“Arie” Watching This Season Of The Bachelorette?


Okay, not really. It’s The Bachelor’s demon offspring, The Bachelorette. Oh, we’ll still be watching of course, but we have to admit The Bachelorette doesn’t have quite the same “sparkle” quotient as it’s blue chip counterpart.

This season features the lovely bachelorette Danielle Dominique Desdemona–oh, whatever her name is. She was never one of our favorites. (Which is probably why HOTSEAN! rejected her in the end)

We are absolutely sure there will be intrigue, heartbreak, and drunken frat party antics this season, but that’s not why we’re *really* watching this time.

We have ulterior motives…and a job for you to do for which you will be greatly rewarded both onscreen and off!

Our goal–our quest if you will–is to use Drucilla’s season of The Bachelorette to accomplish one task and one task only:

Our Only Quest

Those of you who are new readers might not know this, but The Dose of Reality is all about Arie Luyendyk Jr. when it comes to The Bachelor. He’s dashing, sexy, smart, funny, and it just so happens that kissing is his best thing. If there was an Olympic medal for kissing, he’d be on the podium listening to the National Anthem with a gold medal around his neck. That’s the level of kissing mastery we’re talking about here.

(Did you click on those hyperlinks in the previous paragraph? You need to….no you REALLY need to if you’re going to join our mission. We’ll wait.)

Ever since he was cruelly cast aside by Emily in her season of The Bachelorette (see, this is why you can’t trust The Bachelorettes) we’ve been using every available opportunity making small attempts here and there to ensure Arie is the next Bachelor.

But now we’re ready to take it to the next level. This is where you come in.

For real, y’all! We kid around about a lot of things, but NOT about Arie.

Now, we know you’d want to help us out of the goodness of your own heart (and because of your own Arie love obvi), but we want to sweeten the pot and give one of our fantastic readers the gift package of a lifetime.

Interested?  You should be!

We want you, our precious Dose Peeps, to help us campaign for Arie to be the next Bachelor. No, we’re not kidding. Yes, we mean it.

All you need to do is tweet this post to Arie and/or to the Executive Producer of the entire Bachelor Empire, Mike Fleiss.

Stumped on what to say? NO PROBLEM!! Here are some sample tweets that you can cut and paste:

You must read this @ariejr ! The future of kissing depends on it! http://www.thedoseofreality.com/2013/05/27/arie/ ‎ Help @TheDoseTweets, help you! #TheBachelorette

We want @ariejr as the next #Bachelor! Make it happen @fleissmeister ! http://www.thedoseofreality.com/2013/05/27/arie/ ‎All of us @TheDoseTweets are counting on you!

~@ariejr you must be the next Bachelor. RT this or Cupid will get a canker sore! http://www.thedoseofreality.com/2013/05/27/arie/ Help @TheDoseTweets keep hope alive!

Or…you can devise a tweet of your own, if you prefer. To be entered for the prize, though, you must include both @TheDoseTweets and either @ariejr or @fleissmeister in the tweet.

You will get one entry in the prize pack giveaway for each tweet. There is no limit to the amount of entries you can accumulate. If you do 5000 tweets you will have 5000 entries. We’re just saying, you can determine your own fate based on how fast you can type. In this case less is not more.

Want to know what you can win? (besides the pleasure of seeing Arie on your screen for two hours every week if our genius plan works)

Ultimate Kissing Prize Pack

The Ultimate Kissing Prize Pack will include (but is not limited to):

  • Lip balm (Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers if we can find them)
  • Breath mints (probably Altoids Smalls depending on Walgreens stock)
  • An autographed 6×8 photo card of Arie in his racing gear (if we win the ebay auction…fingers crossed!)
  • A cut out of Arie himself which will be handmade by us and laminated as long as Kinkos doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. (This will be your own personal “Flat Arie” for photo ops and kissing practice) ♥♥
  • There will be more goodies as well! You never know what we might find at Party City or Dollar Tree. The sky’s the limit!**

**Actual Arie, unfortunately, is not included. We aren’t affiliated with ABC or The Bachelor in any official capacity. We don’t book his appearances. In fact, the restraining order stipulates we must stay 100 feet from Mr. Luyendyk, Jr. at all times.

♥♥ Simulated “Flat Arie” photograph to illustrate potential photo op possibilities:

The Dose of Arie

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ends on Friday, May 31st at 10 pm EST. So act fast! The winner will be drawn using random.org and will be contacted via Twitter on Saturday, June 1st. We will announce the winner to the world in a very special post on Monday, June 3rd. You know you want it to be you!

