Pinterest Nightmare #001: The Nightmares That Started Them All

In February we wrote a little post about the peculiar things we’d found on Pinterest. That got our wheels turning…why not feature one of these beauties every week? The weekly Pinterest Nightmare was born! As we celebrate this long holiday weekend, we thought we’d also take a little time to reminisce about the original ten pins that still haunt our dreams–or as we like to call them–The Pinterest Nightmares that started them all!


We absolutely love Pinterest.

We can drool over recipes we would burn if we ever tried them, dream of furniture our kids would destroy if we bought it, and covet outfits we wouldn’t know how to accessorize even if they were in our closets. But for those 10 minutes 2 hours a day when we are on Pinterest, anything seems possible!

Along the way we’ve also found things that make us laugh out loud–and not on purpose. These are things that are so bizarre, even we cannot get behind them–and we cherish weirdness. We even made a board solely dedicated to them: our Oh, Honey…No! Board.

So here are some of our “favorites” from the board in no particular order…

The 10 Dumbest Things We Found On Pinterest (So Far):

1.  The Glass River Landscape Feature


If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a real moat on your property, this will add such beauty and majesty to your shrubbery! Who *doesn’t* need more glass shards in their yard, amiright? Don’t forget to stock up on bandages and make sure your tetanus shot is up to date prior to installation!




2. Toilet Shaped Mug


Touted as “hilarious” on the website, we were thinking “repulsive” was the better descriptor. Perhaps drinking out of the toilet is best be left to dogs-especially when the water is brown. Someone needs a trip to the gastroenterologist! *shiver*




3. Voice Activated Shopping List Generator



We all know how great voice activated technology works. It ranks slightly below a toddler randomly hitting your keyboard and just above the auto-correct feature on your iPhone. What could be less frustrating or more time saving than speaking into a box and having it generate your grocery list for you? We mean, besides writing what you need on a piece of paper.



4. Crafting With Cat Hair



For less that $10, you too can learn how to craft unique items with your cat’s own hairballs! Why settle on creating things FOR your cat, when you can create things FROM your cat!! And to think, all this time I’ve been trying to *minimize* my cat’s production of hairballs. What was I thinking? Well, besides I am a normal person who dislikes handling hairballs.



5. Fleece Lined Tights



What woman doesn’t crave a layer of lumpy fleece between her skin and her tights? How else would we know what our cellulite would look like if it went all the way down to our ankles? But if it’s so cold regular tights won’t provide enough warmth, what else can you possibly do? Oh…wear pants.




6. The Nest Chair


Just picture it. You’ve had a totally exhausting day working and running errands. You’re really looking forward to getting home, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into a cozy chair for a little “me” time. Nothing says comfort like slabs of wood at odd angles digging into your back. You’re feeling relaxed just looking at the picture, aren’t you?!




7. Live Moss Bath Mat

feb6ec2cf242c5949a45266bd35cae7cThis moss bath mat supposedly thrives from the drops of water that fall off your body as you exit the shower. I don’t know about you, but when I see stuff that looks like that in my bathroom, I reach for the Tilex. Also, won’t I have to climb back in the tub again to wash the smelly dirt and moss from my feet?


8. Handcrafted Rope Bracelet In Red



This lovely piece of jewelry will set you back $85. It will also make people rush to your side, apply direct pressure, and call 911…because we’ve got a bleeder on our hands!!





9. The Bosom Sleep Supporter



I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had because my giant breasts touch each other while I’m asleep. Oh, wait…yes I can. That number is zero. Do you know what *would* disturb my sleep? A giant piece of foam on my chest, that’s what.




10. The Pet Friendly Shower Curtain
dog shower

Who doesn’t want to re-enact scenes from John Travolta’s epic Movie of the Week, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, every time they wash their dog? “This poor doggy! He just wants to live a normal life! But we can only touch him through the plastic. He cannot survive human contact!” *sob* I’m sure it is not at all disturbing to have a shower curtain with two empty gloves just hanging there when you aren’t bathing the dog.


So, come follow us over on Pinterest to join in the fun! If they keep making these dumb things, we’ll keep pinning them!!



