“Arie” Ready To Know The Tweeting Champion?

Once again, The Dose Nation really stepped up and helped us out with the quest we hold closest to our hearts. Y’all really know a good cause when you see one!

You Tweeted like crazy to make Arie the next Bachelor just to make us smile. (Okay, winning valuable prizes like your own Flat Arie may have provided some motivation, too).

Well, the wait is over! Today is the day that we reveal all of the prizes in The Arie Dream Date Prize Pack including the mystery video we promised! Who isn’t dying to see that?

Patience, Dose Peeps, patience.

First things first. You need to know our winner.

We have a really scientific formula for picking winners in our totally homemade contests of great importance. It is super complicated, so you probably want to pay close attention.

First, we numbered all the tweets that included Arie, Fleissmeister (that is Mike Fleiss, king of the entire Bachelor fiefdom) and us, plus had the link to the post.

Secondly, we fed them into random.org and waited while the computer worked its magic and gave us this winning tweet:

The Winning Tweet

The winner is Tracy from Crazy As Normal! Your hard work and dedication to this cause really paid off! (It was a sweet, sweet bonus that the tweet made us spit our water all over our keyboards when we read it.)

Well played, Tracy, well played.

But it wasn’t all fun and laughter at Twitter with this post. We did have Twitter heartbreak, too. It left us more downtrodden and hopeless than Darla sitting on the Bench of Sorrow getting dumped by Brooks last Monday.

In spite of the multiple tweets that you all put out in the universe with love and hope, Arie didn’t respond like he did to the last “Make Arie The Bachelor” post.

Nope. He was all full of Twitter silence. Hold us, friends. *sob*

We are forlorn

Was the pink hat a step too far?

But enough of our sadness. Like poor Daria after the excruciatingly long break up session with Brooks (Seriously dude. Dumping someone is like ripping off a bandage. Get in, get out. Swiftness is a virtue), we had to pull ourselves together and soldier on…for Tracy’s sake.

So we will first reveal the MYSTERY VIDEO ITEM in The Arie Dream Date Prize Pack procured from Amazon.com after extensive Google searching….

It’s ROAD SKILLZ, the 24 minute, Arie hosted, action packed, driving video specifically aimed at the 16-25 year-old and novice driver. WOOT!

Road Skillz

You are already popping your popcorn to watch Arie in all his long hair, driving instruction video glory, aren’t you?

By the way, we consider it a feat greater than resisting an open s’mores bar that we did not crack open that DVD and preview it for ourselves!

And now we will reveal the rest of the fabulous items that are coming right to Tracy’s doorstep for her herculean Twitter efforts….

The Arie Dream Date Prize Pack

Tracy will be prepared for all dating scenarios with…

  • A clapboard for a dream movie date
  • Glittery sun glasses to protect her eyes in the event of an outdoorsy date
  • A rose because this *is* all about The Bachelor
  • A faux diamond engagement ring just in case the date goes well
  • A flashing tiara for a princess themed date (Hey,don’t snicker! They happen on The Bachelor)
  • A lip shaped bottle opener so she can get soused
  • Tracy’s brand new copy of the epic DVD “Road Skillz”..and of course…
  • A handmade Flat Arie for all her photo op needs

What do you think about that, Tracy?

Tracy was surprised!

Congratulations on your big win!!

Now all we have to do is wait and see who is announced as the next Bachelor. It’s out of our hands now. We’ve made our feelings known. We have expressed all the reasons that Arie should be the next Bachelor. We just have to remain hopeful that good will triumph, and that Mike Fleiss will find it in his heart to give the people what they really want.

Do it for America, Fleiss!!

Be A Patriot, Fleiss



EXCITING UPDATE!!!! (No, no word from Fleiss yet…but still thrilling)

Arie has broken his Twitter silence and declared us “pretty awesome”

Faint Praise

We are pretty excited!




“Arie” Ready To Know The Tweeting Champion? — 65 Comments

    • We decided to leave the kissing video out this time, because we were so sad about the lack of Twitter love. If we have to suffer, so do our readers! 😉

  1. I love you two!! I have never had so much fun reading about someone else winning a prize pack!! Lol! Congratulations to Tracy!! Just have to thank you guys for always putting a smile on my face!! xo

  2. Congratulations to Tracy for a well deserved win. That tweet made me laugh out loud! Now let’s see if we can all be winners and have Arie 1) tweet The Dose Girls and 2) be chosen as the next bachelor!

  3. Hahaha – I have no doubt Tracy will enjoy her winnings! And I love her tweet…hysterical!! Can’t believe Arie didn’t respond…twitter silence…so not right!

  4. Awesomeness! Congrats, Tracy! 🙂

    If he doesn’t make Arie the next Bachelor, I think there will be WWIII, just sayin’. He does NOT want to let down a bunch of emotional females who have tweeted TWICE like mad for this. Oh, no! Biggest mistake EVER! It would be just a tragedy of epic proportions.

    • Kids steal everything don’t they Tamara! And who wants to lose their sparkly, prize winning tiara!? 😉

  5. What a great prize pack! And what a side splitting tweet! I “may” be drinking box wine over this too! With an olive garnish. But what’s with the silent treatment? Now THAT’s disappointing!

    • No more silent treatment Ilene…as of writing this comment, we have an exciting update (see above)!! 🙂

  6. Congrats to the winner! OMG, I love you ladies!!! Arie needs to show some mad love like ASAP. I. quit watching when he was chosen, I just had a feeling, anyways… Yada, yada, yada… 🙂

  7. Tracy’s tweet cracked me up!

    I am going to have to send my husband over here on Bachelor days. Since he’s been staying with his mother while he is sick he’s taken to watching this, Big Brother and a host of other things that scare the bejeebies out of me. He may come back.more broken than I sent him. LOL

  8. Awwn, so sweet he tweeted back!! I would totally hug you girls if I could. Virtual hug?
    Also, congrats to Tracy for the win! That tweet was hilarious!

    • We’re always up for a virtual hug fest!! Woot!!
      Her tweet was hysterical, wasn’t it! We laughed and laughed! 😀

  9. You guys are the best! I was really hoping that I would see some breaking news that he would be the new Bachelor. I’m still crossing my fingers for you. Also, the other day I was thinking that people should get to anonymously offer up their siblings to be on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Or maybe Arie and my sister should just get together, and I can send you videos of them making out. Not creepy at all, right guys? 🙂

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