“Arie” Ready To Find Out The Big Winner?!

Last week we totally begged asked you all to join our quest to make Arie the next star of ABC’s The Bachelor. (If you don’t know about our quest you’ve got to click the link. We know you’ll be on board once you read it.)

Well, the Dose Peeps stepped up!!

As our Twitter feed filled up with hashtags and tweets to Arie, we knew that our readers rocked the free world! Well, we already knew that, but it’s fun to see it in action…especially action that could potentially (fingers crossed) include the chance to see 2 hours of Arie every week.

Needless to say, the only thing left to do was finish selecting the prizes for:

Ultimate Kissing Prize Pack

 It was a team effort.

As all things like this go, it started with a phone call very important blog meeting.

Ashley: Abby and I will hit Party City after school and pick up some kissing prize related items.

Lisa: Great! I just finished making the “Flat Arie” at Kinkos. It’s beyond fabulous. I’m going to have a really hard time mailing it off to someone else. I’m sending you some pictures right now.

Flat Arie Around the House

Ashley: O…M…G!!! You have to go back and make another one RIGHT.THIS. MINUTE. We can haul it around with us all summer taking pictures. Hang up right now and do it. Call me back when you’re finished.

20 minutes later…

Cruising with Flat Arie




Lisa: I’m leaving Kinkos now and “Flat Arie” #2 is riding shotgun.




Lisa: This might also be a good time to tell you I won the autographed Arie photo card on ebay this morning.

Thanks ebay

Lisa: At the last minute someone else jumped in with a bid. I would not be denied, though. It was a very nerve-wracking 2 minutes.

Ashley: That’s what she said.

Lisa: Ugh! I thought we had an agreement about “that’s what she said” jokes.

Ashley: Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t resist with that set up. Back to business. This really is going to be the most ULTIMATE Kissing Prize Pack the world has ever seen!

Lisa: Exactly! I’m headed to Ulta later and can grab some other stuff there, too. What kinds of things do you want to include?

Ashley: Definitely look for the Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers or whatever kind of fun lip balm they have. And what about a travel toothbrush and toothpaste? You know, for those make-out sessions in the back of the car.

 Lip and tooth care

Lisa: On it! Maybe I can grab a hair scrunchie or something like that, too.

Ashley: A scrunchie?? NO. That’s the opposite of kissing and sexiness. That is for washing your face. He has to be able to run his hands through your hair. Even Abby knows a scrunchie is not hot.

No Scrunchie

Lisa: Oh, fine. It was just a suggestion! Abby is a great shopping partner. Good luck.

Cut to a couple hours later when Lisa received yet another phone call, this time from the bowels of Party City.

Ashley: Bad news. Turns out that there is not a wide selection here of lip/kissing related paraphernalia. Tons of feather boas and crowns, but lacking in Ultimate Kissing Prize Pack items.

Lisa: Awww, man, really? That’s a bummer. What do you have so far?

Ashley: Some heart shaped mints, a heart shaped bottle opener, a compact for applying lipstick, and a little vase with a red rose. Oh, and Abby just spied a sweet silver Bachelorette sash with lips on it…want me to get that?


Lisa: Score!! Of COURSE we need the sash!!  I knew Abby would be a great helper! I hope our winner will wear it proudly and tweet us a picture! What about looking around for a little race car to represent Arie’s other skill set?

Ashley: Great idea! Totally just found a red one that will match his fire burning passion–for both racing AND kissing!

Arie the Racer

Ashley: Wait.A.Minute. Do you think I should get a candy bracelet, too?

Lisa: A candy bracelet?? What does that have to do with kissing?? And this from the person who gave *me* a hard time about the scrunchie??

No Candy Bracelet or Scrunchie

Ashley: Obviously, this is why we work so well together. To save each other from ourselves.

In the end, we managed to assemble a winning package of goodies.

To top it all off, we made a CD with songs that all have “Kiss” in the title. We even printed a custom CD label for it. That took about 3 hours but was totally worth it, because it was a labor of love.

Custom Kiss CD


THE ULTIMATE KISSING PRIZE PACK in all of its glory!!! (Disregard the messy kitchen in the background. It was either clean or take photos. PRIORITIES!)

The Grand Prize

You know there is only one thing left to do!

Drumroll please, as we reveal the big winner….

It’s ALEXA….aka KAT BIGGIE!!!!! 

Alexa...Kat Biggie is the WINNER

No…wait!  We can do better than that…

Alexa and Arie

Luck was a lady alright…a lady named Kat Biggie!

Like so many of you, Kat answered our challenge call in a major way. She tweeted Arie like the dedicated Dose Peep she is and in the end, when fed into random.org, it was her name that popped up!

We know she is still probably in shock over her good fortune. Imagine how she will feel when it arrives at her doorstep!