Pinterest Nightmare #001: The Nightmares That Started Them All — 146 Comments

  1. The chest sleep support looks like a bad porno….BWAHAHAHA….if you can’t handle getting wet while washing your dog, don’t have a dog…
    crafting with cat hair…what is wrong with people?

  2. I’m actually giggling out of control and everyone is still sleeping here! The voice shopping list generator is amazing. I mean I have been known to use voice command on the Notes app on my iPhone, but this is a whole new level. By the way, the Pinterest board made me simultaneously amused/horrified.

    • Amused and horrified is exactly the right way to describe how we feel on Pinterest on a daily basis!! 😀

    • The moss bathmat must smell awful and musty, right? The boob thingy always makes me laugh because…WHAT???

  3. OMG! Every time I read one of these I think I MUST get on Pinterest immediately….either that or I should NEVER ever go on there because I already have too many time suckers in my life.
    Just hysterical!!! I love the moss bath mat. Good God! Just looking at that thing made me shiver.
    Keep them coming girls! I SO love these posts!!!

    • Bwahahaha. That moss bath mat gets me too, Allie. YIKES!! Pinterest is a TOTAL time sucker so beware if you decide to go for it!! (but you totally should!!)

  4. OK, the glass shards are probably the only landscape feature I could put in my yard and not kill. 😉

    However, I draw the line out of drinking out of a tiny toilet.

  5. Seriously, have to ask who comes up with this stuff. The mug just grosses me out to be honest and the bosom sleep supporter looks so uncomfortable and couldn’t imagine being able to sleep comfortably!! Happy Friday ladies and thank you for the enjoyment as always!!

    • Happy Friday, Janine! The mug is repulsive. Absolutely repulsive. I couldn’t even give it as a joke (and I love a good joke gift!! )

    • SO, SO dumb, Joi. The boob thing…I just can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep with that (or why they’d try!)

  6. I am allergic to cats, so those cat hair crafts are making my nose all itchy just looking at them. I could really go for some tea in a toilet mug to sooth the irritation.

  7. I was laughing so hard I could barely click down to read more!!! I have to believe that the cat hair craft book has got to be a joke. Lord, what is the world coming too!! Lol! Thanks so much for the laugh, I’m bookmarking this one so when I’m feeling down I can crack up again!! Love you both!

    • I don’t know about the book being a joke, Kathy. Millions of crazy cat hair crafters would beg to differ!! 😀

      PS. “what is the world coming to” is my motto when I’m looking at Pinterest.

  8. Wow, there are some real winners here. As I read down the list, I’d think, there’s no way the next one can be worse than this one. Oh boy, was I wrong! I find the Bosom Sleep Supporter and Moss Bath Mat particularly disturbing! And crafting with cat hair? WTF, Pinterest?!

    • Bwahahahaha! Thinking “this has to be the worst idea ever” is frequently what I’m thinking while on Pinterest–until I see the next pin…

  9. Bosom Sleep Supporter?
    I can just never believe that people actually pin shit like that (or that something like that even exists). Maybe I should watch more Home Shopping Network…
    You ladies are the best!

    • And smelly, Michelle. Don’t you think it would not only feel disgusting on your feet, but it would have to smell, right?

    • Bwahahahaha. It’s totally disturbing, isn’t it, Nellie!! I just can’t believe that nobody noticed that when it’s done in red!!

  10. Omg, these are hilarious! There not nearly enough opportunities work a “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” reference into a blog post. Genius! 😉

  11. I don’t even know where to start….so I will just say that this is one of the highlights of my Friday mornings. I love seeing what you guys will come up with next and today I got a whole 10 to giggle about!

    • You are too sweet! We are so happy to be a part of your Friday mornings!! We cannot take the credit, though. Pinterest makes it easy for us!! 😀

  12. They’re all priceless. Thanks for bringing them back – I’m laughing all over again!! Crafting with cat hair? Toilet shaped mug? I can’t even fathom that people buy this stuff…

    • Thanks, Michelle. I can’t understand any of the people involved with these nightmares from the people who think of the concept to the ones who buy them. (I do appreciate and love the people who pin them VERY MUCH!!!)

    • Bwahahahahaha. That just made laugh so hard I almost choked on my Coke Zero, Kita! You’re too funny!!

