Would You Rather: Own A Beach House Or A Mountain House?

Here in North Carolina, we are blessed to have access to both the beach and the mountains all in a day’s drive…depending on what part of the state you are in, of course.

Recently, Lisa and I took the kids to the mountains for the day (Flat Arie went with us, but more about that later!), and we came to the realization that we are supposed to summer there. Y’all, it was ten degrees cooler there, and we came to the conclusion (and our kids readily agreed) that we are better and happier moms when we are not hot.

Of course this invariably led to a conversation about the mountains versus the beach….

Ashley: I am 100% sure I am supposed to have a mountain house. Will you loan me $500,000 so I can buy one?

Lisa: I can loan you $5. But if I had $500,000, which I DON’T, we wouldn’t be having this conversation here. We’d be having it from the deck of my beach house.

Ashley: Ah. The beach is nice, too. I always feel calm when I am near the water.

Lisa: Me, too. I mean, except when I am hounding the kids about putting on more sunscreen and trying to get sand off of everything. Hmmm, maybe the mountains *would* be the way to go?

Ashley: See, yeah, the beauty of the mountains is that the children wind up covered in clothing from head to toe when it is cold…oh wait, that can be a hassle, too. But still at the end of the day, the mountain air wins out for me.

Lisa: Tell you what, let’s plan to pool all our blogging pennies riches and buy one of each!

Ashley: That is a solid plan. The only struggle we may have, besides coming up with the funding, of course, would be the decorating. Can you even imagine if we had to come up decor for a second home?!

Lisa: HA HA HA! The good news is that we wouldn’t have any leftover money to decorate, so no one would expect it to look good!

So, once again, we are bringing the question to our Dose Peeps…

WYR Beach or Mountains Collage

Would you rather own a beach house or a mountain house?

Tell us why in the comments. And also send us your address so we can come and visit you!





Would You Rather: Own A Beach House Or A Mountain House? — 81 Comments

  1. Ooh, the beach!

    The mountains are nice, too- I’m sure some of my fancy friends would invite me to their mountain home sometimes. But I’d choose the beach for sure.

    The ocean is so calming and beautiful. And can you just imagine, it’s the end of the day and you decide to take a little walk, and you just go walk on the beach!? It’d be like you lived in a movie!

  2. If money were no object, I’d opt for both! A little beach house in Hawaii with the mountains as a backdrop. SUP-ing and hiking in the same day. Heavenly! And since I’m rich, I’d use my private plan to jet back and forth from the mainland. Commercial travel is so bourgeoise.

  3. How about a lake house near the mountains? We have a ski condo, so I guess mountain house won for us. But I love the beach – I sleep so well there. Hearing the water has a calming effect for me!! But I’ll be happy to come visit you guys wherever you are!

    • I agree Michelle! I would much rather prefer the lake, where I can have my boat on dock and just sail it whenever I want! You can’t really sail a boat on the ocean!

  4. The mountains are beautiful, but the beach is where my heart is. I love being near the water and miss is when I’m far away from it (I think for that reason alone I will always need to live on a coast). Plus, I hate hiking. I like flat surfaces πŸ™‚

  5. I love starting my day with a good game of “Would You Rather?” Your version is much more fun than my kids’ version, which usually involves some kind of a choice between worms and boogers. So, to answer your question I’d go with a beach house…preferably on Cape Cod or Nantucket. I have to be near water. (Which is obviously why I live in Ohio.)

  6. Tough choice, albeit it a totally theoretical one because of the whole money thing… As a Florida native I love the idea of the beach and the water but the mountains are sooo beautiful. Plus I’m with you gals, the cooler weather makes me a better, nicer person. Still, I’m going to choose a beach house with a pool that I will jump into if the weather gets too hot. And a pool boy to deliver frosty drinks to me as needed.

  7. We always go to the beach, and having just returned a few weeks ago I am still finding sand in places it shouldn’t be. I can’t remember EVER actually having a camping trip or anything in the mountains, (I need to get out more), so I am going to go out on a limb and say MOUNTAIN, but with a nice big lake view as well so I can at least see some water πŸ™‚

  8. I know my BF would pick a beach house, but I would rather a mountain home with a really clean swim-able lake. Luckily (?) the chances of us being able to afford either are nil, so we won’t have to fight over it lol

  9. Love this topic and it was funny b/c I read the commentary wrong and thought Ashley said she wanted a beach house! I did a double take and was reassured that that my mountain loving friend had not fallen off her rocker and it was just that I have only had one cup of coffee and the screen is still blurry!

