Pinterest Nightmare #552: Stiletto Nails

Although we’ve made a pretty good case that you can find just about anything on Pinterest, there are a few categories where it especially shines.

One of those areas is undoubtedly beauty. Hair styles, clothing, shoes–you name it. If you have a few minutes to spare, Pinterest will keep you current.

That’s why I was so excited when I started seeing the latest in nail trends popping up in my feed…Stiletto Nails.

If you haven’t seen this, hold on to your horses—but be careful not to break a nail! You’re in for a treat!

Pinterest Nightmare #552a: The Blue Stiletto Nail

Blue Stiletto Nails

Have you ever seen something so beautiful and not at all frightening? I don’t know why we haven’t been doing these for years. With stiletto nails, you get to have a real-life version of Edward Scissorhands playing out at your fingertips!

Sure, stiletto nails might make it difficult to change a diaper, or write with a pen (or hold a fork), but beauty sometimes requires sacrifice!

But these nails aren’t just gorgeous, they’re practical! Need to pick a lock? No problem! Have to poke the holes in the top of a mason jar for the kids’ fireflies? You’ve got it covered! Ran out of skewers for your shish kabobs? No need to run to the store now! The possibilities are endless.

Blue is really the perfect choice for stiletto nails in a daytime look. If you went with a red, you risk looking like an extra in Fangtasia on True Blood. Pick a beige and nobody will notice you. But with blue, the hand brings to mind Cinderella’s Castle, doesn’t it? That’s a like a fairytale come true!

But the trend isn’t just for a natural, everyday look…

Pinterest Nighmare #552b: The Wedding Stiletto Nail

Wedding Stiletto Nails

Obviously, you’ve got to look your best on your wedding day. Stiletto nails add that perfect touch and are an absolute must for a bride who wants to stay on the cutting edge of fashion (literally). Look at the detailing! Flowers and pearls all come together perfectly on a French manicured stiletto. It brings one word to mind. Elegance, amiright?

The groom is definitely risking impalement as he slips the gold band on her finger, but that’s a small price to pay for such demure beauty on one’s wedding day. Just don’t refer to the bride as a Bridezilla. She could puncture your jugular with very little effort.

Pinterest Nightmare #552c: The All-Out Fully Decorated Stiletto Nail

Swiss Army Stiletto Nails

This one is taking the stiletto nail to the ultimate level. It’s not for amateurs. You’ve got it all: super sharp shape, length of an eagle’s talon, vivid colors, glitter, intricate artwork, and even the rare pinkie corkscrew. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of manicures!

Have you ever seen something so exquisite?

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.




Pinterest Nightmare #552: Stiletto Nails — 107 Comments

    • That TOTALLY had to be the inspiration!! Those ladies look much smarter because they can take theirs off when they are finished and actually use their hands.

    • I know!! You have to be really dedicated to fashion to do something that renders your hands non-functional! πŸ˜€

  1. I had long nails when I was in college, but never stiletto!! What were they thinking, lol!! But seriously, I am not even sure how I did have my nails a bit on the longer side back in the day let alone stiletto!!

    • I know! My nails are nubs now, but I did have longer nails once upon a time. I didn’t type a lot back then like now. I find it hard to type when my nails get longer…much less stiletto!!

  2. That wedding stiletto nail scares me. And it should scare potential grooms everywhere. It does not look like it would make for a fun wedding night.

    The corkscrew nail freaks me out. Just think how easily it would get snagged and stuck on things.

    • Stiletto wedding nails should certainly make a groom think twice, I’d say.
      The corkscrew nail is just fascinating. It reminds me of the photos in the old Guinness Book of World Records of the world’s longest nails when I was a kid. They were always super long and curled. Ick!

    • Oooooh, they are TOTALLY like a Freddy Kruger spawn nail! It’s like Freddy crossed with Edward Scissorhands with a smidgen of Wolverine thrown in for good measure.

    • I haven’t seen anyone walking around with these at Target or anything…but I think it’s something that is catching on. If I see this out in the wild, I’ll snap a picture with my phone and post it immediately!! (I hope she doesn’t see me and stab me. I’ll have to try to be stealthy!)