  13. My favorite line ” If they keep making these dumb things, we’ll keep pinning them!!” I laughed so hard!!!

    I look forward to the incredibly weird on your blog every Friday which is where I got my inspiration for Freaky Fridays on my instagram…


    • The fact that we inspired some social media freakiness warms our weird, weird hearts, Khloe! We hope you keep cross posting your Freaky Friday Instagrams on FB, too…we aren’t cool enough to be on Instagram and we LOVE to see them! –Lisa

  14. I am cracking up at my desk right now! Some of these bizarre things I too have seen on pinterest but others I have not and can’t even believe these things really exist! Thanks for sharing… I shall now begin to follow this “Oh Honey. NO. Board” 🙂 ~Leah~

    • We can’t wait to see you over on the “Oh, Honey…NO!” board. It is full of weird and “wonderful” things!! 😀 Thanks, Leah!!

    • They aren’t on our wish list either!! You should consider the moss mat for JDaniel! Think of the gnome house you could construct on that thing!!

  15. If only I had seen this post last week, I could have forwarded it to my husband for gift ideas for my anniversary! You know that bleeder bracelet is such a Goth winner in my book because you never could find a piece of rope and tie it around your wrist and throw some KoolAid on it. I want to share with the world. Such a fabulous and in-depth research project, ladies!

    • Oh, we are CRUSHED that we didn’t post this in time for your anniversary, Stacey! We feel awful. We could just email your husband some gift suggestions in the future. When is your birthday….

  16. Hahah okay, all of these are awful, but I just have to say that my husband (who is crazy) wants to have a bathroom floor made of GRASS!! He’s like “it’ll be perfect, you can step on it instead of a bath math” and I’m like “yeah, it will be perfect for making an already moldy place EVEN MORE MOLDY” and also, stepping on grass barefoot will just make my feet muddy. This is why I need to be in charge of more things, okay husband?!

    • A grass floor sounds exactly like a Y chromosome decorating idea. Hahahahahaha. This is *exactly* why women need to be in charge of all projects, Tara!!

  17. What a great idea to recycle cat hair. I feel like I should go retrieve my hair from the shower drain and make a human hair finger puppet. lol. it’s just that gross to me.

    • Bwahahahahahaha! Hope, I bet we could find a human hair finger puppet on Pinterest if we tried. But I won’t look….(at least not today)

  18. O.M.G. hahaha!!! The moss bath mat and glass shards in the yard, too much! Drinking out of a toilet coffee cup, just YUK…but the funniest one os the little foam boobie sleeper! Too dang glad I have you gals to come to every day for a big laugh and a smile 🙂

  19. Oh my gosh. I didn’t think it could get better than the crafting with cat hair. Then the pet shower curtain and the live moss mat. Almost enough to give you faith in the goodness and goofiness of folks. Thanks for the laugh.

    • That’s the great thing about Pinterest. Just when you think you’ve seen the weirdest thing possible, something else bizarre awaits you around the corner!

    • That’s why it’s my favorite too, Cindy!!! Old School Travolta is not in our lives enough. (although your Saint Bernard’s fur is better than my boxer mix’s to simulate Travolta realness.)

  20. Oh my gosh! I was doing pretty okay until the booby seperator. Now I might literally LMAO! Maybe you could stick that between the girls when you are wearing a compression bra. Hahaha!

    • All in a day’s work for a Solutions Catalog model, Rabia. They have to endure a LOT of weirdness.

  21. I had NO idea what I’ve been missing out on on Pinterest. Dang! I vacuumed up enough cat hair earlier to make Christmas gifts for everyone I know. My December is going to be easy peasy now. 😀

    I’m so glad I saw this on HV. Needed this laugh tonight!

    • So glad to see you here, Angela! We are especially thrilled to have introduced you to cat hair crafting in plenty of time for the holiday season. We just love being helpful!! 😀

  22. My boobs are huge and never once did I ever think I needed something to support them when I sleep. How bothered by your boobs touching do you have to be to actually use that?

    • Me, too!! And if someone really was bothered by their boobs touching, wouldn’t a sports bra or something along those lines be more comfy than trying to sleep with a foam tube between them?

