10 Items You Will Need To Buy For Blogging Conferences

Blog conference season is in full bloom right now, and BlogHer, which is arguably the big daddy of all conferences, will be taking Chicago by storm this week!

Y’all, we love Chicago. The Windy City. Home of County General and Dr. Doug Ross. (What? Don’t even try to tell us that was a fictional hospital).

Sadly, though, despite our love of Chicago style pizza and all things BlogHer related, we are not going to be in attendance this year.

Excuse us while we go back to crying into our pillows and cursing the universe for not getting us that winning Powerball ticket when we really needed it.

Next year. Oh, we are going next year. Mark our words, we will be at BlogHer 2014 even if we have to scrape together our blogging pennies riches to make the trip!

Until then, we will just console ourselves by participating in the best blog link up on earth…Listicles!  When Stasha suggested the topic “10 things you buy each week”, we knew we were in! But still, we have blogging conferences on our minds, so we decided to do 10 things you buy each week (if you are going to a blogging conference)…

1. Business Cards: If you have an awesome blog partner like I do, she will whip some up on UPrinting.com faster than you can finish watching the lastest episode of Pretty Wicked Moms. Make sure you get plenty of cards, since handing out business cards at a blog conference is the adult version of asking people to sign your yearbook.


Next year, these are going to be handed out left and right!

2. Camera: Even if you just bring your smartphone (if, say unlike me, you actually have one), you will want to have a way to capture moments throughout your experience and immediately share them with the world via social media. Blog conferences always have their own hashtag on Twitter, and nothing is better than knowing you are a part of making a hashtag trend!

3. Blogging Notebook: You are going to want to take notes and lots of them. Many people will do it on their laptops or iPads, but we both prefer an old-fashioned notebook. It gives you the ability to jot ideas down quickly and also depending on where you are sitting in the conference room, you can turn your chair to face the speaker. Not always possible if you are attempting to type your notes.


Is that a threat or a promise?!

4. Pens: In this blogging partnership, Lisa, one of us totally has a pen preference. No digging around the junk drawer moments before walking out the door trying to find a pen with enough ink to get you through the day. She will totally hook you up with a pen. Blue ink. She’s got it! You prefer black ink? No problem. Oh, you would rather have a pencil? No worries, she has those, too!

5. Fun Jewelry/Statement Piece: You want people at a blogging conference to remember you, and let’s be honest, no one is going to remember the girl with the black top and jeans. But, they will remember the girl sporting the totally fabulous necklace with her blog’s name on it.


Best birthday gift I have ever received from the best blog partner in the world!

6. Wall Charger For Electronic Devices: With all the tweeting and sharing on social media you will be doing, your device will run out of juice during the day. However, finding an unoccupied outlet can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Want to quickly become the most popular person in the room? Bring one of these. Everyone will want to sit next to you…and while you are all charging up a storm, you can be bonding!

7. A Babysitter/Nanny/Childcare: Remember that scene from Sweet Home Alabama, where the woman has the baby in the bar? That is pretty much what it is like when you see someone pushing a stroller into a blog conference session.

8. Snacks: You don’t always know what to expect from the food at a blog conference. Sometimes it is delicious, but more likely you fear more of a rubber chicken sort of situation, so it is best to keep yourself armed with some snacks to get you through the day!


Just a few things in case we get hungry as we travel!

9. Confidence: Wait? What? Confidence? You can’t pick that up at Target alongside your travel toothpaste and extra pair of knock-off Spanx, can you? So, *technically*, this is not something you can buy for a blog conference. But, y’all, it is key to your success there. Just remember that everyone there is feeling intimidated and overwhelmed, so hold your head high and *know* that you belong.

10. Feather Boa: The quickest way to build your confidence is to let yourself look fabulous! And let’s be honest here, Dose Peeps, what says fabulous more than a feather boa? How about adding sparkly sunglasses and an amazing new, finally meeting IRL, blogging friend!


You have to be *pretty* confident to don a yellow feather boa, right?!

So, if you are headed to Chicago this week, then grab some of these items and rock the socks off BlogHer! And of course, remember to tell us all about it…don’t worry, we’ll just be over here holding down the interwebs for you!








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  1. Perfect list guys!! BlogHer is like bbc times a million but I have no doubt you guys would have a blast. Thank you for putting this list together!