    I am with Lisa though, I am a beach girl inside and out, but sadly my husband is not and would be all for the mountains… and we can pretend that is why I will never have a beach house and not b/c we have to pay for three kids to go to college (as my kids are currently vegging out in front of Jake and the Neverland Pirates scholarships are looking slim!)

  10. Oh. for years it would have been a mountain house without a second thought but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve swayed more towards a beach house. But I think if push came to shove, I’d still choose the mountain house because helloooo??? Have you seen me?? I”m a fair skinned red head and the mountains is where we’re supposed to be! Especially in the fall πŸ™‚

  11. I love both, and I really struggle to know which I’d be less likely to bitch and moan about as time passes. On one hand, I love the beach. I think it’s the sun and salty air. I always feel relaxed there and the thought of sitting in the ocean breeze to enjoy my coffee every morning nearly makes me weepy. On the other hand, I hate the heat. I’m a sweater and an angry hot person. I’d probably be fine living alone at the beach, but the stress of my family with the heat might push me over the edge I already precariously hang on.

    Then there’s the mountains… I love the mountains too! The cool, crisp air is such a happy place, especially when you left the Piedmont only 2 hours before hand and it was 10 degrees warmer. I love listening to all of the birds and admiring the views. Me and a hot tub on the side of a mountain – I think I’d be in love. Then winter would come and I would be pissed because I was stuck inside because of snow and ice.

    The solution here is clear… I need to be independently wealthy enough to not have a job that ties me to a certain location and be able to buy one of each! I’ll spend the winter, early spring and late fall at the beach and the rest of the year in the mountains!

  12. Definitely a beach house for me! I love swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, feeling the warm ocean breezes, just listening to the sound of the waves, or just even sitting on the deck, looking out and taking it all in! Ahhhh- I feel more relaxed just thinking about and imagining it. ❀

  13. That’s exactly what I tell people about living in NC, I love being near the mountains and the beach. The mountains of NC are gorgeous but I’d definitely take the beach house! I can let the kids loose on the beach and they tire themselves out. I can’t do that in the mountains without fear of them falling off an edge…and I’m not that coordinated either to catch them.

  14. I really don’t know! I love the mountains and I love the beach. But I guess if I’m really going to have to choose I will go with the mountains, I like being cool better than hot. Okay, I feel so much better now that I have that decision made!!!

    I just have to say I always love coming here. You really are my dose of fun! xo Love to you both!

  15. How about a house at a lake in the mountains?
    As soon as I save $ 495,995 more I will get a small pad at Nicola Lake πŸ™‚
    We’re pretty lucky here in the Canadian Wilderness – surrounded by mountains and Vancouver is only a 3 hour drive away.
    I’m still more of a mountain girl, the ocean scares me.

  16. We didn’t even consider the lake as a possibility…but I suppose that *could* be the best of both worlds, huh?!
    Can’t get over how many people feel calmed by the water…is it the ocean specifically or just water in general?

  17. Having just completed a vacation in the mountains, I gotta tell you. The cool air is nice, but when it comes down to it. I’m a beach girl at heart. I love the water. I need the rhythmic sounds of the waves and splashing. It soothes me. I’m a water person and need to be hydrated body and soul. Give me the beach house. πŸ™‚

  18. Beach house. No question about it. When I lived in Denver, I missed the ocean terribly. Of course you could just get a house in Bar Harbor, Maine. Then you’d be near the ocean and Cadillac Mountain at the same time. You’d need more than $500k though. That’s where people like Martha Stewart spend their summers!

    Better start saving those blogging riches…

  19. I don’t have a beach house, but I’m lucky enough to live walking distance to the beach. I get pretty cranky if I’m too hot, so for those heatwave days it would be amazing to also have a snowy mountain retreat. I could warm up with a nice big mug of chocolate and take walks breathing in the crisp, cool air. πŸ™‚

  20. Definitely beach house! Though that mountain house picture looks really nice. My goal in life is to live by the water. I want to sit on my deck with a drink in my hand starting out at the water, I’d even settle for a small lake.

  21. Well, that one is an easy one – I don’t have to even think about it!! I would totally have a beach house. I actually almost kinda have one – I have one on a canal that leads to the bay that leads to either the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean so I’m good. I can see the bay from my back deck so I’m golden. And you are more than welcome to come visit! We have a spare bedroom – just give me some time to get organized. I’m kicking my dad out at the end of the month (it’s not as bad as it sounds) – we need a place for our boat!