  23. I am loving the comments that you make next to each picture – each one is just so funny – thanks for the giggles … 🙂

  24. I am speechless. I don’t even know where to start. Crafting with cat hair? Drinking from a potty shaped cup? What is WRONG with these people???? And yet, someone obviously likes it, or it wouldn’t be out there. Oh boy. I love these posts of yours. They make me feel like I am a “normal” person.

    • For every beautiful craft or delicious recipe we can never duplicate there is a toilet bowl mug to make us feel downright good about ourselves. At least we’re not crafting with cat hair, right?! 😀

    • Bwahahahahaha. Can you imagine the horror of going through your whole life sleeping with your breasts touching? OH, THE HORROR!!! 😀

  25. Holy crikey’s Pint-man! These original gems are just too much for one post to behold! Girls, you had me roaring with these…imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of your glass river, removing your boobalicious foam friend, and stepping in moss to get to your shower each morning. Thanks to pinterest, a moment like that can now be possible. How fortunate are we to be living in this magical time. Thanks for the hoots! 🙂 As always, you girls never fail to serve it up!

    • A morning like that sounds just about perfect, Karen, and it’s all possible thanks to Pinterest. What did we ever do before Pinterest existed?

  26. I wish you could see how wide my eyes opened in disbelief at each of these items. WTH?! W.C. Fields is right: there’s a fool born every minute (to buy these items. SMH. LOL!

    • Exactly! And you know people are buying these things! That’s the most amazing part! Hahahahaha!

  27. I think I’ve been lucky (or unlucky?) enough to not really come across any crazy stuff on Pinterest. Then again, I mostly follow food pinners and whatnot. These are hilarious, and they really are nightmares! 😮

  28. The Bosom Sleep Supporter… just no words. I could definitely use one of those Pet Friendly shower curtains when giving my bigger dog a bath. 😀

    • Isn’t it the weirdest thing, Jeanne?! I’d be too afraid someone would grab me with those glove hand things hanging there when *I* took a shower. *shiver*

  29. The boob thing makes me crack up EVERY SINGLE time. Especially because the inventor was on Shark Tank. They also come with designer cloth covers (sold separately), so you can match your boob holder with your sheets and/or nightie. Good times.

    • NOOOOOOOO!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I did not know this background info!! There are matching COVERS?! Oh, that’s fantastic. I bow down to your awesome boob separator knowledge. That is AWESOME!!

  30. Thank you for making me smile on this Monday afternoon! Taking a work break and checking out my favorite blogs, and I see this post! These items are so ridiculous and I have SEEN THESE on Pinterest too! So many wrongs with these items. Glad I got my Dose today!

    • Hahahaha. Glad to know that we aren’t the only ones that see these crazy things on Pinterest!! 😀

    • That one TOTALLY deserves to be on your wish list!! It’s a keeper. It’s one of my favorite all time pins!!

  31. I almost peed my pants a little laughing at #9. ‘Cause well… that thing between her b00bs kinda looks like something else. Ahem. (p.s. sorry, I think like a 12 year old boys sometimes…)

    • It DOES, Elaine. Bwahahahaha. Oh, man. That sort of changes everything. No wonder that lady is smiling in her sleep!

  32. We were in a hip, downtown neighborhood and passed a xeriscaped lawn with crushed granite and glass. My three kids loved it and we could have easily had something that looked like that rope bracelet.

    Also, my parents once gave me a “Real Food for Cats” cookbook. *blink blink*

    • I cannot believe it!! I’m so jealous!! You’re living the dream, Leigh Ann!! (I applaud your parents for their forward thinking in gift giving, too)

    • Our thighs already look like they are fleece lined in daily life thanks to layers of cellulite.

      We can’t go to BlogHer this year. 🙁 We are doing everything we can to make sure we can get there next year, though.

  33. I literally have tears in my eyes! I cannot believe I just found your blog! Thank you SITS!! Please do continue to compile these things, we could all use a good laugh or two! WOW! The bosom sleep supporter. . .I can’t. . .hahaha! I know that had to be invented by a man!

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  35. I’m with you on the moss bath mat! Urgh. And that shower curtain is hilarious. The coffee mug–gross. You know what they say about having more money than taste…

  36. These are the best! Who comes up with this stuff? P.S. I actually have a pair of fleece lined tights that I wear under pants in the winter….it gets REALLY cold where I live!

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