Some Firsts Are Better Than Others

We had a first for The Dose Girls this weekend. And not in a good way. We both discovered that we need new air conditioners, which in addition to being ridiculously expensive also leaves us quite hot. We don’t enjoy being hot. Or spending money we don’t have with really nothing to show for it. I mean, other than the cool air. Our blog meeting led us to a trip down memory lane over some firsts that were better than this one.

Do you remember your first time? Wasn’t it exciting, yet scary? Was it everything you thought it would be?

Wait, what do you think we’re talking about? Ugh…get your mind out of the gutters, people. What are you, twelve years old? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

We *are* talking about first times. But we’re not talking about THAT first time (that was 25 seconds not worth mentioning again)…we’re talking about our OTHER firsts…

First Concert

1.  “Weird Al” Yankovic (Lisa) –I know that it seems impossible someone with such fine musical taste begged to see Weird Al in concert, but it’s true! Oh, don’t make that face. You KNOW you liked him, too!!

2.  Eddie Rabbit (Ashley)– In the round, no less! He was totally singing “I Love a Rainy Night” straight to me!! I know it!

First Occupation You Ever Wanted to Have

3.  Solid Gold Dancer (Lisa)– Was there EVER anything more glamorous or womanly (not to mention flexible) than a Solid Gold Dancer? No, I didn’t think so either. The hair, the gold lamé leotards, the poses at the end of the songs… I wanted it all.

4.  The Price Is Right Stagehand (Ashley)– You know they totally got to play all the games. Given that I even built my own Plinko board in the garage out of plywood, I was perfect for the job. Quite frankly, I still am!

First You Tube Video That Made Parenting Seem Fun

5.  Charlie Bit My Finger (Lisa)– The first time I saw this I emailed it to everyone…and attempted to talk in a British accent all day.

6.  David After The Dentist (Ashley)– I feel like it’s really the greatest example of parenting to ever hit the internet.

First Music Video You Waited Up All Night To Watch

7.  Tears For Fears’ Shout (Lisa)– I cannot tell you how much I *loved* this video. I saw this recently watching old “I Love the 80s” episodes on YouTube, and I still remember every single word they sang so earnestly.

8.  Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Ashley)– Despite the fact that I am pretty sure it probably gave me nightmares, I could not get enough of this video. It’s a shame I’d never dance in public, because in my head I *kill* this choreography!

First ‘Just Say No’ PSA We Saw After School 

9.  I Learned It From Watching YOU (Lisa)– This was a classic. I was so upset neither of my parents did drugs, because I yearned to yell this at them like the boy.

10. This Is Your Brain…ON DRUGS (Ashley)– Not only was this a sobering thought, it also started my quest to crack an egg without breaking the yolk.

So there you have it. These are a few of our favorite “firsts”. Do you have a favorite first?


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  1. You are preaching to the choir about the air conditioning issue. With temps near 90 here and humidity through the roof the loss of our heat pump has been monumental. We were fortunate enough to get 3 window units for cheap that cool our bedrooms, so we can often be found hiding in our rooms. When a new heat pump costs around 3 grand we totally understand the clenching of teeth at the thought of having to get one..
    How old I feel at all of those reminders of my youth and teenage hood. Although I never wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, I did want to be ON TPIR and win money and a new car and tell my mean mom that I was moving out. You know because 15000 or so would completely support me for life.

    • I do feel like if our downstairs unit breaks anytime soon we will have to go the window unit route…because if we have to replace another unit anytime soon, I will need to sell a kidney! 😉
      Cracked up at the end of your comment!! 🙂

  2. Oh my god, yes tot he air conditioning. It is seriously almost 90 degrees here, too and for some reason out central never really worked as well on the lower level, which is further away from the unit. So, we open the windows to try to get some relief, but truly just letting in hot, muggy air. And you can’t run an air conditioning unit with Central Air, so we are pretty much screwed and out of luck. Great list though and truly brought back some great memories and then some!!

