Pinterest Dream Come True #037: Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Today is Ashley’s birthday! Whoo Hoo!!

Each year I stress about what to give her. My quest is to find the perfect item that is uniquely her.

This birthday has been particularly intense. Now that we’ve been blogging together for almost a year, I’m not just buying a gift for my BFF, I’m buying a gift for my treasured business partner!  I knew I really needed to up the ante and do this right.

When asked, Ashley reported she wanted a gift certificate to Target. That sounds like a cry for help, doesn’t it?

Then it hit me. This year I had a virtual cornucopia of uncommon gifts available at my very fingertips. They even have The Dose of Reality written all over them.


Potential Pinterest Dreams

Hello! Perfect, right? Who else but a BFF/business partner would get you something like this?! It could be Ashley’s very own Pinterest Dream Come True!

Now, I had to scratch some of them right off the list immediately. While the Elliptical Machine Desk sounds perfect, at $8,000, it’s not in my budget. It’s virtually impossible to surprise someone with at tattoo unless you have cat-like reflexes and your own tattoo machine, so I eliminated that from the list, too. Meggings would really be more of a gift for her husband than her. Ditto the Bikini Jeans.

This still left me with a long list of possibilities. After further thought, these were my top contenders for Ashley’s Pinterest Dream Come True:

The Nubrella              The Rollie Egg Master          Ryan Gosling Mini Bust

Pinterest Dream Candidates #2

Pinterest Dream Candidates #3

     The Bed Bug Cocoon             Human Tooth Necklace       iPad Commode Caddy

When you see the options, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Which one of these items would make Ashley the happiest? Which one says, “I value your friendship and celebrate the day you were born”?

Once I made my selection, there was a question as to whether or not it could make it to my door on time. But, never fear! I refused to be defeated so close to a birthday gift victory! After several emails back and forth with the merchant in England, we determined that the Royal Post was up to the task. When it arrived, I wrapped it up like a pro and invited Ashley out to our favorite Starbucks for a birthday extravaganza!

Here is how it went down as Ashley discovered her Pinterest Dream Come True:

The Present

Here she is just minutes away from her Pinterest Dream Come True and she doesn’t even know it!

Ashley: It’s so heavy! What could it be?

Lisa: You’ll never guess in a million years.

Ashley: Is it a toaster oven?

Lisa: Not even close. Why would I buy you a toaster oven?

Ashley: I like toast.

 Lisa: It’s not the gift of toast.


The box in a box

What is happening? She’s so confused!!

Ashley: OH!! It’s a box in a box! How did you keep it from moving back and forth?

Lisa: I engineered a complicated system of bent cardboard trusses.

Ashley: This is exciting!

Lisa: You have no idea.



Opening Second Box in a Box

She has NO IDEA what this is. She looks concerned, doesn’t she?!

Ashley: It’s REALLY heavy! Is it a bowling ball?

Lisa: Yes. That’s it. I bought you a bowling ball!

Ashley: Really?

Lisa: No! When was the last time you went bowling?

Ashley: 1997? But if I had my own bowling ball, maybe I’d go.

Lisa: I’ll keep that in mind. This is more fun than a bowling ball.


Another box in a box

She is seconds away from her Pinterest Dream Come True.! (The sand was a tricky addition, wasn’t it?!)

Ashley: It’s another box in a box! And you included SAND to make it heavy???

Lisa: You bet! When I do a box in a box in a box, I don’t go half way!

Ashley: Are you making me keep the sand?

Lisa: Yes. And all of the boxes. How else am I ever going to get my garage cleaned out?



The final box

This box does not contain a Target gift card. Don’t worry. She’s going to love it!

Ashley: This is so light! I bet I know what it is!

Lisa: I bet you don’t!

Ashley: It’s the Target gift card I wanted! This was such a fun way to give it!

Lisa: Do I look like kind of person who would give you a boring old gift card?

Ashley: I hope the answer to that is yes.

Lisa: It’s *way* better than a Target gift card.

Ashley: Nothing is better than a Target gift card.

Lisa: Just you wait…


Ashley was totally overcome! She took to the mini bust version of Ryan immediately and began stroking his hair while emitting little squeals of delight. The other Starbucks patrons looked a bit disconcerted, but that’s what it sounds like when a Pinterest Dream Comes True!!

This is what it looks like …

Dreams Really do come true

To cap off the birthday extravaganza, we went out to lunch where Ashley fussed over Ryan for the next hour and catered to his every whim.

