No Pressure Or Anything But You Have A Minute To Win It!

Not sure if you all know this, but over here at the old blog, we Dose Girls are a *wee* bit competitive. Not with each other in mean girl kind of way (obvi), but you know, we like to win! Let’s just say that the local YMCA strongly suggested we no longer bring board games to play while our daughters are in dance class. Apparently some parents complained it was disturbing the “positive energy of the institution” and “scaring” them. Whatever. Who among us hasn’t yelled out “EAGLES CAN TOTALLY BE BLACK!” during a game of Scattergories?! [I still can’t believe I let you have a point for that. I got hosed.–Ashley] [No way! That is totally a legit avian!–Lisa]

We *might* have passed this trait down to our children. They definitely play games with rousing enthusiasm and zeal for bringing home the win! So when we heard that the Game Show Network (GSN) was airing all new episodes of Minute to Win It we were ecstatic!

All new episodes of Minute to Win It hosted by Apolo Ohno premieres June 25 at 8/7c only on GSN. The entire premise of the show is that contestants play games using everyday household items. The games increase in difficulty (and prize money) as you go. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s a bit harder than you might think! As the name suggests, you only have ONE minute to complete each task so EVERY.SECOND.COUNTS!

Because The Dose children are always looking for a chance to hang out together, this was the perfect opportunity for them to team up, have a blast, and win prizes!

We had plenty of supplies to choose from in our homes, and we were given a huge list of potential challenges for the kids to try. After a phone call very important blog meeting, we settled on five games:

  • Chocolate Unicorn–This requires a team member to stack 5 snack cakes on their forehead using only one hand.
  • Hanky Panky–This requires a team member to empty an entire box of Kleenex with only one hand.
  • Noodling Around–Using a piece of uncooked spaghetti in their mouth, a team member must pick up 6 pieces of uncooked penne pasta without using their hands.
  • Nose Dive–A team member must transfer 6 cotton balls from one bowl to another using only their nose and Vaseline.
  • Face the Cookie–Using only their face, both team members must move a cookie from their forehead to inside their mouth.

We assembled everything and got ready for the games to begin!


In order to make this as fair as possible, we used a super-secret math formula to assemble our teams. We have even submitted it to Mathematics Weekly for publication. We took the ages of all of the children, graphed them on a scatter plot, determined the exponential equation of the line thereof, then using the square root of pi and the cosine of an isosceles triangle, we divided by the second order derivative of the mean function of the …Okay. We’ll come clean. We just made sure the siblings were separated. We’re no fools.

Our Teams

Because the children knew they were playing for valuable prizes like staying up for an extra 15 minutes or choosing what their family ate for dinner one night, they were taking this seriously. Given that they were not paired with their sibling, the potential for “beating” another member of their family was increased, thus raising the stakes!

With Ashley acting as camera operator and Lisa playing the part of the seasoned announcer, we were ready to play Minute to Win It!

We had so much fun with these challenges, we’ve vowed to try others throughout the summer…and next time we are totally going to make the dads play, too!

The kids have already made sure we’ll all be watching Minute to Win It when it premieres on GSN. Catch all new episodes of Minute to Win It with new host Apolo Ohno all summer long on GSN. You will want to definitely set your DVRs, as this the perfect family, summer show!

Do you play games together as a family? What Minute to Win It challenge do you think your family would like the most? Tell us in the comments and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $100 VISA gift card to have your own “family fun night in”. One of your comments below WILL WIN!

Minute To Win It Is Fun

Which lucky one of our Dose Peeps will be the winner? We can’t wait to see your comments and tweets and find out!


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No Pressure Or Anything But You Have A Minute To Win It! — 301 Comments

    • That was really, REALLY fun. (and funny to watch) You need to have a broom and dustpan at the ready. Cookies WILL be hitting the floor!

  1. I love it! They may not have won “face the cookie” but that was my fav part! I’d love to do this with my kiddo- good for a bday bash.
    I could also incorporate some around the house challenges with my hubby like, “see how fast you can unload that dishwasher” and “let’s see who can get the most dust off the ceiling fans!”