  2. Way to rock the feather boas & what a great list! I’m working on some bloggy business cards right now. Even when I’m out and about, I always think they would be nice. Much better than writing my blog address on some random scrap of paper!

  3. This is a great list. I will definitely bring all these things next year when I (hopefully) (fingers crossed) (toes crossed, too!) get to go to BlogHer.

  4. Great list! I am attending my first blogging conference ever this fall—Allume—and I can’t wait! I love your necklace, and am thinking about asking for one for my birthday, which is handily between now and the conference. 🙂

    Question on note-taking: Do you transcribe your notes into something like Evernote when you get home? I have used notebooks before, and I have reams of notes that are not easily searchable. 🙁 That being said, I do take notes faster by hand than on my iPad.

    • You know, we need to do that with our notes Kim..it would certainly make sense to have them all in one place that is easy to access!
      You should DEFINITELY ask for that necklace for your birthday! You will LOVE it! 🙂

  5. I will be holding it down with you. I am not interested in that monster just yet. We will see next year. Love this list though. Those business cards did feel sort of like yearbook days, lol! I took so many notes that my hand would have fallen off from trying to short hand, plus my writing is so sloppy I probably wouldn’t be able to understand my notes. Next year, we may all be up in there!

  6. Awesome list, I’m totally going to refer to this Wednesday night as I frantically get ready for BlogHer. Do you think I have enough time to whip up a necklace that says Linkouture? I did make a statement bracelet to wear this weekend 🙂 And I hope I can meet you two ladies there next year when I will definitely be needing #7!

    • Knowing your amazing skills, we definitely think you can get a necklace made before you head off to BlogHer! 🙂

  7. Excellent list! It would have been fun to venture to the conference in Chicago, but it is not to be for me this year, either. I hope to make it to one someday! Also, when I do go? I think a feather boa looks like an awesome accessory. 🙂

  8. The surge protector is totally the ticket. It blows my mind that conference coordinators haven’t gotten the memo about making sure conference rooms have enough outlets to power a small city. It’s a tech conference, yo… people will be on gadgets… gadgets need power.

  9. Great list. I never thought of going to a blogging conference before. I’m not into putting “brands” on my site, so I didn’t think it was for me. I do go to writers’ conferences, so this list helps for that as well. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

    • Blog conferences are great even if you are not working with brands…I bet they are similar to the writer’s conferences you attend! 🙂

  10. Great list! I’m not going this year but absolutely plan to be at Blogher 2014. The way I see it, that gives me a whole year to collect the supplies you suggested – including #9 – confidence!

    • #9 is the most important Mo…can’t believe you need a year to collect that, though…you are awesome! 🙂

  11. No one rocks a feather boa like you guys do. And I mean no one. I will totally miss you guys this week. I’m going but it won’t be the same eating olives without you!

    • Awww, Ilene, you are so sweet…we seem to remember that you rocked the feather boa pretty well, too! 😉 And we are SO SAD that we won’t be with you at BlogHer…don’t even tell us if they have nachos! 😉

  12. I love to do lists! I just ordered biz cards for BlogHer so I’m happy to check one things off my list! I want a yellow boa picture with the two of you! I wish you were going to BlogHer – next year it is. Now about that confidence item, off to check ebay …

    • If you were sitting next to Lisa she would hook you up big tine with all sorts of writing utensils…and of course, I would want you to hook me up with some emergency cake! 😉

  13. The necklace! OH, the necklace!! Love it just as much as this list and you two. I will be here at my keyboard keeping up my routine and taking over the blog world while all those other slackers at Blogher take a break from their blogs. 🙂 j/k Wish I could be there, but maybe next year with bells on?

