Would You Rather: Be Able To Roam Freely Or Be Stuck In One Spot?

Sometimes these Would You Rather questions practically just write themselves.

Or sometimes one half of the scenario will come to me and then Lisa has to help me figure out the opposing side of the scenario.

This is one of those times.

A little back story for all of you….

My sister lives in Los Angeles, California. She has no landline and uses her cell phone for all of her phoning needs. Because of the time difference, we often talk early in the morning her time when she is headed to work. Normally it works out perfectly.

This was not one of those “normal” times.

Cut to last week when I called her while she was on her way to work. She answered, but it honestly sounded like she was in the middle of a rave. Like I could barely hear her because the noise was so deafening.


She was totally casual about the whole thing and said, “Oh sorry, I am in the middle of Whole Foods”. Which okay, whatever, it is L.A., and apparently everyone walks around talking on their cell phone wherever they go…and Whole Foods can get crazy from time to time. Everyone wants to be the first person to reach the hummus.

Except, y’all, guess what?! It was not the mass chaos of all the shoppers rushing to find the last rutabaga that was responsible for all the noise.

I was on speaker phone. So, not only was every shopper hearing her side of the conversation, but they were also hearing my side, too. I could only imagine how annoying that must have been. Plus, I had just been talking about my Ryan Gosling Mini Bust. OH MY GOD, what if Ryan had been standing right next to her? It is L.A., people, that stuff can totally happen there.

Needless to say, I told her to take me off speaker while she assembled her salad.

She told me she couldn’t because “my phone seems to be broken and I can only talk when it is on the speaker phone mode”.

I suggested she head straight to Verizon and get that fixed, because obviously that was a problem that she could not live one second having to deal with, right?


It had been that way for two weeks. She said it was really annoying, but trying to find time to hit the Verizon store was even more annoying.

Um, okay. If you say so. Personally, I thought it sounded awful.

So did Lisa. We imagined ourselves going through our daily lives on our cell phones and pictured every single conversation (especially the ones we have) being played out over speaker phone. That could get awkward, y’all.

I told her we totally had to make it a would you rather, but what could we do for the other side of the scenario that would be equal to that?

Being the fabulous blogging partner she is, she had the answer!

What if your cell phone only had reception if you were standing perfectly still?

No moving. No walking. No driving. No mindlessly folding your laundry while you chat about the premiere ofΒ Dancing With the Stars. Just you and your phone and your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Oh sure, you can talk all your phone all day long that way without bothering anyone, but you must remain standing in one spot to do it.


So, which one is it? Would you rather have the ability to roam freely but know that your entire conversation is being played out live for anyone to hear or have to stand perfectly still for your phone to work at all?



Would You Rather: Be Able To Roam Freely Or Be Stuck In One Spot? — 122 Comments

  1. I am laughing my a** off at the Ryan Gosling comment!! He totally could’ve been standing right there!! ha ha ha!! This is a no-brainer for me – speakerphone!!! I can still text like a crazy person!!

    • He totally could have, right??!! I mean, you never know! Imagine how awkward that would have been. “Hey Girl, I can’t help but notice that your sister carries a mini bust of me around in her pocket!”

  2. Well see one would have to understand the way cell phones work on my hill. AT&T will not get any kind of reception on my hill, but our Straight Talk one works darn near anywhere in the county. I have had to do the stand still thing with AT&T literally, by the car, leaned against the hood, I think it was pulling signal boost from the stereo antennae. I still would rather do that than be on speaker. Because like you there are some conversations that don’t need to be broadcast.

  3. That’s a hard one. I would have to choose low signal. The people I talk to on the phone can be very inappropriate (that’s why I like them) and we cuss too much. Lol

  4. I have to say roam freely, as much as would not like everyone to hear my whole conversation, I could never stand still. I am part Italian and talk with my hands most times, so standing still would not be happening here!!

    • HA HA HA Janine! I am not part Italian, but I totally talk with my hands, too! I would definitely have to be on the go!

