Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (If You’re Using My iPhone)

There’s something about me and cell phones that spells disaster. I recently changed my phone over to iOS 7, and it made everything look wonky and weird. Nobody else in the history of the iPhone had this problem but me. While every other person was busy writing lovely reviews about the majesty of the new update, I had to make a special trip to the Apple Store to get everything sorted. Blergh. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had to seek assistance from the fresh faced Apple Store crew, either. Last October, when we initially ran the piece below, I was also at their mercy…


It started like any other busy Saturday. I ran errands here, dropped children there, and generally tried to complete my to-do list before the sun went down or I collapsed—whichever came first. As I was shuttling Lucy from one store to another, I noticed that the little battery indicator in the upper right corner of my iPhone was looking exactly how I felt – very drained. No problem! I whipped out my trusty car charger to take care of the phone and tried to figure out how I could sneak in a trip to Starbucks for re-energizing myself.

Before I could even put my phone down, I could feel it was becoming strangely hot. I unplugged it from the charger and started to remove it from the case to investigate. By the time I got the case off I realized I had a big, big problem. My naked little iPhone was as hot as the surface of the sun.


I couldn’t even touch it with my bare hands. I dropped it in the cup holder of my minivan console and stared at it for a good 30 seconds. When that didn’t accomplish anything, I took action. Wrapping my t-shirt over my finger for protection, I poked the power button at the top of the phone. Nothing but black screen greeted me. So I pushed and HELD the button. Surely that would make all the difference. Nope. I pressed the power button again…and again…and again. Still, as you undoubtedly expect, nothing.


It was then I began to worry. You see, while I’m not a wizard with technology, even I knew that this was bad. It doesn’t take a genius to realize you shouldn’t have to use your shirt as an oven mitt to operate your phone.

I sat in the parking lot and tried to figure out what to do next. I decided to call my husband, Robert, for advice. He’s *really* good with computers and technology…but that’s the thing with a phone that won’t turn on. You can’t actually call anyone. Oops.

That’s when it hit me. I have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on this phone—this phone that I can no longer even touch without improvised protective hand gear. I’ve got photographs from our vacation (all the funny ones that are spontaneous)…and schedules…contacts…to-do lists…and voice recordings of ideas for future blog posts. You name it—it’s on that phone.

But it’s more to me than that. I use my phone from the moment I get up in the morning (alarm clock app), when deciding what to wear (weather app), for getting updates on current events (news app), to record my exercise (fitness app), to keep me on time for carpools (calendar app), when cooking dinner (recipe app), and for fun once the kids are in bed (Facebook app, Words With Friends app, Sky Words app). Despite the fact that I hadn’t bothered to sync up or save any of this stuff to my laptop, I still I wasn’t in a full blown panic yet. I mean, people retrieve information from computers and phones all the time. I might not know how to do it, but someone did, I was certain.

I decided the only thing I could do at that point was to leave the phone in the cup holder and continue my errands. (Although I no longer had access to my shopping lists which were—you guessed it—on the phone).

When I finally arrived home, Robert was completely annoyed that I had neglected his two calls, one text message, and subsequent voice mail while I’d been out and about. After I explained, he was shocked that my phone was STILL too hot to handle even 2 hours later. He suggested I march right up to the store of our cellular service provider.

I did exactly that after I’d wrapped up the phone in a dishtowel (so I could stick it in my purse without having it melt my Altoids tin or lip balm). Once there, the “helpful” associate assured me that he had no idea what was wrong. He asked me more than once if I’d dropped it in water before it died. (Ugh, no! But he had the nerve to look skeptical.) He said I was the only one who had ever come in with “a story like that”, although he did admit that it was quite hot and completely dead. He also said he had no way to retrieve my information (WHAT?!), *but* there was a bright side. Oh, thank goodness! I really needed a bright side right about then! He was completely happy to sell me a new phone right there on the spot! Or even better, would I like to upgrade to the iPhone 5?!

Um…no, no I would not. In fact, I wasn’t keen on shelling out money for any new phone just then. What I wanted was an explanation of what happened and to get the information off of my old phone. He suggested I contact Apple. Oh, great! Another stop!

The Apple Store man (if you can call him that, he looked about 12 years old), actually *was* helpful. He immediately said that he was absolutely certain the battery had short circuited. He said it was fairly common, and they see 1 or 2 a week. Well, there you go! He also said that, although it generally occurs during a charging event, it wasn’t the fault of the charger or me. It was just one of those things!  Thank you, Apple man/boy!

