Social Media Is Forever, Kids

Our kids are starting to dip their toes in the water of social media, so we are paying much closer to attention to the forever factor of Instagram and Twitter. Remember in the olden days when you would write a mean note to your friend, but fortunately you could tear it up and throw it away and all evidence was gone forever?

Not so in these days. What you say is forever captured out in the interwebs. Scary, right? Are you talking to your children about their social media footprint? Have you really thought about what it means for them?

When we read this post recently from our amazing blogging friend AnnMarie of Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos, we could not stop talking about it. AnnMarie is real and funny and has such a way of being open with her readers about motherhood. We absolutely adore her and her blog. We knew this post was a must read for everyone the minute we read it.

Here is how AnnMarie’s insightful post begins:

Dear Teens and Tweens,

As you go back to school, I would like to send you off with a message. Call it advice. Call it insight. Call it anything you want, just please consider what I am about to say to you.

Please be aware of what you are putting out on social media.

You have the daunting task of growing up in a fish bowl. A very public fishbowl. I don’t envy you. I wouldn’t want every mistake I made to be blasted across the internet. I wouldn’t want extremely private things where all the world could see. I wouldn’t want to be caught unexpectedly in a video Vine (phone app of snippets of video that run over and over again) where friends and friends of friends can watch me make a fool of myself over and over again. Unfortunately, this is a time we live in so here is some advice:


You will want to read the rest of this post. Trust us.

Even if your children are still young enough that they think the only definition for tweet is the sound a bird makes, their time is coming. Social media certainly isn’t going anywhere. Let AnnMarie’s experience and advice help you talk with your children.

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