Pinterest Nightmare #744: Think Before You Ink

There are certain things you can count on with Pinterest.

There will always be a crock pot recipe, a tutorial on how to tie a scarf 10 ways, and at least one pin with a picture of baby animals wearing human clothes on your home page. I’m not kidding. You can go there right now. You’ll see.

Along with these Pinterest staples, you will also find many pins of tattoos.

I’ve not given much thought to tattoos over the years. I’m the kind of person who rarely has the same hairstyle at the end of a season as I did in the beginning. I like to mix things up. Tattoos just seem so…permanent.

As someone who wore crimped bangs in the 80s, I can tell you that trends, and your opinion of what’s cool, does change. That’s why I never took the plunge.

But if you are interested in tattoo ideas and you need some inspiration, look no further than Pinterest!

Pinterest Nightmare #744a: The 3D Tattoo

Tattoo--3D spider

As pinned from

It jumps out at you, right? (Oh, please don’t let it jump out at me! *sob*)

The 3-D tattoo is the ultimate in body art realism. But beware, if Pinterest is any indication, all currently trained 3-D tattooists are required by law to only depict scary animals, eye balls in unusual places, or body parts that have been damaged.

Tattoo--3d fish hook

As pinned from

You’ll find absolutely no flowers or butterflies in this group.

If you don’t have it in you to be scared to death every time you look in the mirror or cancel your next fishing trip, don’t worry. Pinterest has other ideas for you.

Pinterest Nightmare #744b: The Über Fan Tattoo


As pinned from

Sometimes it takes your entire flank to adequately express your intense love for your favorite sports team or movie character. Even thought the rest of us can’t choose between Team Edward or Team Jacob (or Team laser removal as the case may be), über fans don’t have that problem. Their love will never wane! (Until they see that last movie. That one was a stinker, amiright?)

Do you prefer the small screen? Not to worry…

Tattoo--Golden Girls

As pinned from

Now that’s what I call devotion to Dorothy and the gals out on the lanai!

Even if you don’t hold über fan status in any realm, Pinterest will still come through.

Pinterest Nightmare #744c: The Tattoo of Those You Love

What could possibly go wrong tattooing your loved ones onto your body?

Tattoo--baby face

As pinned from

As this tattoo proves, nothing can possibly go wrong. This idea is foolproof.

Children are a great way to go here because you’re not breaking up with your kids. You won’t be risking a Johnny Depp moment of trying to turn “Winona Forever” into “Wino Forever” on your arm.

There are a few things to consider and be wary of, though.

Tattoo--the twins

As pinned from

You know when Lea grows up she will be seething that they didn’t fix her hair properly before doing the tattoo. It will confirm her lifelong belief that they always did like Lara more.

But even if you steer clear of sibling rivalry, you’re not completely out of the woods.


As pinned from

You know this poor lady is going to feel guilty when she doesn’t have room for the face of her 6th cat…and you know there’s DEFINITELY a 6th cat in her future.

I know what you’re thinking. Just stick with words! A phrase that is clever or has a special meaning to you is the perfect accompaniment to any shoulder or ankle!

Pinterest Nightmare #744d: The Quotation Tattoo

They can be simple with just a few printed words, or intricate and elegant with ornate script. They express the essence of your philosophy at a glance.

Tattoo-no regerts

As pinned from

I’m thinking she does have at least one regert.

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.



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  1. So not a fan of tattoos myself, because the thought of voluntarily being stuck with a needle never quite did it for me, but even if I ever gave the idea these above are enough to bring me to my senses. Omg, just what pure nightmares are indeed made of!!!

  2. Ooh, that one with the hook in the toe made me shudder–it looks so realistic! I could never get a tattoo because I feel like in 10, 20 years I wouldn’t want it anymore. It’s too permanent for me.

    • The thing is, I used one of the mildest injury tattoos I could find. If you search “3D tattoo” on Pinterest (and DON’T DO THAT) you will see people who look like they are unzipping their skin or whose rib cages have been ripped open. It made me want to curl up in a ball and start rocking.

    • SMART MOVE! Just the first spider picture should do it! Who wants to scream and be frightened every time they look in the mirror to dry their hair?

  3. I have no words. There will be no tattoos for me. Even if I wanted to put something permanent on my body, which I do not, the needle thing would be a deal breaker for me! Sometimes I wonder what are people thinking?!!!

    • I never like anything long enough to want it permanently on me. I am fickle like that. But the needle thing…yeah, that does it for me, too!