    • Next year Stacey…let’s make a pact that we will ALL be there together next year! In the meantime, you’re welcome BlogHer people for covering the internet…no, no, we don’t mind! 😉

  14. Great list! You had me all pumped up and ready to sign up for BlogHer ’14 until #9 reminded me how scary it may be. I’ll get there though! Surely all the bloggers there are as friendly and outgoing as the Dose girls!! Right? 🙂

    • We certainly feel like the bloggers we have met are friendly and awesome…and if you are still feeling unsure next year Heather, then come hang out with us! 🙂

  15. I seriously need a feather boa. It is impossible to take the world too seriously in one, and it just lightens loads instantly. Must have! One day…One day… Oh, and I totally think you should have a giveaway called “A Few Of Our Favorite Things” and put some boas in there! And, of course, an Arie…If you can part with him. 😉 Hmm…Maybe that would be a fun multi-blog giveaway. Not as good as Oprah’s, I’m sure, but just as memorable! 🙂

  16. While it’s all important stuff..the feather boa is clearly the most important! Oh, and the camera. I just got a mental image of me bringing both my kids and some of my readers (all two of them plus my mom) will recognize my whiny kids from my blog and they’ll all think, “Wow, they seem much nicer in photos when they’re not whining in a conference room!”
    Yeah..I’ll just leave them at home.
    Wish I was going. Knowing you won’t be there takes away the sting. Isn’t that selfish of me to say?

    • You just made OUR WHOLE DAY Tamara!! Thank you!! 🙂
      Can you even imagine trying to navigate a conference with kids…but Lisa and I have seen it done! 😉

  17. I will be making a promise to myself to finally attend a blog conference next year! No doubt! I don’t know which one I’m going to attend just yet, but I will be attending one!

    • We will find where next year’s conference is at the end of this year’s conference…fingers crossed for Denver…that would be awesome! 🙂

  18. For Mother’s Day my girlfriend gave me a check to purchase business cards. I didn’t know if I really needed them or not. I thought, “Who’s checking for my business card?!?” I guess I better move forward with making that purchase and stocking up on boas.

  19. Great list! I really, really hope that one day I’ll be able to make it to a blogging conference. It seems a little intimidating, but really fun at the same time.

  20. I thought you guys were going, well now I feel a little better about not going myself!! Next year it is!!! I went to BlogHer last year, and believe it or not you really do need all of the things you mention, especially the feather boa!! (You have to see just what some of the women wear and do!) I LOVE your necklace, that is the best present I have ever seen!! Love you both, thanks for the laugh!

  21. I am just like Lisa! I totally have a pen fetish, so if any Blogher attendees need a pen (to borrow, grrrrr) I have a full color range of inkjoy 500RT med. Not 550 not 450. 500. Don’t mess with my inkjoys! ( I also have colored sharpies and highlighters just in case) (and post-it notes)

    • Isn’t it so annoying when you let someone borrow a pen and they steal it?!! Off to check out your pen favorite…maybe we should give Lisa a run for her money! 😉

  22. Thanks for the shout out, ladies!!! 🙂

    No BlogHer for me this year, either. It’s all good, though. We got the lucky opportunity to meet in CLT, and then Atlanta here we come in the fall! WOOT!

  23. great list for if I ever get to a conference, WHAT AN AWESOME gift…love that necklace babe and may steal that idea…LOL

    you ladies are rocking those boas….and I so want those snacks.

    • You should totally get a necklace, too Karen…you will love it, I promise! 🙂 I wear mine ALL THE TIME!!

  24. Man, this conference sounds like fun…but since we’re not going, let’s see that snack assortment one more time…girls weekend in! But for real, I had never heard of BlogHer at all until recently since I am fairly new to the whole blogging thing. Sounds like fun. Never too early to start getting excited for 2014 though. I’m sure you girls will be missed there.

    • Snacking is really important at every opportunity Karen…you should see our girl’s weekends! 😉

  25. Excellent tips! I gotta work on the confidence piece. Are you sure it’s not for sale in the US market? It’s certainly not here in Canada, but we don’t get a lot of stuff here. I MAY be able to find the feather boa – and I think it comes with a side gift of confidence – right?

  26. The jewelry is a nice touch never would have thought of that. Business cards are a must and I would even throw in a bag and tshirt with my name and business on it.

  27. Can I be so presumptuous to think that you wrote this for me? 🙂 Hehe First, I am sick, sick, sick and sad, sad, sad that I am finally going to one and you guys aren’t going to be there. Second, I totally needed to read this post. That necklace? I want one! And I have been fretting for the last week trying to find one of those batteries that stand alone because my phone is the absolute worst smart phone out there. I am totally struggling with #9.

