Would You Rather: Be Pregnant Or Be On Crutches For 3 Months?

Have you been pregnant? How did pregnancy go for you? Were you glowing and sporting a tiny little basketball sized baby bump or did you spend the majority of your days with your head hanging over the toilet while trying to choke a couple dry Saltines?

Were you the Kate Middleton or the Kim Kardashian of pregnancy?

Lisa and I were discussing our pregnancies recently, and it turns out that we had very different takes on how well pregnancy worked for us.

Lisa: Let’s see, I spent my entire first pregnancy working. It wasn’t the worst, but Bobby was unexpectedly five weeks early when my water broke as I was seeing a patient. So that was interesting…for the patient!

Ashley: I worked through my first pregnancy, too, but except for the night when I literally ripped the underwire from my bra right in the middle of the nurses’ lounge, I really enjoyed pregnancy.

Lisa: Wait..you LIKED being pregnant? Really? UGH, I would have loved to just be handed my children and been able to skip that whole deal. I was not a good pregnant person. Swollen, achy, peeing all the time…and that was my easy pregnancy!

Ashley: My body does this weird thing when I am pregnant where it loses weight, despite my eating my way through entire Hefty sized boxes of Hostess fried apple pies. I honestly think my stomach’s natural inclination is to be a beach ball, and pregnancy just really smoothes it all out.

Lisa: See, I was the opposite with Bobby, but that was NOTHING to how awful my second pregnancy was. I lost a ton of weight with Lucy, but that was only from the violent vomiting for nine straight months. I even had to go to the hospital for fluids and be on medicine the entire time. Oh, and I had placenta previa! I was a total nightmare obstetrical patient the second time around. I’m sure they stamped that on my chart right next to “advanced maternal age”.

Ashley: What did you do with Bobby when you were so sick every day?

Lisa: Anything I could to sit still lest I throw up again. I remember once as I was lying on the couch Bobby said, “Please don’t make me watch TV anymore, Mommy”. I then begged him to watch just one more episode of Thomas the Tank Engine so I could work myself up to moving. I would rather do just about anything on the planet than be pregnant again!

Ashley: Really? See, if I didn’t have to actually raise another child, I would totally be pregnant again. All day long, honestly. For years even. It was probably my ideal body state.

Lisa: Not me sister. In fact, I would honestly rather be on crutches for an entire summer with my right leg in a cast than be pregnant again.

Ashley: Not me! I hated crutches. They’re the worst!

Lisa: Oh, I totally hated them too, but that’s still my pick!

So, we’re taking this question to you but kicking it up a notch…

Would you rather be pregnantΒ OR spend three months of the summer on crutches?

Pregnant VS Crutches

For the pregnancy option you can even have the circumstances of a first pregnancy with all the bells and whistles and attention from your hubby. This is just the physical part of pregnancy. Don’t factor in whether or not you actually want a baby in your answer. But you could have stretch marks or extra weight to lose after just like any pregnant person might.

For the crutches option you are totally in your current life situation with your kids (if you have them) and your current job, etc. You have to manage all of those things while you crutch your way through life. Oh, remember it’s your right leg so you can’t drive. After the three months are over you’d have no ill effects or injuries to deal with.

So, what is your choice? Tell us in the comments!




Would You Rather: Be Pregnant Or Be On Crutches For 3 Months? — 121 Comments

  1. Darn you for making me think this early in the morning!!! I had a twin pregnancy that was just SOOOOO uncomfortable and I had to give up running (which I LOVE!) after 3 months. Hmmmmm this really is a tough one but I think I would go with pregnancy since it would only be ONE baby in there, right? It would be interesting to see how that would be different.
    Thanks ladies…you never disappoint. But just go back to making me laugh instead of think:-)

    • HA HA HA Allie…we promise that tomorrow will make you laugh! πŸ™‚ I would imagine that a pregnancy with only one baby would be a walk in the park for you, huh!? πŸ˜‰

  2. Pregnant. I also was violently ill, lost weight, and had to go to the hospital for fluids, but only for the first three months. After that, I liked being pregnant. In this hypothetical pregnancy I would also deliver at my usual 37 or 38 weeks. Going to (or past) due dates is for suckers.

    • LOL Amy! Of course, you definitely get to call the shots with your hypothetical pregnancy! πŸ˜‰

  3. Pregnant. Even though it had *moments* – it was quite an experience…and I didn’t appreciate it until I was trying desperately for a child with my current husband to no avail…. you sometimes appreciate more what you can’t have again! You also get a cute baby out of it! Crutches – sore armpits – what’s so great about that?