    • That sounds like a nightmare Janine…there is nothing worse than hot, muggy air in your home! Glad you enjoyed the list! 🙂

  3. UGH!! You guys with your a/c and me with my car and mouth. HellO?!!? Does Murphy not see that we ain’t got time OR money for this BS?? Who knew we’d still be dealing with crap like this in our 40s? Thought life was supposed to be cush by now.

    Video first… Video Killed the Radio Star, yo. First. Video. Ever.

    • This comment made me BURST out laughing because it is SO TRUE. Seriously, when I was a kid, this was not what I imagined adulthood would be like!

  4. We bit the bullet and bought a new air conditioner three weeks ago, and then less than a week later, my friend Mackenzie from Raising Wild Things moved away from Connecticut and unloaded THREE air conditioners on us. We’ve got a stack of them in the playroom right now. It looks super safe.

    Great list! Those PSAs made me feel soooo old.

    • LOL! How did you manage to get 3 air conditioners…P.S. Want to mail us a couple of them!? 😉
      Don’t the PSAs totally make you feel old…us, too!

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane ~~ I totally remember those old PSAs!

    My worst money-with-nothing-to-show-for-it was having to pay $1500 to get a dying tree removed from our yard. Truly NOTHING to show for the money. ugh.

    Enjoy your A/C!

    Oh, my favorite first ~~ first concert: Rick Springfield in 1983!! (I was 8 – it rocked!)

    • Oh my Gosh, that is the WORST nothing to show for it money dump! UGH.
      Rick Springfield is an awesome first concert! 🙂

  6. I totally forgot about the David after the dentist video! Totally one of my faves 🙂 I need a new a/c too but I need two wall units for down stairs that will probably come close to my mortgage payment. So I feel your pain.

    • Isn’t it just INSANE what it all costs??!! UGH. It is the worst.
      I love the David after the dentist video so much, too!

  7. David after the dentist! It made me so uncomfortable! And amused. And uncomfortable about being amused! “Thriller” was totally the video to stay up all night for with me. But “Shout” is most excellent too. I love the meaning of the song and the song and the video. My first job I wanted to be was garbage woman. I’m so proud! I announced it to everyone I ever met! The sad thing is that trash collection isn’t free in my town, or easy, and I have two messy kids so…I fulfilled my first dream ever!

    • HA HA HA Tamara about fulfilling your garbage woman dreams! Love it!
      I totally know what you mean about the David video.

  8. Sorry about the A/Cs! Ours conked out last week, and it took 3 days for someone to take a look, I was a sweaty puddle.

    My first concert was Bon Jovi. I know, right?? Such a rocker. 😉

    • Yeah, my girls and I have been staying at a local hotel for the past couple nights since it is over 90 degrees in the bedrooms…my hubby has had to sweat it out, though! 😉
      Bon Jovi was my first concert without parents…it was AMAZING!

  9. I remember seeing that video with the bit finger and DIED laughing! Let’s see, I’ll pick one…My first concert was a group called Immature. I was 12 and my mom won 3 tickets. I had to pick one friend from school and my godmother. I had two to choose from and I picked the one that is my BFF. My other friend was upset, but I didn’t know until years later at my baby shower for Kami when she admitted she was upset during the toilet paper game…LOL!

    • HA HA HA that she finally admitted it after all those years! Have not heard of that group, but having your first concert be with free tickets is pretty awesome! 🙂

  10. Ugggh…my air conditioning is on the fritz and I complained all winter about my heat so it is only a matter of time… Love these firsts! I’m with Lisa on wanting to be a Solid Gold dancer. I wanted to badly! And I’m with Ashley on Thriller. It totally gave me nightmares but I loved it. I remember practicing some of those moves back in the day (did I really just say that?). The egg…scared the crap out of me.

    • It just sucks when it is something that we have no choice about fixing…and it costs so much to fix! UGH. HA HA HA on doing the moves…that is awesome! 🙂

    • Oh my Gosh, both at the SAME TIME??!! Honestly, I am not even sure what we would do in that situation…that is a nightmare, especially with a baby!!