    • Well, of course we wrote it for you! 🙂 Now, have you packed your boa yet?? 😉 We are DEVASTATED that we will not be meeting you. It is like so totally unfair. You must get yourself a necklace…tell Leo now so he can plan for Christmas! 🙂

  28. Ha! I love it – “business cards at a blog conference is the adult version of asking people to sign your yearbook”. I need to get some of those…just because I need them.

    I haven’t been to a blogging conference before, but one of these days, I will muster up the courage to mingle beyond the computer. I love the cover of that blogging notebook. Cool necklace – I’ve always envisioned myself wearing a T-shirt with my blog header on it to a conference (if I ever go).

    Great list! all those snacks just made me hungry….

    Happy Listicles Monday.

    • You should definitely get yourself to a blog conference! We promise you will love every minute of it! 🙂 And having a shirt with your blog name on it is a fabulous idea!

  29. Oh I am so going next year too!! Love all your ideas…especially the cool notebook!! Might have to have something special made up with my favorite notebook maker, May Designs!

    • You should definitely get one Michelle…they are great…we each have one that we always carry with us! 🙂

  30. First off those business cards are totally fab and look completely professional. You’d never know the two ladies in them are the feather boa wearing type. I’ve never been to a blog conference, I’m super intimidated but I’m thinking I’m gonna push myself to go to Blogher 14.

  31. STATEMENT PIECE. YES. Here’s why:

    I went to the Texas Library Association conference this year. It was my first (professional, anyway) conference ever, and a couple weeks before it happened, I broke my ankle at roller derby practice. I had them give me a blue cast, and I painted it like a TARDIS—it made enough of an impression that Neil Gaiman (who was giving the keynote address) signed it, took a picture with his phone, and posted it on his Twitter, tumblr, *and* Facebook. It got reblogged by the Official Doctor Who tumblr, too. I was conference famous within about 5 minutes, and internet famous by that evening, and I picked up tons of followers across pretty much all my social media. Basically, it was one of the greatest days ever. (P.S. I totally kept that cast when they cut it off—it’s going in a shadow box).

    Great list!

    • BEST.STORY.EVER. That is just so totally awesome and must have been like an out of body experience when he was signing your cast! Have you sent this experience to The Bloggess??

      • I did, via Twitter, and she retweeted it AND FOLLOWED ME! That whole day was so fantastically awesome that I sometimes have to remind myself that it actually happened, and I didn’t just dream it or something. So surreal.

  32. I’ve sadly NEVER been to a conference but am hoping to get to one next year! This is a great list and I’m going to tuck it away for later. Although I’m not sure a feather boa is my scene. Maybe I’ll rock some jarts instead.

    • Totally do that, too! You will definitely make a fashion statement and that is really all that matters! 🙂

  33. *Sigh* Almost three years into this blogging thing, and I still haven’t been to a conference (almost went to BBC last May, but ended up too pregnant!) Love the picture with the feather boas and that necklace.is.awesome. You should start selling them to get $$ for BlogHer next year. Side note: I’ve definitely taken a baby into a bar – and I would do it again!

  34. Wonderful list! I’ve still not attended a blog conference but it’s on my bucket list. LOL! I have a mechanical pencil that I’ve been using for 12 years. Yes, it’s the same pencil. Yes, it is pink. And, yes, I totally freak out if I can’t find it. I swear it helps me think. It’ll be great for a blogging conference.

    I am thinking about attending a food blogging conference next month but I need the business cards and Jeffrey needs to stop getting urinary tract infections for this to happen. If I don’t get to go, we’ll blame it on the cat. 😛 Oh, but that reminds me….if it’s a food blogging conference I’m thinking I might be okay in the food department. Maybe.

    • Can I just say how impressed I am that you have been able to keep up with the SAME pencil for 12 years!!! WOW. I am not even sure what happened to the shirt I was wearing yesterday!
      And a food conference sounds like heaven! 🙂

  35. Awe!! Love it!! I am not going to BlogHer either, but plan on making the trek next year to BlogHer and to SNAP!! Can’t wait, and looking forward to them both….now just to figure out how to design MY necklace…. 🙂

  36. Love the list. Sure wish I was going. Your business cards are awesome. I have a laptop and an iPad, but I definitely prefer the pen and pad 🙂

  37. Great list. I’ve only had the chance to go to one blogging conference so far, but BlogHer is definitely on the wish list. Love your statement necklace and of course the feather boa. 😉 And I need to win power ball as well – perhaps we should start a pool???