  4. I’m sure all of those have at least one Regert! Oh my goodness! Terrible. Can you imagine having to tattoo that ladies ginormous legs with the Twilight Trio? And it doesn’t even look like Edward! And yikes to the 3d!

    • And what happens if she starts working out?! Will the tattoo start looking more like the characters or less? She’s probably terrified of exercise for just this reason! I don’t need anything giving me incentive to be a couch potato. It’s hard enough for me to find the will to exercise every day as it is.

      • It’s kind of rude to assume that she doesn’t exercise… you really can’t tell that about someone just by looking at them.

  5. I got a tattoo when I was 25. It’s on my back so I forget it’s there sometimes. Until my 4 yo daughter sees it and asks, “mommy, what is that?” Gah!!

    • Oh, I never thought of that! I bet it is easy to forget it’s there if you don’t really see it every day!

    • Bwahahahaha. If you wish to terrify and delight her, direct her to Pinterest and encourage her to enter “3D Tattoo” in the search box. She will thank you. I’m sure of it.

  6. I am so glad I wasn’t reading this over breakfast! That toe one is going to haunt my dreams. And the Twilight one. And the cats. Oh, all of them!

    • HAUNT YOUR DREAMS, AMY!! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Sleep-deprived misery loves company and all.

  7. I feel like each of these could be posted separately and each would have a hilarious comments section!

    I know someone that went for the coveted foreign language tat and tried to get “by grace” done in Thai, but it’s spelled wrong and says “by holy multiplication”.

    • Hahahahahaha! I think there have been more foreign language mistake tattoos than ones that actually got the foreign phrase correct, Robin. They could TOTALLY be a category unto themselves!

  8. I have two tattoos – one on the top of my foot – not fishhooky or anything – just my family’s initials in the shape of infinity (I’m a math geek and it was sort of a thumb my nose at my husband not dying – we both got tattoos at the one year anniversary of him getting sick). Now…for the one I’ve had since I was 19 – it’s suppose to be the Chinese symbol for love. But I’m finding out….maybe it’s not. Crap. I’ll have to go on that fix my tattoo show on TLC.

    • I cannot wait for that tattoo show on TLC. The guys look like fun and the people who are in the commercial seem to have such a good sense of humor about the tattoos they want fixed. I love the family initials in the infinity loop. That’s cool! (I’m still too afraid I’d get a misspelling if I tried even an English sentence)

  9. I have no tattoos, but these made me cringe! I have seen some tatoo fails in my time but nothing like this. There is a serious obsession with tats on pinterest! I don’t get it. The twilight one though! ewww.

    • I hadn’t thought about tattoos in a long time before Pinterest. Now I see them every day!
      I think the Twilight one is “special”. That’s the best thing about the Uber Fan Tattoo, the wearers don’t care if we don’t like it. They love it anyway!! (somebody has to, I guess)

  10. Okay- this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of all your Pinterest Nightmares!!!!! OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!!! And as always girls- the way you ‘spin things’ around these freaking hilarious ‘finds’ is why you are so BRILLIANT. Oh how I adore YOU!!!!

    • We adore you too, Chris!! Let’s go out and all get matching 3D tattoos to seal the deal! Maybe 3 scorpions about to attack our shoulders! 😀

    • Bwahahaha. Why thank you, Bill! One must build the tension carefully to keep the nightmare properly suspenseful! 😀

  11. I am not a fan of tattoos. I think the folks in the pics (and in real life) might be a little insane in their choice and locations of their tattoos. I see a lot of tattoo up close and personal almost daily. I can’t help but to admire the talent of the tattoo artist. Most of them are extremely talented. If I could get some of the pictures on a canvas and it a frame I’d enjoy it more.

    • When you see what some of them can do, it is absolutely AMAZING. The 3D tattoos, although terrifying, are amazing work. I can’t even draw a decent 3D cube. I don’t know how they do it!!

    • I’m just too squeamish. I’m glad I haven’t seen a 3D tattoo in real life, though. I’m afraid I would just stare and stare. People don’t really seem to like that in the Target check out line.

  12. OMG OMG OMG OMG…I just can’t…OMG…what are some people thinking? LOLOLOL…I just spit out my coffee ladies.

    Oh by way Lisa, Dino is mentioning you in his post tomorrow…he loved a recent comment of yours.