Ryan at Lunch

She then went home to watch “The Notebook” and gaze into his felted eyes adoringly.

So happy, happy birthday, Ashley. You are the epitome of what a best friend should be in every possible way. I honestly don’t know how I’d get through this motherhood gig, or life in general, without you. I want you to have all of the Ryan Gosling Mini Busts of life, because you deserve every single good thing in the world. I love you!!

Oh…and don’t be worried that you’ll never have a Human Snaggle Tooth Necklace of your own. There’s always next year!!

Oh, Pinterest….yes! Just yes!




Pinterest Dream Come True #037: Happy Birthday, Ashley! — 170 Comments

    • Ashley is too, too much in the very best way! She even made the waitress at lunch try to guess the celebrity represented in her mini bust. The waitress failed. Ashley was not impressed.

  1. Happy birthday, Ashley! I thought it would be the RG Mini Bust but then I got really confused with all the book es and the weight. How fun! I’m just wondering where she’s going to keep it.

    • Yay! The series of boxes and weights was supposed to throw her off! Mission accomplished!! So far she’s carried it everywhere. She has this phone stand in her car where he fits perfectly. It’s awesome just like he’s her co-pilot right by her radio area.

  2. This is awesome! First of all, happy birthday to Ashley. I REALLY hope someone gives you that Target gift card girl!!
    As a side note…I’m constantly freaking people out in Starbucks (mostly when I’m reading YOUR blog and laughing my a** off) that I think maybe we should all do a link-up or blog hop or whatever the hell you call it about THAT! Bloggers freaking people out at a Starbucks near YOU!

    • Hahahaha. I love the fact that bloggers are freaking out Starbuckers the world over. This is exactly how it should be, Allie! (And I am taking Ashley out for dinner tonight. A gift card to a certain store just may be lurking in her birthday card for good measure!)

    • I know they will have a fabulous day, Nicole!! I hope she doesn’t choose to take the Gos to Starbucks from now on in my place. I’d hate to be officially jealous of a small blob of felt (and let’s face it, there’s got to be pet hair in there somewhere)

    • We always have fun (and get strange looks) when we’re together. The waitress at lunch wasn’t quite sure what to make of us. That’s the way it should be at a birthday extravaganza, I say!

    • In the end, I went with my heart. I knew from the first moment I spied him on Pinterest that he was very special. He was featured months ago and I was worried someone else might have snatched him up…but it was meant to be, Jennifer!! 😀

    • It’s funny you say that, Joi, because the Nubrella was my fall back gift if I couldn’t get the RGMB (Ryan Gosling Mini Bust) to Charlotte on time. It all worked out for the best. And hey, I have to get her a gift for Christmas, too…

  3. First happy birthday Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, I am so scared of that little thing, I feel like I might have nightmares about it. To talk about it is one thing but to see it IRL?! *shudders*

    • Yes! To see a Pinterest Nightmare legend in REAL LIFE…it was absolutely thrilling. I think it does command a certain amount of respect bordering on fear. It’s just that captivating.

  4. omg. NO!!! I thought you were kidding!! Mini-Furry-Ryan is HILARIOUS. Will you bring him to the next conference you attend, Ashley? Good lord that thing scares me. Lisa, you are way too great (ehem) of a friend. My birthday is next month and I adore George Clooney. Hint Hint.

    That means I want George Clooney, though. No mini-hairy-GC-s please. 😉 Happy birthday to one of my favorite peeps!! xo

    • I bet she will bring it, Andrea. We went to dinner last night with a group of friends and she brought him there to show off. People were excited yet repulsed–exactly what you want when you are about to sit down for a meal.

      Hmmmm…George Clooney. I will have to consult Pinterest and see what kind of Clooney-tastic items are available. I make no guarantees that a certain amount of hair (human or otherwise) may or may not be ultimately involved.

  5. Oh hooray!!! The mini bust is back! I was just laughing and reminiscing about him on the cheat hair coat day! Little did I know….

    But he is so much minier than I thought. I had no idea he’d be so portable. Its perfect. He’s pocket-sized and can go everywhere with her.

    • Hahahaha! YES!! I knew it was a MINI bust, but it was much smaller than I expected, but in just the best way. He really is very portable which just adds to his elan.
      It is funny how he *does* kind of relate back to the Human Chest Hair Jacket. It’s like the Six Degrees of Pinterest Nightmares!

    • I just tried to call Ashley and she didn’t pick up. Oh sure she *might* be out doing an errand, but I bet she is just having a moment with the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust. This might be her best birthday EVER!!