  3. Holy Crap!!! No. No…. NO!!! Can you imagine your wedding night with those knives? Hmm… How does THAT play out? Poor guy…

    I also keep thinking… How do you wipe? Ouch. πŸ˜‰

    • How do you wipe…..OMG…that is SUCH a good question!!! I hadn’t thought about that. *gulp* Now I am truly horrified and very intrigued!!

  4. o_O

    Wow – just imagine trying to put your contacts in! Eek! Also? I manage to smudge my perfectly normal length nails the second I get up from the manicurist’s desk – I can’t even imagine what I could do with these…

    • Oh, man. I can’t ever leave the salon without a smudge. Even if I do, it’s 2.2 seconds until I get a chip. That’s a LOT of extra nail to smudge or chip. Can you imagine how frightening those look all chipped up?

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha! You are so right, Ilene! I guarantee she spent longer in her manicurist chair than I did doing my hair and makeup for my wedding!

  5. LOL! The Swiss Army Knife of manicures is so what it is!
    I have been seeing this trend around campus lately but not to this extent. They look more like the blue one. I have seen my friend wear it and I told her it scares me. She said she loves it!
    What more can I do other than stay real far from it. I hope the trend passes soon.

    • OMGeeeeeee!! You have seen people out and around campus with this trend??!! You even have a friend who’s worn them??!! You’ve got to sneak a photo for us, Xae!! You’ve just got to! Pretty please?! πŸ˜€

    • So I’m thinking that you aren’t going to be taking these pictures in to your manicurist so she can reproduce them?

    • Oh, RATS!! These nails would have made you the talk of the town!! πŸ˜€ Have fun with your regular old nails tonight!

    • Can you even imagine what the mother of the groom thought when she saw them? Oh, who am I kidding. You know all of the women of the wedding party all got stiletto nail manicures before the rehearsal wedding–even the mother of the groom!

  6. I have long nails and would never even consider doing this! You can take somebody’s eye out with those things!! Love the practical uses you came up for them. lol

    • Mine would be afraid…very afraid. He should be. I tend to thrash around while I sleep. He’d be cut to shreds.

  7. Good job finding yet another freakish thing on Pinterest. I liked your “practical uses”. I thought the wedding and other (goth?) nails were a parody of yours at first but they are apparently real. Real scary, that’s for sure.

    • Bwahahahahaha. Our powers of photoshop are not immense enough to come up with those babies, John!! πŸ˜€

    • I don’t know…that assumes you don’t want to scare them into behaving with super claws. That might be a very effective tool!

  8. All I can think when I see this is OUCH!! I am already clumsy and I hurt myself unintentionally all the time, I can just imagine what I would do with blades on the ends of my fingers! Although it would almost be worth it to see the look of terror on my husbands face πŸ˜‰

    • Bwahahahaha…worth it to see the look of terror on your husband’s face. I can’t even tell you how much I love that. And it’s so, so true!! Hahahahahahaha! πŸ˜€

  9. I get so grossed out when I see nails that are too long especially when someone just has one extremely long nail- is it for doing drugs, picking their nose? What is the deal here?

    • Long nails aren’t my thing. I started with nubs back in medical school because you can’t do a good hand scrub with nails…and I’ve kept them ever sense. So, I’m betting these people aren’t surgeons. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

  10. Those.Are.FREAKY! I think they should be considered weapons. I mean seriously, they look like something the devil himself would wear. No, Pinterest. Just no.

    • Totally freaky, right?! They might be considered a weapon by the TSA. I sure wouldn’t try to get through airport security sporting them!

  11. My cousin actually has stiletto nails!!! Oh boy!! Can someone please bring back the wave bangs held up by the Aqua Net? I can handle that – this. this. I can’t do.

    • Hahahahaha. I hear you, Krystal…but I’m not sure that excessively Aqua Netted bangs are less scary. I’m just sayin’…

  12. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the wedding nails! I am laughing hysterically. I can’t believe that is actually happening in real life.

