The World Is Full Of Pastabilities

This post is sponsored by The Pasta Shoppe.

We at The Dose of Reality pride ourselves on wanting to find unique gifts for every possible occasion. Who wants the same old gift card when you can have a one-of-a-kind Ryan Gosling Mini Bust?

And when we find something amazing, our very favorite thing to do is share it with our Dose Peeps. Because we want you to be experiencing the same level of gift giving joy that we feel. We are givers.

So imagine our utter and complete delight when we discovered The Pasta Shoppe. Seriously, y’all, they have over 250 different pasta shapes available for purchase. Bring on the shopping!

So Many Shapes

Our children absolutely ADORE pasta (probably because it is one of the few things we can actually cook), so it is a staple, weekly meal in our home. Imagine their excitement when we showed them the festive pasta shapes we received.

They were able to properly carb load with some adorable cheerleading themed pasta before they headed off to cheer at the school football game.

Emma and Lucy went crazy for the peace sign pasta and both declared it their absolute favorite!

The fact that the pasta comes in such amazingly unique shapes is a total win, but the taste actually puts the whole thing over the top. This is not your coupon clipped, bargain special, grocery store noodle. The Pasta Shoppe prides themselves on creating small batches of quality pasta, similar to what you would find in Italy. We agree completely!

With Halloween quickly approaching, we were already on the lookout for something feed our children before they head out to gorge themselves on 800 Butterfingers and 300 packages of Skittles before bed.

We found the perfect recipe on The Pasta Shoppe’s website for a dish our entire family will love!


                           Five ingredients and a completely homemade meal?                          You’re welcome Dose Children!

In addition to being our new go-to shop for all things teacher gift related (oh, you gave the teacher a gift card? We gave her the world’s most adorable snowman pasta gift set. We win!), The Pasta Shoppe also offers an entire catalog related to fundraising.

Oh yes they do.

Gone are the days of trying to pawn off cookie dough on your friends and neighbors. No more hassling Grandma to buy another roll of wrapping paper. Say goodbye to the coupon books that wind up gathering dust in your car’s console.

Imagine if your child were selling something that you actually could use? We would be able to do all of our holiday shopping and be giving 40-50% of the profit to our school. Here in Dose world, that is what we call winning! Let’s just say that we have already slipped our school’s fundraising chairperson a copy of the catalog!

It totally wouldn’t be fair for us to talk all about this adorable and delicious pasta that we got to sample without throwing something in for our Dose peeps, would it? Here we have you all imagining showing up at the next neighborhood potluck with the world’s cutest pasta salad, right?

Thanks to The Pasta Shoppe, two lucky readers are going to receive their very own Pasta Goodie Box! You can wow your family with your culinary prowess while also making sure you have the most original meal to brag about on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

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This post was sponsored by The Pasta Shoppe, but all opinions, pictures and references to our lack of culinary skills are our own.


The World Is Full Of Pastabilities — 96 Comments

    • It is just the greatest Allie! We feel like you do…when we find something our kids will eat AND it tastes good…well, don’t even stop us! 😉

    • We are the same way! It is a total staple in our homes and now that we can serve it in fun shapes, we are in heaven! 🙂

  1. Love pasta! I have to go with our mainstay, pesto! But we like making all kinds of different sauces…we are definitely pasta fans here! The dog paw pasta is so cute, but I really would love to try those nests!

  2. We have santa and dinosaur pasta- they are a huge hit! Mix in some “trees” aka broccoli (duh, all moms know that I probably didn’t even need to insult us all by explaining) to the dinosaur pasta and you have a fun dinner time of dino’s eating trees.

  3. Dudes. I love pasta. Could live off of it. HELLO! STAR OF DAVID PASTA!!! STOP IT!!!!

    My fave pasta is usually baked ziti. Like the amazing kind smothered in mozzarella cheese, with ricotta inside, loads of (meat-free) tomato-chunk-filled-marinara. And now I think I need Italian food this weekend. :>

    • I KNOW. Can you even stand how awesome that is??!! So excited when we saw all the holiday varieties! Abby just discovered ziti pasta recently and thinks it is the best ever! 🙂

  4. Our fave sauces: pretty much whichever my husband feels like making haha but…pesto, puttanesca and a fresh marinara are three of our faves that he makes regularly. Our favorite pasta dish is homemade creamy basil pesto with parmesan and grilled chicken over penne.