    • We don’t call ’em nightmares for nothing, Karen! 😀

      I’m so excited about the shout out I can hardly stand it!! I’ll be on the look out! 😉

  13. I am forever changed…And NOT in a good way! I am mentally scarred. I have never gotten a tattoo, and only a small portion of that reason is because of the chance that the tattoo artist could royally mess it up. Besides, I don’t like needles and they are rather permanent. With my luck, I’d get the one who can’t spell or draw worth beans. Anyway, I think I will keep my tattoo-less skin just that! Thank you for the warning…In very vivid detail! *shivers*

    • You and I are so alike, Julie! Even if I had the best artist in the world, I’m pretty sure my flower/dolphin/turtle/rainbow would be the one that looked wonky out of all of his work. I just KNOW it! (And I’m a terrible speller so I couldn’t even double check the work before it was permanent.)

  14. The toe one! Heinous beyond belief but quite talented of the tattoo artist, right?? Not so much with some of the others..
    The Lea and Sara one made me giggle more, and it wasn’t just that one had messier pigtails than the other. It’s because I initially thought that was a woman and they were tattooed onto her breasts. And then I thought, “Well what if Lea nursed more from the left breast, but there she is – forever etched onto the right breast.” The horrors! No, really..

    • You know, now that you mention it…those COULD be lady breasts. I wonder if I should stick a NSFW label in the title? Nah…I think that’s implied with a Pinterest Nightmare.

    • I have been haunted by poor Lea ever since I first saw that pin. Poor, poor girl. It’s always devastating to have an inner fear confirmed! 😀

  15. Thank you for starting my day off with a laugh. The 3-D ones, YUCK!!! I would scream every single time I looked in the mirror. I love The Golden Girls as much as the next person but to have Blanche and the girls permanently etched in my skin? No, thanks. I have no words on the twins other than start saving for therapy and the “no regerts” one…hilarious! I am way too indecisive to ever get a tattoo but I do enjoy the tattoo reality shows Ink Master, Best Ink and Tattoo Nightmares. 🙂

    • I can’t afford to scream every time I’m drying my hair or putting on lotion. It would only be worse if my husband got one. I’d be snuggling up at night and then GIANT 3D RATTLESNAKE ALL UP IN MY GRILL. No thanks.

    • Well, these nightmares certainly are. I’ve seen some really pretty ones, too…but I’m just too fickle (and worried about pain) to ever consider it.

  16. Oh dear God in Heaven. So much wrong. I’m regerting even looking at those atrocities! When I was in radio, one psycho fan tattooed our station logo on her stomach. We were a new station and our logo changed multiple times since her tattoo. So now she has a logo on her stomach that hasn’t existed in almost 20 years….

  17. When I got my tattoo (about a week after I turned 18…), there was this lady in there before me with a really weird wolf howling at the moon on her upper arm. It was awful – just not very good, kind of like a sketch but also watercolor. I can still see it in my mind 20 years later… She was so excited and turned to us and said “don’t you love it?” After she left, everyone in the store was just sad for her. I’ve always wondered what she covered it up with. Because she’d have had to.

    • Bwahahahaha. Poor howling wolf lady! But at least she was happy. I bet she’s never covered it. Rock on, howling wolf lady. Rock on!

  18. Oh my gosh! Those are horrible!! I have a few friends with tattoos that look nice, but less is definitely more!! I have a theory with tattoos. You can put them in two kinds of places: places that will hurt really bad now (over bone), but essentially stay the same size/shape or you can get one where it doesn’t hurt as bad (over fatty tissue), but will migrate as your body ages and changes. Neither one is a good choice for me!

    • Oh, boy. If those are my choices, I’d pick hurt a lot but stay the same. I’ve got enough things on my body shifting and sagging without having to worry about a tattoo turning on me, too!

  19. HA! These are hilarious. Thanks for sharing them.

    I have a 2 year ‘approval’ period for tattoos. None have made it to the deadline yet before I’ve come across a situation where I think ‘Nah, wouldn’t want it at the moment’

    • Oooh, that’s a good rule! I think if I were ever to consider one, that would be what I would have to do!

  20. If I saw that person with the 3D spider tattoo, I might accidentally (on purpose) swat her neck with something. About the Twilight fan tattoo, um, is that a tattoo of how they would look when they are 75?!And the baby…well, that’s money wasted because that tattoo artist is no artist. The cats, the moob twins, and the spelling mistake – I’m thinking they are all deeply REGERTING these tattoos! Except maybe the cat lady. She probably loves it.
    Great post girls! I’m home alone, it’s midnight and I needed this to cheer me up 😀

    • The only thing the cat lady regerts is that there isn’t room for one more cat in the mix, Xae. The others probably wish they’d made a different choice eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised if people weren’t swatting at the spider lady 24/7!