For those of you who do not see your name above, don’t despair. Let’s just say that you could have *another* chance later this summer. We know, we know, the Dose Girls are givers.

Here is what we learned from our quest so far…

  • If you tweet Arie enough, he will eventually respond because in addition to being a great kisser, he also has a fantastic sense of humor.

Arie Tweeted to Us

Yes. That is a real tweet. From Arie…to us! We’re in North Carolina, but we’re absolutely sure that anyone in the continental United States could hear the loud SQUEE we both let out when this happened.

  • There is nothing sexy about scrunchies or candy bracelets.
  • BFFs will save you from yourself and will cheer you on when you spend $24.52 on an autographed photo card.
  • BFF’s don’t, however, always appreciate “That’s what she said” jokes.
  • Although it’s easier than you think to come up with songs with “Kiss” in the title, printing out photo CD labels is frustrating and is best done when children with impressionable ears are not in the vicinity.

Finally, if you are Mike Fleiss and you are reading this, just know that we are serious about Arie being the next Bachelor. We know you favor picking The Bachelor from the current crop of people vying for The Bachelorette. But trust us, we’ve watched Daphne’s season premiere. #ThereAreNoFutureBachelorsThere.

We already have pledges from several of our readers who don’t even watch The Bachelor (or tv in general) that they will become LOYAL VIEWERS if Arie is selected. That’s the power he has, Fleiss. SURELY you want to tap into that. [That’s what she said. –Ashley] [Omg…you have got to stop that. –Lisa]

Listen, we’re not trying to be selfish. (Although you *do* owe us if you’re keeping score. We watched every. single. episode of Deanna’s horrifying season. You’re welcome.) But this is not just about us. We care about America and their TV enjoyment. DON’T YOU LOVE AMERICA, MIKE FLEISS????!!!

Be A Patriot, Fleiss




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  1. First off huge congrats to Alexa!! I love her and she definitely so deserves this one for sure. And you guys had me cracking up especially about the Bonnie Bell lip gloss. Didn’t even know they still make that!! 🙂

    • Well, I’m not sure they do make it any more, Janine. I couldn’t find any. I compensated by getting two different lip products. If I find some, I’ll let you know!!

  2. The exchange between you guys and Arie is my very favorite thing about Twitter. That we can converse with our favorite celebrities so easily is awesome!

    I’m off to buy myself some chapstick!

    • Yes!! It was totally exciting and not something that could or would ever have happened before Twitter. Completely awesome!!

    • CONGRATULATIONS ALEXA!!! We’re so happy for you. Can’t wait for you to get your prize package in the mail! Hope you will love having Flat Arie around as much as we did!! 🙂

  3. I. am. peeing.

    You know I’m not a bachelor/bachelorette fan, but I was rooting this thing on in spirit. 😛 I love the pictures, Flat Arie rocks and again, peeing.

    And yes, NO scrunchies. No.

    • Hahahahaha. Thanks, Andrea. Flat Arie was really fun. The whole family was pressed into service to get some photos. I’m sure they were thrilled.

      The time of the scrunchie is over (if there ever was one)

    • You make a good point, Tracie. Still, we have to give thumbs down to both. Our wrists get sticky with those candy bracelets. Ew.

    • We were thrilled, Michelle. We were also glad he saw the humor and didn’t put out a restraining order against us. It was a win-win.

  4. Hurray for Kat Biggie! 🙂 So happy for you! 🙂

    I’m just laughing over here over this post! You gals are too much! So glad that he tweeted you! 🙂 Now if we could just get him to come comment here…. *sighs* I did try! I will try again, though! 🙂

    • We saw that, Julie! You’re the best!!! That would be really cool. We’re just happy we know he read the post. (And used proper grammar using the correct form “too”. We knew he was smart! He’s got it all! 😀 )

  5. hahahaha..I squeed myself when I saw that he tweeted you two. And I hadn’t even heard of him until you. In fact, I didn’t know about the racecar connection until today. The more you know..about Arie. He does look pretty cute, I have to admit. And Bonne Bell lip smackers are amazing. I took that obsession into adulthood. Is that weird? No.

    • Not at all weird, Tamara. We will totally support your obsessions since you are supporting ours! 😉

    • Oh, LAWD!! I’m never going to get away from the “that’s what she saids” now, am I?!! 😀

    • Hahahahaha. Well, he could have gone running and screaming from us and called the FBI or something. You just never know. It’s even better to know he has such a good sense of humor! 😀

  6. OK, will never watch Bachelor/Bachelorette, but this was a very funny column. Ashley, I’m OK with “that’s what she said”, as long as you pick good spots, which you did.
    You can use Flat Arie if you are alone and want to use the carpool lane.
    Did Abby know the word Bachelorette on the sash? That is impressive!