He then proceeded to ask me a series of standard questions they use when people bring in phones wrapped in dish towels. (See, it’s so common they have an official questionnaire and everything!)

Apple Dude: Did you sustain any bodily injury during the event?

Me: Oh, no. I put it down when it got too hot to handle.

Apple Dude: Good. Some people hold on to it and get burns and blisters. You’d be surprised.

Me: Wow, I guess I am.

Apple Dude: At any time, were open flames visible?

Me: WHAT? No, thank goodness. Does that really happen?

Apple Dude: We’ve seen it before. Did you car sustain any damage or burns?

Me: Hmmm… My minivan is really old and my cup holders aren’t exactly pristine. Let’s just say no.

He then opened my phone to take a look. You know that Salvador Dali painting with clocks melting? Well that’s what the inside of my phone looked —completely melted.

Me: WHOA! Look at that! Oh, one important question. Can we get my data back?

Apple Dude: Of course we can!! Don’t worry at all. We’ll have you set up with a free replacement phone in about 10 minutes and get all your information and apps back on before you leave tonight.

It was then I knew I might honestly love him. Until….

Apple Dude: You’re in The Cloud, right?

Me: What? Huh? The Cloud? No, what is that? I’m an old person. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Apple Dude: I’m sure you’re in The Cloud. You checked the box to sync your iPhone to your iPad, right?

Me: I don’t have an iPad or anything else to sync. So….no?

Apple Dude: I’m sure you have it. You must have checked the box on your computer from iTunes. It’s the way to safely back up all of your Apple data.

Me: Oh, no. I don’t think I checked any box. I remember when that option popped up. It seemed kind of creepy. I mean clouds are misty and everyone knows you aren’t supposed to get electronics wet. Besides, a cloud doesn’t exactly seem like a secure place to store your information being so flimsy and all. If you’d named it “The Fortress of Back Up Security” I might have considered it. You’ll just have to get my data the old fashioned way.

Apple Dude (very sadly): Oh, there is no other way. If you didn’t check the box, you’re not in The Cloud. It’s all gone. I’m so sorry.

Me: Oh, really? There’s nothing you can do? At all? Please?

Apple Dude: No, I’m sorry, ma’am. (Getting ma’amed by a 12 year old Apple associate who was obviously trying to break bad news gently to an elderly customer was the final stake in my dataless heart)

He did all he could, though. I got my free (but empty) replacement phone and went home to rebuild the information I’d taken for granted before. It’s been two weeks, but I still don’t have everything back the way it was. Every special setting or customization is a thing of the past. I can’t remember many of the apps I used to have, and there are some things I just can’t recreate, but I can assure you one thing…..

Or at least I checked the box and think I am.


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (If You’re Using My iPhone) — 89 Comments

    • I know! Even when they “fixed” everything, it still is a change I don’t want or like (and there’s no way to undo it). Yuck.

  1. Oh Apple! It’s really a love/hate relationship, isn’t it? I can’t believe they see what happened to your phone “a lot!” WTH??? I would freak if that happened to me. It’s crazy how dependent we are on technology!!! I hope you can restore everything…:-) Glad you’re now “clouding!”

  2. You definitely made me happy I am in the Cloud, but seriously starting to think Apple’s technology died with Steve Jobs. Just yesterday, I was calling Kevin’s mom and the damn thing just shut off and then when I turned it back on (finally) could here her voicemail very faintly, but couldn’t exit the call. I really am not a fan of this new operating system and just have found tons of bugs in it. Just glad you got a new phone though, but so sorry that you couldn’t retrieve any of your old data.

    • It was *such* a bummer to lose everything. I realized how much of my life–pictures and things–I had on my phone and all totally not backed up. UGH. I’ve been so surprised that iOS 7 has gotten such great reviews because, like you, I am totally not a fan! I thought I was the only one!

  3. I’m not cool enough to have an iPhone (rockin’ the Android), but I would be completely lost without my phone! How would I obsessively check my gmail when I’m out and about without my phone? Or know how to dress the kids and myself without the totally unreliable Weather Channel app? And pretty much the only pics of my 2nd born exist on my phone. I need to figure out how to back mine up!