    • You’re a genius, Christie. I might try a round of “who can change out the cat box fastest” around here. Yes, yes I might!! 😀

  2. Oh I loved this and sadly kids don’t play as much physical games as they once did with video games and even the iPad Apps, too. So, this really looked like so much fun. Your ladies never cease to amaze not never let down!! Great job!! 🙂

  3. So love that game!!! Will miss Guy Fieri, but looking forward to seeing how Apolo Ohno does. 🙂

    We played Minute To Win It with our Sunday School class and the teens and it was a blast! The one game everyone had to do was Face The Cookie! Hilarious! That’s the one I think my kids would love doing the most! That or the Chocolate Unicorn. Probably because they know no one else will touch the cakes and cookies after they’ve been on their faces! LOL 😉

    • Guy Fieri was fun, but we LOVE Apolo Anton Ohno so it’s a good swap for us. It’s the perfect game to play with kids anywhere. SO much fun!! (and fun for the grown ups, too!)

  4. Chocolate Unicorn sounds right up my alley! The spaghetti challenge sounds insanely hard. I need to think up some fun challenges for my girls to try. My almost 4-y/o is already insanely competitive and will say things like ‘I beat you mommy’ after she races to the top of the stairs. We’ve had to remind her that eating is not a competition lest she slurp down her food in nanoseconds. And there’s no Oh No about Apolo Ohno, that’s for sure. I’m hoping the show features some close-ups of those killer legs. Oh yes indeed!

    • The spaghetti one *was* much harder than you’d think it was. Good catch!! Love that your daughter is competitive. She’s a girl after my own heart!
      We’re thinking that the show will wisely feature all of Apolo whenever it can! ;D

  5. OMG I’m dying. Why did I not think of this?? We LOVE this show. CAn I totally borrow this? We could do a blog on blog challenge!! I’ll say this.. TeenBoy looks not so thrilled to be there and the cookie challenge? Incredible.

    • It’s SO much fun. You totally borrow this, Kristen. You’ll have a blast. We would be DOWN for a blog on blog challenge. TeenBoy is as thrilled about this as anything that doesn’t involve XBox. He got one face the cookie to his mouth, but we made him do two to win since his partner got bored and quit.

  6. They all look like fun. I think my kids would like the face the cookie the best! Then they get to eat a cookie!
    Thanks for the chance!

    • It’s a fun game for kids and adults alike! We all had fun and you can do it with things you already have around the house!

  7. That was fun. You did great on the video and hosting, like the high speed footage. Of course, you have oreos all over the floor, kleenex all over the kitchen and vaseline all over the noses. But it was worth it to have a fun day and also entertain your readers. Thanks!

    • It was totally worth it in the end. Fun was had…plus we made the kids sweep up the kitchen after. Total mom win.

  8. My mom totally did this for us a few years back. I currently live in MN but I am from Ohio and I only get to go back to visit a couple of times a year. So when I do go back, my mom likes to make it special. So one time she set up a Minute to Win It Tournament in which we played MTWI games until we wanted to puke. She even bough prizes from the dollar store. It was so fun! Looks like you guys had fun too!

  9. My family loves this show and we are all competitive. I’m going to set this up for the kids one afternoon and make a video as you did here. So funny! Plus getting to eat the “tools”! Great post, smiling just thinking about it.

    • Definitely do it, Stephanie! They will have so much fun both playing and watching each other. And then you get to snack!! 🙂

    • The nose dive was even funnier in regular time than it was in quick speed. It takes a lot of head shakes to get a cotton ball off your nose that’s anchored there in Vaseline. There are a ton of them you can do without food!!

    • Aw! You’re so sweet!! Don’t talk to our kids, though. They will tell you with authority that we are the meanest moms in the world!!

    • Hahahahaha. Team BFF LOVE to be photographed in any way. They are always game for a photo op. They are easy.
      Teem Teenergarden…well….neither of them particularly enjoy time in front of the camera. By this point they know we’ll just make them stand there until they get it right, so they generally give us a good smile at least once or twice! Hahahaha 😀

  10. My mother LOVES this show. We actually made up a little game inspired by the show and played it at my daughters 3rd birthday party. We’d love to play “Noodling Around.” My 3 y/o would giggle herself silly playing that game! Let the games begin…(I’ll see you on Twitter)

    • It is SO MUCH FUN!! It’s very rare that you can find something that is fun for 3 year old, 13 year olds and 33 year olds. (I’m 45 but that didn’t have the same ring to it). These games are PERFECT for birthday parties!!

    • Hahahahaha. They totally. It’s even funnier in real time. They look all twitchy.!! It’s easy to try and works with any cookie!! YUM!!

    • Well, if that isn’t reason enough to challenge all of them to a round of Noodling Around then I don’t know what is!! You go, Mom!! Hahahaha!

