The Dose Girls Do It Old School

We’ve noticed a new rage taking over the blogisphere! It’s Old School Blogging.

When our friends Kristen from Four Hens and a Rooster and Susan from This Happy Mom tagged us to participate, we thought we’d give it a go. We don’t usually participate in things, but why not answer a few questions about ourselves?! After all, it was quite clear that the masses two people were clamoring to know more about us! So we got together and here’s what happened:

A. Attached or Single?

We’re attached. At the hip.

B. Best Friend?  


C. Cake or pie?

Easy one! We love the group Cake. Especially their song “The Distance”.

D. Day of choice? 

We are crazy about Arbor Day. We go all out.

Happy Arbor Day

Johnny Appleseed is a personal hero to us both.

E. Essential Item? 

The only essential we can’t do without is oxygen (because we would suffocate).

F. Favorite color? 

We both love the color green. Except for bananas.

G. Gummy bears or worms? 

Ew! We don’t eat worms. On the other hand, who eats bears? They are surprisingly hard to catch.

H. Hometown?

Ashley is from Missouri City, Texas. Lisa is from Texas City, Missouri! PSYCH! Lisa’s actually from St. Louis, Missouri. Still it’s weird though, right?

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Pretty sure this answer will shock no one. See for yourselves…

J. January or July?

We didn’t use either of those names for our kids. If given the chance to name another one, we’d both choose June. (but spelled Joon, obviously)

K. Kids?

No thanks. We both already have two.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

Good foundation garments.

M. Marriage date?

Oh no, we’re both married. We don’t date anymore. Our husbands frown upon that!

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

Although we live in the South, we don’t have brother/sisters or cousin/uncles either. It’s not like Deliverance down here!

O. Oranges or Apples?

You can’t really compare them, now can you?

P. Phobias?

Our Phobias

Go figure.

Q. Quotes?

Laissez les bon temps rouler. –Harry Connick, Jr., Mardi Gras, 1998

R. Reasons to smile?

With the exception of humans, mammals bare their teeth to show aggression. Take that as you will.

S. Season of choice?

The Four Seasons, either Manhattan or Hualalai, Hawaii.  

T. Tag 5 People.  

We’d never tag people. We only tag overpasses and concrete walls with our graffiti.

U. Unknown fact about us?

Lisa recorded a CD as part of an all-girl a cappella singing group called the Fallopian Tunes in medical school. Ashley has a cadaver ligament in her right knee. Neither of these facts has made us rich…yet.

V. Vegetable?

Mineral! No wait…animal!

W. Worst habit?

Neither of us look good in a habit. They are wildly unflattering.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

You get an x-ray when you’re injured. You are either ill or pregnant when you have an ultrasound. We don’t want to be injured, ill, or pregnant. We’ll pick throat culture.

Y. Your favorite food?

Our bodies respond best to anything with a vast number of calories and carbs. 

Z. Zodiac sign? 

Ashley was born in the year of the dragon. Lisa was born in the year of the monkey. The dragon and the monkey make a good match with 100% compatibility. Famous dragons include: Bing Crosby, Shirley Temple, and Smaug. Famous monkeys include: Harry Houdini, Diana Ross, and Micky Dolenz.

Zodiac Signs

Now you see why we don’t usually join in things. We just can’t hack it. Even so, we want to thank Elaine at the Miss Elaine-ous Life and Jennifer at Jennifer P. Williams for the fun link up!




The Dose Girls Do It Old School — 116 Comments

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Allie! The good thing about celebrating Arbor Day is that you’ll have the only party on the block! No competition!!

    • Hahahaha…that music one was a total FLUKE, Single Mom. It rarely happens, but occasionally Ashley does stop rocking out to Michael Bolton and Richard Marx. Not often…no, not nearly often enough…

    • Thanks, Leah! This was a fun one to do. Anytime Arbor Day is brought into the mix, you know it’s going to be fun.

  1. Ok, I have my post on this scheduled for next Wednesday and there is now way I am topping your answers. Seriously, you too crack me up and your answers are just awesome like both of you are, too!! 🙂

    • Yes! And it’s the kind of season that doesn’t leave you too cold or too hot. You can’t beat that!!

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! That is made of awesome. You ROCK.
      We almost used that song in the post but settled on “The Distance”. Love all of their stuff! 😀

  2. I am laughing so hard over here! Hilarious! Fallopian Tunes! Throat Culture! Husbands frown upon dating! Bwaaahhhhaaaaaa! I was tagged while I was in Vegas. Hoping to have mine done this weekend. Fun post!

    • We normally don’t join in things, AnnMarie, but this one was really fun. Can’t wait to see your list!! 😀

    • Oh, don’t change a thing, Stephanie! We are not to be paid attention to. We evaded most of the questions and set a poor example, indeed. 😀

    • They are really fun! It’s been great reading them all over the web-verse. Ours was probably the least helpful in a “getting to know you” kind of way, but we tried.