    • I can imagine…we had our honeymoon in Canada and were able to get by with fans, but it did get warm from time to time! Of course, we were so grateful not to be in Houston that we did not care! 😉

  11. SUCH a fun trip down memory lane! I LOVED the Thriller video too! And “Shout!” what a great song! Oh my, the a/c problem. When we moved back to Columbia in July 2007, my mom’s A/c broke. We were staying with her til we found a place. I had a 3 month old that I literally put into a bucket ofcold water, it was SO HOT in her house. It was 90 degrees INSIDE THE HOUSE before it finally got fixed. Miserable! I couldn’t go any where because we had one car and my hubs was using it to go to job interviews. That was miserable for him. Showering, getting out into 90 degree temps and having to put on a suit! So I hear ya ladies!!! We had an unpleasant first this weekend too. Discovered a water stain growing on our living room ceiling after that massive storm. NOOOOOOO.

    • UGH. Water stains are NEVER good. I am so sorry! 🙁 And your story about your first summer in July in Columbia is a nightmare. It is currently over 90 upstairs in my house, but at least I can leave or be downstairs where we have air.

  12. I’m sorry about the air conditioners. We put in central air when we did our addition, but unless it’s super hot, we tell our kids we can heat the pool or cool the house. (It kind of depends on how uncomfortable the heat is to me though, but don’t tell them that..haha) Thank goodness for the attic fan at night!! Your videos cracked me up – I’d completely forgotten about the Solid Gold dancers! I’d never seen the David After the Dentist one…that was pretty funny. And learn from you…oh what a proud moment for papa!

    • LOL at what you tell the kids…that makes good sense to me! I have heard that attic fans can really make a difference at night! Glad you enjoyed the videos…it was a fun post to “research”! 😉

  13. They really need to bring back those quality PSAs! None of this CBS Cares crap. I can’t tell you how much time my BF and I spent watching music videos as kids. One that sticks out in my mind is ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna. Overtly sexual message backed up by a gospel choir belting out the refrain. Classic!

    • Loved Like A Prayer…totally classic!
      They totally need to bring back the old-fashioned PSAs because hello, dude, those were impactful. I can’t think of a single CBS Cares spot. Just sayin’! 😉

  14. Geez, air conditioning units are EXPENSIVE, that is horrible. I live in Louisiana and you will pretty much wither away without one of those in the summer…plus the fact that summer runs for about 6 – 8 months of the year down here. Hope you get that worked out! We must be the same age or close because I remember all of those! I even have a family portrait where everyone is dressed up and I am wearing my Thriller shirt. Priceless!!

    • HA HA HA on the Thriller shirt! That rocks! As a former Texas girl I know all too well those insane summers that you speak of…I do not miss that at all! 😉

  15. That PSA and Thriller are just classic. It’s amazing how much staying power both have! My first concert was Tiffany. I was 12.

    Good luck with the a/c. I don’t think I could stand the heat of the south all summer long. It actually going to be in the upper 80s here in Maine. I may opt to work inside today. 🙂

    • Tiffany is the best first concert ever!! Seriously, that rocks!
      I have a feeling that upper 80s in Maine is way better than upper 80s in Charlotte! 😉 Super jealous of where you live!

  16. I blame Global Warming! We never used to need air conditioning here in Maine……Or maybe it’s because I’m older and fatter that I have less tolerance for the heat!

  17. We never had AC growing up. I do remember some really unpleasantly hot nights though. Is it because we get whinier and less tolerant of the heat that AC is so critical now? For me, along with running water, it’s an absolute necessity to function or sleep. Stay strong!

    • Good point Jessica…I definitely think I am whinier than when I was young, but I am totally with you on this one!

  18. Good article. Sorry about the AC but you gotta have it. Seems like most of the money I spend, i.e. the dentist, new furnace, is just to be the same as I was before, not any improvement.

  19. Oh no! I dread to hear the words “A/C not working” this time of year. Of course, right now we are going from the A/C in the house, to the A/C in the car, to the A/C in whatever building we’re going to. And we pray, pray, pray that none of those A/Cs ever quit working!

    • I definitely felt that way when I was growing up in Houston…if we were not in A/C we were DYING!!