  4. Oh this is so a hard one. I hated being pregnant, but I don’t think I could do crutches either not with running after two kids all day. Although, I am not sure I could do all day nausea (yup had that with both my girls until almost 22 weeks!) And I too had placenta previa with my second pregnancy. Yeah, fun times (not). Believe it or not, I would choose pregnancy, because at least I am creating a new life and not just having to mend a broken limb. God, I can’t believe I just said that, lol!! Look what you ladies got out of me this morning πŸ™‚

  5. Well, I’ve (thankfully, knock on wood) never had the experience of being on crutches, though I can imagine what a pain it is. And now that I do have the experience of currently being pregnant (and being in the “second trimester is awesome!” phase), I would definitely choose the pregnancy. But ask me this question again in 3 months, and we’ll see how I feel πŸ˜‰ And if I had Lisa’s experience, I’m sure my answer would be very different!

  6. Total no brainer: preggers. I actually loved being pregnant (despite sciatica issues that had me in physical therapy and major blood pressure issues). Sometimes I really miss that I will never feel that amazing sensation of a baby kicking in my tummy again…. Looking back, I loved cute maternity clothes, the kind smiles from strangers, never having to wait at the end of the line for the bathroom…. So as long as you promise it doesn’t mean I will now have three kids, I’m picking pregnant. πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree with you Sarah…I sometimes miss that I will never feel that feeling again either…and yes, we promise only pregnancy…no baby! πŸ˜‰

  7. I knew we were soul sisters Lisa! I had hyperemesis too for both my boys. Those were the most nightmarish years of my life. zofran saved my life (literally) with Lennon.

    I would literally rather be on crutches my WHOLE life rather than have to live through another pregnancy.

  8. I was going to go with crutches. (Three months of inconvenience does beat 2 years of nausea, exhaustion, and recovery, for me.) The driving was the deal breaker for me. I have to be able to drive. So… pregnancy it is.

    • Ditto! I MUST drive! I would hate every minute of being pregnant again, as mine were both more like Lisa’s. But seriously, it would be awful to sit through a summer without being able to take my kids to camp!

      • Interesting that the driving was the deal breaker for you guys…I can totally see that, especially with kids!

  9. Well…I had one “easy” pregnancy and one that was more challenging. However just the time thing alone..the crutches. Three months (hopefully over winter and not summer). Maybe all of my friends and relatives would come and do everything for me -the childcare and the cleaning. Actually this would be very nice. Maybe I’ll fake an injury. But not a pregnancy!

  10. This is a tough one! My first pregnancy was great. My second was pretty uncomfortable. I think at this point in my life I’d choose the crutches. My kids are old enough that I could get them to wait on me and I work from home so I wouldn’t have to worry about driving much.

    I don’t know though. If you ask me on another day, I might choose pregnant…

    • We hear you…it is a tricky question. I do think with older kids the thought of crutches is not as bad!

  11. Crutches. For SURE. I had 2 awful, awful pregnancies where I was in & out of the hospital and even ended up in the ICU. Two years of that? No thank you!

  12. I can’t answer this one! NO to both. NO NO NO NO NO! I am not playing!!! Do I sound like a spoiled brat or what?! Hahaha This one is pure torture! I have been looking forward to the summer and having some down time…but that is not the kind of down time I wanted! Watch, now I’ll end up on crutches this summer!

    • Cracking up Michelle! Duly noted…Michelle does play questions that involve pregnancy and crutches! πŸ˜‰

  13. Definitely pregnant. Although I was an advanced maternal ager, I had an incredible pregnancy. I never had a moment of sickness, gained the right amount of weight, felt amazing… Yup. It was the newborn part that turned it all upside down.

  14. Promise you won’t hurt me? I LOVED being pregnant. I was zen, always smiling, and the world just felt right. Granted, I didn’t have ankles and my chins multiplied, but I didn’t care.

    To be fair, I’ve never been on crutches πŸ˜‰

  15. I’ve experienced both (pregnancy and being in crutches – even though I hurt my LEFT leg), and I would say that I prefer the pregnancy. I have stairs in my home and it was awful trying to get up and down with two kids in hand! I did enjoy the help around the house, but I hope I NEVER have to go through that again. My pregnancy wasn’t that bad! I did have the occasional naseau and I think I could deal with that!

  16. Two miscarriages rapidly followed by a diagnosis of primary infertility on Husby’s side – I would DEFINITELY take the pregnancy.

    For anyone pregnant who comes across a person like me and doesn’t know what to say or do, check out my post over at http://www.findingninee.com, which tells you what people like me go through and how best to treat us. If you’ve never been in this situation, it’s worth a read in case someone you know has the misfortune to go through what I did!