  11. Omg how fun!! I love Minute to Win It! How fun that you guys played the games with your kids, I bet they LOVED it!

    I think Noodling Around or Hanky Panky sounds the most fun!

    • It was so much fun!! We all had a blast!! In actual Hanky Panky you are supposed to use just one hand but since our Hanky Pankier was only 5, we let her use both. It’s harder to do in a minute than you think!!! 😀

  12. Well, the twins watched this and are doing the cookie challenge as I write this. 🙂 In fact they are trying it with all kinds of food. You might have given me a gift with this…they are not fighting and have been occupied for longer than 30 seconds. Thanks, Dose Girls! Love seeing the Dose kiddies!

    • Hahahahahaha. I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! We haven’t tried it with other food. That’s a genius idea!! Let us know which ones work especially well!! (just make them sweep up when they’re done. This game does get messy when the cookie hits the floor!!)

    • Hahahaha. YES YOU CAN!!. You are officially invited!! We love Apolo Ohno, too!! I bet he will be fantastic.

  13. Since I am known as the cookie monster because I love cookies I would have to go with face the cookies. This sounds like fun and something different

    • YES!! Face the cookie will be right up your alley, Kita!! It’s more fun that you think…even just to watch! But doing it’s a blast!

  14. How fun is that?! My kids would be so excited if they lived in your house! I can’t even imagine the looks they would have on their faces if I suggested seeing how many snack cakes they could balance on their forehead! Maybe I should do it for shock effect!! Seriously, you guys are the most fun moms I know!!

    • Hahahaha. You are so funny. Some people would give you the side eye for making your kids balance things on their head or move cotton balls with a Vaseline covered nose!! 😀

  15. I am so bummed! My phone won’t let me watch the video! I want to see the Vaseline and cotton ball thing. And I want to do it.

    Here’s one for you. Take two large bowls and place them at the end of a room. Give each team s half dozen potatoes. They half to walk them cross the room between their thighs and drop them in the bowl. They can only touch the potato to place it between their legs. It totally looks like you are going poo when you drop it in the bowl.:) first team done wins!

    • Aw, rats!! The video is funny!! Maybe later on the computer!! The Nose Dive is TOTALLY fun and funny to watch. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!! 😀

      I love the potato carrying game. That’s fantastic!!

  16. You guys did a great job thinking of things to do, much better than I would have. Really good column, thanks for the photographs. (Bobby sure is nice)

    • They had a fun time doing it. We tried to find things that fit their skill level! Bobby and Abby are a good team!! 😀

    • Awesome!! I’m pretty sure it’s just white petroleum, so I bet it will be safe!! If you watch the show, I bet you’ll get tons of other ideas!! (many are without food, so would be safe for sure!!)

  17. Thanks for the great game ideas! We LOVE games over here! The favorite of my tween daughter and her pals is the Flour Game. Pack a bowl full of baking flour, then tip it over and remove the bowl so you have a firm mound of flour, shaped like a dome. Then lay a dime flat on the top. The girls circle around the table, each taking turns with a knife to remove a “slice” from the flour dome. If the dime FALLS during your turn, you have to lean over and pick it up with your teeth! Hilarious! And yes, flour gets everywhere! So play outside. The girls are all squealing and screaming — terrified that the dime will fall on their turn — and also secretly HOPING that the dime DOES fall on their turn!

    My son’s favorite game is when we cover a mannequin head with shaving cream, then we all stand behind a line, chucking Cheeto’s at the head to see who can get the most to stick. Don’t ask why we have a mannequin head. And yes, more Cheeto’s end up in our mouths than on the mannequin head.

    We LOVE games!!

    • That sounds like a totally fun game! We are DEFINITELY going to try that one! 🙂
      The mannequin head with shaving cream and Cheetos is absolutely HILARIOUS!! Oh my Lord, I am cracking up! 🙂

  18. What a great idea!! Your kids looked like they had a ball. My kids and their cousins would love this, thanks for the idea!! And, I have to go with the majority here, I know my gang would love “Face the Cookie”!! 🙂

    • The Face the Cookie is hilarious…watching them scrunch up their faces trying to work it down until they get it in their mouths is hysterical!

    • Separating the siblings was definitely a win! 😉 Glad you enjoyed this…definitely try those games with your kids!

  19. Your children are adorable and that kitchen is beautiful! What a fun idea. My kids would love the Vaseline/cotton ball one the best, but they would get a kick out of all of the games. As an Oreo enthusiast, all of those fallen Oreos were breaking my heart!