  20. I hated the air conditioning situation when I used to live in NY. Sometimes it would take forever to come on and other times it just wouldn’t work properly but here in Florida, central air is the name of the game!! I keep the sucker on all day so when we come in from anywhere…it’s cool in the home…yay!! Ok so I’m bragging..sorry!

    My first video I ever saw was Michael Jackson’s Thriller as well….and then I was obsessed with MTV. I watched it ALL DAY LONG!!!!

    • Central air is definitely the way to go…could not live without it…I mean except for right now, of course! 😉
      MTV was the best!!

  21. We STILL quote those freaking PSAs.

    Especially now? As a parent? She learned it from watching YOU is a catchphrase in our house. For real.

    My fave PSA, though? “This. Is. SERIOUS. /serious/ We can make you Delirious. /delirious/” … remember?

    • Totally remember that one! That was the best! Love the PSAs…we totally quote that one all the time! 🙂

  22. I so feel your pain with the AC. Ours broke a two years ago during the worst heat wave we have ever had!!!! You guys are really, really close, even your AC’s communicate!!! I do believe you have some possession going on there!! Lol!

    I love coming here!!! You guys are in the same age range that I am in so I always know what you are talking about!!! I too loved the, This is your brain, this is your brain on crack. My sister loved the other one and still makes jokes that reference it. I am embarrassed to admit that I’m such a nerd that I didn’t go to my first concert till I was 26, I went to a Grateful Dead concert with my then fiance now husband!! And, I loved Michael Jacksons Thriller!! xo

    • HA HA HA Kathy! Your first paragraph made me BURST out laughing! 🙂
      So glad you enjoyed this…we are definitely the same age! Can’t believe your first concert was age 26…poor you! 😉

  23. I have to admit.
    I was wondering a little about the whole first time thing.
    At first.
    Then I read more.
    And realized I was the one with the mind in the wrong place.
    Found you through Collective Blog Hop!

  24. Oh man, the music videos! One of the highlights of the 80’s for me ~ Tears For Fears, Eurythmics, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, BananaRama!, Madonna, etc….I don’t think their music would have been the same without Mtv. *loved it*

  25. I swear we’ve hit the point where our house is just old enough for everything to start breaking. The a/c is about the only thing left, which I’m sure I’ll wish I never typed now. And my husband can’t stand it if it’s above 65 degrees, so it’s always an emergency. Sorry you guys are both dealing with that!

    Love your list of firsts. My first concert was totally New Kids on the Block, and I believe it was awesome. I don’t know if I can remember half those other things! Love that Lisa’s was Weird Al…too funny.

    • I am like your husband totally…I am not happy unless I am cold! 🙂
      My sister’s first concert was NKTOB, and she has very fond memories of it as well!

  26. Oh my gosh! I remember “This is your brain on drugs” like it was yesterday! And music videos! When that’s what MTV actually played! I stayed up for hours for Duran Duran Hungry Like the Wolf…and I would again no less!

  27. Oh I can SO relate to so many of those – Thriller, Solid Gold Dancers, the PSAs and yes, sadly even Weird Al! One of my classic firsts was my first (of many) speeding tickets when I was 16 and had my license for all of a week. I was sobbing to this cop who couldn’t have cared less, wrote me a ticket for like 100 bucks AND my parents drove by on their way to work and saw the whole thing. They pulled over off the exit they knew I was getting off of on the highway and my mother almost killed me. Good times:-)

  28. You all are so funny! You knew darn well where these blogging minds were headed with that! My A.C. needs a repair right now so I stayed at the folks house…imagine that!

    I have a lot of first time memories! I think my first concert was Beyonce (Destiny’s Child) and I’ve been to all of them since.

    • HA HA HA Joi…we might have had an idea of what that would produce! 😉
      Love Beyonce as the first concert!