    (But thanks for sharing your pregnancy experiences – something to enjoy a little vicariously and hope that one day, it might be me)

    • I am so sorry Considerer. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be in your shoes. Lisa struggled with infertility with her 2nd child, and it was very difficult.
      We will be praying for you and hoping that one day you are able to have a baby. πŸ™‚

  17. I absolutely loved being pregnant with both of my daughters. No morning sickness, felt wonderful, worked right up until the end, BUT… since being pregnant is usually followed by having an actual baby, I will most definitely pick being on crutches for three months! Haha!! My kids are 13 and 18 so no more babies for me. No thank you. That’s why I love having in in-home daycare. I can care for the little ones during the day but then they all get to go home!

  18. Oops! I didn’t actually read all the way through about not factoring in whether we actually wanted a baby! Way to follow directions, huh?! Lol! I thought I would totally change and pick being pregnant instead, but two years?? Wow! That’s a long time! I think I might still have to go with the crutches.

  19. All though both my pregnancies were relatively easy, at 68 and WAY overweight, I’ll opt for crutches. Being retired, I can be a couch potato and let my husband wait on me!

  20. Crutches because it’s only temporary! Also, as much as I love babies and am actually raging with baby fever, I don’t want to be pregnant again. The first time was awesome, the second was hard. And age is a factor. Also, I want my body back.

  21. I have not yet experienced either. However, IF I got the baby at the end of it, I would rather be pregnant. I commute to work on a bus and have to walk A LOT to get to and from the bus stops on both ends. City living would not be conducive to crutches.

  22. Since I can never have another baby, I would LOVE to be pregnant again…ONLY if I knew I would go full term and have an easy delivery and be able to take my baby home this time with no NICU stays.

    Though I would probably freak out about raising a baby now that Dino is getting older and more independent.

    Your conversations always crack me up,I love that you post them for all of us to see!

  23. Pregnant, without a doubt or second thought. Though it definitely had its discomforts for me, I loved being pregnant. And when you said no driving with the crutches? That did it for me. I have to be able to drive. πŸ™‚

  24. Hmm. Taking the baby out of the equation, I would pick crutches. But if I got to keep the baby, then I would pick pregnancy. (haha. this is the opposite of what most of you are saying). I have to say that I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing either of these scenarios, but I am looking forward to the pregnancy scenario. So, I’ll take the pregnancy if I can keep the baby!

  25. I had wonderful pregnancies (with the freak weight loss with the exception of my daughter and almost no morning sickness in all), so I would definitely take being pregnant. Now if we were talking labor…Then bring on the crutches! πŸ˜€

  26. Preggers for sures! I am the worlds least graceful person and being on crutches would just throw me into some sort of clumsy tailspin. PLUS, if you are sitting around eating ice cream because there is not much else you can do because you are on crutches, the end result is not an 8.5 lb baby. It is an additional 10.1 lb butt.

  27. Hmm pregnant. Even though I have done it three times and each time was different. First was easy peasy. Second had pretern then he decided to hang out another 10 days past his due date as if to say nope won’t let me come when I want I am sticking around longer.. Third my gall bladder went kaput, total back labor but I got to the hospital dilated 9 and had him an hour later.. What??? My body don’t play lol…

    • Oh my Gosh, you definitely ran the gamut there! πŸ™‚ Impressed that you would be willing to risk it again! πŸ˜‰

  28. I was leaning toward crutches until I got to the part that said I couldn’t drive for three months! Total deal breaker! So, although it would horrify my adult children and the baby would be younger than her/his nephews, I’d choose pregnancy. I actually had a pretty easy time (as best I can remember since it was in the last millenium), although I did go 3 weeks past due with both pregnancies. Didn’t love that …

    • 3 weeks past your due date??!! That is a TOTAL nightmare! UGH! HA HA HA on horrifying your adult children…that made me giggle!

  29. Well I have mulled this one over, but the quick and short answer is that I would take the crutches for 9 months of the year with my right foot being the issue and no driving! I gained 70lbs with my first and had horrible kidney stones, morning sickness that hospitalized me for a week, and vomited every day for 4 months. The last one I was never sick, worked the whole time, became stressed and have a nice little heart condition now where I can’t have any stimulant (including caffeine) or I go into SVT and have a sitting heart rate of 200+. Can you say stroke? Even after all of that, I wouldn’t have traded any of those experiences for the kiddos, they are perfect…(until they start talking, right?)

  30. Do I actually have to deliver another baby or just be pregnant? I think I’d do pregnancy first over crutches – if and only if there would be no more kids. I love the 3 I have – but that’s plenty for me. Not to mention the “advanced” maternal age thing that would be stamped all over my chart!