Good luck and happy tweeting!!

P.S. You didn’t *really* think we’d end this post without giving you what you came for, did you?  Enjoy…




“Arie” Watching This Season Of The Bachelorette? — 65 Comments

    • It’s actually the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a person in our eyes, Andrea. He was standing in your shoes. It’s like you guys share something now and we can totally use you as a connection if we play 7 Degrees of Separation, Bachelor style.

  1. This seems like a rather important mission. I honestly don’t understand the B series of shows. Then again, I tend to live off of re-runs when I watch TV at all. Do they have reruns of these shows?

    • I don’t think they do re-runs of the Bachelor franchise anywhere. BUT…I know you can watch episodes on line or on the On Demand channel (if your cable provider has one).

      This *is* a very important mission, Carli. It may be our most important…ever!!

  2. Oh seriously, you two had me cracking up reading this. I love you both dearly and even though I don’t watch this show and tweeting this right now, because of you both. Seriously, hope you both are having a wonderful Memorial Day!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Janine! Hope you had a great weekend, too! Thank you for tweeting out the Arie love!! We need to get a whole season of Arie. We can make it happen! (and we promise it would be worth watching!!)

  3. Oh my goodness y’all are coocoo for cocoa puffs! I LOVE IT! I am in! I’ll tweet Arie all day! (OK, maybe not, but he IS a cutie!) I too am very excited about the return of the Bachelorette – I usually love it because I enjoy window shopping for cuties! Don’t tell the hubs!
    And I did very much enjoy your list on how we waste time every day.

    • Whoo Hoo!! We could not agree more!!! We’ve got to tweet out the Arie love and put the idea in Mike Fleiss’ head to give us a full season of Arie. Can you even imagine?!! We are swooning at the thought.

      Although we were riding The Bachelorette a little, without that portion of the franchise we wouldn’t have ever known about Arie and we wouldn’t be able to watch the kissing video so we’d be spending our free time on things like laundry. That would be a tragedy.

    • Hahahaha. We’ve got to give our peeps what they want and who doesn’t want to win prize?! (although the potential of getting 2 hours of Arie a week is really prize enough, we know)

    • We feel you, Eva. Denise is not our favorite Bachelorette, but we will still be glued to the TV watching her all season. We don’t miss a minute.

  4. Hilarious! I don’t watch the bachelor or bachelorette, but I enjoy all your posts about them, so I’ve gotta do at least a tweet.lol. Who wouldn’t want to win those fabulous Party City or Dollar Tree goodies 🙂

    • Hahaha! That’s the spirit, Hope!! Thank you for participating. We hope to make the lucky winner the envy of all her friends!!

  5. Dang, the D-girls are going all out for this! I hope all the tweeting gets the attention of the execs. We MUST kiss and tell here.
    “Trick or tweet, Arie’s sweet, he’s one hunking piece of meat.
    If you don’t, make him ‘Bach,’ your ratings will go down the hatch.”

    • We *love* your potential tweets, Karen!! Along with making Arie the next Bachelor, we desperately want you to get on Twitter. The world deserves to see the funny you’d serve up!

  6. OKAY SO I totally missed Arie at BBC! Why didn’t you introduce me?! 😉

    What a package to win! Its what dreams are made of.

    I will be watching tonight because unlike you guys DESIREE was one of my favs!! I was devastated when he db bro gave HotSean! the business.

    • Oh, right…DESIREE!! That’s her name!! 😉
      At least these guys will already know about the brother so they will be prepared. That’s got to help!

      Hahahahaha. We are trying to make dreams come true with the prize package. (But don’t say that to our kids. They consider us dream killers by not allowing them to stay up until midnight and have chocolate syrup for dinner)

  7. Well I don’t see how I can resist the prize packages. I wish the prize was to get Arie to kiss me on a merry-go-round. Sure I get motion sick by spinning, but I think he’ll find it worth the wait.

    • If we could get Arie on the carousel as a prize, we’d be keeping it for ourselves, Tamara!! But if you win, you can totally take your “Flat Arie” anywhere you want that doesn’t spin. It’s almost the same thing.

  8. Ahhhh…that kiss! I need a minute… I will do this for you guys because I love you and nice lips are a priority for me so I want that prize package (June 3rd is my birthday…make it a Taylor Kitsch picture and it would make a great bday gift…just sayin’). I’ll be watching tonight…mostly because there is a guy from Venezuela that I think is hot. 🙂

    • Oh, AnnMarie!! You totally deserve some Taylor Kitsch in addition to well maintained lips. If you win, we’ll have to see what we can do about that!! (and yes, Juan Pablo was HOT)

  9. Ahhh…. the trash TV is back! I love it ! And I love your posts on it! Hope you are successful in getting Arie. You think he’d give all the gals a lesson on kissing if he was the bachelor?