  22. Beach house..oh, wait a minute! I’ll be living in one come 8/15 πŸ™‚ OK so it’s not “mine” per se, but it’s on loan to me for 9 months.
    You guys are invited. I will be insulted if you DON’T come! xxoo

  23. I pick mountains. With a lake. And as long as we’re fantasizing…NO BUGS! And in this fantasy world, I would have a good friend with a beach house that I could visit on occasion. I think I could spend a week at the beach and be satisfied. However, I could spend a month in the mountains and be completely content.

  24. Ah, it’s tough..really depends on what coast we’re on! If I had to choose in general, I’d say mountain. I am a summer girl through and through but I love that whole moose-wolf-bear lodge type thing. Our house actually looks like a ski lodge. People always say that when they visit. And here’s the real kicker..um…we already have a beach house! So I’d like a mountain house to complete my world.

  25. Decorating for both would be a piece of cake! Well, at least for me because that’s what I do…I’d say I would love a beach house. Don’t like the mountains. I love to look at them but not be up there for too long,,,,

  26. I’m so going for the mountain! I am done with this heat and would like to be near a little stream. I’d live of the land and with my billions of dollars (hee hee…wishful thinking) I’d fly out to the main strip in town whenever I got lonely. I’d own tons of rifles and strangers would be terrified of coming on my land…but I’d hire caterers and host parties with for all my friends and family…the ones I like that is.

  27. Can I pick a mountain house overlooking a beach? Or a beach house with a mountain view? πŸ™‚ I suppose that’s cheating. Hmm…You know, I’m really undecided on this one because I love both ideas. I will admit that getting to see a beach sunrise and/or sunset whenever I wanted would be totally awesome and it would be great to be able to go cool off if it was really hot in a jiffy. I will also admit that a mountain house would be cooler (temp-wise) and be gorgeous in the winter and I’m totally a mountain/woodsy kinda gal. I just really can’t decide! How about a cabin on a lake with mountains in the background? Yah, that’s a good compromise, right? No? Ugh…No decision can be made on this one. I guess I’d let cost decide…Or time share both! πŸ˜€ Win-win!

  28. Year round beach is better, not a lot to do in the mountains in the winter. Really you want both, mountains for summer, beach in winter & spring.
    I like the way Lisa makes it real clear to Ashley she doesn’t have $500,000.

  29. I’d like a mountain house, just didn’t want to work another10-15 years to pay for it. If you guys get either a beach or mountain house, let me know and I will come visit.

  30. I would choose the mountains in a heart beat. Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m allergic to the ocean since I’m highly allergic to shell fish. My daughter seems to have the same reaction because we both broke out in hives last summer when I took her to the beach for her first trip. (I had to risk a reaction to see if she was allergic and be there for her first trip.)

    For most people though, I can see why this would be such a hard choice to make. πŸ˜‰

  31. Beach all day especially for me because I was growing up near the beach on the coast of Carolinas. The mountains sounds cold and lonely lol

  32. Having grown up in the mountains, and now living on the beach, I kinda feel like I’m expert at this category. πŸ™‚

    Each one has plenty of positives, but in the end, I’m going to have to go with the beach house. There’s just something so relaxing about hearing the breeze through the palms and listening to the sound of waves.

  33. I’d much prefer to have a beach house. I live in Colorado and you all know it’s mountains everywhere. I grew up in the Caribbean and I love the beach (although I can’t swim) but even if I didn’t I would still prefer the beach house. Nothing like watching the ocean. πŸ™‚

  34. I’d take either one, but I’m gonna have to say beach house! My hubby would probably go for the mountain house, and I could live with that. Like you, I am spoiled by living in a state with easy access to both mountains and beach. We usually go to the beach for vacation but this year our oldest son, who hates the SC heat, has talked us into going to the NC mountains instead. So Lake Lure – here we come! The last time we went to Lake Lure in August, it was the hottest week in 50 years, or some such hideous statistic!

  35. I grew up in Durham and vacationed often in the mountains, but my favorite times were always at the beach……and since I recently got married on the beach, I am going with the beach. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. I with everyone else….I’ll come visit you anytime in the mountains for a break from the summer heat of Houston – but beach all the way for me!

  36. Im going to cheat & say both! We’re currently looking for houses in VT so we can be on the lake & swim in the summer(I know that’s technically not the beach!) & then ski in the winter! And you’re both invited anytime…with the kids…if you do all the laundry:-)
    If I HAD to chose I would pick the beach!

  37. Other than the fact I spent my summers growing up at the beach, my college years getting drunk at the beach, got married on the beach…other than THAT, the one reason I’d get a beach house is that one of the 10 tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse is that zombies cannot swim. I would want to be as close to a body of water as possible when that sh*t happens.