    • Just be pregnant…and maybe deliver…you stumped me with that one! πŸ˜‰ Definitely no actual child, though! πŸ™‚

  31. oh girls…these tough conundrums. I have no upper body strength for crutches, and I kind of took on the Jessica Simpson-eat-anything-you-want approach to pregnancy so, I’ll go with pregnancy. If I can stop it right there. You didn’t say anything about actually delivering, right?? :0 Hahahaha. You ladies rock!

  32. Ugh god this question is hard. I’ve never been pregnant OR had crutches, but I have had a broken arm and that totally sucks, especially in the summer when it’s hot. However, you can’t drink when you’re pregnant, and summer is prime holiday drinking time…..Crap you guys! You totally suck! I’ve always wondered what I would look like pregnant, and this would be the ideal situation because then I wouldn’t have the kids after…..but I wouldn’t want stretch marks or having to lose extra weight…..Fuck it, I’m saying crutches just in case the gods get mad and smite me and then I get pregnant for real.

  33. I LOVE it that you caveat it with “don’t factor whether you actually want a baby!” In that case, if it’s the perfect pregnancy – I’d rather be pregnant than on crutches. I actually enjoyed the majority of my first pregnancy!

  34. I would do the pregnancy I need my legs my first pregnancy was actually a breeze and the second time I was pregnant I didn’t even know until halfway through so pregnant but not more though I am done lol

  35. I didn’t have horrible pregnancies, but I did look like I was smuggling a few Thanksgiving turkeys (those pictures are easily found on my blog if you care to look, I won’t subject people to them though!!) I did have bad varicose veins, though, so from the waist down I was in a lot of discomfort for most of all three pregnancies. Still I think I’d rather be pregnant again than have to deal with crutches all summer. No pool, no hikes, no driving, NO FUN!

    • Yeah, being on crutches over the summer would be the worst! Love your description of yourself pregnant…that is too funny! πŸ™‚

  36. If my pregnancies were any indication, I’d rather be on crutches!
    I had heart burn, nausea for 9 months, heart problems, liver problems..you name it, I had it!

    9 months is a long time…I’d rather do three with crutches than go through the hell I went through during my pregnancies.

  37. All right, you’re never going to believe it, but…. I was actually pregnant AND on crutches at the same time! It was a living hell. I fell down a few stairs and sprained my foot and had to wear that horrible boot and use crutches for a few weeks. It sucked big time. But my answer is still, I would rather be pregnant. Crutches are brutal on the body… πŸ˜€

  38. Well, let’s see here.. I’ve had three almost totally bedridden pregnancies (which all of them have landed me in the hospital more in than out for one reason or another) and I’ve also been in a severe car accident which left me with a broken right ankle (which now has four screws which holds it in place literally) and a broken left middle finger which now has a metal rod running through it.

    So, I’ve pretty much lived through BOTH of these scenarios with two kids, dogs (puppies actually) and a husband. I’ll take the broken ankle in a cast and having to figure out how to maneuver around any day of the week over another pregnancy. (I’ll gladly adopt, but my tubes are tied cut and burned and removed! If I end up pregnant ever again then I know God is completely utterly behind it, and he must have something magnificent planned for that child and our family.)

    It’s a good question and food for thought. πŸ™‚

    • HA HA HA Crystal on what you will know if you ever get pregnant again…that was funny! And given that you have had both experiences then you would know exactly what you are getting yourself into! πŸ™‚

  39. I had a “Lisa” pregnancy for 34 straight weeks and I was miserable. I was totally the “please don’t make me move or I will throw up girl”. I could not work, I could not drive. I rarely left my bed or the couch. I would definitely take the crutches. In fact, I would give up my leg in lieu of another pregnancy!

  40. I would choose crutches without a doubt. My pregnancies were miserable – and got worse with each one. With the crutches option it is only for 3 months instead of 9; no after effects like stretch marks, weight gain, etc. As for the driving, that would suck, but we have a pool so I could just invite friends over to my house everyday to hang out and keep all our kids entertained. I bet my mom would even take pity on me and come to visit, clean, & cook several times during the 3 months! πŸ™‚

    • Crutches would definitely be the way to go for you Lisa…no doubt…and you have a pool? Can I come over and swim?! πŸ˜‰

  41. Hands down, I’ll take the crutches. Last pregnancy I was exhausted, swollen and nauseated for six months. Plus, I had a hair trigger temper. My poor three year old had to put up with grumpy or tired mommy all the time. So put me on crutches and I’ll let the Husband chauffeur me around!