  5. Speakerphone. I’d hate it but I’d have to with all the time I spend running around. Once, my bff had me on speakerphone and I didn’t know it. It was on her landline and really I’m not sure how I could not know but whatever. I was ranting about something and let the f-word fly. She then gasped and told me I was on speakerphone (or maybe I realized it by the echo of the word and I gasped) and that all of her little kiddies were in the room. So even with my tendency to curse, it would have to be speakerphone.

    • LOL AnnMarie…my sister has actually totally done that on the phone with me…I forgot to tell her that she was on speakerphone, and she was particularly annoyed about something! πŸ˜‰

  6. Definitely rather have to do the speaker phone thing! I cannot stand still when I am talking on the phone. My husband is even worse – he literally paces back and forth through the house while he talks. If he had to stand still, I think he would honestly explode. It would be gross. Yep – definitely speaker! πŸ™‚

  7. A few years ago, it was a month before my contract was up and I had a phone break. The normal speaker went out and so I could only hear the other person by using speaker phone. I HATED it. I used basically no minutes because I refused to use it in public (it was a good thing I had unlimited text!)
    I wouldn’t want to go through that again, so I guess I would have to learn to stand still if given the choice!

  8. I feel the same way about hummus. Just can’t get enough of it.
    You and Laura are funny, I can just see and hear you guys talking to each other on a speakerphone.

  9. Oh wow. . .this is a tough one! I really don’t think I could stand still. If I’m not multi-tasking I feel like I’m wasting time! If the call was REALLY important then I would try my best to maintain a freeze tag pose but I think in all honesty I just wouldn’t talk on the phone. Seriously, I am one of those people who could do without actually talking on the phone. I prefer email and text anyway. Did I just make up my own choices? LOL!

    • I actually prefer email and text, too Tracie! So adding those choices was a good call on your part! It would be really hard to stay still to talk on the phone!

  10. I have tmobile and they are stuck in one spot. I have to have a house phone because I only get reception in two areas of my house and it sucks especially when you have kids. I would like to freely roam please I pay you over 100 bucks that’s the least you can do for me.

  11. hahaha ahh i refuse to use speaker when im in public. my conversations are embarrassing enough when people can just hear my side, i guarantee hearing what was on the other end wouldnt clear things up, it would just confirm the crazy. so i would choose to stand in place. especially if by “stand” you mean “sit” and by “sit” you mean “lie” like in my bed or on the couch. final answer.

  12. Stuck in one spot! I don’t think I’ve used the speaker phone function even once on my cell. What’s pretty funny is that I’ve totally lived this. I grew up in the mountains, which means cell phone reception was really hit and miss. There were very few places inside my house that I could get a signal, so if someone called my cell, I had to run to one of those spots, and I couldn’t leave there until I was done talking!

    • That must have been really hard! I cannot imagine, especially in my house, having to stand still to talk on the phone would really be the worst!

  13. I detest speaker phone, I had to use mine this morning to talk to the hubs because my phone was plugged in and even knowing I’m home alone, and he is in a room alone it was still annoying. I also tend to pace when I’m on the phone, a fact I didn’t realize about myself until my son was a toddler and would pace whenever he “talked” on his play phone. πŸ™‚ Fantastic post, as always!

    • HA HA HA Angela! I remember when my kids were little listening to them talk on their pretend phones and just being amazed at the stuff they would say and do…it definitely gave me a mirror view of what I do! πŸ˜‰

  14. That’s hilarious!! I can live without my phone, I had it attached so much when I was working that I try my best to never have calls and answer! I’m a texting machine tho. However, if I am on the phone, I pace, I cannot stand still. So I would have to just chuck the phone altogether!

    • HA HA HA Mo! I would totally be on and off the phone in a flash if I had to stay still to use it…my children would undoubtedly love that! πŸ˜‰

  15. {Melinda} I must share some kind of kinship with your sister. I had an iPhone that wouldn’t ring for nearly 7 months before I finally did something about it. I was waiting for the end of my 2 years so I could get my new phone for $1. And then the stupid thing DIED exactly 10 days before my date to get my new phone. So I used the most embarrassingly cheap Tracfone made for 2 weeks.