    • I know. Lisa has an awesome kitchen…but she would want me to tell you that she would not let me film all of it! 😉
      You should definitely try these games! 🙂

    • HA HA HA Chris! I totally tried the spaghetti one, by the way…but the camera was not on for that! 😉

    • They looked super great! We were proud that we resisted…although, all the Oreos on the floor did help deter us! 😉

  20. This video is awesome! All of your kids are so cute! My kids would go bonkers if I let them play games like this! I don’t generally watch the show, but if Apollo is hosting, I may have to check it out! Face the Cookie was definitely hilarious – loved the facial and mouth movements!!! 😉

    • You definitely should try this with your kids…we promise it will be well worth it for the fun! 🙂

  21. This is hilarious. My kids would totally get into this. They kind of inherited the competitive gene as well – and those prizes of unspeakable value (staying up late, picking a dinner) would lead to war. I think our favorite was chocolate unicorn. 🙂

    • The prizes certainly led to more competition…they wanted to win! 😉 Chocolate unicorn was lots of fun! 🙂

  22. We would DEFINITELY play face the cookie! I can’t wait until both my girls get old enough to do things like this! Your kids look like they are enjoying it!

  23. We play Hanky Panky at our house whenever someone is careless enough to leave a box of tissues in the toddler’s reach. It has to be one-handed, because she runs with them, leaving a trail of tissues. Sometimes that’s the only way to find her hidey-hole and attempt to save the box.
    So, yeah, that’s the one we’d take for sure.

  24. Those videos were so cute!!! I had to wait to get on my computer to watch the videos but so funny and so worth it – team BFF was adorable and team Teenergarden cracked me up, too. And the picture of Bobby carrying Abby like he is THE man. 😉 Abby’s headband was maybe my funniest thing of this whole post.

    I love these games, my parents used to do funny games like this with us when we were little every so often. Those are fun memories. I bet I could do almost any of these games with a little ingenuity to find a good substitute food for the boys. You guys are such fun moms!

    • Thanks so much Robin! Glad you enjoyed them! Abby definitely looked like she was ready to “Get Physical”! 😉
      You could totally do the games with the boys…and there are lots that don’t involve food! 🙂

    • LOL Mary! You are SO SWEET! We really aren’t that fun…but you are more than welcome to join our clan! 😉

  25. Love the show and play all the time in this house. hanky panky is our fave game!
    (except now I have Ziploc bags full of tissues)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  26. This Blows looks like so much fun. I love games that can be played by all ages and with easily available materials

    • We do, too! With these games, you have something for everyone from kindergarten age to grown ups!

  27. We would love to try out the face the cookie game!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

    • That was fun! We let our little hanky pankier use two hands because she’s little, but doing it with only one hand is very challenging!!

    • It was a blast! It’s great how something so simple with things you have lying around the house can be such a fun game!

    • Yes!! You will definitely want to have the camera ready when you play that one!! It’s just that fun!

  28. We play games to be silly, little mimic the dances, our favorite is “pig out” party, we get a bunch of junk from the store and then pig out, who is most gross. sounds worse than it is, but I like those gummy worms! We look dainty, so it makes it all the sillier. I’d say Face the Cookie, anything that could have food in it is good to go!

  29. It’s so much fun watching your video! My family loves all the game from the Minute To Win It show! They will probably enjoy the Face the Cookie the most. Can’t wait to have a game night with my family.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  30. I think the Chocolate Unicorn game sounds like a blast, and yummy too (after the game) 😉 I think my family would love it!

    • That one looks like so much fun! 🙂 Playing games is great, and we always say we should do it more, too!

  31. This Blows looks hilarious! Think I’d need to clear out my living room of all the fragiles first before trying though!

  32. I think my boys would like the Noodling Around the best. It looks fun and silly and easy enough they would enjoy it 🙂

  33. The kids want to try face the cookies!! So we are planning on doing that tonight after supper!! Looks like tons of fun!

  34. In general, my family is not into games. We actually never play games to be honest. But I think that the Hanky Panky game sounds not only fun but sort of cathartic! hahahahaha

  35. I haven’t ever played before, but I think we would have a blast playing What a Racquet.

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  36. These all sound like such fun games! I think my children would really enjoy playing Noodling Around.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  37. We’ve had a minute to win it game before at work…was a blast.
    Noodling Around is fun.

  38. I want to try the Tweeze These game with my family. I think we could get a ton of laughs out of it. Thank you!

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