Pinterest Nightmare #652: Human Snaggletooth Necklace

Ashley’s birthday is at the end of the summer. I mentioned this before when I was debating whether or not to gift her with a Ryan Gosling soft sculpture mini bust made entirely of wool (Or so they claim. It looked like some dryer lint and a touch of pet hair may have been utilized as well.)

You know. I like to get her practical things she can really use.

I just double checked and the sculpture is still available, but I’m having second thoughts. Last year I gave her a silver “The Dose of Reality” necklace that she wears at least once a week. That really puts the pressure on me to step it up, hence the Ryan Gosling realness of the sculpture.

But I don’t know, guys. Although she loves Ryan Gosling, the necklace went over *really* well. It’s got a proven track record.

So I did what I always do when facing a conundrum. I consulted Pinterest!! I was so happy to find what I think might be the perfect gift solution for Ashley!

Pinterest Nightmare #652: Human Snaggletooth Necklace


As pinned from ExtolloJewelry on Etsy

That isn’t some porcelain replica of a tooth. NO WAY! Do I look like a cheapskate? That is an honest to goodness 100% HUMAN MOLAR** TOOTH that has been upcycled into a fashion statement! (**Disclaimer: It could possibly be a bicuspid. Teeth weren’t really covered in medical school.)

If you know Ashley well, you know that dental hygiene is very important to her. In fact, she carries those flosser stick things with her everywhere she goes. I’m really thinking that combining her love of jewelry and her love of teeth into one present could forever seal my position as a top-notch gift giver in her eyes.

I can already envision how it will complement and complete her wardrobe.

As an added bonus, the artist will even hand select a tooth for the necklace based on my personal preferences of root number and presence/absence of cavities. You don’t often get that level of service when purchasing a body part based product.

That’s a relief because I don’t want Ashley walking around with some inferior, cavity riddled tooth that just fell out of someone’s mouth. I can only really consider this if I know I’m getting quality enamel here (and at least 3 roots, if I’m being honest).

The maker of this masterpiece also promises that teeth used for her creations were acquired “ethically”. It’s comforting that the designer isn’t going around punching people’s lights out hoping to loosen up their best choppers or raiding dental office medical waste containers at night.

I do have few concerns. Does it lack creativity to give Ashley a necklace two years in a row? Should I check Pinterest for jewelry made of other types of waste materials that might have special meaning to her like kidney stones? Am I a fool to consider anything but the gift of Gosling?

So what do you guys think?

Ashley and the Snaggletooth

Is this just the item that will make Ashley’s birthday unforgettable or does this deserve the standard “Oh, Pinterest. No…just no”?




Pinterest Nightmare #652: Human Snaggletooth Necklace — 94 Comments

  1. That is possibly the most vile thing I have ever heard of being for sale (fortunately I am naive as to the lower regions of internet selling) and I definitely think the Ryan Gosling knitted thingummy sounds like a WAY better deal.

    • Okay, I’ll count you as one vote for the Ryan Gosling mini-bust. It gets WAY more disturbing than this in the nether regions of interweb commerce. Stay innocent, friend.

  2. I love how beautiful the necklace is, and all-natural and upcycled materials are very trendy and green, but I have some questions. Is the tooth locally sourced? Did the owner of the tooth eat a vegan and organic diet? Before making this important purchase, you really should get more information.

    Another idea, somewhat on topic: A mother’s necklace made from all of her children’s lost teeth. Forget mother’s rings with impersonal birthstones! What mother wouldn’t want to keep her kids’ teeth close to her heart?

    • Those are excellent questions, Amy. I’ll have to convo the artist and make sure the teeth were harvested locally.

      You’re also a genius! Now, if I can only get the Tooth Fairy to cough up her daughter’s teeth, I could *really* get a gift going for Ashley. YAY! ;D

  3. My birthday is on Monday, please don’t go shopping for me, lol!! Seriously that thing is just gross on too many levels and don’t want to imagine where they actually got the tooth from let alone wear it around one’s neck!! Thanks for sharing though and have a great weekend!! 🙂

    • Happy early birthday, Janine!! It’s too late to get something shipped to you, rats!! I’ll make sure to mark my calendar to catch you next year!! 😀

  4. Another Pinterest nightmare…will the fun never stop?! Love it! Poor Ashley. Someone above mentioned her children’s lost teeth…I think that might be a better present…heehe. I saved all of my kids baby teeth for years…don’t ask me why…it’s just gross. Don’t worry, they are gone from my house now!