    • Exactly!!! How can we depend on something so much…and not have back-up?! Take my tale of woe to heart and back-up, Nicole!! (But I bet your android will never melt on you at least!!)

  4. My Cloud is full and the phone keeps yelling at me that it hasn’t been backed up in x number of weeks! I don’t know how to empty my cloud!

    I haven’t downloaded IOS7 yet. Lawn Boy’s ex did and she hated it, so we decided to wait. Mark your calendars…. I took advice from his ex! 🙂

    • Wait…your cloud can fill up? *sob* Who knew?!
      Bwahahahaha to taking the ex’s advice. Let me tell you, it is SOUND advice. I HATE iOS 7! To be completely fair, my 13 yo son and all of his friends love it. (That should probably tell you something right there…blech!)

  5. What a bummer! I’m glad you’re cloudy now, and sorry you had to go through all that. Good thing that phone didn’t start melting when it was against your ear and cheek! You’d still be pretty with a cell phone shaped burn scar on your face, but there would be a lifetime of questions!

    • It was so hot, I couldn’t have even held it that long, Amy. It was INSANE!! Cloudy With A Chance of ever getting my stuff back, suits me just fine now!!

  6. I couldn’t find my phone for about an hour and seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown… It turned out Cole had hidden it so Baby Lulu wouldn’t get it.

    “But honey, why didn’t you give it to me when you saw me looking for it?”

    “Because Baby Lulu was standing right next to you.”

    • Bwahahahaha. That is totally hysterical! He was HELPING YOU, MOM!!! You’ve got to give him credit, he was being logical about it!! 😀

  7. It’s 50:50 for me. I kinda like the new look but yeah glitchy much? My Skype and Facetime sometimes doesn’t even work. Sigh, I’m starting to agree with Allie that Apple died with Steve Jobs. The new iphone looks more like the old colorful nokia lmao.

    •’s SO GLITCHY!!! I can’t get my iTunes to work off and on, too. IRRITATING!! The only thing that keeps me tied to Apple is that all my music is there. I’d have to pay a lot to be able to open it up and access it on an android device. (I had one of the first DROIDs and I liked it fine, but I had to do without 90% of my music, and I couldn’t take that). BAH!!

  8. I remembered your story about your phone melting this summer when I was on vacation. My phone (I have an android) started heating up while I was charging it and I was convinced it was going to melt. I took the battery out and that seemed to fix it but for a while there I was convinced that I was going to lose my beloved. 🙂

    • Your quick thinking might have saved the day, Kim!! YES!!! I’m glad that my tale of woe might have played a role. Woot!! We can’t be losing our precious devices willy nilly. It’s too upsetting.

  9. This reads like a nightmare to me! It’s not just the photos, that I “try” to get onto my computer on a regular basis – it’s the notes I keep for future blog posts. They are very important! I think I’m “in the Cloud” but I honestly have no idea. I suppose I need to find out..

    • NIGHTMARE, Tamara!! Total nightmare!! YES!! There are just all sorts of things on our phones. You don’t realize how much of your life is on there until it goes up in smoke…LITERALLY!!

    • I sure wish someone had insisted *I* was on The Cloud before all of this. It just seemed so creepy and nefarious…UNTIL I NEEDED IT!! You keep keeping your mom’s stuff safe!! Good job!!

    • It is the WORST, Michelle. I always thought backing up was for suckers…until I found myself on the business end of a lecture on the benefits of The Cloud and wishing I would have been smarter!

    • I had never noticed mine getting hot before this happened. I always kept it in its case…that is until it was as hot as the surface of the sun. I think normal warm is to be expected. If yours gets hot, hot…I’d make sure you’re backed up just in case yours goes solar like mine did!

  10. Oh Lisa I SO feel your pain. My battery didn’t short circuit (crazyyyyyy!) but after the ios7 update I lost ALL my data. It was so sad. My playlists that has been meticulously prepared were gone. However, when I plugged it into my laptop they were able to recover my notes which brought me back from the brink of going to the apple store and going bezerk.

    I am still not the same either, my music is barely to where it was…my apps are like 1/3 of what I had, and the battery on this thing is subpar. I wish I could take the update back!!!