    Okay, that still didn’t answer your question. I hate the public airing of my neuroses, so I would definitely choose standing still! πŸ™‚

    • HA HA HA Melinda! Can’t imagine living 7 months with a phone that would not ring…but my sister would totally something like that, too! πŸ˜‰

  16. hmmm, if I had to be in one spot I certainly wouldn’t talk as long. Instead, I actually might visit my friends and family in person — shocker! Of course, then they would also do the same and I would have to keep my house clean, but that would be difficult because I couldn’t do it while roaming around talking on my phone. Oh dear. . . what’s a girl to do.

    • See…you feel my pain, don’t you?! I tend to use the time I am on the phone (when I am out of Candy Crush lives) to actually pick up around my house! πŸ˜‰

  17. Obviously I am going to chime in and say that I would rather be able to roam freely πŸ™‚

    Plus I usually only talk on my phone in the car, when I have to have it on speaker. Other than that, my conversations are in public, for the public, with liberty and hearsay for all.

    But one day I will get it fixed. πŸ˜‰

  18. I would rather speaker phone. If it’s something that important that no one need to hear, I can go sit in my car. Me thinks it’s called “mobile” for a reason πŸ™‚ .. Gotta keep it moving.

  19. Haha, my sister and I often put each other on speakerphone and totally call each other out on it (though we’re usually in our homes when we do that). I think I’d go with the speakerphone. As it is, I don’t like holding my phone to my ear (call me paranoid about those cell phone waves…) and will often talk on speakerphone. However, I probably would not talk in public places (which, granted, would be super annoying!)

    • I am definitely a speaker phone fan when I am in my home! But out in public, I would have a really hard time with it! πŸ˜‰

  20. Roam freely because nothing I talk about on the phone is all that privacy related anyhow. If you really want to know when I am going running or what new recipe I am trying for dinner, then enjoy. Most of my important conversations are in person anyway.

    • HA HA HA Michelle! I wouldn’t say that anything I really talk about on the phone would be private per say, just probably catty and mean! πŸ˜‰

  21. HAHAH okay, as someone who lives in L.A. and (obviously because of B) shops at Whole Foods, I can see that hearing someone else’s conversation on speaker would be TOTALLY annoying. Unless of course I found out it was YOU on the other side, in which case I would rudely interrupt and squeal hello!

    But to answer your question….I think I would have to go with speaker and only talk in my car or my house. I like to pace when I talk on the phone, so standing still would be impossible!

    • How completely awesome would it be if you had been standing next to my sister, and we could have become phone buddies!! πŸ™‚

  22. I work on a college campus and *all* the kids talk on speakerphone all the time. They don’t seem to be bothered by it at all. I usually only use it in the car or at home if I need my hands free. But I still think I would prefer to use speakerphone than to be stuck in one place. I am almost always multi-tasking while I’m on the phone.

    • I am a total phone multi-tasker, too Rabia! I am surprised to hear that about college kids…especially considering how I bet some of their conversations sound! πŸ˜‰

  23. Oooh. This is a tough situation. What to do, what to do? I think I’d have to roam freely or put a message in a bottle. Those would be my only two options. Standing still is too civilized for me.

  24. Speak phone. Hands down. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I gotta get ish done. But I can totally relate to your sister. Because my old cell phone got to the point that it would only stay charged for 30 minutes tops before powering down. So I would have to sit next the charger while talking, then wander and maybe get 15 minutes of work done before having to come back and sit next the charger. But for some reason I couldn’t drag myself to the Verizon store. Seems inefficient, no?

  25. Oh, this is a tough one!! I *hate* speaker phone with a horrible passion and barely use it even when I am stuck on hold for customer service lines…but, I am also just about incapable of staying in the same spot for any period of time…I guess I would have to go with standing still and make sure all of my conversations were REALLY short!