    Oh, and I’ve decided that the woman (or man) in the third picture is a wine addict who often looses things, like her corkscrew to open wine bottles. And this new trend has solved all of her problems!

    • When a fashion trend can also make your life easier by providing you a bottle opener, you really have it made. I honestly can’t believe this is happening in real life. But I can’t believe it about ombre hair either, so you can’t go by me.

  13. The people who could get away with this…..
    Celebrities who have cooks,butlers and maids and personal assistants….

    Crazy…..and the bride look I think was the most awful of them all!

    • Exactly. You need a whole staff of people when you purposefully render your hands non-functional. GAH!! (I think the bride was the scariest one!)

    • Oh, Allie…GOOD POINT!! You would have self protection literally at your fingertips. I think the blue stiletto nails ARE active length. They were the shortest ones I found!!

  14. Hm. Maybe someone could get a nice back scratch out of these, if they don’t draw blood first.

    As a person who actually does stuff, I wonder how she could do anything. Seriously, wouldn’t you be pretty much limited to showing off your nails? Someone else would have to do your buttons. Open car doors. I don’t even want to think about wiping after going to the bathroom. Eek!

    • They would make a good back scratching tool…until they shredded your skin. But the rest…ugh. Even reaching for someone’s hand to hold could draw their blood. Sad.

  15. Since STL has such a high crime rate these would be perfect for anyone living in the city. To protect yourself, not to commit a crime. On second thought, nix that. The fellons would have a field day with those!

    • Oh, NO!! I didn’t even THINK of what the criminal element could do with paws like these!! TERRIFYING!!!

    • Luckily scratched corneas heal really quickly. Then all you have to do is train someone else to apply your contacts and you can make your appointment without worry!!

    • They are always the best part of any Pinterest Nightmare. We have the best readers and comments in the world!

  16. Goodness gracious!! I have seen the pointy nail trend and all I can think is oh goodness if this chick gets in a fight–she will already have the claw advantage! The wedding ones are quite disturbing.

    • When you think of it who doesn’t want the claw advantage? Maybe I ought to consider getting these!

    • You won’t believe this but I actually did Google Stiletto toe nails. There were a few pictures. I don’t advise doing that. I may never sleep again.

  17. I can’t do it I can’t even do my real nails much less this mess. I work with my hands to much with little kids so this would be a nightmare around here

    • I agree, Kita!! I find it hard enough to do anything when my nails get to long, much less stiletto length!

  18. Yes, totally practical and beautiful … NOT. Especially those wedding nails. You could end up impaling your guests. Though that could cut down on the thank you notes you’d have to write. Not that you could hold a pen anyway. Funny post!

    • That would make for a very interesting receiving line, wouldn’t it!! At least nobody would be shaking your hand or hugging you for fear of bodily harm!!

    • You and me both, Daisy. We’ll just sit in the corner with our boring nails and be able to pick our noses without risk of hitting an artery.

  19. I really don’t have any words for this – it’s just nasty. But at least they don’t need toothpicks for that piece of corn stuck in between the teeth…

    • They are terrifying. Since preteens love anything that is disturbing to their parents, they would be a hit in that set!

  20. Is it weird that my first thought was, how could these people type? And then I thought “vampires.” I don’t know why, but these long nails remind me of vampires.

    • If it’s weird then we both are weird because that was my first thought, too! I think they are totally vampire-y…but that might be a plus to some people!

  21. Can you imagine going to your kids at night to comfort them after a bad dream…. you would be the bad dream!!!

    What about airport security… those are looking like a weapon to me!

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  23. I actually DO have stiletto nails. Not as long as these ones, mind. (Which I agree are absolutely terrifying. What was that bride thinking!?)
    I assure you that I can wipe myself just fine, type (obviously), cook, clean, drive, pick my nose without hitting brain, button up my own clothes, put earrings in, do my make-up without harming myself, hold hands,etc, etc.

    You have to be kind of badass and definitely have to be super confident to pull these off, though.

    Oh… and my husband LOVES them. πŸ˜‰

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