  29. I remember quite a few of those! I think probably my first that I remember most (other than going into labor – total unforgettable that needs not be mentioned here!) is when I student taught the first time. Talk about scared out of my mind! They assigned me to junior high, ladies, in both English and math…Yah, I was living the dream! Oddly, I did still sub teach after it all and I will be homeschooling my kids next year, so it didn’t damage me too much. 🙂 At any rate, thanks for plunging me headlong into memory lane! Fun times…

    • Oh my Gosh the student teaching gig must be rough!! Cannot even imagine! 😉 Have no doubt that it would scar me, too!

  30. Good luck with staying cool. Summer like temperatures finally arrived here and our a/c is going too. Think I may need to clean the filters though because they are sounding kind of loud.

    I bought an Eddie Rabbit cassette just for I Love A Rainy Night and listened to it over and over and over again! Did you ever crack the egg without breaking the yolk? 🙂

  31. My first concert was ll cool j with them sexy lips…I was in love with him. I remember we won back stage passes and I was 14 I asked to touch his chest….he said I had to ask the adult who was with us she said yes and then asked if she could touch it too lmbo it was funny and great at the same time.

  32. Girls, those firsts were amazing!!! I loved each and every one, and was nodding my head in agreement. I do hope you get your cool air blowing soon. Solid Gold Dancers and Price is Right stagehands…I’m pretty sure it’s not too late to pursue either of these…as long as you both promise to keep blogging as a side job. 🙂

  33. My first ever concert was the Michael Jackson Victory Tour. I was about 10 years old. All the girls were screaming and jumping outta their seats and acting like they were gonna die (some even crying) during the performance. So figured I try that, too. But boy, did I feel dumb. I was much happier just sitting there (not screaming), enjoying the show.

  34. {Melinda} Sorry about your A/C. We had that first a couple of summers ago. Summer in Florida without A/C? Not an option. And I love “Charlie bit my finger!” We still quote that around here every once in a while. 🙂

    • My girls quote it all the time, too! 🙂 You are so right…FL in the summer with no air is a no go!

  35. Thank goodness Sam installed our AC units at the beginning of June when we had our first streak of 90-degree weather, cause he’s now out of town and I would be one very sad and overheated pregnant lady.

    I totally remember the brain on drugs video. My first concert was Dave Matthews (I think about half of my high school went), and I believe the first video I stayed up late to watch was The Prodigy’s “Smack My B**** Up” (I cringe writing that, though he video has a great twist ending.) Yeah, things have changed a bit in regards to music videos…

    • Oh my yes, leaving a pregnant woman without air is definitely not a good move! 😉
      I have seen Dave Matthews several times, too…they put on a great show! 🙂

  36. Eddie Rabbit! I’m so jealous! Luv me some Eddie (is currently on my Ipod). Mine was Shawn Cassidy. I’m choosing to ignore the Weird Al thing. 😛

    Never was into music videos but I did play Name that Tune on a regular basis with my mom, sister, cousin, and kids from the neighborhood. I was always the host because I could rattle off the songs with only a few notes. So I guess that would be my first occupation choice. Although both of yours are great.

    I remember watching a PSA about verbal abuse. I told my mom she did that to me and she told me I was &%#+ nuts. LOL! I wouldn’t tell you that story if you both didn’t know how awesome my mom is. 🙂

    • Eddie Rabbit is on my iPod, too Carli!! 🙂
      One of my best friends is amazing at Name That Tune, but I am terrible!
      Cracking up about your mom…that is hilarious! 🙂

  37. Ok you guys have to help me!!!!

    Your MTV knowledge is my only hope.

    What is the video when the guy is in jail (or a dusty dungeon, something like that) and time passes and he starts getting older and older and older and then he’s an old guy still wearing the same clothes, And (this the clincher) he lays down on the bed/cot and probably dies and his dusty hand opens up slowly and the KEY IS IN IT!!!

    Please tell me you know what video I’m talking about. It has been haunting me for 20 years… I saw it at my friend’s house when I was around 8 or 9 maybe (so like 1990, 1991) and it has stuck with me for all this time but I can’t remember the lyrics, the band, the tune, anything at all! I have asked everyone I have ever known, so I guess it’s time for me to start asking my e-friends.