  21. Good job, these are all completely horrifying. I needed your hint to know the movie tattoo was the Twilight characters, not a good likeness. But it took me a while more to figure out what body part it was on.Then I gagged.

    • It took me quite awhile to figure that out too, John. I thought it was his/her side. I was proofreading the post before I was oriented properly and realized it was a leg.

    • It takes a very special person to have that much Golden Girls devotion, that’s for sure. That’s Ashley’s favorite, too! I’m partial to the moob twins, myself!

  22. The 3D ones were frightening. I am not sure I am going to be able to get that toe one out of my mind. I just can’t imagine a tattoo that I would not end up regretting at some point – or that didn’t have potential for “regert” written all over it. 🙂

    • Hahahahaha. The toe is absolutely mind-blowing isn’t it? I still can’t even believe that’s a tattoo. It makes me wince every time I see it and I’m pretty sure I’ll be fishing in combat boots from now on.

  23. I am sitting in the hospital with my mom, for the umpteenth time this summer, and truly needed this laugh. The nurses probably think I have lost it completely, because I am laughing so hard!

    • Oh, no! Hope your mom is doing okay. 🙁
      I bet the nurses have seen some doozies through the years. I know I did when I was seeing patients!

  24. I could never sum up my life with one word or image so I could never get a tattoo (or a vanity license plate). These pictures are both hilarious and terrifying! I’m thinking both Lea and Lara are going to be ticked off as their dad gets older and saggier. This will not be a good look for any of them!

    • You know, I’ve never had a vanity license plate either! I kind of feel the same way! It’s hard to be summed up in an essay, much less a sentence or a word!! I do feel Lea and Lara have some rough years ahead.

  25. I know people with beautiful tattoos. Sure. I don’t have any for fear of the pain and the whole Jewish thing, but I can’t. I just. Can’t.

    The spider scared the eff out of me. I hate feet so I couldn’t even look at that one. I love the misspelled ones because they make me pee a little. And even I don’t love Betty White that much. Le sigh.

    • I am absolutely POSITIVE if I got words of any kind that I would end up with a misspelling. I just know it.

      A 3D tattoo is out of the question. I have enough body issues without purposefully adding another one.

  26. Despite the obvious potential for hideousness as so perfectly illustrated in your post, I don’t understand how people cannot envision the problems of the future. Nothing like have to undergo the scalpel & I promise you, your surgeon won’t think twice if he/she has to cut away skin or waste OR time and resources trying to line that thing back up.

  27. Dear. God. No. No tats here and I’m so grateful!! My husband has three but nothing like these beauties. I can’t decide which is my fav. I’m definitely going to have to show this post at the next girls night:-)

    • I think you need a woman bursting through a finish line tape with her arms up in the air on your hip, Allie. Or a pointy bike helmet. Either one.

  28. I do have to give some tattoo artists credit because I have seen some amazing pieces of work. Especially when compared to my sad and pathetic attempts to draw stick figures. However, I don’t think any of the artists here deserve ANY recognition. Wow. Some of those are insanely bad!

    • When you see good ones, it is totally amazing. Any of the 3D ones blow my mind (and sometimes make me want to cry, but that’s beside the point).

  29. I got a kick out of this! No regerts. Hilarious. And it took me awhile to figure out what body part the Twilight tattoo was on – I wouldn’t be drawing attention to those thighs!

    • I didn’t get what body part it was either, Dana. I thought it was his/her side at first. I think he/she can’t risk exercising at this point. Anything that alters that thigh could possibly disfigure Jacob, Edward, and Bella. That would not do!

  30. Oh my gosh! You girls got me to cringe, shudder, crack up, contort my whole face, and look away all in a matter of minutes! Those are just the best examples of ouchie wow-chie tatoo nightmares!!! A very pinteresting read!

    • Me, too That one is a dream haunter for sure. (And it’s one of the mildest 3D tattoos I could find that wasn’t a spider, snake, or scorpion) *shudder*

  31. Oh my god, no. These are all horrible. The spider one was way too realistic, and the hook toe one was disgusting. The other ones are just embarrassing. Like, really?! You need a picture of your kids so you what, remember what they look like? They’re your freaking kids, how could you forget them?!