  26. I HATE when I see people walking around in public on their speaker phone. Why? No one else cares about your call except you. I would stand still and talk. We all grew up (well, many of us) with a landline and were fine. We are perfectly capable of taking a few moments to use the phone then get back to life and not broadcast all of our business for everyone to hear. I think all of our technology is making us an etiquette less society.

  27. I always feel like a jerk with the speakerphone on, but I’d still have to take that over being stuck in one spot. Seriously…there’s just no being on the phone unless I’m able to also run after the littles.

  28. No problem standing still while I talk. I hardly ever use my cell phone anyway. As an old fogie, it bothers me when people check their phones (and text) while I am talking to them. Can’t you have a conversation with the person who is sitting in front of you? Also, hating on people who talk on their phones while they are walking through a park or on walking trails or in open spaces. Sorry that nature isn’t interesting enough for you. Thanks for letting me rant!

    • I am SO with you on these rants…could not agree more! It is so RUDE to be on your phone when you are with someone. And definitely think you are right about nature! πŸ™‚

  29. Gotta totally go with the ability to roam, let the world hear my conversation!! Lol. I’m Italian, I think we are genetically programed to move around at all times!! As always you two had me in stitches, plus I got to remember your Ryan Gosling bust!! BTW, how is Ryan doing?

    • Ryan is great! He travels everywhere with me…a perfect little pocket companion! πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking on him! πŸ˜‰

  30. Ooh our home phone died a few months back, and for about 5 months we had to use an old school plugged into the wall phone that gave me about a 2 foot radius. I HATED IT. Couldn’t run to see what was happening when something crashed or a kid was crying. Couldn’t even sit down. Couldn’t do mindless chores while listening to my sisters ramble on… LOL. Speaker phone for sure!

  31. I am physically incapable of standing still while on the phone. I have to be pacing, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the toilet (My house is really not that clean), moving about some way or another.

    Speaker phone sucks, and I wouldn’t like that either, but really, that has to be the better choice for me.

  32. I would be mortifiec if my sister had me on the speaker phone in public. But honestly, wouldn’t we have had the same conversation if I was there with her and people could still hear? I guess because of that I’d go with speaker phone. I need to get things done.

  33. Ironically, I’ve had to deal with the “don’t move or you loose reception” scenario before because of the location that I live in (it is only better now because we have a micro cell). I can honestly say, as bad as that was, it would be way worse to have to use speaker phone. I would much rather have my convos be private than broadcast them to the world. Besides, if I didn’t want to talk to the person (i.e. telemarketer), I could just take that step and problem solved! πŸ˜€

  34. I think I would totally stand still! The speakerphoen thing happened to me twice before, both times after my kid drooled on it, when it dried out it came back to normal!

  35. I choose neither. Is that an option? I couldn’t imagine standing still. If I’m standing completely still I fall over. Swear it! I seem to be especially sensitive to the earth’s rotation. I have to be in constant motion. Or I’m just a total clutz with a slight twitch requiring movement. Either way… I would bow out. I really don’t like talking on the phone anyway.

    • Choosing neither is NOT an option Ducky! πŸ˜‰ But based on what you just shared here I am going to go ahead and assign you the speaker phone option…for your own safety! πŸ˜‰

  36. I’d rather stand in one spot. There are 3 “good” spots in my house where the signal is super clear. On the rare occasion when my cell rings at work, I have to answer it and tell the person to hang on while I run outside.

  37. i’d rather stand perfectly still because i personally cannot stand listening to other people gab on the phone. even if you are on a crowded bus in downtown san francisco, people will give you the evil eye if you start chatting on the phone. it’s totally frowned upon.

  38. Roam! No question. Our answering machine still has a “corded” phone and it’s short so when I can’t find any other phone and I have to use that one I am like a caged animal having to stand there tethered to the wall. Very short conversations because half of my brain is thinking of all the other things I should be doing rather than talking on the phone. I’ve got to be free!

  39. I would have to say I would stand still…b/c I’ve actually done that because my parents live in the middle of nowhere and barely get any reception unless you are on the far side of the front porch LOL!

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