    • We should start a pool Kerry….even if we have to split it all many ways it is still better than what I have right now, which is no jackpot! 😉

  38. When I saw this post I was so hoping you two were going! And funny thing is I just bought new pens, a new notebook, and a battery pack charger. Already had the power strip packed. Without you there, I may be the only one using an old school notebook. Maybe if I wear my feather boa, I won’t stick out as much. 🙂 Ellen

    • So sad we are missing out Ellen! Would have been great to have y’all in real life! And love that you bought so many things we have here…we are totally simpatico! 😉

  39. I SO wish you two were coming! And you reminded me that I am, in fact, quite pen picky, and should remember to pack several of my favorite pens. I probably would have totally forgotten that. And snacks. And apparently, I am going to buy some sort of battery powered charger for my phone and laptop. I had never heard of such a thing. Got my business cards ready to go, and wish I had a super cool necklace! Great post, ladies!

    • Thanks Stephanie…glad we were able to give you the all important pen reminder! 🙂 P.S. Snacks are the first we pack…even before underwear. When in doubt, sit near us! 😉

    • We certainly think so…that just the supply for that day! 😉
      We will definitely stalk you at next year’s conference! 🙂

  40. Awesome list! The outlet idea is really smart! And I’m dying to rock a feather boa! I’m going for the first time this year — nervous and excited! Wish you girls could make it but hopefully I’ll see you at BlogHer 2014! In my feather boa!

    • Cannot wait to hear all about it Darcy…promise you will give us the inside, behind the scenes scoop of what it is *really* like, m’kay?!! Have fun! 🙂

  41. I used to travel to Chicago every summer for a business conference and it was always such an amazing time – and GREAT time to visit the awesomeness of Chicago. I hope you can both get there next year.
    Add breath mints/gum to the list – can you say A LOT of talking???

    • OH MY GOD, how could we forget gum/breath mints…I am totally addicted to gum and Lisa is addicted to Altoids smalls! You are so right…that was a glaring oversight! 😉

  42. Biz cards? Check.
    Necklace? Not this year, BUT Jessica, the other half of Science of Parenthood made us cool Tshirts, so fellow BlogHer-rees will be able to spot us a mile a way. And we got 2 each for Friday and Saturday. (Which either makes us cool or totally dorky. For now, we’ll say Cool. We will report back!)

    Snacks — totally covered!

    Power strip — did not think of that, but it’s a great idea and we’ll rustle some up.

    I’m also packing bandaids, Purell, sweaters (I know it’s summer but I’m ALWAYS cold ) and 70K pairs of flat shoes.

    And one more thing: A shout out to anyone going: Please tackle us to say hi! We want to meet you!!!

    • We totally should have included sweaters, because they are a conference must have item…those rooms get FREEZING!!
      So jealous that y’all will be there and we won’t…WAH…we want to meet you!
      Rocking 2 different shirts each day is only totally FABULOUS!! 🙂

  43. I’m sad that I’m not going to Chicago (my FAV city of all) for the conference this year. =(
    Your list is A1 and I’m printing it out and putting it in my blog binder for next time! =)

  44. I’m not going, of course, being on the other side of the world, but love these ideas! Must get those cards printed, just in case…

    • Well, you definitely won’t see us with boa constrictors…but feather boas…total possibility! 😉

    • Oh Kimberly, THANK GOD you read this post, right??!! I mean, now you have enough time to pack one…and I can only imagine how much fun airport security will have with that! 😉

  45. Great list (of course)! I’d like to make a pitch for Blogher to be in Charlotte next year, but I kind of doubt that’s going to happen. I don’t travel too far normally, but I think it would be such an interesting experience to go. And maybe I’d work on #9 and actually talk to some people 🙂

    • Oh my Gosh, it would be SO AWESOME in Charlotte…hey, if it was good enough for the DNC, then maybe??!! 😉

    • We feel much better hearing from other people not going…I know that is not right, but misery loves company! 😉

  46. LADIES! BlogHer 2014- it’s on like DONKEY KONG. Ok, I don’t even really know what that means but I am sure it is something cool. I’ll be getting my feather boa all ready and at BlogHer, we’re gonna girls night out, too! With our Tostitos. xo

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