    • Aw! Thanks, Leah! Yes!! We are certain Arie would show the ladies a thing or two if he becomes The Bachelor. *swoon*

  10. Haaaa!!!! The Ultimate Kissing Prize is right up my alley. If it weren’t for you ladies I wouldn’t know ANYTHING about The Bachelor or Bachelorette. You keep me in the know. I’m tweeting him. He’s going to think I’m crazy, but he’d be kinda right…so here I go…

    • Yay, Andrea!!! We are thrilled to be your Bachelor connection!! 🙂 Arie certainly thinks we’re crazy…but if it gets us a whole season of his kissing, it will totally be worth it.

  11. My husband was checking out the DirecTV guide last night to find something to watch. I said, “OOH! Look! The Bachelorette is on!!” I wish you could have seen the look he gave me! And I knew I would have to tell you about it. I’ll send some tweets!

    • Bwahahahahahaha! We have been on the receiving end of that look, Rabia!! Glad to know we’re not the only ones!!

  12. I’ve never gotten into watching either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. I do know a male attorney in our building who is totally into them! lol

    • He knows where it’s at, Jeanne! If you watched you could meet him at the water cooler and have yourself a chat session!!

    • The beginning was really boring. It didn’t really take off until the guys came into the picture. She’s got some doozies this season. Whew. This is why we’ll need Arie as The Bachelor after this season is over.

  13. I hope Arie gets to be the next Bachelor…because if he’s not, I’m afraid you 2 will literally die of disappoint, and we can’t have that! I’d miss 2 of my most favoritest people on the planet!! That being said, “GO TEAM ARIE!” 🙂

    • Bwahahahahaha!!! You’re the best, Julie, and a true friend to care about our feelings!!!! If someone else is announced as the next Bachelor, you will hear us wailing right here from Charlotte. It will not be pretty.

      • No doubt! Cannot have that! I’d send them your therapy bills for sure!

        Oh, and I totally hope Arie stops by here and comments! 😀 Maybe y’all should consider doing a Youtube plea? That would totally rock!

  14. Your video cracked me up. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I can totally appreciate a healthy obsession with an unattainable male. May you be successful in your mission!

    • We did not make that video, Dana, but we appreciate it with all of our hearts. We have our fingers crossed on the mission!! 😀

  15. I can’t watch those bachelor shows anymore. Everything seems so set up :/

    However, I do watch The Real Housewives and that is also most likely set up. So I still watch plenty of bad tv.

    • Oh, Amber. You are breaking our hearts. If Arie is the next Bachelor, we’d have to try to change your mind!!!

    • Thanks, Joi! We’re taking matters into our own hands! You’ll never get what you want if you don’t even ask for it!! 😀

  16. I used to go to a lot of races when his father was driving… I’ll have to see if I have any pictures of him when he was little. (And did you know he used to be the model for Dutch Boy paint?)

  17. I LOVE the passion. Although I do not watch the show, I will join in the campaign because I just *heart* you two! Here’s to getting Arie casted as the next Bachelor!

    • Yay, Mariann!! We love that you are joining the campaign just for us!! We *heart* you, too!! You rock!! 🙂 Go, Team Arie! 🙂

  18. You two are a hoot! I will absolutely tweet for you, since you know how much I love to tweet…and, of course, because it’s you! If this works for you, I WILL watch the show, I promise.

    • Whoo Hoo!! We appreciate it!! Here’s to a season of Arie…and a new tv show for Michelle!!! 😀

  19. ‘Kay, that was HAWT! I have never seen this show since my children won’t go to sleep at a decent hour and I have a terrible Facebook addiction, but wow! Let’s have him over for cocktails!

    • And yet, we don’t see you tweeting Nurse Mommy? Why? Don’t you want the chance to determine Arie’s fate? And win stuff! 😉

    • Thanks so much Meredith! The lengths we go to for the blog, right?! 😉 Your sister appreciates your effort, no doubt! 🙂

  20. Not sure how I missed this post this week, but that was HILARIOUS! I don’t *gasp* watch the Bachelor programs…I think I might have watched the first two and stopped. You guy Arie is a cutie pie though! Stopping in from Saturday Sharefest! 🙂

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