    • And putting a picture of your child on your BACK really won’t help you at all unless you have a decent hand mirror. (And when the tat looks more like Chucky than your baby, it’s even less helpful) 🙁

  32. That hook one is a bit much….I have tatoos and was thinking of getting one after seeing these I think i will get a twitter on on me since I stay on social media……

    • Hahahaha! I’m actually surprised you don’t see more social media tattoos around. You could do a little twitter bird sitting on a branch that’s actually your twitter handle! (And then hope Twitter never goes the way of My Space)

    • Hmmmm…what about a tattoo of just one or two cats? Would you consider that? (5 cats do take up a lot of skin real estate)

  33. Those are some terrible tattoos! Never in a million years would I get one like that. I do have a tattoo… a rose with my kids names on a ribbon around it. I’d like to get another in the near future.

    • Aw! That sounds sweet Jeanne.
      If you get another one I think you have to at least *consider* getting Zeus’ and Tank’s faces. 😀

      • Haha! I think with their short noses it wouldn’t look so good when I get older and super wrinkly. lol. I have thought about getting paw prints with their names though.

    • When do they look good?! Did you not see the artistry that was the baby’s face? I almost though the tattoo WAS a photograph! 😀

  34. Thank you for making me laugh today! I so needed this post. I share all of these Pinterest posts with my husband and he just dies laughing! I can’t wait to show him this one. Full disclosure, I was about to get a tattoo when I was in college and made the “mistake” of telling my mom before I got it. She flew into a rage and said she would disown me if ever I got a tattoo. THANK YOU MAMA!!!

    • Hahahahahahaha. I think my mom would have had the same reaction, Catherine. Sometimes moms do know what’s best for us when we’re 18 (My former 18 year old self would be pained that my 45 year old self admitted that)

    • The recipients or the tattoo artists? I feel a decent case could be made for either one being drunk when these tattoos were done. 😀

  35. Love it. People can be so weird. There will be no “fandom” things here for me. Sorry, I liked your movie, but not that much. And I couldn’t get over the guys toe nails in the “hook” one. I don’t know why, they just seemed so nasty to me!

    That being said, I love my tattoos and don’t ‘regert’ one of them, but I have a rule. If I find one I like, I wait a year. If I still like it then I get it, if not I guess I don’t need it on my body for the rest of my life.

    • That is a fantastic rule! If I ever get over my fear of pain and take the plunge, that’s the only way to do it! 🙂 I don’t want regerts either!

    • No uber fan wants to hide her love, Julie. They want it right out there for all to see!! Mission accomplished!

  36. Those 3D tattoos are creepy! And some of those other ones are just wrong!!!

    Not gonna lie though – I have 1 tattoo – I got it to celebrate my 40th birthday! It only took 8 minutes and hurt every second of that time but I love it!!!

  37. Well, ladies, I’m now rethinking the Jeffrey tatoo. I even had the pic chosen. However, after seeing how great tatoos look on manboobs I think I’ll have my husband get it. I’ll have him put me on the other one.

    • Bwahahahahahahaha. Carli, that is the most BRILLIANT IDEA EVER!!! You’ve turned a Pinterest nightmare into an AWESOME DREAM! Woot!! 😀

    • I can’t at all, Amber. I’d need to remove all mirrors from my home. I’d rather have the Twilight tattoo than scare myself to death every day.

    • Isn’t that cat tat just the greatest!! Pin it on your boards so you can always look at it when you are down. It’s an instant pick-me-up!! 😀

  38. Haha, no regerts. My brother is a very talented tattoo artist, but I have thus far been too chicken to get any tattoos myself. But if I get brave enough, I’ll be sure to bring to check the spelling first.

    • I’m totally not brave enough, Stevie! But if you work up the courage, at least you have someone you can trust to do it!! 😀

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  40. I don’t see a problem with these tattoo ideas, someare badly executed, yes, but I think that whatever people want to put in their bodies is their problem. I myself have GOT and HP tattoos, One hundred years of solitude quote tattoo, plan on getting my son and a 3D lobster so there you go.

    • I have a Harry Potter tattoo! I completely agree, it’s their business and if they love it then who cares what everyone else thinks. As far as the “no regerts” one; the artist asks you to send them what you want tattooed on you and they trace it directly from that source. I have a tattoo on my back that says “We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that DRIVE one person to stand up for another” I didn’t even notice I had left the “s” out. But that isn’t the artist’s responsibility, it’s the customers.

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