    • Using her own children’s teeth would make it an even more meaningful gift. That seems like it would make a good Mother’s Day gift. I might have to mention that to her husband for next year.

  5. Oh, ICK! This “wonderful” Pinterest find is such a coincidence; I’m reading The Great Gatsby right now, and one of the shady characters in the book made some molars into cufflinks!

    • Hahahaha. You’ll never guess what…this person ALSO makes molar cuff links. She must be a literature buff.

    • Well…no. She doesn’t say exactly how the teeth are …obtained. But she does ensure us they are “ethically” acquired. I think that can make us all feel good.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I feel SOOO sick right now. Like I was really getting sicker and sicker as I read the details.

    Ashley, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! I will get you a much more normal present, I promise!!!!


    I’m kinda’ loving Amy’s idea of using your kids’ teeth. You should try to collect those, Lisa. I’m sure they’re in a safe place somewhere. 😉

    • You think Ashley needs a more normal gift? Hmmm…what’s abnormal about necklace made from a human molar/bicuspid. Jewelry is about as traditional a gift as I can think of!

    • Hahahahaha. To be fair, there are lots of fun and normal things on Pinterest, too. Don’t let our “Oh, Honey No” board scare you away, Eva!!

    • Oh no, Kate! I hope you’re not coming down with a stomach bug!! I can’t imagine why else you’d be feeling bad! 😉

  7. This reminds me of the whole vial of blood thing that Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton did and is no less (forgive the pun) vile. *shivers* No thank you. This has “I’m secretly a cannibal…Well, not so secret since I’m wearing the evidence” written all over it. Stay away and be afraid, be very afraid!

    • Great minds think alike, Julie. I thought of Billy Bob and Angelina when I saw this, too!!

      I do think a tooth necklace says “don’t mess with me” which is probably just the message Ashley would want to send!!

  8. Wow. This is kind of a toss up for me. I mean, the Ryan Gosling wool head thing is pretty one-of-a-kInd. But the tooth necklace is upcycled and ethically acquired. Plus the seller seems like she’s pretty customer-service oriented. Decisions, decisions!

    • Why, Khloe…I don’t think I’ve ever seen you tongue tied like that before! You must have been overcome by the beauty of the necklace, I guess!!

  9. ewww, that is so incredibly gross. I think it’s great and celebrate when my kids lose their teeth but I won’t keep them cause it just grosses me out. I asked my oldest if he’d want them when he got older and he said no so I tossed em. I certainly did NOT ever think to put them on a necklace. Where do people come up with these ideas? and seriously, do people actually buy these things?

    • Hahaha. I have no idea who buys them, Tanya. I think it’s best if we just don’t think about it.

    • Yeah, that’s the thing. It’s $30…which is very close to the price of the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust. It makes it so much harder to decide because they are both so affordable!

    • Oh, Chris!! Squee!! I love that it made you throw up in your mouth a little, and that it is your choice. Hahahahahahaha! You are my people. 😀

    • You know…what am I thinking. She is totally worth both. Why should I settle for just one?! You’re a genius!!

  10. You girls are my morning joy! If I were you, Lisa, I would stick to the Ryan Gosling Sculpture. I would hate to see the snaggle tooth take the limelight away from that gorgeous Dose necklace. I spotted it at BBC and just loved it!

    • Ooooh, that’s a very good point. I wouldn’t want a new present to take away from the old. I’ve never given her a Mini bust OR Ryan Gosling centered gift before so there would be no problem there. I’ll need to give that some thought!! 🙂

  11. Lisa, you have put the “fun” back into your dysfunctional blogger relationship! 😉 Just kidding. My real answer. Ew. Nothing with teeth or hair. Sounds like she would need a dose of Penicillin or Benadryl after one of your gifts!

    • I did get her a metal chicken once made from license plates. No lie. I was worried that might require a tetanus shot if handled the wrong way. She’s a nurse so I’m not worried. She’ll seek out proper medical care if necessary.

    • You know. I think she does look forward to my gifts. She always says things like, “I would never have bought this for myself in a million years” You know you’ve hit a home run with statements like that.

  12. Gosh that is so funny. I wish there were a way to “like” comments a la Facebook. I’m laughing out loud at work right now. If she is really into teeth, maybe a bracelet vs a necklace?

    • You know, I do think this jewelry designer would be up for making a bracelet. I’ll have to ask!!