  38. Am loving all the responses…although, I have noticed no one has left us their address to come visit…hmmm, perhaps we weren’t clear enough! πŸ˜‰
    I think it is pretty interesting that is fairly evenly split…beach seems to be winning, but not by much.
    Lisa and I were saying yesterday that maybe our back-up plan should be that we ALL pool our money and get a couple giant compounds…maybe one beach, one mountain? A little too Branch Davidian for you guys? πŸ˜‰

  39. I’m always in so much awe when I visit the mountains. It’s so beautiful and still. I’m partial, however to the beach. It’s so relaxing for me. I love to hear the waves crashing and relax in the tropical environment sipping on a virgin daiquiri.

  40. Even though I would enjoy both I would go with a beach house. There is just something about the sound of the ocean that is so relaxing and grounding. Of course if I had another house I would need a handy man and cleaning service to go with it – since I can just barely keep up with the one house we actually do live in! πŸ˜‰

  41. Will you two quit it with these impossible questions!! I’m a mountain girl at heart. I love snow, snowboarding, mountains and NOT BEING HOT. However, I also have had a dream of having a house that is ON the water. Like I could wake up and dive into water for my shower. That sounds amazing. So maybe like a beach houseboat? But I think I could only handle the sand and being hot for 3 months. You two suck πŸ™‚ But I totally want to come visit your house, I’ll provide decorations!

  42. How come you keep posting hard questions? I love the beach, but as I get older, hurricanes frighten me more. A mountain home could be nice and cool in the summertime, and could be fun over winter break with all the snow that rarely seems to make it to the mid-atlantic these days. Can I split it and suggest a lake house in the mountains?

  43. If I HAD to choose, I would choose beach house because of the ocean and waves! As I mentioned earlier, I would much rather prefer a lake house!

  44. Ashley can come visit Lisa and me at our beach houses. Nothing gives me more peace than sipping my morning coffee on a roof deck at the beach. I love it, my kids love it! ~Although we had to have a chat about NOT hopping the railings on the roof deck! YIKES! … My favorite in NC is Holden Beach where there is literally nothing else to do on the island but go to the beach!

  45. Beach house! I am happiest when I am on, in, near or around water. Preferably on a cruise ship while being waited on. Can I say neither and choose cruise ship? People do that, ya know

  46. I was definitely going to go with the mountain house until I say the pic. The picture of the snow and the gray skies made me suddenly feel depressed…I like clear skies. From the pic I’d go with the beach house. But a mountain house in the summer would really be my choice nix the gray skies and snow of course.

  47. Although I am not a “sit on the beach” type of person, I would love to have a beach house just to be near the water. In my hometown I was very close to water all the time. Being able to jump in the water or cruise around on a boat whenever I please would be awesome!! Now I’m missing my hometown. πŸ™

  48. I miss my beach! I grew up in NW Indiana and it was literally 5 minutes from where we lived. Not considered a beach house by any means, but still close. One thing I learned though, is that due to erosion and the changes brought on by living near a lake, some people we’ve known have had to surrender their homes back to the national lakeshore because it wasn’t safe to be that close anymore. I think I’d choose the mountains and have a pool, and also a lake…then maybe it would be like the best of bothworlds? Both homes are stunningly gorgeous! If I were fortunate enough to get to choose, I would rationalize getting both somehow. πŸ™‚

  49. I’m such a summer bunny and warm weather lover. I’d choose the BEACH HOUSE!
    Everything is perfect when you’re at the beach! The world should be a big beach!

  50. I think my answer is beach. I need the cool beach nights of shorts and sweatshirts and a good book while sitting by the water. I also hate the insane heat, but it will be easier to deal with when the cooler weather is happening and the house is cosy and has AC. Because I said so and this is MY beach house! So there!

  51. Mountains, mountains, mountains.

    No pesky hurricanes in the mountains. That said I would totally rent out the mountain house for a few weeks to spend a week at the beach.

  52. I’ve been away for far too long but wanted to weigh in. Mine would be a beach house all the way. I love to fall asleep to the sound of waves and for some reason, the beach is super-inspiring for my writing. And if I had one…girls’ weekend with you guys once a year would have to happen. πŸ™‚

  53. The mountains for me! I love the cooler air, the scenery, and the lack of sand in every nook and cranny.

    I do like the beach as well, but in small doses…the crashing waves are great. I like one of the earlier suggestions about having a mountain lake house. That would be awesome.

  54. Great question. I would say neither. I would rather take the money that it takes to upkeep the house and travel to new places. This, of course, is coming from someone whose parents owned a home at the beach…not oceanfront, but in the community. I felt like I never vacationed anywhere….hmmm…maybe that’s why I write about hotels and travels now. I also grew up in the mountains. πŸ™‚

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