    • Okay, I just emailed this to Lisa, as I feel like she is our only hope…I have no idea, but I am terrible at stuff like this! 😉

  38. Having the air conditioning go out in the summer is the worst! Hopefully it will get fixed soon. I’d almost forgotten about the “Your Brain on Drugs” commercial; and “Charlie Bit My Finger” is one of the BEST parenting YouTube videos!

    • My air conditioner is being fixed as I type and Lisa’s is scheduled for tomorrow! Totally agree about the Charlie Bit My Finger video! 🙂

  39. I never saw the Charlie Bit My Finger video. Thank you for the laugh. Followed by ten million flashbacks triggered by these other videos. My first concert was Mr. Mister, where I sang Kyrie at the top of my lungs despite having no clue what the lyrics were. (still don’t)

    • Mr. Mister is an AWESOME first concert! That rocks! So glad you liked the Charlie Bit My Finger video…it is really funny! 🙂

    • Is there anything better than sharing that kind of stuff with your friends when you know it will make them laugh?! 🙂

  40. Somebody remixed the Charlie Bit My Finger one & it is even more hilarious. My honey used to play it for me when I was in a mood while pregnant – you should definitely try to find it. And, David After the Dentist was awesome; thanks for sharing!!

  41. Air conditioning? Well aren’t you spoiled!

    My first concert was Raffi was I was tiny- “Baby Beluga….”

    But my first real concert was Hanson- Yep!

    • I know Kate…we are spoiled! 😉
      Hanson was really your first concert? That is just so awesome on every level! 🙂

  42. Oh No! Sorry about the ac thing. Let’s see, my first concert was a 60’s revival concert my parents took me too when I was 6. Surprisingly, I was never able to yell “I learned it from watching you!” Despite dragging their 6 -year-olds to concerts to relive their youth, they were responsible parents, but I had totally forgotten about that and it was a classic! Not shockingly, I never waited up for an MTV video, probably because I got my start with Live concerts so young, who needed videos when you had the “real” thing!

    My kids and I just introduced Lawn Boy to Charlie Bit Me! He’d never seen it!

    • So glad Lawn Boy got to see Charlie Bit My Finger! Hope he liked it!
      Love that your parents took you to a revival concert…that is awesome!

  43. Sorry about your AC, but thank you for that trip down memory lane. I loved all the video. I never saw the “Charlie bit me” one. That was way funny. You ladies are so talented. Not everyone can change a humdrum even like broken AC into such a spectacular post 😉

  44. Ack, i’m thinking about you all with AC trouble, hope its replaced soon. We had to get ours done in the last year. Our heat broke in January and we got it replaced then. Hope you all have been spending time at your nearest pool with a wine or margarita in hand!

    These are great firsts! My first concert was Boyz II Men and BabyFace where my now-husband took another girl to the concert and I went with some friends. Night after that, he realized his mistake and we’ve been together ever since 🙂

    • So wish we were at the pool…sadly, it has rained a bunch this week! Luckily, our downstairs air works, so we only sweat to death if we attempt to go upstairs! 😉
      Love that story about you and your hubby at the concert…so cute! 🙂

    • NKOTB was my sister’s first concert, too! She was in love with Joey. I was always a Jonathan girl…I KNOW! Jordan is clearly the most obvious choice! 🙂

  45. Scrolling…. scrolling…. scrolling…. scrolling….


    See- THIS is what happens when I get here late to the party!!! LOL

    Oh these bring back memories!!! Especially those two videos about drugs. OHMYGAWSH. I TOTALLY remember those!
    And I couldn’t play the Tears for Fears video! It said this is not available in your country! Mama say WHAT? Geesh.

  46. OMG…I feel so flipping old woman. so old now, LOL. I never saw the dentist video…that was so cute, love the David video.

    Oh those song videos…that was when JUST music was on VH1 and MTV…

    I SOOOO Totally thought about THAT first time!!! LOL

  47. I love those video clips!! My first concert was Depeche Mode back in Middle school. I also love that Tears for Fears video. Those were the good old days of MTV and great fashion. LOL!! 🙂

    Great connecting with you via #SITSharfest.

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