    • Those all sound SUPER yummy Stephanie! Imagine serving that tastiness over the world’s most adorable and delicious pasta! 😉

  5. LOVE the title and pasta…yes…pasta is so versatile. My favorite pasta ditalini with a bit of soy butter and olive oil, parmesan cheese, shredded cheese. so good

    • Because it is the greatest ever in all culinary dishes?! I consider myself a bit of an expert mac-n-cheese eater! 😉

  6. I’ve seen this around before and my son would love these. Totally going insane with ‘pastabilities’ the meal ideas are endless!!!

  7. So you’re feeding my kids something nutritious and letting me look like the hero? I knew I liked you people.

    My daughter is SUPER picky and her go-to meal is “red pasta.” I’m thinking I could get away with some fancy soups with this bite-sized fun, though!

  8. I like the peace sign pasta, that’s funny. Recipe sounds easy but I think it needs another pound of pepperoni, or maybe a couple of meatballs. Sounds like a good way to get the kids started on cooking and seeing that it can be fun.

    • It is so cute and perfect for our girls who are obsessed with all things peace sign related! It is the perfect recipe for kids to help make because it is easy, yummy and fun! 🙂

  9. WHAT!? I want that pasta! I LOVE different shaped pasta. I’m a freak about it. There’s just so many possibilities! And did you know there are like real mathematical equations to figure out what kind of shape pasta should be for which kind of sauce? Like some guy sat in a room and industrial designed that pasta. Gimme! 🙂

    • Isn’t it just the best thing ever?! We are totally in love. And no, we had no idea about the sauce/pasta mathematical specialist, but that ROCKS! 🙂

  10. My husband and kids LOVE pasta!! I, on the other hand, prefer rice dishes. (maybe because I’m Dominican – it’s a staple in the DR). I do love that recipe…Let’s see if I win something.

    • They would love it if you made it for them Rabia! Love that your mother-in-law knows awesome pasta when she sees it! 🙂

  11. This is NOT helping the diet one bit! But hubs loves lasagna like crazy and I love pasta salad. I’d be afraid the way I over cook things at times that the pasta would go from cute looking to alien 🙂

  12. Oh gosh these are too cute!! Love them all but the Christmas one is really adorable and would be so cute for the holidays.

    My favorite pasta? I’m Italian, how can I pick one? Yikes!! Okay, I will say for today my fave pasta dish is Pasta Putenessca, (I know I spelled it wrong!) love salty flavor of olives, capers and anchovies plus the story of it is way too cute. (Legend has it that the recipe originated in Italy’s red light district in some, shall we say houses where working girls, well, work. It was a fast pasta dish to have between, umm, appointments.)

    • That is such an interesting story…I had absolutely no idea! Love it! I have never tried it, but now totally want to! 🙂 The Christmas pasta is so cute for the holidays!

  13. Jordan (really, I sold some for him) just sold that pasta as a band fundraiser. I haven’t tried any of mine yet – need to make my Texas Longhorn pasta on a game day soon!

    • HA HA HA Kim! Of course you sold it for him…don’t we always have to do that! 😉 Let us know what you think of the pasta when you try it…it will be hit! 🙂

  14. Sometimes I think that pastas that are made into shapes don’t taste as good but since they come highly recommended. My favorite pasta dish is tutto mare. Yum! Yum! Yum!

    I do have to say that this is the most unique teacher gift ever. Really! How many other kids are giving the teacher snowman pasta? Too cute!

    • RIGHT??? We are totally winning all teacher gifts this year…by a mile! 🙂
      It is so delicious…they know what they are doing at The Pasta Shoppe!

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