      (And I think our readers always have the best comments. They are always funnier than reading the actual post!! 😀 )

  13. I can’t decide which would make a more interesting present: this lovely tooth necklace, or the work of a woman I recently met who incorporates human bones (also acquired ethically) into her jewelry. Apparently finger bones make for a lovely accessory.

    Yeah, no.

    • How on EARTH do you procure human finger bones in a way that isn’t going to give me nightmares?

      I’ll have to look into this lady. Christmas is just around the corner…

    • Hahahahahahahaha. I’m saving that for the Fourth of July, Krystal. It’s the perfect treat for a back yard cookout.

    • But, She has a whole host of human teeth IN HER MOUTH (which is pretty gross when you think about it). So around the neck is nothing.

    • You are so right, Holly. If that’s her, she’s fallen on hard times, indeed. Maybe that’s reason alone to support her and go with the necklace.

    • It was!! There were molar cuff links in The Great Gatsby. Well done, Stephanie. Ashley does appreciate a good literary reference…

    • That’s the perfect way to describe it…a conversation piece!! Ashley loves a conversation piece!

    • This is the best idea I’ve heard yet. Think of the splash we would make at a blogging conference being the bloggers with snaggletooth necklaces.

  14. I was shocked when I read the title of this piece – I gasped and thought – NOT POSSIBLE!!! I cannot even get over this – what are they thinking – how gross!!???
    WHAT WILL IT BE NEXT: Toe nail barrettes??? Ear wax face masks???Maxi pad slippers???
    I am sorry – I have just stooped down to their low level…

    • Never apologize. You’ve given me excellent ideas of things to search for on Pinterest!! That’s a win!

  15. I wondered what the tooth fairy did with all those teeth. And where he got all the money he leaves behind. Now I know!

    The necklace would be better if one of the kids has a need to lose a tooth. You know…a mommy memento.

    • You know, one of her girls is SURE to lose a tooth sometime between now and the end of summer. She’ll probably charge more for a custom tooth, but it would be worth it.

  16. Hahahah WTF?!?! That is effing disgusting! I saved my teeth when I got them pulled when I was 8 (my baby teeth wouldn’t fall out….I didn’t want to grow up), and when I came across them a few years later, I realized how gross it was and threw them away.

    Unless that tooth is hiding something awesome inside it (I have no idea what, unless you were like a weird coke addict), that is the most unnecessary and weird necklace I have ever seen. It’s like a nastier step above Angelina Jolie wearing a vial with Billy Bob’s blood. *shudder*

    • Yeah, at least Billy Bob and Angelina were married to the person whose blood they wore around their necks. Ashley really wouldn’t know anything about the former owner of the tooth. (Unless the seller includes that info on a nice little enclosed card. I’ll have to ask her)

  17. Every week I think the Pinterest Nightmares can’t get any worse, and every week you prove me wrong. It’s OK, you know. You don’t have to be overachievers in every way possible.

    But this? *shudders* This is nightmare inducing.

    • Okay, I don’t want to scare you away, Kristen. I PROMISE next week we will veer away from anything body part related. I’ll be doing one that would make a good Father’s Day gift. Don’t be afraid to come back next week!!!

    • Icky…yes that about sums it up. So, I’m counting you as a vote for the Snaggletooth Necklace!!

  18. Oh goodness. Lisa, if you get her the snaggletooth, you can accessorize the gift with a mini toothbrush and some toothpaste so she can polish it up from time to time. What a dazzling pendant that would be! Wow, I never thought it would take the prospect of a human tooth necklace to make me love the Ryan wool sculpture, but it’s happening. Clearly, Pinterest needs to hire a new department entitled WTF!!!! Great funny girls. And Happy Birthday to Ashley soon. (I love the DoR necklace though, did you really get that for her? How sweet)

    • Funny you should mention that, but this designer actually DOES make molar rings. No kidding! Hahahaha.

    • You make a fair point. I don’t think I’d want to wear my own tooth on a necklace either. But luckily, Ashley isn’t as squeamish as we are, Xae!

  19. Ummm…yuck. I taught second grade and kids were always playing with their teeth or losing their teeth and it always gave me the heebie jeebies. I would say a most definite no. No, Pinterest. I never thought I’d hear myself say it but I think the Ryan Gosling thing would be better than this one. 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha. That is a rough grade to teach if that grosses you out. That is prime tooth losing time right there!! I’ll put you down as a vote for the Ryan Gosling gift (but I am STILL looking for a Taylor Kitsch one for you. Keep your fingers crossed!!)

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