    I would have totally freaked out if my phone got that hot. Oh technology…

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! You lost everything after the update?!?! GAH!! That’s worse than what happened to me! YOu poor thing! All of your playlists!!!! I am SO GLAD they were able to recover something, but it’s so depressing to have to rebuild. SO DEPRESSING.
      I want to take this update back, too. *sob*

  11. Can I just tell you how timely this is? I was at the At&t store just Saturday with Nico’s replacement phone from the one he got stolen (dishonest, rat bastards that stole it) and was asked the same thing. “You’re in the cloud, right?” Umm…no. Gone. Everything gone. Nico and I feel your pain, my friend. (This post did make me laugh several times.)

    • Oh, poor Nico! I was totally devastated, and I don’t have teen hormones coursing through my body. AWFUL! Poor guy! There is nothing like that feeling where you think for just one minute they can help you…and then you realize that you messed it up and NO they can’t help you. 🙁

    • Yes!! Definitely look into it, Eva! I don’t want to think of you losing everything. It’s too traumatic! Cloud it up!! 🙂

  12. I just double checked to make sure I was in the Cloud. Whew. I am. I haven’t upgraded to iOS 7 – I’m not ready for change. Besides, I think it looks cartoonish. I’m going to stubbornly resist for a little while longer.

    • Dana! That’s EXACTLY what I said to my son. It looks like a stupid cartoon. I really dislike the way it looks (I wish that were my biggest beef, though) You hold out! Don’t do it, girl! Stay strong! At least wait until they’ve worked out all of the kinks. (if they ever do!)

  13. Oh I still have the little red number on my phone telling me to update to the new ios7. Ummm no. I NEVER update until the program has been out of like 6 months! Seriously…I have so many friends who have had issues with this latest update…I am not even going to mess with it.

    • Where were you to tell me this before I hit update, Jennifer?!?! I’ve learned my lesson about updating the operating system FOR SURE. I’m doing it your way the next time! No doubt about it!

  14. This was such a great story. . .so sorry about your data though, that sucks major lemons! 🙁 My husband is ALWAYS getting on me about “backing up” and talking about “the cloud”. I do back up my apps and my songs but for some reason my contacts aren’t backed up. . .I used to think it wasn’t a big deal (I only talk to like 6 people on my phone) but I do have 99 contacts and one day if I randomly wanted to call someone I haven’t spoken to in 3 years, I wouldn’t be able to if my phone contacts were lost. So thank you for this lesson! I’m backing up those contacts today!

    • Yay! Do it, Tracie! You will NOT be sorry. I promise you, the day after you lose everything is exactly the day you DO want to call one of those 99 people. It always works this way. 🙂

  15. That sound you hear is all your followers who use Apple products – me included – dropping everything to make sure we have “checked the box”.
    I have to say that I am totally under the Apple spell, think that their customer service is incredibly helpful and that the teenagers they employ are uber knowledgeable. But still, do the HAVE to call us ma’am???

    • I’ve NEVER received customer service like I have with Apple. I’ve been a MAC user since the 90’s and they’ve always been the same way.

    • Hahahahaha. GOOD!! I hope everyone backs up after reading this!! I don’t want one more person to face that blank screen and realize….it’s all gone. *sob*

      The young employees are SO good. They even help old ladies like me without snickering. THAT has to take some doing. But they are awesome. (except for the ma’am-ing!!) 😀

  16. Still a great story, Lisa. My computer backs up but I have no idea where the data is stored, think it is somewhere else on my computer so if it crashes I will lose both the original and the back up. Didn’t have a cloud check box.

    • Oh, no!! All of this backing up is very mysterious and stressful. We all know we should be doing it…think we might be doing it…maybe…but it’s hard to know until the moment of truth when you lose everything…and then you learn your fate. STRESSFUL. 😀

  17. I loved the update although I know that it is buggy! …sometimes!!
    And once the Cloud was in place,I made sure I did it right away!!


    • I just double and triple checked my cloudiness for good measure. I seem to be fully clouded up (thank goodness). I’m sure they’ll iron out the bugs soon. (I hope)

  18. Oh phones! With my last phone (not an apple product) I had to have it factory reset about 5 times over the course of 2 years due to glitches in the updates the company sent out. I feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than having to start from scratch on your phone… except of course when you have to start from scratch 4 times after that!