    • Thanks, Tamara!
      I went to Medical School at Vanderbilt in Nashville…so we even made a CD in a real recording studio and everything. Thus, there is evidence this group existed. One of our best songs was a cover of “It’s Raining Men”. No lie!

  3. Oh my, one of my sweetest, sweetest students I have ever taught was named Joon. Hyung-joon actually (korean) but he went by Joon and what an angel.

    I also can’t stand green bananas, I mean if I wanted a slim-jim I’d eat one (no I wouldn’t) but I don’t like the thought of snapping into a banana.

  4. Ugh- throat cultures makes you gag when they stick that stick down your throat. I will take giving a urine sample. I can always pee.

    • Good point, Christie! BUT… they never tell you that you’re pregnant after a throat culture, so it still wins for us!

    • Thanks, Hannah. We’re glad people aren’t pelting us with stones because we played around with it a little. We didn’t know if people might be irritated with us. Whew!

    • Thanks, Nellie! It’s always fun to photo shop heads onto a different body. I don’t know why, but it is!

  5. I thought your favorite color was ombre!
    Ashley, did you have a bad frog experience as a child? So sad, I think frogs are cool. Do you like Kermit?

    • We should have gone with ombre. Opportunity missed. DARN IT!!
      Smaug is the dragon in the Hobbit. Yes, I’m a nerd from way back.
      Ashley doesn’t seem to shy away from Kermit, but I’m sure she’s screaming on the inside whenever he’s on screen. It’s the look of terror in her eyes…

    • We’ll never tire of watching that video, Lindsey. He’s the kissing master, alright! He knows what he’s doing!

    • Bwahahahahahaha. We just might be, Jennifer. When we got to that one Ashley said, “I know the PERFECT indulgence” Oh, yeah!

    • We love *you*, Ilene!! We knew you’d like Cake! (the band, not the food, obviously. We know how you roll!) Don’t get us started about the pie!! 😀

  6. Hilarious as usual!
    When my brother and I used to do these types of questions via emails, our answers would look just like this..which makes for a good idea..maybe he and I can collab again and do this!!


    • Khloe…stop whatever you are doing and email your brother RIGHT NOW!! We remember doing these things over email, too. You’ve got to get a chain started with him again. It would be so much fun!!!!

    • Hahahahaha. We had to pick something different. We just couldn’t pick between xray and ultrasound. There were no good options there for us.

  7. Oh, I’m SO GLAD I’ve had some time to read your blog again, I’ve missed you! Love this one, hilarious. Thanks for the smiles! I needed some today!

    • Hahahahahahaha. No, we didn’t. We knew we’d be called out on it eventually. 😀
      We gave it our best shot, but sometimes we just can’t play things straight on. We tried initially, we really did, but this is still how it turned out…

  8. Ash – have you filmed yourself while sleeping or are you completely unaware of what the cadaver ligament in your knee does at night? Also. Bonus point for the Benny & Joon reference.

  9. You guys are too funny! I still need to do my post. As usual, I’m the last one to the party.

    I do have to say that the two of you were reading my mind on the XRay/Ultrasound question. Blech!

    • We knew someone would agree with us on the xray/ultrasound! Hahahahaha.
      We can’t wait to read your Old School Blogging, Carli!!

    • Aw, you’re sweet but we don’t believe that for 2.2 seconds. You morel hunters are pretty interesting!!

  10. That was so entertaining, dose girls! I have no idea how old either of you are, but your humor appeals to anyone who can read. I love how you keep us guessing and on our toes. Funny answers, great post!

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Karen!! You’re one of the funniest people we know, so that is a huge compliment, indeed! 🙂

  11. I had to snort at Arbor day. There are days you two worry me and then I realize it is because I could so be the third in your twisted little minds.. That should scare ya’ll even more. lol.

    • What are you talking about?! Yours was FANTASTIC!!! Seeing your Vegas wedding photo with Elvis made our lives!!!

    • There sure is, Jeanne! You’re right. The throat culture can be a bit gagalicious. I remember seeing a swab get stuck in my brother’s throat once when he panicked and clenched up. Traumatic!

    • Aw! You’re so sweet, Chris. We loved yours with your Carmex and ability to eat a cake in one sitting. You’re our kind of girl! 😀

    • Yes, Nicole!! April 25, 2014…Mark your calendar!!! It’s never too early to get started with the party prep!

  12. This is too funny! I LOVE the quote the best – I should really say that more often in regular conversation! 😉

    • The pronunciation can be a bit tricky 😀 , but we’re trying to work it into everyday conversatioin as well 😀

  13. Missed this post. Found it on the link up. You ladies are so funny. I loved ALL your answers!! What an hilarious take on OSB. Original! Love it!

  14. How did I never know Ashley is from STL? I’m in STL! We could be long lost sisters…okay that’s a long shot and my sister is not nearly as cool as we are. 🙂

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