    • The world deserves to see such beauty and artistry, Kita! It can’t be held in a box. Or a box in a box. Or a box in a box in a box. 😀

  6. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard and loved, loved, loved the pictures leading up to finding it. In my head, I had imagined it to be bigger. I would have loved to have seen the look on the seller’s face when he/she got the order for one. Hilarious! What a good friend you are, Lisa. Can you look and see if they have something of a bust of Taylor Kitsch? I’m allergic to cats so that one won’t work. 🙂

    • I was totally surprised by his size when he arrived, too!! I thought he would be bigger!
      I am 100% sure that the artist was FLOORED when the inquiries came for the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust. He/she answered me in about 14 minutes, and I think it was even the middle of the night in England, too. 😀
      I’ll be on the lookout for a Taylor Kitsch item on Pinterest. It will have a minimum of cat hair!! (I hope)

    • Hahahahahahaha. He was first in my heart, too, Melinda! I’m so glad it worked out! Not many girls get to get this close to Ryan Gosling–even in mini bust form!

    • Hahahahaha. I sure did!
      Ashley is a one-of-a-kind-person who deserves a one-of-f-kind present! I’m glad you approve! 🙂

    • We had a blast! And now I don’t have a half empty bag of sand in the back of my garage to deal with. It was really a birthday win-win!

    • You’re right! It’s always a little scary to view that much raw beauty in one place, Honeybee. Ashley and I are very lucky to have each other! 😀

    • Aw thanks, Kathy! We love you, too! Hmmmm…I wonder the date of your birthday. You seem like the kind of woman who would appreciate a Pinterest Dream…

  7. Oh, Ashley, I hope you had the best best birthday ever! With Lisa and of course with Ryan. You both rock and this was hilarious! It’s all the reasons why I love you guys and love this blog. xo

    • Hahahaha. You are so sweet! We just got back from a special birthday dinner. Our husbands and 9 year olds are at the beach with their Y-Guides tribe so Abby, Bobby, and the Dose Girls went out for a Japanese dinner–at the kind of place where they cook at your table. It was awesome. Of course, The Ryan Gosling Mini Bust was along for the evening as well (but we protected him from the heat and flames at the table)

  8. Lisa, this is just a great column, thank you for writing it and putting the pictures and conversation in there. Its neat seeing her and I can just hear her saying those things. Ashley’s a good sport, huh? And you are a very good friend.

    • She is a very good sport and the best friend in the world! (and also the proud caretaker of the most realistic Ryan Gosling Mini Bust in existence!) Happy Birthday to our wonderful Ashley!!

  9. Good job, Lisa! I like the giant heavy boxes, that was a lot of work wrapping. His sweater even looks like it is made with chest hair, double bonus!

    • Bwahahahahahahahaha. Now that you mention it, Ryan’s sweater really DOES look a great deal like the Human Chest Hair Coat. This makes it even more glorious!! Birthday double bonus!! Woot!!

  10. LOL. I love it. Now I want one. He’s so wonderfully tiny. He can be your own pocket pet. That’s really all any girl needs, a pocket Ryan Gosling, well, maybe second to a regular size one! I think I might want a nubella though. I need a hand’s free one because I risk carpal tunnel steering my stroller when it’s raining. Happy birthday, Ashley! You share the birthday of my first boyfriend. Don’t know why I remember that when I doubt he even remembers my name.

    • A pocket Ryan Gosling is certainly something each one of us NEEDS!! Unfortunately, our little felted friend is a one-of-a-kind item, so only Ashley will ever know what it feels like to pocket him. Happy birthday to Ashley and to your first boyfriend! 😀

  11. oh my! With friends like you, who needs…um…who needs…Ryan Gosling! Yes, who needs Ryan Gosling when friends like you provide the Ryan Gosling MINI BUST! It actually looks like one of those cool little bath sponges that you can add water and it will grow into a dinosaur or boat — so if she adds water, maybe it will grow into a life-size Ryan Gosling!

  12. I have to confess – I totally thought so but I wasn’t skipping ahead! I very patiently scrolled down at a normal person’s pace, but I hoped. Oh, how I hoped it was the Ryan Gosling bust.

    You know why I hoped? It’s what I would have done.

    • And that is exactly why we were destined to be friends, Tamara!! (and I’m totally proud that you didn’t skip ahead! I know it was tempting! 😀

  13. Happy Birthday Ashley! I bet people in Starbucks were talking about you guys (and Ryan Gosling) all day! This was hilarious! Nothing like a good laugh to start off the morning!