    • Oh, NO!!! FIVE TIMES??!! That would have sent me straight over the edge to just rock in the corner. GAH!! I’m glad you have a different phone now. I’m feeling anxious just thinking about it! 🙂

  19. When I updated to the new iOS 7 I totally hated the new way things were on my phone. It still gives me problems. There is a problem with messaging. If you are messaging someone who doesn’t have an iphone great. but, if you and the person you want to message have iPhones, look out. You may or may not get or be able to send messages. There is a fix. You have to go out to apple support online and they’ll tell you what to do. Each of you have to do it. Or you won’t be able to message. Great, huh? Apple knows about it. I wonder how long it will take to get a fix out for it?

    I loved your piece and I too, am clueless about the “cloud”.

    Have a blessed day!

  20. See…the reason your phone went flame on was because you were holding it while having that flaming facial! C’mon admit to it – fess up! LOL That image of the Apple dude is so correct! I am an Android girl and only “i” thing I have is my iPod.

  21. A little FYI any product released by Apple has a 2% success rate at the time of release. You read that right. They KNOW it will screw up 98% of the time and release it anyway. Their logic is .. people will buy it anyway for the name and then we get free testing from those people. Guess who does not own an apple product.. this girl. I have Itunes on my PC but only to get my certain shows for free. I loathe the way they use the people as guinea pigs and the fact that this could have been way worse with a fire or personal injury makes me angry.

  22. Ugh. Yes. Been there, done that. Expect all my apps and pictures weren’t lost to a freaky (crazy freaky!) battery explosion. Mine were lost in the Giant Metal Tub of Death and Despair. AKA- the washing machine. You can believe I’m in the cloud now! That sucker gets backed up every single night.

  23. Everyone made fun of the crappy old phone I had for years. I finally got an iPhone and 5 days later dropped it and smashed the entire screen. I learned my lesson that protectors are not optional…

    (You probably won’t believe this but as I was typing this, my 17 year old cane home and his iPhone screen is blue with lines across it. The only think that still works on it is Siri! At least it isn’t smoking though…)

  24. See? Only YOU can make a really crappy story funny!! Apple boy/man… oh I can’t stop laughing at that one.

    But seriously- that absolutely, completely and totally SUCKS. i would have been sobbing…uncontrollably…and filing a lawsuit to somebody out there who didn’t tell you to back it up and check that damn box! Or the battery company- or Apple- or or or… SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY!!!!

    • I was surprisingly calm at first–I’ll call that the denial phase. I just figured everything would be okay (I don’t know why I thought that. When is a technology failure ever okay?). Then I thought that the Apple children could help me…maybe it would be okay….and by the time I realized it was all gone and it was hopeless, I had just lost all my gumption for a meltdown and I quietly accepted my fate. Normally I’m more feisty…but I just didn’t have the will to rage against the machine. Sad.

  25. Isn’t it funny how great technology is until all of a sudden we have an issue and then it is just a pain!!! I’m one of those people who doesn’t ever back up my phone either – mostly because I’m just lazy.

    • Do it, Kim!! Back it up!! You have to! Think of your Garmin failing you…then multiply that by all of your contacts/songs/apps/photos/calendar….*sob*. Please use my sad tale as your incentive to back up! You won’t regret it!! (You can do 44 keyboard clicks and fit it into your daily routine!!)

  26. This was so funny, Lisa! I know, I feel like the tech help just keeps getting younger and younger and if we don’t take a refresher course every 6 months, we will be LOST in another 2 years. I feel your pain and I often wonder if I should just make a paper grocery list from now on. I’m glad you are In Da Cloud, baby! Like in da club, but…you know…cloud. Happy Monday!

    • At least you and I both have teenagers in our lives. They are the first line of defense when it comes to tech support. Give them a few years and they will know more than we ever thought of knowing about this stuff. The kids at the Apple store hardly look older than our teens. GAH! I bet their moms have to drive them to work.

  27. Am I in The Cloud? I’m not sure. Hmm. Now I’m curious.

    Eek about the phone though. I have an iPhone 5 and it has gotten warm before, but not incredibly hot.

    • Oh, Amber…FIND OUT…and if you’re not, just press the buttons and DO IT. I promise you, if you ever need it and you here those words, “Oh, you’re not in The Cloud?” you get this horrible pit in your stomach and you’ll wish you could turn back time and do it!

  28. I *really* need to get in the cloud – like today. My phone’s been wonky since going to IOS 7 and I’m just waiting for the inevitable at this point. Oh, Lisa, you look great on that cloud!

