. Like for real addicted. Ever since she got the vanilla biscotti Folger’s she has not been to SBUX once. So you should definitely try it! 🙂

  17. Anything coffee and music related is just awesome!! I voted – lots of good choices too – now, back to get my refill of coffee…still have not woken up

    • Isn’t it amazing how many awesome choices there are?! I could use another cup of coffee myself! 😉

  18. Omg I totally cry at the one where the brother comes home! It’s so sweet, and also makes me jealous that my brother wouldn’t be that excited to see me 🙂

  19. Are you in my head? I mean, seriously. When I read your title, I was singing that Folgers jingle in my head. When you started talking about Folgers I first thought of the commercial where the brother surprises the family at Christmas, and then of the dancer getting going with her first cup of coffee.

    Obviously, the only reasonable explanation is that you’re in my head!

    • We are in your head Kristen. The secret is out! 😉 The dancer commercial is just epic, right?!

  20. Those Folgers ad campaigns are classic! I’m kind of a geek when it comes to classic advertising. As a copywriter, “The best part of waking up” is a line I wish I wrote! They’ve come a long way, haven’t they? I didn’t realize you could get Folgers in a k-cup!

  21. I have a “can” of Folgers decaf in my cabinet courtesy of my mom. I’m, as I’ve mentioned before, a coffee snob so no Folgers for me anymore, but that brother coming home for Christmas gets me every time… all I have to do is hear the jingle that time of year and I tear up because I know what’s coming!

  22. I LOVE my coffee. And I mean LOVE. And I’m not dancing around here like I do with saying I love chips (although I do). I totally <3 coffee. And I think coffee to some Neil Diamond sounds pretty much like heaven, if you must know.

    • Okay, okay, okay we believe you on the coffee…even though you probably drink it black with a side of kale or something! 😉
      Neil Diamond and coffee just go together, right? I knew I loved you! 🙂

  23. I love the Folgers jingle.

    And I WISH I liked coffee but alas, I do not 🙁 I get my caffeine from Diet Coke. I do love the smell of coffee though.

    • Interesting that you like the smell but not the taste of coffee…I actually feel that way about a lot of foods, too! 😉

  24. I loved the Folgers commercial of the son coming home to surprise his mom at Christmas. I too teared up. Coffee was and is a staple with my mom. But, sorry, her’s is Maxwell. It gets put on in the morning and a pot is brewing until she goes to bed. I love my Keurig coffee maker. I can put whatever flavor I’m feeling at any time. I like Folgers morning roast or is it breakfast blend? I have so many different k-cups it’s hard to keep track of them all. I hope someone deserving wins the contest!

  25. My favorite is the Folgers Lively Colombian and now they just made a Lively Colombian with Caramel Drizzle. This changed the game for me..I love those K-Cups!! The flavor is so great!

    And I loved those commercials…the dad at the counter soaking in the aroma of his cup of Joe! 🙂

    • Oh my Gosh, that COMBO sounds delicious! We are DEFINITELY trying those! 🙂
      Love the dad in that commercial!

  26. My dad totally rocked the coffee mug in his car, too! Oh, and our 8 tracks were the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Abba, and Kenny Rogers. 🙂

    • Kenny Rogers!! I love Kenny Rogers…might have to go listen to some of his hits right now…they are still on my iPod! 😉

  27. Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow? That’s a lot of crooning! I love those Folgers commercials – I always wanted an older brother who would surprise me on Christmas morning!

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