    • We caused quite a ruckus with all of the boxes…and picture taking…and excited exclamations. Luckily the people who work there are used to us! 😀

    • Bwhahahaha! Thanks, Charlotte! May Ashley have the best year ever! With her own personal Gosling, I think it’s going to be a good one! 🙂

  14. Happy birthday Ashley! The pic of him drinking through the straw made me laugh out loud. But it’s missing his fabulous abs…maybe next year you can get a mini whole Ryan 🙂

  15. The conversation between you two while A was opening the gift makes me want to wrap myself up next year. I love you girls.
    Happy Birthday Ashley!! And I’m not kidding, that ipad TP holder might find it’s way into my husband’s stocking this year…

    • Hahahahaha. Santa always knows the PERFECT gift to put in that stocking! If he comes through for your husband, you HAVE to send us pictures!! 😀

  16. Happy birthday, Ashley! Lisa, the pictures are fabulous – building the suspense until the big reveal! I love the box in a box teaser. But what really shines through in this post is the love and devotion that is so evident in your friendship. I hope everyone is blessed with this type of friendship in their lives. It sure makes life more fun!!

    • Hahaha. Thanks, Jenny!
      The Ryan Gosling Mini Bust is no Juanita Weasel, but he got a certain felted sort of panache!

    • You can’t go wrong with any gift from the Oh, Honey…No! Board. It’s really all just different shades of right, Vicki! 😀

  17. Awesome! LOL That is just too hilarious! I can’t believe you actually bought Ashley that! LOL Too funny!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley! I am glad I had you all featured today! I had no idea it was a special day when I did that! What a serendipitous gift, huh? 🙂 I hope you have an amazing day!

    • Ashley and the felted Gos have already had adventures together. I just hope he doesn’t take my place as her usual Starbucks partner in crime!

    • That really did make our day, Stacey!!! Just when you think you can’t get a birthday gift better than a Ryan Gosling Mini Bust…you do! 😀

  18. OHHH MY GOSH!!!! I was soooo excited to see what was in the box and your gift did NOT disappoint, Lisa! Happy Birthday to Ashley, and may there be another gift-worthy occasion soon because, this was fun! Ryan will have a loving home, no doubt.

    • Ryan will be VERY well kept, Karen. She’s already had him out to multiple dinners, and she’s always fixing his hair. I bet she will ask for a Nubrella for Christmas to protect him from the elements.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!! WOOOOHOOO….WHAT A GIFT, love the pics of you with the gift. I think it takes a good friend to act crazy with you in Starbucks!

    • It really does, Karen! We’re lucky to have each other…and now Ryan!! (and we’re lucky the Starbucks folks tolerate us!)

  20. Haha!! That is awesome! I was really hoping it was going to be the Ryan Gosling bust. And that is really cleaver to put sand in the box to make it heavier. I’m going to have to borrow that one at some point. Happy birthday, Ashley!

    • Yes! The sand really works, Kristen! You can stuff it around the inner box to keep it from shifting and it adds the perfect amount of weight. I double bagged it in zip locks to be sure we didn’t have a mess on our hands. We didn’t want to be dis-invited from coming back to our favorite Starbucks!! 😀

    • You know, I was worried about the same thing, Kate. (especially since she has taken to propping him up on her husband’s pillow). Fingers crossed!

  21. happy birthday ashley!!! lisa got you the gift of a lifetime. felted ryan gosling?! i mean seriously, he is my favorite right now. have you checked out the movie ‘the place beyond the pines’ or something like that. not sure if i got the words exactly right. it’s a bit long and should have been edited down to 2 hours vs 2.5, but it was still entertaining. plus after ryan gosling, you get a good dose of bradley cooper. delicious!!!

    • You mean we could watch Ryan Gosling AND Bradley Cooper in one film? We’re totally in!! Squee!! (How did we miss this one?)

  22. PERFECT. Absolutely PERFECT.
    So for next year…how about a felted life-sized snuggable Ryan Gosling?! Then maybe the year after that she can have the real thing. If she behaves herself. 😉

    • I’d never pulled a box, in a box, in a box on Ashley before now. But if ever there was a time that called for it, this was it! (And I don’t think Ryan Gosling is creepy, even in mini bust form. Impossible!! :D)

    • What???? It’s the spitting image of Ryan Gosling!! It’s almost unbelievable that it’s made of wool (and probably a little pet hair if you look carefully). It’s practically like having the real thing!