  42. I think I’d take the crutches. Although I loved being pregnant, I wouldn’t want to go through another labor like my last one (which is why I stopped at 2). I wouldn’t mind not driving for 3 months… I’d rather be the passenger!

  43. Crutches. Because at the very least, after a day of sitting on the couch and waving my crutch at the kids in a threatening manner (“Stop Hitting your sister!Don’t make mommy get off this couch!”). I could have a glass of wine. Or a margarita. Or both. Or two of each. At the end of the day with pregnancy, you just have exhaustion and lemonade or decaf tea. What fun is that?

    • This comment made me cry with laughter and then promptly had me sending it to Lisa so she could cry with laughter, too!! Oh my God, SO FUNNY!!

  44. Crutches completely suck. Excuse my French. And besides my huge “Wall-E” feet at the end of my last one, my pregnancies were pretty awesome. Plus I drank all the Chick Fil A oreo milkshakes I wanted. So yes, PREGNANCY for the WIN!!!

  45. For the sake of my marriage, I choose crutches. My hubs was TERRIBLE when I was pregnant. He had no idea how to handle a hormonal ball of ever growing girth. Of course, milkshakes, “you look beautiful,” and some HGTV would have fit the bill but whatever, men.

    So because I really love my husband, crutches.

    Oh and ps – I hated being pregnant, too.

    • Your hubby thanks you for this reply! πŸ˜‰ And wishes he had been better about knowing what you needed…i.e. cold Kit Kats and neck massages! πŸ™‚

  46. Hmmm… I’ve never been pregnant and I’ve never been on crutches. I feel like I almost can’t answer this one since I honestly have no idea how bad (or good) either one would be. In truth, I’m almost afraid to answer. The way life has been twisting around my words lately, I fear I’d wake up tomorrow morning with a surprise one way or the other!

  47. Love these “would you rather” posts! Preggers for me on this one. No question. I treated myself like a queen when I was pregnant and more importantly, I taught my husband to do the same. Carrying progeny is the best trump card ever. Crutches? Meh. Mostly just a lot of armpit chafing.

  48. I’ve never been on crutches and I had pretty easy pregnancies, so I’m guessing pregnant. I can almost top this! When my mother was 8 months pregnant, my dad had a compound fracture to his leg and ended up in a cast to his hip. They had one bathroom… upstairs, so he had to scootch up the stairs backwards while she carried his leg between hers under her belly AND she had to sleep on a cot, because his was in more pain than she was. She said to get up every morning, she had to roll off onto the floor… the cot would invariably end up on top of her, then she had to get on to all fours to get off the ground. The first time he drove was when she was in labor. Oh and I was 10 days late. Can you imgaine!?!?

    • Honestly the worst story I have ever heard…your dad is SO LUCKY that your mom did not go nuts over that arrangement! πŸ˜‰

  49. Pregnant for sure! My first two pregnancies were awesome and I felt great. I worked out all the time, had tons of energy and was never sick. With Lucas I still felt great but he did not. I went into labor with him at four months. It was stopped amd I was put on bedrest. I gained over 50 pounds. He wound up being only three weeks early (and still my biggest baby). The last week I was in the hospital, in labor, all week long. It didn’t hurt one bit and I wanted to go home because I was so bored. I wound up having him totally natural. Not even an aspirin. He can never say I don’t love him. πŸ™‚ Okay, honestly, I was only in hard labor for about 20 minutes. No biggie!

    • Carli…you are a hero sister! So impressive…I pretty much started asking for my epidural somewhere around 25 weeks! πŸ˜‰

  50. I would totally choose to be in crutches.
    I am expecting my baby(s) to delivered by a loyal stork. I told my husband and he was like LOL but whatever.

  51. I guess I might have to say the crutches. I love having the babies once they were born, but didn’t like the pregnancy part. I was sick for the first four months with my son, I was pretty much sick the whole time with my daughter. And they weighed 10 and 11 pounds at birth. So I was huge.

  52. I had to think about this one, but really only for about 30 seconds. It’s a no brainer for me… I’d rather be pregnant without a doubt. Other than minor stuff like swollen feet and some heartburn, I was blessed to have super easy pregnancies and deliveries, so I’d do it again in a heartbeat. And yay, I’d get to have a fourth kid! So fun! (And no, this isn’t sarcasm. I really am this cheerful.)

  53. Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant! The having to lose weight again almost stopped me since I finally got my body back after four pregnancies but I’d still choose that one. I loved being pregnant (once the morning sickness stopped) and I was pregnant like Ashley where I lost weight and ate whatever I wanted. I hate asking for help and with my kids the and their lifestyles, I’d have to if I couldn’t drive.

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