    • Oh, John!!! PLEASE don’t encourage her with the “that’s what she said”. She’ll never, ever stop if she has your approval. 🙁

  7. Congrats, Alexa!
    This post was hilarious…
    I haven’t seen those types of srungies in a long while. Those are so 80’s…

    Glad he responded. Made it even better, right?

    • That must be why I can’t bring myself to shun the scrunchie, Khloe! I’m a child of the 80s! That explains everything!

  8. I just want to pack up all my things and move by you girls!!! Can I??? I am close to leaving my entire life behind just to hang with you both and have this kind of fun!!! Oh this is just too AWESOME!!! YAY for Alexa!!!! 🙂

    • Of COURSE you can, Chris! We wish you were here already!! The weather is nice here! We’re just sayin’…

    • Hahahahahaha. We’ll have to change that from “continental US” to North America, then!! Hahahaha!!

  9. You both are hysterical!!! You must have gone nuts when he tweeted you!! Too much!! How fun that Alexa won!! Congratulations to her!! Thanks so much for a very well needed laugh today!! xo

    • Hahaha. Thanks, Kathy! Nuts is the perfect word for our reaction. Then we called each other and went nuts on the phone together. Good times! 😀

    • Aw! Thanks, Jennifer!! We have another surprise planned for later this summer, so don’t worry. There will be more chances to win. Our quest doesn’t stop until Mike Fleiss announces Arie as the next Bachelor.

  10. I’m so jealous of Alexa too! That is the best prize package ever! And yay! You got a tweet from Arie! That’s even better than the cut out or the autograph if you ask me!

    • It was really exciting, Ilene! But I will say, the cut out is pretty fun to have around. We’ll be taking it with us on the road this summer.

  11. Lol this was too funny and he tweeted back that rocks. I think that is the highlight of it all most people don’t even bother to check you out or tweet you

    • It really was SO cool, Kita. Not everyone would bother to read or if they did, tweet back. It just shows us that we were right all along. He’s the best!! He needs to be the next Bachelor. The End!! 🙂

    • Hahahahaha. Thanks, Rabia! Just tell your boss it was about The Bachelor. I’m sure he’ll/she’ll understand!!

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Hope. We’re not sure we’re up to changing the world, but we’re desperately trying to change The Bachelor! 😀

  12. You guys are too awesome. That prize pack is bomb! And Arie tweeted you back?!?!?! Hello, Bachelor material!

    Scrunchies are the opposite of sexy for sure. That’s what she said jokes are always awesome.

    • We don’t want to be greedy, Leah. We’ll happily settle for a season of Arie. But if he is on the show, we’re definitely going to the finale when it tapes. That’s for sure!!!

  13. OMG Ladies! What I LOVE about you two…when you set your mind to something, it’s going to happen! I think he WILL be the next bachelor because of you two…you should try writing that guest host guy Chris “something” and get him involved as well. Ya’ll rock!

  14. Loved the play-by-play of the shopping spree/organizing the Arie Kiss package! You ladies rock beyond belief! Hope your dream of Arie comes true!

    • Aw! Thanks, Debbie!! We are lucky we have each other to save us from ourselves (and from scrunchies).

  15. You girls are HILARIOUS! and so much FUN! I love your zest for life — and for kissing — and for Arie! You are definitely the gals to party with, Flat Aries and all!

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Darcy! We totally intend to have some fun with “Flat Arie” this summer…and then (hopefully) his season will start! 🙂

  16. This is just LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!!! The pictures are your very best yet!!! Loving the fact that he responded!!! HOW EXCITING!!! 🙂

    • Our advice would be to tweet him 20 times a day…then if that doesn’t do it have your readers tweet him…and then he will either file a restraining order or tweet to you. That was our plan

    • Hahahha. Thanks, Adrienne! Now if we can just get him cast as The Bachelor, our dreams will have come true.

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Robin!! We’re lucky to have each other. Nobody else would keep the other in line! 😀

  17. I feel like I am always starting my comments to you guys with OMG, but OMG! First of all, Arie tweeted you! I’m swooning! Second, Alexa is definitely adorable . For real. Also, I cracked up at the “agreement about the that’s-what-she-said jokes” and the scrunchies, and all the Flat Aries… you ladies are hilarious!

    • Hahahaha. We were totally swooning, too, Stephanie! (and he tweeted out this post, too, on top of it!! He’s just the best. The very best!!)

  18. You two crack me up! I’m soooo sorry that I didn’t participate more now (I love Hall & Oats) but I thought I’d leave it to a real Arie lover. Congrats to Kat! I hope Arie is at all of her parties this summer. I’m sure he’ll make a great July 4th guest!

    • “Flat Arie” is on his way to her doorstep right now! He’s fun, so I bet he’ll make an appearance or two at parties this summer! (I hope she’ll tweet us out some pictures!!)

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