  23. Happy born day Ashley!!!! I would break into a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday song but I doubt you’d hear me. Very cute wrapping. Gift, not so much…lol! Enjoy your day!

    • You’re right, Andrea. The gift is far beyond cute…it’s STUNNING! Everyone at Starbucks could not stop staring! True story! 😀

    • Thanks, Christy! You can’t just put Ryan Gosling in a single box. He deserves more build up than one box can provide. 😀

    • There are less creepy potential birthday presents, but they don’t have the same star power as a Ryan Gosling Mini Bust. That really made the selection a no-brainer.

  24. Happy Birthday to you, Ashley. Kudos Lisa on the RG head… (target gift card too, yes? lol) LOL. I simply love y’all!!! hilarious…. the Hubs & kiddo look at me when I start laughing at my phone & holding myself b/c I’m going to have issues from laughing so hard… ah, thank you yet again!

    • Hahaha! Yes, I did go ahead and do the gift card, too. You know, just in case she wanted to get RG some accessories or something. 😀

    • The artist claims that it’s made of wool, but now that I’ve seen it in real life, I can assure you there is some sort of mammal hair involved as well.

    • Most people who visualize the mini bust are afraid to touch it! Ashley is braver!! She does not fear all of that star power, even if it does come in a pocket sized package.

  25. YAY!!!! YOU GOT HER THE BUST!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!!!! (I am taking credit for the bust, because I was SURE you would love it for your b day!!! Oh- and a few others thought so too!! lol)

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY…. Hope you celebrated last night and will continue ALL weekend!!!! XOXOXO…

    • Exactly, Chris!! It was fate! Ashley and the RGMB (Ryan Gosling Mini Bust) were totally made for each other. Happy Birthday to Ashley!! This is going to be the best year ever!!

  26. Hahah I’m glad you chose that! I would’ve said the snaggle tooth with one of YOUR teeth, Lisa 🙂 That’s true friendship right there. But the bust is much better.


    • Oh, TARA!!! I should have consulted you!!! I didn’t even THINK of that. It would have been totally perfect. I’ll have to keep that in my back pocket as a future gift. If I have a tooth that goes wonky, we’ll be in business!

    • She does have it all now, Alexa! You know, this is going to make it much harder to find a respectable present for next year’s birthday. I better start thinking now! 😀

    • Excellent!
      Once you see the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust, it’s hard to get it out of your mind. That makes it an easy choice! 😀

  27. See, now that’s love! I was totally thrown off, I thought you were going with the Rollie Egg Master. Happy Birthday Ashley! I hope you and Ryan will be very happy together!

    • She can take him anywhere, Jennifer, and she already has!! He’s been out to several meals, and he rode shotgun during carpool duty. He’s a hit! 😀

  28. I was stuffing my face with anniversary Swedish Fish on Friday, and didn’t get a chance to read this. Three things: 1. Happy birthday, Ashley! 2. Does Ryan get to share your marital bed? 3. THE BLOGGESS? How awesome! Oh, four things. 4. You need to start a “Hey, Girl” meme with Little Ryan. Please?

    • We totally, TOTALLY need to use Little Ryan in a Hey, Girl meme. Genius idea!! We’ll get started on ideas right now!!

    • I never, ever could have found a better blogging partner (or friend) if I dreamed one up from scratch and made her myself! Ashley is absolutely THE BEST!!!

  29. You ladies are hilarious! I found your site through Michelle @ A Dish of Daily LIfe. I’m going to share this on my facebook page. Gotta love Pinterest!

    • So glad to see you, Dawn! Yes! You always have to give the side eye to things you see on Pinterest! (except the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust, of course!)

  30. A belated Happy Birthday to Ashley! I LOVE that you got the Ryan Gosling mini bust…it’s just funny enough and creepy enough…and it’s also travel sized! Maybe he should hang from the rear view mirror to make it even more creepy. Anyway, I hope there was a Target gift card in at least ONE of your gifts!

    • I did give her a boring old gift card in addition to her snazzy mini bust. *yawn*
      I love your description of the RGMB (Ryan Gosling Mini Bust). He’s just funny enough and creepy enough. That is awesome!! 😀

  31. I love how all of her pictures look super concerned until she finally sees what it is. I’m not saying she doesn’t trust you, but there were some furrowed brows there… Happy belated birthday!! (Mine’s next Tuesday if you’re still feeling the creative Pinterest vibe :).

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