    • I’ve got my head in the clouds, baby!! You need to get yourself in the cloud right this second, Ilene! Come sit on this fluffy part with me!! You just never know, and total phone failure always happens when it is the MOST inconvenient!

  29. Oh, gosh! You are lucky you weren’t hurt. I can’t imagine losing everything like that. I back up everything. All the time. That’s why I like apps like Evernote because I can’t really lose anything if it’s on there. I would however, lose my photos because I have no idea how to back those up into the cloud. They could be there. I’m not sure. I should probably check.

    This is why I use a Droid. LOL!

    • You know…I never had any sort of glitchy problems when I had a Droid! You may be on to something there! 😀 You really do need to figure out how to get your other stuff backed up. What if you lost one of your favorite photos of Jeffrey?! (I know you must have some on your phone) That would not do!!

  30. I still haven’t upgraded to iOS 7. But then again, I like to wait a couple months (or more) before doing these things just to be sure that all the kinks are ironed out. Good to know you’re on the cloud now…it makes getting a new phone SO much easier!

    • Yes!! I just wish I’d known about the “never update until several months go by” plan. GAH! I know now!! Yay for the cloud!

  31. I recently got my iPhone 5S after using my 4 for a year after washing it in the laundry. I was upset because I neglected to back up my phone to the cloud before I switched it. I lost 3 days worth of stuff. I guess I can’t complain. 🙂

    • Oh, WHEW! At least it was just 3 days! But it only takes one near miss like that to make you better at backing up!! Thank goodness we’re all cloudy now!!

  32. This is why I’m glad I still have a flip phone. The Smithsonian wants it, but I refuse to give it up. It doesn’t ever overheat – although it doesn’t hold up well to being submerged in yogurt, it turns out.

    • Bwahahahaha.
      You and Ashley have this in common. Her phone is what we call “vintage”. Watching her try to text is adorable.

  33. I hate the update too! It makes the notification sounds echo and the white text… terrible on the eyes! I’m glad you were able to get a replacement phone but sad you lost all your stuff. I should see if I have the cloud box checked.

    • Oh, the echoing is the WORST…and the floating. The icons kind of float from time to time. Yuck.
      Check to make sure you’re on the cloud, Jeanne! Don’t let a disaster happen to you!!

  34. Oh my god!! That’s so crazy! One time I used a non-Apple charger to charge my iPod and it totally melted it and short-circuited it and started smoking and ruined my iPod, the charger AND the cigarette lighter charger thingy in my car. It was horrible. I’m glad you got a new phone, but that sucks you lost all your stuff!

    Also, I totally thought the new update was ugly but it didn’t set my phone on fire, so….

    • It melted your iPod AND the lighter thingy in your car?!?!?! WOW. That’s horrible! I feel lucky now that it was just the phone and not my car, too. I would have been beside myself if I had burned up my beloved Old Granny (my minivan).

  35. Yikes! That’s really scary. A few years ago, my husbands iPhone began to um . . . “expand”. Yeah, by the time we got it to the Apple store, it looked like a pillow. It turns out that the battery was expanding for reasons unknown. They replaced his phone and sent his old phone someplace special to run tests on it. Weird!

    • EXPAND!! What in the WORLD?! It was strange enough to have a phone that felt like an oven, but to see it growing like a sponge would have FREAKED ME OUT! Bizarre! Who knew these weird things could even happen?!

  36. Yah, I’ve had the hot phone before, but it’s not stayed hot nor been too hot to touch. That would’ve been horrifying! I don’t use my phone for all those things (no smartphone here), but I do use my laptop almost like you do your phone. I have had my laptops crash over the years for random reasons and lost lots of info, sometimes backed up, sometimes not. I totally feel your pain! At least I know to back-up now and insist on it! Makes all the difference when a nightmare does happen – so much easier than trying to remember or guessing and checking!

  37. I’m so sorry to hear what you went through. I think the update is what messed up my phone too. It was while I was uploading my photos that it went haywire on me. I terribly regret doing the update because since I have I don’t have the App Store on my phone, and it’s all messed up now!!

  38. apple should have pot mitts on hand for short-circuited phones. that is insane! reading your story totally cracked me up. “what is the cloud? i’m an old person.” literally laughing out loud.

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